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  • The Residents

    The Residents Selling $100,000 'Ultimate Box Set' for 40th Anniversary

    San Francisco-based oddballs/eyeballs the Residents are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first release, 1972's "Santa Dog" single, by releasing the Ultimate Box Set, a $100,000 music collectible to end all. In typical Residents fashion, the "box" is in fact a 28 cubic-foot refrigerator that comes stocked with first pressings of what appears to be every single Residents release ever — more than 100 items — including an actual eyeball-with-top-hat mask which you may recognize from their pioneerings pre-MTV music videos. More specifically, we're talking about "563 songs...40 vinyl LPs, 50 CDs, and dozens of singles, EPs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs plus other releases" and also objects, as is made clear in the insane infomercial above.

  • Darkstar A Day's Pay for a Day's Work Yours Truly Video

    Watch Darkstar Perform Their Impressively Human 'A Day's Pay for a Day's Work'

    London may not have a glut of post-dubstep psych-pop trios, but if they did, Darkstar would be the kings of the scene. After planting a flag for their distinct sound back in 2010 with debut LP on Hyperdub, North, the fellas signed to Warp for their upcoming album News From Nowhere, due February 5. We've heard the lush cybernetic garden that is first single "Timeaway," plus toyed around with the abstracted song loop snippets "News #1-10" and their corresponding GIF-like clips, but in the new Yours Truly-directed video for "A Day's Pay For A Day's Work," we get to see a rarer side of this already uncommon group. The camera opens on the three discussing a clutch change: translating their studio-born songs into something playable in person.

  • Snoop Dogg Lion Reddit AMA Weed Use Smoke Blunts

    Snoop Dogg Details Weed Use in Snoop Lion Reddit AMA

    So Snoop Dogg, as Snoop Lion, held a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session Wednesday afternoon and in contrast to recent chats with Trent Reznor and Das Racist's Heems, the conversation didn't span the range of the artist's illustrious career, venture into broader social topics, or even stir up some controversy. Instead — and we admit our brazen foolishness in expecting anything else — the fan-run Q&A focused on one, ahem, heady subject to the exclusion of most others. You guessed it: weed. When the peanut gallery did stretch out into other territory, the queries were often still couched within a marijuana haze, and in the rare instances that they asked about the music, Snoop almost invariably directed them to the lyric video to his new Major Lazer-produced single, "Here Comes the King."So what was it like to read through the entire thing on the hunt for some tasty quotes?

  • Game Kanye West Common Jesus Piece

    Game and Common Are Divine on 'Jesus Piece,' Kanye West Backslides

    First things first, Kanye West doesn't deserve his name on the marquee of this one. Yeezy may have absolutely murdered Rihanna's "Diamonds" last month, but he contributes only a single slurred-out line (repeated for the chorus) to the Game's latest single: "Something like my Jesus piece." That's it. Not even a solid adjective or verb to stand on — just the open-ended "something," leaving Los Angeles' shirt-averse gangsta gawd to flesh the half-lyric out into a full thought. With that out of the way, "Jesus Piece" deserves its status as the titular track on the Game's forthcoming fifth LP, due December 11.

  • alicia keys billboard charts top 10

    Who Charted? Christmas Creeps as Alicia Keys Grabs Another No. 1

    First! Alicia Keys pushes Rihanna off of her pedestal, with Unapologetic falling all the way down to No. 6 (72K sold according to Nielsen SoundScan) as the more established songstress launches her Girl on Fire at No. 1 (159K). This is nothing new for Keys, who's seen all but one of her four previous studio albums (and one live set) sit atop the 10. She shouldn't get too comfy up there, however. Although 2009's The Element of Freedom started at No. 2, it sold 417K that week. Even her 2005 Unplugged LP did better. Nevertheless, it's a weird week, and Keys does hold the honor of having the only debut in the entire Top 20. Burn, baby, burn.2 to 10: It's bleak, people. Like, sleet and snow and sliding-cars-on-highways bleak. The only good news to report: Taylor Swift holds strong with Red coming in at No. 2 (137K).

  • Chief Keef Prosecutors Gun Range Interview Video

    Chief Keef's Gun Range Interview Will Be Used as Evidence Against Him

    A Chicago judge has demanded that Pitchfork surrender its video footage of Windy City rapper Chief Keef brandishing a firearm at a New York gun range, says the Chicago Sun-Times. The music site retracted their "Selector" interview with the fast-rising young star upon realizing the clip's bad taste in light of the gun violence plaguing Chicago's rap community.But the 17-year-old MC born Keith Cozart was on an 18-month probation at the time for allegedly pointing a gun at a city police officer.


    FIDLAR: Risk-Taking, SoCal Pop-Punks Unleash True Sounds of Liberty

    WHO: Four hard-partying, hook-hawking punk primitivists from Los Angeles whose name is the skate-speak equivalent of "YOLO." FIDLAR stands for "Fuck it, dog, life's a risk"—a handy dare if your bud is feeling squeamish about popping that ollie off the neighbor's roof or, as singer Zac Carper explains, "If you're drinking at a party and you're like, ‘Should I have this 12th beer?' FIDLAR, dude. Just do it." Formed in 2009, the foursome attained local infamy by giving out free songs — like the recent Shit We Recorded in Our Bedroom EP — and promoting house shows online. "The Internet is our version of a zine," says drummer Max Kuehn.RIDING THE WAVVE: FIDLAR's catchy, but frills-free songs land them between the spiked hardcore of Trash Talk and the fuzzy surf-pop of Wavves. "That's our scene," says guitarist Elvis Kuehn.

  • Beck McSweeney's Interview Song Reader

    Good Sheet: 5 Revelations About Beck's 'Song Reader' From McSweeney's

    Beck turned a lot of heads when he announced his plans to release an entire album as sheet music. Some guffawed at this old-timey notion, while others lauded the idea of the so-called Song Reader, but whatever your gut reaction, you've got to admit it's a bold and tantalizing move to release music on paper in the age of the Internet. Although the 20-song set isn't out until December 7, we've already seen the staff of The New Yorker perform their own version of "Old Shanghai," not to mention countless YouTube renditions of "Do We? We Do," the only "song" publicly released so far. So while Beck has promised an album you can actually hear immediately upon purchase next year, it's worth seeing what this one can do in the interim. Mr. Hansen sat down with Song Reader's publisher, the venerable McSweeney's, in order to demystify the release.

  • mariah carey the roots jimmy fallon all i want for christmas is you video

    Mariah Carey and the Roots Adorably Sing 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' on 'Fallon'

    Who needs chestnuts and an open fire when something this heartwarming is available to stream over and over again until your clicker finger is reduced to a coal-like nub? Last night, backstage before taping Tuesday's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the show's lovable host and the best house band on television (the Roots, duh) scraped together a bunch of toy instruments and went in on a cover of Mariah Carey's awesome Christmas anthem, "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Except that after Fallon delivered the opening line, Carey herself sat down on the piano bench next to him and (thankfully) took over singing duties. There were other surprises, too, like the totes adorbs four-child choir that pops up to add overdubs every so often, the chuckle that Carey lets out at the 3:08 mark, and the fact that ?uestlove is playing a wooden clacker with his afro pick.

  • Atoms for Peace What the Eyeballs Did Download Easter Egg

    Atoms for Peace Hide 'What the Eyeballs Did' Download on Site

    Yesterday, we shared the news that Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace had at last confirmed the details of their debut album, Amok, due February 26 via XL. Along with the cover and track list, we shared a note from the Radiohead leader himself, in which he wrote, "We put something new on the website for you to stare at etc for a while." Fans would've been wise to take the bait.An Easter egg is hidden within the Stanley Donwood artwork found on Scroll right and you'll discover those massive meteors aren't just falling into the sea; they're raining down on Los Angeles. And somewhere within that terrifying tableau is a link to download Amok B-side, "What the Eyeballs Did."We wrote about the punishing, sidewinding song in early November, but the clip we shared has since been pulled.

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