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  • david bowie tony visconti the next day new album details

    David Bowie Didn't Say He Wouldn't Tour Again, So Please Calm Down

    On Tuesday, January 8, David Bowie's 66th birthday, the rock icon shocked everyone except for his inner circle by releasing a brand new song, his first in a decade, "Where Are We Now?" With that "a trademark tender, late-era Bowie ballad" came the news that an album is on the way as well, The Next Day, due in March. In the ensuing press froth, we learned from producer Tony Visconti that we should expect a mix of "classic" Thin White Duke and "innovative" Ziggy Stardust, and also that Bowie would never perform live again, and then that the thing about Bowie never perfoming live again wasn't actually true:I never said Bowie would never perform live again. Pitchfork made that up.

  • Destiny's Child Nuclear New Song Love Songs Stream Hear

    Destiny's Child Go (Kinda) 'Nuclear' With Vintage '90s R&B

    Yesterday, we learned that the rumors about a Destiny's Child reunion were in fact truth, as Beyoncé announced the impending release of "Nuclear." The bonus addition to the forthcoming Love Songs retrospective set is the '90s R&B girl-group's first new song in eight years and, as it turns out, may be performed by DC at Super Bowl XLVII, whose field Beyoncé will be doubtlessly carpet-bombing with gold glitter as the halftime show's main act.Well, the developments continue to pour in. Mashable now has the exclusive stream of "Nuclear," an upbeat Pharrell Williams-produced single written by Michelle Williams with help from James Fauntleroy (Brandy, Chris Brown, Rihanna) and Flipmode Squad member Lonny Bereal.

  • Spin Doctors Chris Barron Home Alone Daniel Stern Kickstarter Biopic

    Kickstarter Guy Wants $5M to Get Daniel Stern to Play 'the Spin Doctors Guy'

    After all of the drama caused by Kickstarter campaigns last year — re: Amanda Palmer, and Animal Collective's Deakin — it's nice to see someone using the crowd-sourcing service for what its makers intended: as an avenue for unknown entities to make their dreams hilarious jokes come true. Atlanta resident Daniel Nadolny is attempting to raise $5 million in a month so that he can write and film a Spin Doctors biopic that stars bumbling Home Alone villain Daniel Stern as singer Chris Barron, because they look similar."Spin Doctors were a popular pop-funk band from New York City in the '90s," says Nadolny, who described himself as "a man of many talents and desires," in his pitch video (below). "I'm not sure what happened to them really. I would imagine they had a couple of records and some minor festival success. But they were a challenging band.

  • Californication Ryan Adams Iron Maiden Wasted Years Cover

    Ryan Adams Neuters Iron Maiden's 'Wasted Years' For 'Californication' Soundtrack

    Ryan Adams has had a very public love affair with metal over the past few years. He's hosted a mock cable access shred-head show called "Night Sweats," attended Ronnie James Dio's funeral along with SPIN, and has even recorded his own blackly dirging axe-blasts as Werewolph. But when it comes to putting his spin on "Wasted Years," the fist-pumping 1986 now-ness anthem by Iron Maiden (which is, like, 70 percent guitar solo), Adams isn't beholden to tradition or nostalgia, or even the sort of ballsy awesomeness the track's originators were known for. Performing the song for the forthcoming Californication season six soundtrack, he takes a much more mellow approach.

  • Local Natives Play Hummingbird New Songs Video

    Watch Local Natives Debut Synthy 'Hummingbird' Songs in Hour-Long Live Set

    If you've got an hour to spare, Los Angeles' Local Natives will make it worth your time. The tropically tinged folk-pop posse recently recorded an intimate 60-minute concert (and interview) for L.A.

  • Eddie Vedder West Memphis Three Satellite Interview West of Memphis iVideo

    How Eddie Vedder's West Memphis Three Song 'Satellite' Wrote Itself

    As previously reported, Peter Jackson and the rest of the team behind the recently released West Memphis Three documentary, West of Memphis, put together an incredibly hefty soundtrack for their film featuring everyone from Marilyn Manson (covering Carly Simon) to the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines (covering Pink Floyd) to Eddie Vedder (covering ... well, his own damn self).In a new interview with Vedder discusses his song "Satellite," which he wrote for Lorri Davis — the woman who married the WM3's Damien Echols while he was on death row, and was joined by Vedder and others in the fight for the wrongly convicted trio's freedom. The minimal track initially appeared on his 2011 Ukelele Songs collection."I was just in a faraway place and their story came to mind. We were raising funds to get a new investigator on the case ...

  • sharon van etten nick cave people aint no good cover bad seeds tour

    Sharon Van Etten's Soulful Take on Nick Cave's 'People Ain't No Good' Is Very, Very Good

    Don't say she didn't warn us. Last February, New York singer Sharon Van Etten broke down her Favorite Things to SPIN and when it came to the "not-so-new artist" of her obsession, she revealed, "I've been getting into Nick Cave lately. The Boatman's Call is amazing; it's an album of love songs, really beautiful." It hasn't even been a year yet and she's not only preparing to open for Cave and his Bad Seeds on a series of North American dates (below), but has absolutely mastered a ballad from that somber 1997 piano-based album she mentioned: "People Ain't No Good." (And yes, that's the same misanthropic delight featured in Shrek 2.)Van Etten picked up an acoustic guitar for her soul-stirring version of the song, performed above for the Australian radio station Triple J. It's a bold choice, of course, as Cave is of Aussie stock and, we can only assume, treated as a god over there.

  • Popstrangers What Else Could They Do

    Hear Popstrangers' Gorgeous Grunge-Gazer 'What Else Could They Do'

    The initial cacophony that announces the presence of Popstrangers' "What Else Could They Do" is a bit misleading. While we begin with the grit and heft of a grunge-gaze basher, the New Zealand trio quickly lead us toward lilting melody. That's mostly thanks to Joel Flyger, whose strikingly calm delivery contrasts wonderfully with all of that unholy racket that Adam Page and David Larson are making. This is, of course, a hallmark of the Popstrangers sound: that thing that you might call pop couched within hard punk and occasionally unforgiving riffage.

  • Vampire Weekend SXSW 2013

    SXSW 2013: Tegan and Sara, Vampire Weekend, and Black Lips Top Latest Lineup

    The third wave of acts for South By Soutwest 2013 has been announced — 480 more artists and bands, bringing the running list up to nearly 1,300. Check out our picks from the first and second waves, and then dive into the late additions below. The big names this time around include Tegan and Sara, Black Lips, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Prince Paul, the Skatalites, Bobby Bare and, oh, Vampire Weekend.

  • Merchandise Anxiety's Door Totale Night

    Merchandise Share Itchy 'Anxiety's Door' From New 'Totale Night' LP

    Floridian noise-poppers and recent SPIN Breaking Out stars Merchandise are back with another one: the itchy seven-minute song "Anxiety's Door," the first sampling of the trio's just-announced Totale Nite album, due this spring on the low-flying Night People label. That, of course, follows up the group's fantastic 2012 debut, Children of Desire, which gave us the genuinely scary "In Nightmare Room" video and a great rooftop recording of "Become What You Are." This latest song certainly doesn't reinvent the band, but we weren't looking for that anyhow.

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