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  • wale, heaven in the afternoon

    Wale Finds 'Heaven in the Afternoon' Inside His Backpack

    Wale may have go-go music on the mind these days, but his new Folarin mixtape offers more of the amped-up backpack rap that gave the Washington, D.C. star his name. "This is the second time I'm announcing it, but I'm doing a go-go album after my album," he told Hot 97, via Billboard, of the follow-up to his forthcoming Ambition follow-up, I Ain't Perfect. "It's gonna be me probably rapping only 40 percent on the album." But new song "Heaven in the Afternoon" finds Wale rapping about 90 percent of the time over a mix of sampled strings and loping drums. While the production is hardly thrilling, the MC's delivery leaves little to be desired — passionate, clever and upbeat on some celebratory rags-to-riches humblebrag steez.

  • T.I., his head not so heavy / Photo by Getty Images

    Who Charted? T.I. Runs Into Taylor Swift-Sized Trouble, Bruno Mars Attacks

    First! Taylor Swift picks up her sixth nonconsecutive No. 1 week for Red with a fat pre-holiday haul of 276,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan. No surprise there as hers was the obvious choice for Crossover Stocking Stuffer of the Year, plus was boosted by the Lana Del Lookalike music video for the otherwise awesome "I Knew You Were Trouble." Swift ever so gently wubs that victory in T.I.'s stoic face. Like Bruno before him, Tip is locked out of the top spot on Billboard's Top 200 (for Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, 179K). A crown is indeed a weighty thing — especially when there's a pint-sized star sitting atop yours with one of her own.2 to 10: No. 2 goes to ... oh, wait, we already did that. Mr. Mars' "utterly engaging, genre-hopping, hyper-catchy" Unorthodox Jukebox slips a slot to No. 3 (178K) and is actually the only LP in the Top 30 to see a slight decline in sales.

  • The Year in Wayne Coyne

    The Year in Wayne Coyne

    Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has entertained us plenty over the years, crafting neo-psych narratives in the form of classic albums (see The Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots), imagining strange new ways to package and sell music (within a human skull, perhaps?), or leading blisstacular concerts while preaching existential poetry from a giant plastic balloon rolling atop the crowd. But bubbles have a way of bursting, and as 2012 progressed, Coyne's creative bluster picked up an increasingly noxious air of desperate douche-itude.

  • Queens of the Stone Age New Album Mockumentary Secrets of the Sound QOTSA

    Queens of the Stone Age Reveal 'Secrets of the Sound' in New Album Mockumentary

    Every new fact we uncover about the forthcoming Queens of the Stone Age album brings with it a new set of questions, so we're thankful for "Secret of the Sound," a brand new documentary which seeks to demystify the desert rockers' sixth long-player. Well, sort of. Liam Lynch directs the nine-minute short while funnymen Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) and Matt Berry (The Mighty Boosh) host, so there aren't too many reveals unless you count the part where Josh Homme cops to heading up the Encino chapter of the Patrick Swayze fan club.Belly laughs abound, however, as our mockumentarians explore QOTSA's recording space (Berry: "You might say it's a guitarded amount of guitars.") and mostly fail at their attempts to interview the band. Bassist Michael Shuman mans two computers, an iPad, and a cell phone while Agee questions him. Keyboardist Dean Fertita Febrezes the guy.

  • Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Cocaine Ego Undoing

    Ozzy Osbourne Talks Black Sabbath, Cocaine, Assassination Fears in New Interview

    On the occassion of the anniversary of Black Sabbath's beloved heavy metal classic Vol. 4, Ozzy Osbourne gave an candid, in-depth interview to long-running rockumentary radio show In the Studio with host Redbeard. During the chat, the hard rock god and former reality television star/mumbly jester spoke quite lucidly on the undoing of Sabbath's classic lineup, his problems with drugs and alcohol, his villification in the public eye and, rather surprisingly, his fear of being assassinated. Here are the 10 most facsinating revelations from that talk.1) "People take me too damn serious. I mean, I have sung songs about the darker forces, but i've also written songs about everything across the spectrum from pollution to politics to war to poverty to happiness to a boy meets girl. People go, 'Oh, Ozzy Osbourne. He bites the heads off things and pissed up the Alamo.' I kinda feel typecast ...

  • the replacements color me obsessed documentary stream youtube

    Watch the Full Replacements Doc 'Color Me Obsessed' for Free, Right Now

    Almost three decades after the release of their seminal Let It Be, the Replacements are giving longtime aficionados and new fans reason aplenty to listen up. In early 2012, we learned that singer-guitarist Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson had reunited in order to record a limited-edition single to benefit former guitarist Slim Dunlap. In October Westerberg revealed that, after 22 years, a new 'Mats album is a distinct possibility.

  • My Bloody Valentine New Album Finished Mastering

    My Bloody Valentine Finish Long-Awaited Follow-Up to 1991's 'Loveless'

    In a recent interview, My Bloody Valentine bassist Debbie Googe quipped that she and her bandmates "were staring at our pedals, not at our shoes." It seems that may be the case once again as the shoegaze greats have clearly had their heads down and their minds on the music — according to the group's Facebook page, mastering is complete on the brand new MBV album.For those keeping track, which is pretty much everybody who's ever heard 1991's Loveless, this will be the band's third full-length since forming in 1983, and their first in more than 21 years. On November 7, main brain Kevin Shields surprised fans by announcing that the long-awaited LP would be out before the year's end, and it now seems they could come close to nailing that ambitious deadline."I think with this record, people who like us will immediately connect with something," Shields told the NME back then.

  • Frank Ocean Wiseman Django Unchained Soundtrack Ballad

    Frank Ocean's 'Django Unchained' Outtake 'Wiseman' Is a Gorgeous Humanist Ballad

    Our initial hopes for Frank Ocean's Oscar eligibility were dashed when the Django Unchained soundtrack was announced and the Los Angeles soul man was conspicuously absent despite an early confirmation, via GQ, that he'd contributed. Shortly thereafter, director Quentin Tarantino explained: "Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn't a scene for it. I could have thrown it in quickly just to have it, but that's not why he wrote it and not his intention. So I didn't want to cheapen his effort."It now seems Ocean has released the song himself via Tumblr. Ostensibly called "Wiseman" (he also posted a screen grab of the lyrics file), the stream came with a telling note also posted to Twitter:django was ill without it.— frank ocean (@frank_ocean) December 23, 2012And the song is pretty ill without Django, too.

  • Christopher Lee Saruman the White Heavy Metal Christmas

    Saruman the White Wishes You a 'Heavy Metal Christmas'

    If the wizards of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth each had their own band, we imagine Gandalf would be a lyre and lute kind of guy, but the power-hungry Saruman ... he'd need something with a little more heft, like some baroque sword-and-sorcery style heavy fucking metal. Well guess what. He's got it. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, actor Christopher Lee, known for playing Saruman the White in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film series, has a second career in music, and he's got a holiday record out now called, what else, A Heavy Metal Christmas. The two-song set includes medieval shred-tastic covers of "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night," although his vocal performance on the latter seems to reprise Lee's famous 1958 role as Count Dracula.As hard as it might be to believe, this isn't an out-of-the-blue novelty release.

  • Blanck Mass Hellion Earth Fuck Buttons

    Blanck Mass Wants You to Experience 'Hellion Earth'

    One of the most unexpected outcomes of this year's Summer Olympics was the Opening Ceremony inclusion of music not only by Bristol drone kings Fuck Buttons, but spin-off project Blanck Mass. Though Benjamin John Power's solo outing made SPIN's 20 Best Avant Albums of 2011 list, it's a relatively obscure affair that we hardly expected to hear blaring as members of the British Armed Forces carried the Olympic standard into the London stadium. But as our readers well know, the good stuff has a way of rising to the top (at least, on occasion) and in furthering that tradition, we're sharing brand new Blanck Mass song "Hellion Earth."The 10-minute track dispenses with Fuck Buttons' noisier habits and instead offers a strong pulse that grows slowly against a burbling celestial backdrop. The end result lands somewhere between the epic aural tapestries of M83 and the dark dance of the Knife.

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