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  • Incan Abraham's 'Springhouse' Video

    Watch Incan Abraham's Ghostly 'Springhouse' Video

    Like the Los Angeles band's name might suggest, Incan Abraham combine colorful tribal flair with a genuinely stately air. The quartet's approach to worldly sounds isn't winkingly exploitive like Vampire Weekend's, or the mad scientist's mashup that is Yeasayer's. To the contrary, these four wed their fluttering melodies and tropical rhythms to a graceful frame, as can be heard on their new single "Springhouse."The back and forth vocals of guitarist Teddy Cafaro and effects-man Giuliano "Giuls" Pizzulo bring Grizzly Bear to mind, as does the overriding earnest swoon of the song. For the video, directed by Cafaro with Jack Johnson (no relation, we hope), the band plays draped in sheets, with their own images projected onto the ghostly moving canvases. The ethereal feeling goes well with the music, as does the kalieodoscopie caused by the simple setup.

  • le1f boody soda video mentos explosion

    Watch Le1f and Boody Baptize Video Extras in 'Soda'

    Although New York's Le1f is a relative newcomer to the rap scene, his music video game has been on point since day one. When we first met him back in July, on the occasion of his "Most Slept On" Dark York mixtape, dude was rhyming while giving a lap dance to a bodybuilder in a Pikachu mask. It's not the kind of image you quickly forget, and the new clip for "Soda" is filled with such frames. The track is a collaboration with producer Boody and can be found on the pair's freshly released Liquid EP, a seven-song set that explores the outer reaches of glitch-damaged rap beats and bleak robo-dance. "Wut" director Sam Jones returns for the "Soda" video, in which Le1f and Boody each launch their new product line — soda pop and a Mentos-like candy, respectively — which interact with one another in explosive ways.

  • California X Pond Rot Sludge

    California X Deliver Beautiful Sludge With 'Pond Rot'

    Though the sludge-lovers in California X are from Amherst, Massachusetts, both geographical connections make good sense. This trio's proclivity for sun-baked garage-punk grind makes them cousins to thrashing L.A. acts like FIDLAR, and their preference for slowly growing shaggy anthems pegs them as direct descendants of their gnarly neighbors in Dinosaur Jr. Though their output thus far is limited to the "Sucker"/"Mummy" 7-inch and the song you'll hear below, California X are carving out an impressive profile for themselves. New one "Pond Rot" benefits from solid production that allows the pop fizz to rise from the guitar fuzz, while singer Lemmy Gurtowsky drones about finding himself some cozy stagnant water to settle down in so that he can start decomposing in peace. The song hails from an upcoming self-titled debut, due out January 15 on Don Giovanni (Screaming Females, Hilly Eye).

  • Frightened Rabbit New Dead Now Video

    See Frightened Rabbit Look Rather Alive in 'Dead Now' Video

    The new single from Scotland's Frightened Rabbit sounds upbeat enough, but its title gives a hint of what's to come. The first line of "Dead Now" is, "I am not myself, I am a broken boxer stuffed with glass and sand." But the chorus of this soul-tinged clap-along is darker still: "I'm dead now, check my chest and you'll see / The light has been mined from me, burned for the heat." Like life though, the song's happy mood persists throughout its accompanying video, which compiles tour footage running the gamut from intimate moments to onstage triumphs. Overall, the clip showcases a group of guys who are probably a bit more playful than Scott Hutchinson's lyrics would suggest. Of course, we're not surprised by the fella's dour poetry — the band's September State Hospital EP featured a collaboration with countryman Aidan Moffat, a sadcore guru who made his name in Arab Strap.

  • of montreal propaganda song dynasties documentary

    Of Montreal Share 'Propaganda' Rarity from 'Song Dynasties' Doc

    There are only a handful of contemporary bands you could truly count on to make a full-length documentary worth your viewing while. Of Montreal could do that with tour footage alone, as evidenced by the Kickstarter campaign trailer for the in-progress film about the colorful crew, Song Dynasties. With 21 days to go, the movie's creators are more than half of the way to their $75,000 goal, and they're offering some serious gems to generous fans. Chief among those is Young Froth/Taypiss, a 14-track limited vinyl LP that includes early of Montreal demos handpicked by main man Kevin Barnes. One of those, an intimate and shaggy mourner called "Propaganda," is available to hear now, right here:Song Dynasties will combine footage spanning all 16 years of of Montreal's career thus far.

  • Angel Haze Erykah Badu Love of My Life Video

    See Angel Haze Reinvent Erykah Badu's 'Love of My Life'

    Angel Haze's new Classick mixtape finds the fast-rising New York MC remaking rap tracks that have withstood the test of time rather than whatever's hot at the moment. She first turned heads with an incredibly intimate re-creation of Eminem's confessional "Cleaning Out My Closet," and subsequently impressed by going toe-to-toe with Missy Elliott's legend in the video for "Gossip Folks." Now, in a similarly barebones video clip, she takes on Erykah Badu's "Love of My Life," once again bucking trends by rewriting a track that is 75 percent sung (as opposed to rapped), giving the clearly versatile young star a chance to flex her impressive pipes.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Album 2013 Spring

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Will Return With 'It's Blitz' Follow-Up in 2013

    Update: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have confirmed via their Twitter account that the band's fourth album will be out next spring, writing, "DNA upgrades, spontaneous evolution and NEW YEAH YEAH YEAHS RECORD ARRIVING SPRING 2013!

  • ellie goulding, figure 8

    Watch Ellie Goulding Writhe for Lost Love in 'Figure 8' Video

    Despite early predictions based on their now-nixed extracurricular involvement, Skrillex didn't wind up lending beats to Ellie Goulding's new record, Halcyon. Not directly, at least. The wonk-meets-pop production on the English singer's latest single "Figure 8" comes from MONSTA, a London group signed to Skrill's OWSLA imprint. Their work smooths the harsh digital flurries of dubstep with ample doses of trip-hop atmospherics and melodic piano plinking, not to mention occasional snippets of drum 'n' bass, as Goulding sings about a love that didn't live up to its promise of inifinity — the titular "8," turned on its side. Man, if this song turns out to be about MONSTA's boss, that next label meeting is going to be awkwaaaaard.

  • gaslamp killer dimlite seven years of bad luck for fun video

    See Gaslamp Killer's Terrifying 'Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun'

    Back in September we brought you the premiere of "Nissim," a psychedelic gem inspired by traditional Turkish music, orchestrated by Los Angeles producer the Gaslamp Killer. If the song seemed like a detour from the art-damaged bass music the man is known for, well, it was and it wasn't. Gaslamp's new LP Breakthrough is a very diverse work, bound together by an interest in sounds that are dark and trippy regardless of their origin or outside associations. For "Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun," he teams with Stones Throw glitch-smith Dimlite to create a constantly shifting soundscape that feels like a world unto itself, despite its on-album run time of under four minutes. The Phil Nisco-directed video for the song, which comes to us via Pitchfork TV, similarly explores a foreign-feeling space that changes tack whenever you get too close to unraveling its mystery.

  • Lil B KeKe Cat Rap Based God

    Lil B and KeKe the Adopted Tabby Cat Drop World's First Feline Rap

    Were Sun Tzu alive today, we're pretty sure he'd thank the Based God for building a career around the element of surprise. Berkeley's Lil B has dropped a brand new single, in his way, and it's a red-hot collab with KeKe the Adopted Tabby Cat. Now, we know better than most that rap names have gotten weird over the last couple of years, so you'd be forgiven for guessing that KeKe is a tertiary member of Odd Future. Forgiven, but still wrong.Though we cannot vouch for the nature of her exact pedigree, it's quite clear that KeKe is an actual cat. The track itself, produced by Lil B, is an electro-noise loop whose Public Enemy-like dissonance is calmed by the, um, vocal performances recorded over it: Lil B talking sweetly to his feline friend, and KeKe coming in hard with some serious purr. Here's an example.

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