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  • Sky Ferreira Everything Is Embarrassing Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra Transform Sky Ferreira Song Into Krautrock Epic

    With the Knife once again lurking, young beat-damaged popstresses like Sky Ferreira would be wise to step up their game. Luckily, the Los Angeles-born singer is ahead of the pack. Her Ghost EP track "Everything Is Embarrassing" was already an enticingly strange standout — "a sharply crafted piano-pop torch song [dropped] into a moody frame" — thanks to a production assist from Solange Knowles collaborator Blood Orange. Now, our recent In the Studio pals Unknown Mortal Orchestra reinvent Sky's sound even further, actually calming the synth-damaged weirdness with a Krautrock-worthy rhythm section and hazy hits of gossamer guitar. While most remixes pile on, this one pulls back, then adds some time to the original so that it can stretch out over a satisfying seven-minute span.

  • Sonic Youth Thurston Moore Jazzmaster Guitar Stolen

    Thurston Moore Is the Worst at Not Getting Robbed

    Just when it seemed like things were looking up for the guitar gods in Sonic Youth. In September, we reported that Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo were reunited with a pair of axes that'd been nicked from them all the way back in 1999. Now, as Brooklyn Vegan reports, Moore is missing another one of his iconic modified Jazzmasters — the black one with the stickers all over it — after a show at Philadelphia's SPACE Wednesday night.Moore shared the above photo on Sonic Youth's Facebook page with the following message:Hi -- Thurston Moore had his 1966 (circa) Fender Jazzmaster stolen from the Best Western in Philadelphia (501 N 22nd St) last night 12-12-12 around 12 midnight. It's Thurston's iconic Sonic Youth black Jazzmaster with all the stickers on its body. Here's a couple of photos. A police report has been filed.

  • Justin Bieber Castration Murder Plot Foiled Dana Martin Staake Ruane

    Justin Bieber Castration Plot Foiled by the Lunatic Belieber Who Ordered It

    At last we understand why Justin Bieber can't keep his hands off of his crotch. It's not a Michael Jackson homage after all — it's because people are literally trying to steal his balls. As it turns out, authorities have exposed a plot to kill and castrate the 18-year-old pop star masterminded by a deranged man currently serving two life sentences at a New Mexico prison.Dana Martin, 45, is locked up for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl in Vermont 12 years ago. As Albuquerque's KRQE and The Star reports, he has not only written letters to Bieber, but has the kid's face tattooed on his leg.

  • Growlers Row Video Hung at Heart costa mesa beach goth

    Watch the Growlers Throw a Beach Goth Party in 'Row' Video

    We're well aware that the "imagine X band on acid" trope is a pretty hack move, but every so often, it's too on-point to pass up. So picture, if you will, Atlanta's flower-punk progenitors the Black Lips, recast as So Cal commune dropouts and pumped full of that old electric Kool-Aid. When we premiered the Growlers' summer single, "Uncle Sam's a Dick," these paisley-partial Costa Mesa boys were looking forward to an October LP full of their so-called "beach goth" produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. But as reported in August, when SPIN shared the psyched garage rock mantra "One Million Lovers," that album was indefinitely shelved, so Growlers got up, dusted the sand from their sarongs, and went to work on Hung at Heart, due January 22 via Everloving.

  • caitlin rose i was cruel nashville country americana

    Hear Caitlin Rose's Ever-So-Sweet 'I Was Cruel'

    Tennessee upstart Caitlin Rose made one of SPIN's Best Country and Americana Albums of 2011 with her spare Own Side Now. Back then, she reminded us of "everything we love about Zooey Deschanel, relocated to Nashville, toughened and tarted-up," but in the announcement for her new LP The Stand-In, out March 5 via ATO, Rose makes it clear that she's no mumbly-bumbly, quirkily shrinking violet: "This album could be considered my first attempt at a high kick," she says. "We're not aiming to make indie-sounding records. How boring would that be?" Amen. Nashville producers Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson (Justin Townes Earle) add polish to Rose's gorgeous grit across the 12-song set, and we've got the first taste of their collaboration below.

  • Bruno Mars Taylor Swift Billboard Charts Top 10 red locked out of heaven

    Who Charted? Taylor Swift Is Back on Top as Ke$ha Creeps in From Below

    First! Taylor Swift's record-smashing Red climbs back to the top to rack up a fourth (non-consecutive) week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. She sold 167,000 copies of her fourth album last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. We'd like to believe that about, oh, I dunno, maybe 55 percent of that came from SPIN giving Red the No. 38 slot on our Best Albums of 2013 list. Figuring in the No. 1 time logged by her two previous albums, TaySwif has now sat atop the big 10 for a total of 21 weeks. That means that in the 21 years that Nielsen has been keeping track of such things, she's only been bested on that count by three people: Garth Brooks (54 weeks), Eminem (29 weeks) and Adele (24 weeks for 21 alone). She is currently tied for fourth with Whitney Houston and Jay-Z. Insert "O" face here.

  • MNDR Feed Me Diamonds Video Drag

    MNDR's 'Feed Me Diamonds' Pays Homage in Drag to Marina Abramovíc

    Sometimes SPIN fashion correspondent and occasional political essayist MNDR released a great record this year — "a really ill techno record," to be precise — and its titular track is at last getting the video treatment it deserves. "Feed Me Diamonds" is everything that Rihanna's "Diamonds" is not: a smart melding of pop and electronic production, empathy-inducing in its somber balladry, sung well, about death. It's a very layered and very dramatic song, as Amanda Warner herself told us over the summer, and thus requires a complex and poignant visual storyline to go with it. In the new clip, which premiered over at Perez, we witness a day in the life of a drag queen's transformation from svelte adonis to curvy goddess as he prepares to perform "Feed Me Diamonds" to an intimate club.

  • paul mccartney nirvana reunion krist novoselic 12-12-12 beatles

    Krist Novoselic Reveals Paul McCartney-Led Nirvana Reunion Will Launch 'Heavy' New Song

    Krist Novoselic has not only confirmed the Paul McCartney-fronted Nirvana reunion via Twitter, but revealed some promising details of what to expect:It is a new song that's kind of Helter Skelter meets Scentless Apprentice. It rocks with a heavy groove. St. Paul is powerful. @pontifex— Krist Novoselic (@KristNovoselic) December 12, 2012For those in need of catching up, London tabloid The Sun set off a media firestorm this morning when it announced that this unusual (but forecasted to be awesome) supergroup would be performing at the "12-12-12: Concert for Sandy Relief" tonight at New York's Madison Square Garden. Also, "Helter Skelter" is, duh, a furious proto-metal song by, um, the Beatles which greatly inspired Charles Manson's murder conspiracies.

  • Widowspeak The Dark Age Stream Almanac

    Widowspeak Enter Tough but Pretty 'Dark Age'

    As goes the Widowspeak lore, singer Molly Hamilton was once so shy that she'd have to leave the room while the rest of the band listened to what she'd recorded. But 2011's self-titled debut for Captured Tracks was a brightly blooming affair, and the Brooklyn-based group's upcoming follow-up LP, Almanac, due January 22, finds Hamilton farther out in front of Widowspeak's beautifully ethereal dream fuzz. We heard the gleaming "Ballad of the Golden Hour" last month, and are now pleased to share "The Dark Hour," a tough but pretty grinder in the tradition of Warpaint or 2:54. While the atmosphere and drive leave nothing to be desired, it's all about the guitars on this one: the jangly acoustic, the lithe shredder, and those colorful little bursts of African highlife coming through.

  • toro y moi, so many details

    Watch Toro y Moi Drift Through 'So Many Details'

    When he's not making soul-kissed house music as Les Sins or producing tracks for his bromance buddy Tyler, the Creator, Chaz Bundick has this little thing called Toro y Moi that happens to have a new album coming out on January 22. Anything in Return is shaping up to be another very solid installment in the chillwave innovator's excellent catalog (see 2011's Underneath the Pine). The first taste, single "So Many Details," arrived in October and, as our own Marc Hogan put it, Bundick is "confidently reclaiming — and refining, and advancing — the hazy, intimate-feeling electro-R&B sound that made the Toro y Moi name." We now have a video to go with that heartbroken track, and it finds our hero looking appropriately despondent despite the fact that he's surrounded with many of life's finer things. But the car, the countryside, the incredible home ...

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