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  • scream and shout britney spears bitch Waka Flocka Flame Lil Wayne Diddy Hit-Boy remix and Britney's 'Scream & Shout' Remix: All the Rappers in the World Can't Save It and Britney Spears' Euro-clubby chart-climber "Scream & Shout" is a hater's smörgåsbord from the bloodless beat to the Jesse Pinkman-like bandying about of the B-word to that fake accent that Brit inexplicably saddles herself with. So, you know, why not throw some more kindling on that blazing brown bag of bull? Above you'll find the freshly released remix video for the aforementioned track.Yes, made some calls and brought in a seriously incongruous lineup of serious mike-swingers — Diddy, Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne — but all the king's goofy hairdos and all the king's men can't put the oomph back in Britney again.

  • Azealia Banks Harlem Shake Dance Meme Remix Baauer Rap Mad Decent

    Azealia Banks Raps All Over Your Dumb 'Harlem Shake' Meme

    As much as we encourage human beings to wild tha eff out at regular intervals throughout their workaday lives, we can't get behind your mother's bridge club's brand new "Harlem Shake (Aging Edition)" YouTube clip. Especially since neither she nor anyone who's advanced the meme online thus far is actually doing the dance called the Harlem Shake (shouts to the catfish catchers at Deadspin for blowing the lid off of this scandal too). What we do endorse, however, is Harlem resident Azealia Banks delivering fire-hot verse after fire-hot verse over Baauer's original "Harlem Shake" instrumental. The song itself, released on Diplo's Mad Decent label, is a bass and trap-addled dance floor bomba that recalls Mexicans With Guns' trunk-rattling 2011 LP Ceremony.

  • J. Cole Miguel 'Power Trip' Born Sinner Stream

    Hear J. Cole and Miguel Contemplate Love Songs on 'Power Trip'

    The wait for J. Cole's 2011 Roc Nation debut was immense indeed, but tastefulness takes time. Cole World: The Sideline Story wound up an excellent album and a strong study in self-determination that reignited the flames of anticipation beneath the North Carolina rapper-producer's career and scored him a Best New Artist nomination at the 2012 Grammys. Similarly, Miguel suffered record label mishandling and a long absence from the game before he released last year's incredible Kaleidoscope Dream, SPIN's fifth best album of 2012, which nabbed him and handful of noms and one big win on Music's (most recent) Biggest Night. It makes sense then that the two would display some solid chemistry on Cole's "Power Trip," a song about love-turned-obsession hailing from his forthcoming Born Sinner LP. Miguel carries the slinky hook, while J.

  • Lil Wayne Emmett Till Future Karate Chop Remix Epic Records

    Epic Records Apologizes for Lil Wayne's Disgusting Emmett Till Reference

    Lil Wayne has been on a roll (and no, that's not a reference to the 30-year-old's obnoxious sudden-ish skateboard obsession). Late last year he threatened a lawyer in court over a case that, despite his display of confidence, wound up costing him $2 million. Then he hopped on the EDM train to collab with Paris Hilton, got a really dumb tattoo on his forehead, and completely botched his verse on 2 Chainz' "Yuck."But all of that classlessness pales in comparison to his latest gaffe: making an obscene reference to Emmett Till, the 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in '50s Mississippi after he allegedly flirted with a white woman. His killers were acquitted — a terrible sequence of events whose only positive effect was helping to ignite the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Kickstarter Spin Doctors Daniel Stern Fail Interview Home Alone

    Daniel Stern Kickstarter Guy Raised $12K Before Joke Spin Doctors Biopic Failed

    It's with a certain heaviness of heart and tongue in cheek that we mourn the passing of what may have been the greatest fake Kickstarter project to have ever existed. Last month, we discovered Daniel Nadolny's joke attempt at raising $5 million so that he could make a Spin Doctors film starring Home Alone bad guy Daniel Stern as singer Chris Barron. The entire idea stemmed from the fact that the two look similar, but the presentation was perfectly offhand: "There are missing biopics for both the Spin Doctors and the actor Daniel Stern. This project covers both."Well, like Björk's failed Biophilia Education Program before it, Nadolny's dream died on the vine last week. Unlike the Icelandic art-house queen, however, the humble Atlanta resident never actually believed he'd raise the ridiculous amount of money he was asking for (we can't all be Amanda Palmer, after all).

  • Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Weird Al Yankovic Portugal the Man

    Portugal. the Man to Play 'Weird Al' Yankovic's Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup Livestream

    The good folks behind Bonnaroo have released an "announcement about the announcement" of the Tennessee festival's 2013 lineup. As previously reported, our "Smells Like Nirvana" pal "Weird Al" Yankovic will be unveiling this year's performers via live YouTube stream, but heretofore the details about that broadcast were otherwise unknown. In the clip posted above, the accordion-shredding jokester appears to let us know that it's all going down on February 19 at noon EST.Things will begin with an hour-long presentation of standout performances from previous 'Roos including Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Black Star, Bon Iver, the White Stripes, and, of course, Phish. At 1 p.m., the Yankovic-hosted Bonnaroo Line-Up Announcement Megathon (BLAM) shall commence, and, as an annotation over the clip above notes, there will be a live performance from Portugal. the Man.

  • Paint Branch 'Brighton Beach' Video Q and Not U

    Paint Branch's 'Brighton Beach' Video Is Packed With Seaside Nostalgia

    Former Q and Not U dudes John Davis and Chris Richards may not be blasting our skulls with shards of angular art-addled post-punk anymore, but their Paint Branch project packs its own subtle wallop. Most recently, we heard the duo's low-key, harmony-filled "I Wanna Live," and when we first met PB it was by way of their sun-kissed song "Brighton Beach." That mournful strummer with the slight cowpunk lurch now comes back to us in video form via the above Scott Mueller-directed clip. As the track appears to document the end of an important chapter in our host's life, it's fitting that these visuals are steeped in nostalgia — coastal scenes filtered through the Super 8 film grain of memory.

  • Wild Nothing 'Only Heather' Video Nocturne Game of Thrones

    Wild Nothing's 'Game of Thrones' Obsession Becomes Lethal in 'Only Heather' Video

    Last year SPIN spoke to Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum about his obsession with HBO's awesome fantasy series Game of Thrones, but we had no reason to believe the guy would take it this far. In the new video for gushy Nocturne standout "Only Heather," we first witness a man's feet ambling down a sidewalk at night. But as the beat picks up and Tatum begins to gush out glistening vocals about moonlight and spells, we see that the owner of those feet (actor James Downing) has a broadsword stuck through his torso. He seems dazed at best as he wanders an otherwise normal urban environment, but don't expect that to last because, you know, dude has a massive blade piercing his body right through the middle. We're guessing things aren't gonna work out. Need more Nocturne? Check out the video for "Paradise" featuring pixie dream girl Michelle Williams.

  • Bad Religion True North Video Album Punk

    See Bad Religion Convert a Young Punk to the Cause in 'True North' Video

    In our interview with Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz about the legendary Los Angeles punk band's new album True North, the 50-year-old guitarist explains that, "When we write, if we're successful with a song then we're connecting with other humans ... For the most part, people outgrow punk rock so we're connecting with younger people." Indeed, in the just-out music video for the LP's titular track, a young punk with a Bieber-fresh face finds himself moved to action by the older band. What could be a languid day spent inside of his memorabilia-bedecked room soon becomes a fierce air-drumming sesh before he slips on the Coolest Shoes on Earth (Chucks, duh) and heads out for untold adventures. In listening to "True North" on his vinyl copy of True North he discovers true north. So ... does that count as an episode of northern exposure?

  • josh groban all that echoes macklemore ryan lewis thrift shop billboard chart

    Who Charted? Coheed and Cambria Are the Best We Can Offer ... and Yelling Goats

    First! What a terribly boring week for music. SPIN cover girls Tegan & Sara have disappeared from view along with wizened soul man Charlie Wilson (see last week's Who Charted?) and the world at large chose to ignore My Bloody Valentine's long-awaited comeback m b v despite us slapping an Essential sticker on that 20-odd-dollar CD. So a big whopping M-E-H to you, America, for giving gee-golly-Josh Groban the No. 1 seat in the land for his All That Echoes album (145K, says Billboard). Turns out the adult contemporary king is one of the most successful male solo vocalists in Nielsen SoundScan history, so why don't we all just quit caring about things like Mikky Ekko, Flatbush Zombies and Frank Ocean, okay? Ugh.2 to 10: Really, you should stop reading now. You aren't going to be happy. Because Tim McGraw is in at No. 2 for Two Lanes of Freedom (107K).

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