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  • gangnam style mc hammer psy amas 2012

    Bieber Love and Old Blood: Behind the Scenes at 2012's American Music Awards

    Brandy plays World of Warcraft and Justin Bieber is kind of amazing. Oh, and EDM "is the hottest new thing in music," if you didn't know. Devote your pre-Thanksgiving Sunday to the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards, and this is the sort of knowledge you will gain. SPIN went to the mountain, and when we asked Cyndi Lauper what her hopes were for music in 2013, she toddled forward and dipped backward like some sort of New Wave shaman before answering thusly: "Music." Clearly, not all revelations are created equal.It should be noted that while we visited with Mrs. Lauper on the red carpet outside of Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre, the aforementioned mount was actually the top of the facility's West Garage — yes, an open-air parking barracks covered with a massive canopy, fitted with a complex matrix of curtains-as-walls, and converted into the bustling home of the AMAs press corps.

  • Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein New Album

    Cannibal Ox Promise Follow-up to Indie-Rap Classic Album 'The Cold Vein'

    On Tuesday, we learned that early aughts indie-rap icons Cannibal Ox are reuniting for a rare show in New York at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on December 9. We'd expressed hope for one of those nifty full-album tours where long-lost groups perform the record that everyone loves them for and skip on all the wack shit, but it now seems we'll get something even better (or maybe some real wack shit): a brand new CanOx album.That original beloved full-length, of course, would be 2001's The Cold Vein, which features some really great metaphors about a "metallic winged pigeon." Fittingly, this new news comes courtesy of rap-oriented blog Pigeons and Planes, who spoke with in-group philosopher, Vast Aire. "We never broke up," he said, "but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP.

  • rihanna kanye west diamonds remix

    Kanye West Cuts Rihanna's 'Diamonds' Remix with 'Fresh Prince' Theme

    As it turns out, "Diamonds" is a girl's best friend. Rihanna's latest single, which she recently performed on Saturday Night Live, has sparked a seapunk uprising, inspired a Zola Jesus cover, and helped to fuel her airborne 777 Tour. Not bad for a little old "happy and hippie" song, but why not add one more accomplishment to the list?

  • R.E.M. Lindsay Lohan James Franco Blue

    Monster: R.E.M. Cast Lindsay Lohan in James Franco-Directed 'Blue' Video

    How did it come to this? Actually, the timeline is quiet clear: R.E.M. release a career-boosting 15th album, Collapse Into Now, and then subsequently quit the music game for good, leaving their legacy untended. As least, we have to assume as much, considering the above 20-month-late music video for "Blue," which was directed by that never-ending font of strange, James Franco. To be fair, taken on its own, the Patti Smith-featuring song is a narco-poetic mindfuck, and Franco delivers something in kind. In between hazily nostalgic shots of Sunset Boulevard landmarks, we see famously sleazy shutterbug Terry Richardson photographing Lindsay Lohan atop a stove, and footage of Franco himself in drag, presumably from his 2010 Richardson shoot for the cover of Candy magazine.

  • Nicki Minaj Ciara I'm Legit

    Hear Nicki Minaj Name-Drop Obama on Ciara-Featuring 'Re-Up' Track 'I'm Legit'

    Jay-Z may be the president's BFF, but the Young Money crew knows better than most how to exploit Barack Obama's occasional acknowledgement of their existence. For the trailer to his recent Dedication 4, Lil Wayne sampled an out-of-context POTUS saying, "Maybe you are the next Lil Wayne, but probably not," and Nicki Minaj racked up countless headlines for her mention of Mitt Romney on that same mixtape. Naturally, the attention increased tenfold when Obama himself had to explain that, no she wasn't actually endorsing the Republican candidate and, by the way, y'all don't understand how rap lyrics work. Well, Minaj circles back on her new Ciara-featuring track, "I'm Legit," when she rhymes: "I graduate with honors, I'm Ball-nead O'Conner / I did a freestyle then I got a shout out from Obammer." Hey, bragging rights are bragging rights — it's only fair.

  • Dave Grohl SXSW Keynote Speaker 2013

    My Hero: Dave Grohl to Deliver SXSW 2013 Keynote Address

    It's safe to say that Dave Grohl is one of the most beloved figures in rock and roll. He's Nirvana's best ambassador (although not the most active), he was a real sweetheart about that whole Foo Fighters breakup rumor, he's rejoining Queens of the Stone Age to help Homme make another classic, and even when he was a bit of a curmudgeon about EDM, freaking Deadmau5 gave him a pass. If you've got a big old music event a'happening and you need someone to ring it in proper with a serious case of the feel-goods, Grohl is your guy.Which is no doubt why this king amongst dudes has been tapped to deliver the keynote address at South By Southwest 2013. On Thursday, March 14, at the Austin Convention Center, Grohl will punctuate the six-day musical megafest with words to inspire, no doubt.

  • the sword veil of isis video

    The Sword Breed a Powerful She-Devil in 'Veil of Isis' Video

    We recently sat down with Austin metal masters the Sword to discuss their Black Sabbath- and sci-fi-inspired new album Apocryphon, and the first video to hail from that gnarly platter continues the theme of far-out bleakness and trippy evil doings. Directed by Simon Chan (Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria), the clip accompanies old-school grinder "The Veil of Isis," and revolves around one young woman's journey from cult victim to potential world destroyer. When first we meet our heroine, she's stalked by zomboid satanists and fed a sketchy tablet by a shaman. In the next scene, she has become a veiled CGI nude ascending to the sky in front of an unreal desert scape (honestly, it'd be seapunk if it wasn't so arid). She winds up repeating the trip until she masters the high, and then returns ready to wreak some serious havoc on the witchdoctor who fed her that brown acid in the first place.

  • Jeff Mangum Fugazi Guy Picciotto Occupy Wall Street Telethon

    See Jeff Mangum and Fugazi's Guy Picciotto Play 'Occupy' Telethon

    It took years for Neutral Milk Hotel's magical Jeff Mangum to shake his Salinger mode and get back out on the road, and even now large-scale public performances remain elusive, but apparently all you've gotta do if you wanna hear the guy play is head down to Occupy Wall Street and shout out a cover request. About a year ago, he showed up to lead some NMH sing-alongs and play an acoustic version of the Minutemen's populist shredder, "Themselves."As previously reported, Mangum and others were booked to play New York's Le Poisson Rouge last night in order to raise money for OWS offshoot Strike Debt, which aims to abolish predatory debt practices. Set up as a live stream and billed as a telethon, "The People's Bailout" variety show aimed to raise $50,000.

  • iceage matador sign new album 2013

    Iceage Sign to Matador for New Album

    After thrashing us to blissful bits last year with their debut New Brigade — a "jagged, visceral .... 12-song, 24-minute call to arms" says SPIN's Marc Hogan — Copenhagen punk revisionists Iceage have signed to the venerable Matador Records, and are sending a second album our way February 19. Its predecessor, which we dubbed the 23rd best of the year, was actually released in 2010 in the band's native Denmark, so this has been a long time coming. Of course, they didn't just, um, chill out in the meantime. They toured the land like freshly thawed, centuries-starved beasts and talked to us about their high school roots. Matador promises further news about the new long-player in the coming weeks, but for now, they've dropped some European dates on us. See those below, after revisiting the video for "You're Blessed."Iceage tour dates: Nov. 21 - Belfast, UK @ LimelightNov.

  • new myspace justin timberlake social network demo

    He's Bringing Myspace Back: Justin Timberlake Shows Us the New Old Social Network

    It's too easy to make fun of Myspace. Along with other proper nouns of the Internet's past — GeoCities, CompuServe, LiveJournal — the name is good for an obvious laugh and a follow-up groan, like pointing out that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. But search SPIN for references to Myspace and you'll find recent examples of artists crediting the social network for helping them get their start, from the xx to Here We Go Magic to TNGHT.They don't say the same things about Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or even Facebook. Useful tools though they may be, those services don't facilitate discovery the way Myspace (then "MySpace") once did, and now aims to do again. After four years of languishing amidst its shrinking market share, the brand is relaunching by ditching the old in favor of the new.

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