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  • Kendrick Lamar Backseat Freestyle Video Good Kid m.a.a.d. city

    See Kendrick Lamar Claim the Eiffel Tower in 'Backseat Freestyle' Video

    Arguably, a large part of Kendrick Lamar's undeniable charm is the fact that he isn't a shoo-in for presiding judge over, say, a wet T-shirt contest or a twerking competition. On his excellent good kid, m.A.A.d.

  • Lil Wayne Good Kush Party Anthem Drake Timbaland Face Tattoo

    Lil Wayne 'Baked' Up Two New Collabos and One Dumb Tattoo

    So that's Lil Wayne's new face tattoo — the one that says "BAKED" — consider yourself enlightened, thanks to LilWayneHQ. Despite our initial theories, the, ahem, loaded word is not a reference to Weezy's unusual courtroom performance last September. Rather, it's a clever (?) play on the logo of Baker Skateboards, arguably one of the rapper's competitors since he's entered the streetwear apparel game with his own Trukfit brand. As Wayne explained to HipHopDX in August, "I picked up the skateboard and I thought it would be a hobby, but it’s a lifestyle. You have to be fully committed. In order to be fully committed, you have to live that lifestyle. What these young kids say right now, you have to be about that life. I guess I’m about that life.

  • big boi frank ocean andre 3000 ludacris t.i. in the a pink matter

    Frank Ocean Will Get His 'Pink Matter' OutKast Reunion

    It's a big week for a Big Boi. Not only has the Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors mastermind dropped the video for his ratchet-ass Atlanta-repping single "In the A," he's announced that he'll be recording vocals for a new version of Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter." The original recording of the song — found on SPIN's Album of the Year, channel ORANGE — features General Patton's former OutKast compatriot André 3000.

  • DJ Shadow All Basses Covered Miami Club Incident

    DJ Shadow Shares the Mix That Miami Couldn't Handle

    Last month, famous Miami nightclub Mansion booted DJ Shadow from the hip-hop trailblazer's own show a mere 20 minutes into his set. Promoters have since apologized for the gaffe — apparently originally inspired by dude's disinterest in playing the hits — and promised "changes within our organization," which we can only hope means firing anyone who'd dare whisper into the legendary turntablist's ear while he's doing his thing.Shadow made a promise following the incident as well: that he'd upload the set to SoundCloud so that "every1 can enjoy," and now w3 all can thanks to the stream and download below. The origin of the "All Basses Covered" mix, which deeply explores the gamut of contemporary bass music, lies with the DJ's summer sets at the San Francisco iteration of Los Angeles' highly respected Low End Theory club.

  • Toro y Moi Say That Video Anything in Return new album

    Watch Toro Y Moi Take to the Trees in 'Say That' Video

    Toro Y Moi's third album arrives on January 22 and it's shaping up to be yet another evolution of the chillwave originator's bewitching sound. The first taste of Anything in Return came in October with "So Many Details," a hazy mashup of intimate R&B and woozy synth work. New single "Say That" laces a jazz-sourced sample with bells and whistles borrowed from house music, and Chazwick Bundick's detached declaration that, "She's alright, I'm alright / They're alright, we can't go back."As with the video for "Details," this latest clip plays with juxtaposition. Then, it was Bundick's visible discontent despite being surrounded by extreme comfort and wealth. Now, we see our hero singing, dancing, and otherwise hanging out (pun intended) all by his lonesome in nature.

  • Jay-Z The Great Gatsby Score Soundtrack

    Jay-Z and Seal's Brother Score 'The Great Gatsby'

    Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby doesn't hit theaters until May 10, but it's already one of the most anticipated films of the new year, and the source of much speculation. Last month we picked apart the two official trailers for hints on which songs the soundtrack would contain. Now it turns out the inclusion of Watch the Throne's "No Church in the Wild" was a portent as Jay-Z is producing the film's score.According to Jeymes Samuel a.k.a. the Bullitts and, um Seal's brother, he and Jigga are hard at work on the music for Gatsby. Though Samuel's work is better known in the U.K., he made some international waves in 2010 when he released the first Bullitts single, "Close Your Eyes," featuring rapper Jay Electronica (signed to Hova's Roc Nation imprint) and narration from actress Lucy Liu.

  • Hear Beck Song Reader Portland Cello Project Sheet Music

    Beck's 'Song Reader' Can Finally Be Heard in Its Quaint Entirety

    Tired of wading through amateur YouTube videos in a foolhardy attempt to get a feel for Beck's new "album" — the one he released as sheet music last month? A group of savvy, covers-happy Northwestern cellists have got your number. Portland Cello Project have made their name performing symphony-pop versions of songs by everyone from Radiohead to Kanye West, plus collaborated with the Dandy Warhols and Thao Nguyen among countless others. They also release albums, and the latest is quite helpfully named Portland Cello Project Play Beck Hansen's Song Reader.While the 20-song set is currently available on iTunes, you can stream the entire thing below, right now, thanks to NPR. Within three days of the Song Reader's release, the Oregonian group was throwing local performances of the McSweeney's-released set, and they're taking these songs (and others) on the road later this month.

  • The Julie Ruin Girls Like Us Vaginal Davis Stream

    Hear Ungirly Anthem 'Girls Like Us' Via Kathleen Hanna's Julie Ruin

    Between Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, lead riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna delivered Julie Ruin, a much adored album of smartly subversive pop demonstrating impressive range and playfulness. A couple of years ago, Hanna announced that she'd be picking up that thread again in band form, accompanied by former fellow Killer Kathi Wilcox and a few others, as the Julie Ruin.

  • Elvis Presley the Beatles Autographs Forged

    Your Prized Authentic Beatles Autograph Is Probably Very Fake

    With the 50-year anniversary mark of "I Want to Hold You Hand" fast approaching, the remaining Beatles might want to consider adding a verse that makes the title's tone more menacing than cute. As BBC News reports, forgers' hands have been quite busy imitating the autographs of John, Paul, George, and Ringo over the years. In fact, the Beatles have the second-most faked John Hancocks in the entertainment game, according to a recently released report from memorabilia authenticator PSA/DNA.The SoCal company claims to have reviewed more than 350,000 signatures over the past 12 months, and has compiled the 10 "most dangerous autographs" in entertainment (there's a separate list for sports) in order to shed light on a widespread problem and, more likely, remind the world why their very specific services are necessary.

  • fidlar the descendents suburban home

    FIDLAR Faithfully Rebuild the Descendents' 'Suburban Home'

    The boys of FIDLAR have no problem taking the piss out of their elders (see the Creedence-hijacking "live" video for "Gimme Something") or even their contemporaries (watch the hipster-slamming "Cheap Beer" clip) but they pay pitch-perfect tribute to their SoCal punk forbears via a new cover of the Descendents' "Suburban Home."The rolling thrasher comes courtesy of Filter Magazine, who've curated a MOJO-style remakes set called Milo Turns 50 (also appearing: YACHT, Mike Watt, Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell, the Bronx, Teen and others). You can download it by right-clicking here, or stream via Consequence of Sound.Our risk-taking Breaking Out stars make only small amendments to the original document, preserving the youthful upbeat energy of the Descendents c.

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