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  • tegan and sara

    Watch Tegan and Sara Get 'Closer' to a '90s Karaoke Party (in Spanx!)

    As Tegan Quin told SPIN back in April, when she and sister Sara began work on their seventh album, Heartthrob, they realized that "It was time to shake things up." And sure enough, as we've watched the evolution of their first new single "Closer" — from stripped-down live demo to compact synthpop dynamo to Letterman-crushing triumph — it's become clear that Tegan and Sara are indeed readying some of their most accessible and interesting material in years. Heartthrob, the Canadian duo's first long-player since 2009's Sainthood, isn't due out until January 29, but we've got the official video for "Closer," which expands upon the song's happy vibes and corporeal themes by placing the twins in the midst of a very '90s-feeling house party.

  • mellowhype, break

    Watch MellowHype Take a 'Break' to Play With Balls

    When they aren't busy making super aggro horror-fied rap songs, Odd Future duo MellowHype busy themselves with coasting stoner ditties that'd be perfectly at home on a Madlib-produced Wiz Khalifa album. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's latest long-player, Numbers, is pretty diverse. We've heard the laid back Frank Ocean feature "Astro" and the far trappier "Grill," plus watched the clip for the genuinely poppy "La Bonita," so it's — ahem — high time for something a bit more heady. Hence, MellowHype have offered up the brief "Break," a gooped hip-hop dreamscape with a music video to match. While Hodgy free-associates about boning Little Bo Peep and keeping a positive mental attitude, Left laces him with drifting guitars, psychedelic synths, and tinny drums.

  • rihanna adele billboard charts top 10

    Who Charted? Rihanna Is the Only Girl in the Only No. 1 Slots That Matter

    First! Black Friday fiends did their thing and boosted album sales by about 3 million compared to the previous week. Sitting at the top of that post-Thanksgiving pile — Queen Turkey, if you will — is Rihanna. Her Unapologetic, debuted at No. 1 with 238K sold according to Nielsen SoundScan (via Billboard), despite/due to a handful of insane release-related maneuvers: charging $250 for the album's Diamonds Executive Platinum Box version (which includes no actual diamonds), inviting her former assailant Chris Brown to record a hater-baiting track called "Nobody's Business," and press-ganging 250 members of the press (and fans) on board an airplane for a seven-day, seven-nation Navy jaunt dubbed the 777 Tour. Oh, and she was drunk for her "Facebook Live" interview. Is this what it takes to send RiRi to the top?

  • qotsa queens of the stone age nick oliveri reunites

    Nick Oliveri Impossibly Reunites With Queens of the Stone Age for New Album

    Earlier this month, we were elated to announce that Dave Grohl had rejoined Queens of the Stone Age for the band's upcoming, in-progress sixth album. Exciting as this news was — bringing us one massive step closer to the classic QOTSA lineup responsible for 2002's untouchable Songs for the Deaf — it wasn't exactly shocking: Grohl is at the top of his multi-tasking game at the moment. But to imagine embattled former bassist Nick Oliveri reuniting with his old chums ... it'd be too much for even the most dedicated desert-head to hope for.And yet, this, as Stereogum noticed, from the Facebook page of Mondo Generator, the band Oliveri founded in 1997: "NEWS: Nick has re-joined Kyuss, and has recently recorded his vocals on a new Queens of the Stone Age song!

  • Album Stream Rage Against the Machine Demos Kesha Alicia Keys

    10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Rage Against the Machine, Ke$ha, Sufjan Stevens, Mogwai

    Another bounty of full-album streams is upon us. Clear your day and hit that play.1) Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine XX. "Their debut seethes with revolutionary fury, and it still sounds fresh on the lavishly ... remastered redux that includes demos [and] B-sides." - SPIN (via Spinner)2) Mogwai, A Wretched Virile Lore. "Features reshapes and reworks by the likes of ambient piano maestro Tim Hecker, San Francisco synth-punk outfit the Soft Moon, BEAK member Xander Harris, and more." (via SPIN)3) Sufjan Stevens, Silver & Gold. "Almost overpoweringly effort-intensive. He views the holidays as a labor of love — worthy of creativity and care, hard work and an ocean of ideas." (via NPR)4) The Flaming Lips and Richard Parks, Wayne Coyne's Human Head Shaped Tumor.

  • Weeknd Lana Del Rey Later With Jools Holland Live

    Watch the Weeknd and Lana Del Rey Bring the Gloom to 'Jools Holland'

    BBC TV's music mainstay Later... With Jools Holland put it down for fans of downcast pop outliers in its most recent episode. Shadowy PBR&B man the Weeknd performed on Tuesday night's show, and so did the ghost of Jacqueline Onassis, albeit whilst possessing the purse-lipped form of Lana Del Rey.Abel Tesfaye can be seen above, backed by the most minimal-yet-sizable television band since Bon Iver did Saturday Night Live. He pulled out a censored rendition of "Wicked Games" for his captivating appearance, and seemed to hold the crowd rapt while punctuating the Trilogy cut's longing sadness with emphatic hand gestures.

  • Of Montreal Dumb Acre Song Dynasties Rarity

    Of Montreal's Grungy 'Dumb Acre' Rarity Calls for Happiness and Love

    It's a little early for a spring cleaning, but Athens psychonauts Of Montreal have been emptying their song coffers of late. Last month they released a 17-song rarities set called Daughter of Cloud — which spawned at least one particularly erotic game of touch football — but a second compilation is on the way for supporters of the band's Kickstarter-backed documentary, Song Dynasties.

  • Tanlines Not the Same Video

    Watch Tanlines Eerily Multiply in 'Not the Same' Video

    "You are so intent on being everything," sings Tanlines' Eric Emm on the Brooklyn duo's dance-pop bubbler "Not the Same." The lyric is clearly aimed at an outside entity, but he could just as easily direct it at himself and partner Jesse Cohen in the new video for this Mixed Emotions standout.When the clip kicks off, the camera is on Emm alone as he plinks away at an old beat-up piano, but soon we see another version of Emm holding a bass next to Cohen on drums, and then the pair appear again, and again, in different outfits and manning different instruments. On the far left, they're sweater-sporting backup singers. All the way to the right, the pair are a tuxedoed string section.

  • Deadmau5 EDM Interview Disco Event Driven Marketing

    Deadmau5: EDM Has Gone the Way of Disco

    The loudest voice in the room isn't always the truest, but for all of his bluster, EDM godhead Deadmau5 often proves pretty astute in his public indictments of all things related to electronic dance music. In his October interview with SPIN, an unmasked Joel Zimmerman aptly explained the music industry's obsession with the type of music that he makes, and in a new on-camera chat with Billboard, he expounds further on the business of beats."The way I see EDM right now, it's a healthy industry for sure — minimal work for maximum profit," said Zimmerman at the publication's recent FutureSound Conference. "EDM is, like... Event-Driven Marketing, I think, is the acronym there. It reminds me a lot of disco. That had some hang-time, like 10, 15, 17 years tops...

  • ESP Flea Serenade Miami

    Hear ESP and Flea's Tropi-Pop Experiment 'Serenade (Miami)'

    ESP only have a self-titled EP and a single to their name, but between those captivating releases and their deeply hypnotic live show, the Los Angeles trio are on their way to building a loyal cult of followers. As it turns out, one of their early inductees is none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers and Atoms for Peace bassist Flea, who apparently became a fan after catching one of the band's hometown gigs. Anchored by sister-brother duo Aska (vocals/keys) and Seiya Matsumiya (keys/electronics), plus their percussively-inclined pal Bobby Evans, the group specializes in a distinct Krautrock/post-punk hybrid. Their propensity for intense atmosphere and driving rhythm can be handily heard on their August EP, ESP, but when Flea joins them to remake one of that release's standout tacks, "Serenade," their mesmeric Can-meets-Blonde Redhead steez gets flipped into a dubwise pop experiment.

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