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  • Blanck Mass Hellion Earth Fuck Buttons

    Blanck Mass Wants You to Experience 'Hellion Earth'

    One of the most unexpected outcomes of this year's Summer Olympics was the Opening Ceremony inclusion of music not only by Bristol drone kings Fuck Buttons, but spin-off project Blanck Mass. Though Benjamin John Power's solo outing made SPIN's 20 Best Avant Albums of 2011 list, it's a relatively obscure affair that we hardly expected to hear blaring as members of the British Armed Forces carried the Olympic standard into the London stadium. But as our readers well know, the good stuff has a way of rising to the top (at least, on occasion) and in furthering that tradition, we're sharing brand new Blanck Mass song "Hellion Earth."The 10-minute track dispenses with Fuck Buttons' noisier habits and instead offers a strong pulse that grows slowly against a burbling celestial backdrop. The end result lands somewhere between the epic aural tapestries of M83 and the dark dance of the Knife.

  • big k.r.i.t., rich dad, poor dad, video

    Big K.R.I.T. Becomes Little K.R.I.T. in 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Video

    Big K.R.I.T.'s Live From the Underground is our 11th Best Hip-Hop Album of 2012 with good reason. As our own Brandon Soderberg explained, the Mississippi MC's style is a "canny conflation of two, once-embattled rap undergrounds: dead-serious conscious rap bumping up against [the] wizened Dirty South." The man born Justin Scott has offered one of the year's most original voices in rhyme, and Underground highlight "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" goes a long way of demonstrating what he does so well. This tribute to a father who had more wisdom to spare than money is the perfect showcase for the sweet spot where K.R.I.T.'s sentimentality meets his streetwise side. The video takes a fairly literal tack: presenting a flip-book of our star's younger years set against a no-frills Southern backdrop. K.R.I.T.

  • Mogwai Les Revenants French Zombie Show Score

    Mogwai Release Haunting Score for French Zombie Show 'Les Revenants'

    The title of Mogwai's last glorious full-length foray into apocalyptic post-rock suggested that these Scots are on the #YOLO train: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Facts have now come to life light, however, revealing that the cult-revered band is in league with the undead. As it turns out, Mogwai have been lending their knack for crafting bleak and creeping instrumental epics to a French television zombie series called Les Revenants, which translates roughly to "the ones who came back."Mogwai have now released a four-song EP of their original scoring work for the Canal+ show via their own Rock Action label, and will follow that with a full-length soundtrack on February 25. The Les Revenants short-player is also available in 10-inch form, though limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.

  • Kanye West Nirvana Paul MccCartney 12-12-12 Sandy Concert Album

    Kanye and Sirvana Aren't on '12-12-12' Live Concert Album

    Of all of the weird/awesome/goofy shit that took place during last week's six-hour "12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief," two of the massive fundraiser's most talked-about performances have been left off of the corresponding live album. As noted in our 36 Most Memorable Moments roundup, a kilted Kanye West arrived toward the end and river-danced circles around the nearly ceaseless run of (impressively well-) aging English rockers. He delivered a fierce 13-song medley that helped push the show to the finish line and no doubt helped bring in some of that $50 million that 12-12-12 raised.

  • A$AP Rocky Skrillex Wild for the Night

    Hear A$AP Rocky and Skrillex Get 'Wild for the Night' on Dubby New Single

    Earlier this week, we heard the since-yanked "1 Train," a massive posse cut from A$AP Rocky's much-anticipated January 15 LP, Live.Long.A$AP. While that one was a rugged Wu-style banger featuring wall-to-wall couplets from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Big K.R.I.T., and others (plus Yelawolf, who brags about "huddl[ing] with Nubians"), an even newer track displays a far different side of the upcoming album."Wild for the Night" finds A$AP the only (occasionally pitch-modified) voice on a darkly bubbling Skrillex production. EDM's crown prince plays it relatively subtle, channeling his electronics mastery into a genuinely dub-inspired bounce laced with tons of crunk-style effects.

  • Cloud Nothings New Album Wire Fall

    Cloud Nothings Plan 'Noisier' Wire-Inspired New Album for Fall 2013

    Cloud Nothings claimed lucky No. 13 on SPIN's 50 Best Albums of the Year list for their "ferocious, blood-freezing" new album, Attack on Memory, but they won't be resting on any grungified laurels. “I want to do one thing each year or else I’ll feel like I’m lazy,” singer Dylan Baldi told MTV Hive from within the pitching bowels of the S.S. Coachella.“I’ve written most of it," the Cleveland resident explained. "I just need to teach it to the band and flesh it out. I wrote it here and there on the road and a couple of days when we were home.” While Baldi didn't yet have a name for his band's fourth album, he said they'll head to the studio in April, and plan for a fall 2013 release.For Attack on Memory, Cloud Nothings wholly reinvented themselves from hook-slinging fuzzheads to finely tuned dealers of down-tuned distortion and brutal emotional.

  • Grouper Liz Harris The Man Who Died In His Boat

    Hear Grouper's Gorgeous, Cavernous 'Vital' From Unreleased 'Deer'-Era Album

    Those not yet blessed with the gift of Grouper will soon get the chance to become deeply familiar with the aqueous dream-drone songs that put Portland's Liz Harris on the map back in 2008. That's the year that her beautifully terse LP, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, was released via the tiny Type Records. As those melodically rich mood pieces slowly made the rounds, the album became harder to find in physical form, but the venerable ambient gods at Kranky will be fixing that come February 4 when they will not only reissue Grouper's breakthrough, but will release a second unheard full-length recorded at the same time dubbed The Man Who Died in His Boat. The label promises the set is "no mere odds and ends collection, but is at the least DDD's equal in quality."Those are big words to live up to, but the first taste is quite promising to be sure.

  • atoms for peace amok jazz confuse nigel godrich thom yorke

    Atoms for Peace Vow Their Jazzy Methods Will Not 'Confuse' You

    Last month Thom Yorke assured the public that his other band's debut LP will indeed contain actual songs, and now Nigel Godrich wants you to know that Atoms for Peace are "not trying to confuse anyone." Either these fellas are quite concerned about being misunderstood, or the folks over at Rolling Stone, who ran both interviews, are giving them reason to be defensive. Regardless, we're thankful for more info about Amok, the new album due out February 26 via XL Recordings.In the same chat about not confusing fans about his electronic rock band, Godrich explained Atoms for Peace's process by referencing jazz. Specifically, he said they took a few cues from Miles Davis' classic but confounding Bitches Brew: "It's that thing of creating interaction between people and then editing that whole thing to create dynamics, you know? ...

  • the great gatsby, leonardo dicaprio, baz luhrmann

    'Great Gatsby' Invites Frank Ocean, Jack White, Florence, and Filter to the Party

    Among the numerous stylistic standouts and anachronistic oddities that gave Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet (1996) its distinct charm, the soundtrack played paramount. His forthcoming F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation The Great Gatsby isn't due to hit theaters until May 10, 2013, but we're already getting an idea what what sounds will be in store for viewers.In October, we reported on the rumors that Prince and Lady Gaga are contributing original music to the film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Now, a new trailer, streaming above, helps heighten our expectations.

  • The Black Lips aboard the S.S. Coachella

    S.S. Coachella Day 3: Meet James Murphy Wine Steward, Black Lips Wine Drinkers

    On Sunday, December 16, the inaugural voyage of the S.S. Coachella, the mega-fest's first trip to the Atlantic Ocean, left Ft. Lauderdale, Florida en route to the Bahamas. Pulp, Sleigh Bells, Girl Talk, El-P, Hot Chip, Black Lips, and a host of other bands are along for the ride. Ever intrepid, SPIN is documenting the entire experiment bit by waterlogged bit. Impossible fun abounds as the threat of total annihilation looms ever present. Ahoy, and see photos of the whole trip here!Day One: Shipsters, Seapunks, and Broaters ... unite?Day Two: "I love this city!"Day Three: Like sharks to the chumToday’s stowaways: Hot Chip, Girl Talk, the Rapture, James Murphy, Warpaint 10:00 a.m.: A word about hygiene.

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