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  • Beck McSweeney's Interview Song Reader

    Good Sheet: 5 Revelations About Beck's 'Song Reader' From McSweeney's

    Beck turned a lot of heads when he announced his plans to release an entire album as sheet music. Some guffawed at this old-timey notion, while others lauded the idea of the so-called Song Reader, but whatever your gut reaction, you've got to admit it's a bold and tantalizing move to release music on paper in the age of the Internet. Although the 20-song set isn't out until December 7, we've already seen the staff of The New Yorker perform their own version of "Old Shanghai," not to mention countless YouTube renditions of "Do We? We Do," the only "song" publicly released so far. So while Beck has promised an album you can actually hear immediately upon purchase next year, it's worth seeing what this one can do in the interim. Mr. Hansen sat down with Song Reader's publisher, the venerable McSweeney's, in order to demystify the release.

  • mariah carey the roots jimmy fallon all i want for christmas is you video

    Mariah Carey and the Roots Adorably Sing 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' on 'Fallon'

    Who needs chestnuts and an open fire when something this heartwarming is available to stream over and over again until your clicker finger is reduced to a coal-like nub? Last night, backstage before taping Tuesday's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the show's lovable host and the best house band on television (the Roots, duh) scraped together a bunch of toy instruments and went in on a cover of Mariah Carey's awesome Christmas anthem, "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Except that after Fallon delivered the opening line, Carey herself sat down on the piano bench next to him and (thankfully) took over singing duties. There were other surprises, too, like the totes adorbs four-child choir that pops up to add overdubs every so often, the chuckle that Carey lets out at the 3:08 mark, and the fact that ?uestlove is playing a wooden clacker with his afro pick.

  • Atoms for Peace What the Eyeballs Did Download Easter Egg

    Atoms for Peace Hide 'What the Eyeballs Did' Download on Site

    Yesterday, we shared the news that Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace had at last confirmed the details of their debut album, Amok, due February 26 via XL. Along with the cover and track list, we shared a note from the Radiohead leader himself, in which he wrote, "We put something new on the website for you to stare at etc for a while." Fans would've been wise to take the bait.An Easter egg is hidden within the Stanley Donwood artwork found on Scroll right and you'll discover those massive meteors aren't just falling into the sea; they're raining down on Los Angeles. And somewhere within that terrifying tableau is a link to download Amok B-side, "What the Eyeballs Did."We wrote about the punishing, sidewinding song in early November, but the clip we shared has since been pulled.

  • Merchandise Become What You Are Downhome Video

    See Merchandise Rock a Roof in 'Become What You Are' Video

    Floridian post-punk revisionists Merchandise like to go long and we don't mind one bit. In August, SPIN shared the grainy seven-minute visual accompaniment to their gothy, pop-damaged delight, "In Nightmare Room," which hails from the group's low-flying but very worthy April LP, Children of Desire. While the A.V. Club reports that the album has just received a wide release, you can still download it for free via Katorga Works. Before you do, however, watch the above stripped-bare rooftop performance of "Become What You Are," which finds the 11-minute original reimagined more or less acoustically. Singer Carson Cox is equal parts Morrissey and James Blake as he coos out his lines and loops beat-boxed bits. Meanwhile, Dave Vassalotti and Patrick Brady jangle onward until their pluck-and-strum takes on a droning vibe.

  • Beyonce HBO Documentary New Music Super Bowl

    Beyonce Drops Scary HBO Doc Trailer, Plans New Music Before Super Bowl

    As previously reported, the inimitable Beyoncé is directing and starring in an upcoming documentary about herself for HBO — more like "HBeyo," amirite? That surely unbiased, journalistically sound film comes to us February 16, and in case you're wondering what this "intimate" full-length masterpiece is going to look, sound and feel like, there's now a whopping 25-second trailer for it.The takeaway impression is a bit more "thriller" than "biopic," and things get a bit horrifying when she's smiling like a murderess around the 10-second mark. Also seen: baby bumps, hair flips, childhood frolic, paparazzi freakouts, and a warm and fuzzy moment with husband Jay-Z. Okay, so maybe a lot can happen in 25 seconds.

  • Earl Sweatshirt Chum Odd Future video

    Earl Sweatshirt Names New Album 'Doris,' Debuts Cheerless 'Chum' Video

    Earl Sweatshirt's "Chum" is an emotive masterpiece that makes good on the young rapper's initial promise by swapping out the horrorcore theatrics for deeply personal yet relatable rumination. When we first heard it last month, we described the solo single as "Cannibal Ox moodpiece meets Eminem confessional," but the just-released Hiro Murai-directed music video for the song brings to mind another vintage influence: the Pharcyde. Those pioneers of downer rap left us one enduring classic, "Passin' Me By," and an on-par video to go with, which found the despondent dudes drifting upside down through a world that didn't even know they were there.Similarly, Earl floats through an unfeeling environment — though in black and white, and considerably more surreal — as he rhymes about being eternally out of touch with his surroundings: friends, family, heritage, music, the media.

  • Beach Fossils Careless Clash the Truth

    Beach Fossils Share Crunchy 'Careless' From New 'Clash the Truth' LP

    Contrary to the hopes of no one, Clash the Truth will not be a full-length mashup LP combining the Southern-fried rhymes of Houston's Trae the Truth and the knotty dub-punk of the Clash. Instead, that's the name of the forthcoming sophomore album from shaggy Brooklyn dream-pop act Beach Fossils. Captured Tracks will release the new one on February 19. Ben Greenberg of the Men produces, and Blonde Redhead's collab-happy singer Kazu Makino guests on a song called "In Vertigo." But before you go poking around that track list, stream (and download if you wish) Clash the Truth's "Careless." Much like SPIN's February premiere, "Shallow," which makes it onto the 2013 release, the fresh track adds a little extra grit to the band's previously established easy-going drifters.

  • Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary Where I'm From

    Watch Jay-Z's Triumphant Barclays Center Mini-Doc 'Where I'm From'

    "I've been on many stages all around the world," Jay-Z said at the inaugural night of his eight-show run at the newly christened Barclays Center in September. "I performed at the Grammys. I performed at Glastonbury. I tore Coachella to pieces. Nothing feels like this, Brooklyn, I swear to God." Indeed, as SPIN's Christopher R.

  • Bonnie Prince Billy Fragrance Sanae Intoxicants perfume unisex

    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Releases Fragrance That Surprisingly Doesn't Smell Like Beard

    Not to be outdone by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and his whiskey-scented guitar, nor by Nicki Minaj and her busty fembot of a perfume bottle, solo folkster and best candidate for Civil War stand-in Bonnie "Prince" Billy has launched his own highfalutin fragrance. "Bonnie Billy" is a unisex scent selling for $220 per 5 milliliter bottle via Sanae Intoxicants. And if you're insane or intoxicated, you can purchase a teensy .5 mL sample of the stuff for $22.The Sanae website, where the limited-edition "Bonnie Billy" bottle can be purchased, describes Will Oldham's new product thusly: "Underneath the bouquet of the mukhallat, on a warm, Egyptian jasmine, tobacco night, rocks the ancient, romantic rhythm of the Assam oud. Relish in this mystical, swirling dance.

  • Angel Haze Galaxy Samsung Shill Stream

    Angel Haze Shills for Samsung With Spacy New Song 'Galaxy'

    Which came first: the chicken, or the egg that's named after the posh nest that the chicken's just chillin' in? Like the age-old query that inspired it, that question may never be answered, but it may not matter all that much. SPIN's recent Breaking Out star Angel Haze is offering up new song "Galaxy" as a free download via Samsung's Facebook page in honor of their "Next Big Thing" partnership and, of course, the Apple competitor's latest mobile phone, the Galaxy S3. But there are two reasons why this integrated marketing tactic shouldn't ruffle too many feathers. First of all, "Galaxy" is another top-notch Haze track that doesn't once reference phones, tech or (tempting as the extended metaphor might be) receiving signals.

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