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  • the sword veil of isis video

    The Sword Breed a Powerful She-Devil in 'Veil of Isis' Video

    We recently sat down with Austin metal masters the Sword to discuss their Black Sabbath- and sci-fi-inspired new album Apocryphon, and the first video to hail from that gnarly platter continues the theme of far-out bleakness and trippy evil doings. Directed by Simon Chan (Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria), the clip accompanies old-school grinder "The Veil of Isis," and revolves around one young woman's journey from cult victim to potential world destroyer. When first we meet our heroine, she's stalked by zomboid satanists and fed a sketchy tablet by a shaman. In the next scene, she has become a veiled CGI nude ascending to the sky in front of an unreal desert scape (honestly, it'd be seapunk if it wasn't so arid). She winds up repeating the trip until she masters the high, and then returns ready to wreak some serious havoc on the witchdoctor who fed her that brown acid in the first place.

  • Jeff Mangum Fugazi Guy Picciotto Occupy Wall Street Telethon

    See Jeff Mangum and Fugazi's Guy Picciotto Play 'Occupy' Telethon

    It took years for Neutral Milk Hotel's magical Jeff Mangum to shake his Salinger mode and get back out on the road, and even now large-scale public performances remain elusive, but apparently all you've gotta do if you wanna hear the guy play is head down to Occupy Wall Street and shout out a cover request. About a year ago, he showed up to lead some NMH sing-alongs and play an acoustic version of the Minutemen's populist shredder, "Themselves."As previously reported, Mangum and others were booked to play New York's Le Poisson Rouge last night in order to raise money for OWS offshoot Strike Debt, which aims to abolish predatory debt practices. Set up as a live stream and billed as a telethon, "The People's Bailout" variety show aimed to raise $50,000.

  • iceage matador sign new album 2013

    Iceage Sign to Matador for New Album

    After thrashing us to blissful bits last year with their debut New Brigade — a "jagged, visceral .... 12-song, 24-minute call to arms" says SPIN's Marc Hogan — Copenhagen punk revisionists Iceage have signed to the venerable Matador Records, and are sending a second album our way February 19. Its predecessor, which we dubbed the 23rd best of the year, was actually released in 2010 in the band's native Denmark, so this has been a long time coming. Of course, they didn't just, um, chill out in the meantime. They toured the land like freshly thawed, centuries-starved beasts and talked to us about their high school roots. Matador promises further news about the new long-player in the coming weeks, but for now, they've dropped some European dates on us. See those below, after revisiting the video for "You're Blessed."Iceage tour dates: Nov. 21 - Belfast, UK @ LimelightNov.

  • new myspace justin timberlake social network demo

    He's Bringing Myspace Back: Justin Timberlake Shows Us the New Old Social Network

    It's too easy to make fun of Myspace. Along with other proper nouns of the Internet's past — GeoCities, CompuServe, LiveJournal — the name is good for an obvious laugh and a follow-up groan, like pointing out that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. But search SPIN for references to Myspace and you'll find recent examples of artists crediting the social network for helping them get their start, from the xx to Here We Go Magic to TNGHT.They don't say the same things about Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or even Facebook. Useful tools though they may be, those services don't facilitate discovery the way Myspace (then "MySpace") once did, and now aims to do again. After four years of languishing amidst its shrinking market share, the brand is relaunching by ditching the old in favor of the new.

  • Kurt Cobain Documentary Brett Morgan Courtney Love

    Milk It: Courtney Love Jump-Starts Kurt Cobain Documentary

    Thanks to his forthcoming Crossfire Hurricane film, documentarian Brett Morgen has of late been caught in the storm that is the Rolling Stones' career in 2012. But that hasn't stopped him from thinking about what's next. As the New York Post reports, Morgen is planning a Kurt Cobain documentary — with Courtney Love's blessing, no less."Courtney is the one that brought me into this," he said during the Crossfire Hurricane premiere in New York on Tuesday night. “We’ve been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now ... Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker.

  • Captain Murphy Cartoon Rap Villain Duality NSFW

    Captain Murphy, Cartoon Rap Villain, Delivers NSFW 'Duality' Short Film as Mixtape

    Back in July, we met a mysterious rapper by the name of Captain Murphy, via the Adult Swim Singles Series track "Between Friends," featuring Earl Sweatshirt and produced by Flying Lotus. Much speculation arose whether the deep-voice, foul-mouthed enigma was Tyler, the Creator, but Murphy has since convincingly denied Odd Future membership via Twitter and, should be noted, claims allegiance to Lotus' Brainfeeder label.i think some people are probably gonna be mad as hell when they realize I'm not from OF . oh well.. keep talking. make em follow— Captain Murphy (@xCaptainMurphyx) November 3, 2012Today he's delivered further evidence to back that claim: Duality, a 35-minute mixtape-as-short-film that collages stricking images with the intent to convert viewers into willing sheep.

  • Rage Against the Machine Take the Power Back Live Video

    See Rage Against the Machine 'Take the Power Back' in 1993

    Last month we broke down the upcoming Rage Against the Machine box set, which comes not only just in time for the holidays — capitalism:1; RATM: 2,673 — but on the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles rap-metal band's breakthrough debut album, Rage Against the Machine. On November 27, that classic 1992 platter will be served to us in remastered form with sides of live bonus tracks, audio demos, and live footage on DVD.Thanks to that last bit, we can now see a very young RATM positively trash their early fan favorite, the Public Enemy-channeling "Take the Power Back." In the 1993 Chicago clip, a shirtless Tom Morello stalks the stage blasting far-out guitar skronk while Zack de la Rocha bounds around, full of energy as he whips the Vic Theatre's crowd into a fury. "Come on! Take it back, y'all!" he growls toward the end.

  • Hear Damon Albarn BBC Radio Time Capsule

    Hear Damon Albarn's BBC 'Radio Reunited' Broadcast for the Future

    Damon Albarn's audio time capsule was played across the BBC Radio empire yesterday, giving the man unprecedented simultaneous access to a global splay of as many as 120 million listeners. Of course, considering how much work he currently has in circulation — Bobby Womack, Blur, Gorillaz, Dr. Dee — he may rack up as many ears on a normal day as well.As reported on Tuesday, Albarn was offered the distinct honor of creating an exclusive three-minute sound clip, using listener messages and scoring of his own design, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BBC's first broadcast. Now, you can stream and download the sound collage, which is intended to be broadcast again in another 90 years.The first new message comes from a child: "Hello future, I hope music still matters because music is everything. Without it, there's nothing.

  • Das Racist Heems Reddit AMA

    Das Racist's Heems Teases New Album, Defends 'Relax' in Reddit AMA

    Das Racist's Himanshu Suri hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) today in honor of his new Wild Water Kingdom mixtape. Fans of the SPIN cover stars will be happy to know DR have got a new album planned for 2013 (no details yet), and that the rapper best known as Heems had some new thoughts to share about last year's Relax, a key installment in the "Hey, These Guys Are Actually Really Good phase of their inexplicable career." Heems' new full-length, which features guest appearances by Childish Gambino and Lakutis, plus production from Harry Fraud and Le1f, continues that thread, and his responses to the Internet's questions mostly did as well. (Sincerely wondering about his breakfast food preference? "SAUSAGE EGG AND CHEESE.

  • Lady Gaga Terry Richardson Cake trap-rap

    Lady Gaga Proves 'Cake' Rap Is Real With Unnecessary Terry Richardson Video

    In September, Lady Gaga confused a whole lot of folks when she initiated an elaborate ruse to release a ridiculous trap-rap track we dubbed "Cake Like Gaga." With help from her DJ White Shadow and makeup artist Tara Savelo, Mother Monster made it appear as if the song was a fan submission and not, in fact, a pitch-warped recording of her rapping about swag, diamonds, and AKs over tinny drums and sampled dog barks.Well, if there was any doubt left about who actually authored the thing, Lady Gaga has laid that to rest. As Idolator notes, she performed the song at her recent Rio de Janeiro show (watch her get genuinely ratchet in a shaky fan-filmed clip) and today Stefani Germonotta herself got on Twitter to share a 15-second preview for "Cake" (as the song seems to be named) video directed my raunch master general Terry Richardson.

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