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  • Popstrangers

    See Popstrangers' Immersive 'What Else Could They Do' Video

    In December we had the pleasure of premiering Popstrangers' slightly disturbing video for "Heaven," a moody yet upbeat song whose visual counterpart depicted love in a time of massive falling asteroids. Shortly thereafter we shared the New Zealand fuzz-pop trio's "What Else Could They Do," which combined lilting melodies with groveling grunge notes to intensely pretty effect. Director Luke Mcpake returns for this song's clip as well and delivers a short that plays with projections and swimming pool shots to create something dark in mood but bright with color. The video's grainy quality matches the music's grindy tones as these Kiwis give us yet another reason to be excited for their February 26 Carpark debut, Antipodes.

  • paramore now video

    Watch Paramore Make Hugs Not War in Epic 'Now' Video

    Late last month, reborn emo-pop practitioners Paramore shared their long-awaited new single, "Now," which stirred up a little No Doubt-style speak-singing with Muse-big bombast to solidly exciting results. To wit, SPIN's staff weighed in with Our Impulsive Reviews, and the high-stakes song scored a hefty 7.42 across an oft-divided panel. As also noted back then, the band had already wrapped the song's music video with Daniel Cloud Campos behind the camera, according to a January 16 tweet from singer Hayley Williams.

  • Purity Ring Soulja Boy 'Grammy' Cover

    Hear Purity Ring Cutely Cover Soulja Boy's 'Grammy'

    It's hard to get too deep into a discussion about Purity Ring's gorgeous Shrines LP, one of SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2012, without discussing the influence of hip-hop production, particularly that of the trappy variety. Danny Brown knew the deal when he rapped over a remixed reinvention of the duo's drum-intensive "Belispeak" — the collaboration worked quite swimmingly, as even the haters among us were willing to recognize. Even more unlikely on paper is the idea of the sweet-voiced Megan James and her New Agey studio partner Corin Roddick making their own version of Soulja Boy's 2010 track "Grammy," but that too works as you'll see below. And of course it's timely, what with the 2013 Grammys going down last night and all.

  • Jim James 'A New Life' Video

    See Jim James Woo a Buffalo in a Dress in 'A New Life' Video

    My Morning Jacket's Jim James is on a spiritual trip and it's paying off in spades. His new solo album Regions of Light and Sound of God is a beautiful feat of psychedelia that's easy on the ears and higher searching that never comes across as preachy, and the "sublime, doo-wop-tinged" standout "A New Life" is one of its more gorgeous standouts. That soulful jangler now has a fun and mysterious video to match its beguiling vibes, via Pitchfork TV.It begins simply enough: our hirsute hero strumming lightly on an acoustic guitar in a dusty roundish barn — could this be the famed silo of his MMJ salad days? — but as he sings, "Hey, open the door / I need a new life," he exits the structure and is transported to a rural scene.

  • Prince Screwdriver Live Video Charges Money 1.77

    Prince Demands $1.77 to Watch 'Screwdriver' Video

    Prince's latest entry to his own sultry funk canon is "Breakfast Can Wait," and now U can 2 since the only way to watch His Purpleness' video for other new song "Screwdriver" is to pay a curiosity-whetting $1.77 and then download the entire movie file. You can grab the thing over at Prince's official page or via his thinly veiled alias' webstore 3rdEyeGirl (where songs are priced at $0.88 a pop), but before you do you pass over that buck and change you should know what you're getting in return.When the grainy eight-minute clip picks up, we meet a guitar-wielding girl with a Skrillex 'do and a rockin' lady band. They show up for a sketchy audition but while the plot, production and performance all scream "porno flick," a tiny form soon emerges from a fog-spewing door and beckons the girls into a dark warehouse.

  • J Dilla 'The Diary' Album 'Anthem'

    Hear J Dilla's Unearthed 'Anthem' to Getting 'Effed Up,' From a New Posthumous LP

    J Dilla was a prolific producer who left us far too soon, so it should come as no surprise that the public's thirst for more of his groundbreaking work has inspired those who collaborated most closely with him to unearth and share every dust-caked Jay Dee gem they can find. Thankfully, there's no shortage of quality material hiding out there. Last month we saw the video for a song called "The Throwaway," and its title was not the least bit self-referential.

  • James Blake 'Retrograde' Video

    Watch James Blake's Literally Earth-Shattering 'Retrograde' Video

    Post-dubstep Englishman and alt-R&B quietist James Blake returned from the ether last week with his new single, "Retrograde," a finger-snapping bit of soul-dripped doom that felt sexy in a strangely bleak way. The initial stream of that song has disappeared from the Internets, but that's okay because there's a music video now. Directed by Denmark's Martin De Thurah (David Byrne and St. Vincent), the eerie clip follows a motorcycle rider as she races to reach a house party in the woods, only to discover that the intimate soiree has an incoming uninvited guest: a massive asteroid that seems arrow-aimed directly at everyone she knows. "You're on your own in a world you've grown," Blake coos, and later, "Suddenly I’m hit / Is this darkness or the dawn? / And your friends are gone." His sophomore album Overgrown comes to us on April 8 via Republic.

  • The-Dream Fourplay New Album Kanye West

    The-Dream Announces 'Fourplay' Album, an 'Authentic Love-Making' Experience

    Alt-R&B maestro and R. Kelly progeny The-Dream has at last announced a realistic release date for his long-delayed fourth official album that was once called Love IV MMXXII but now bears the name Fourplay, Billboard reports. The follow-up to 2010's Love King will be out May 7 via Def Jam, of course (he's the label's executive vice president of A&R). The new name breaks with his LPs' titular theme thus far — there was 2007's Love Hate and then 2009's Love vs. Money — but perhaps that's because he reset things somewhat last year by reissuing his fantastic 1977, originally issued as a free mixtape under his birth name, Terius Nash.

  • Frank Ocean convenes with Justin Timberlake backstage / Photo by Getty Images

    Behind the 2013 Grammys: Frank Ocean Would Like His Bookshelf, Please

    There is no church in the wild, but there are sure as shit no atheists on the red carpet. At the 55th installment of the Grammys at Los Angeles' Staples Center, we are fox-holed amongst fellow journalists, camera goons and microphone-grippers and it is our collective job to worship whatever makeup-spackled likeness or sequined/suited golden calf is willing to spare us several seconds of precious time before their publicist politely taps them on the back or gives you "the look." It is a desperate duty with few payouts unless you're LMFAO's Redfoo reporting for Jay Leno, and even then it can be disappointing.Like when Neil Patrick Harris takes one look at your ridiculous rhinestone-studded smoking jacket and correctly assumes that you're a party-rocking goofball who will bring nothing but ill repute to his good name and so snubs your interview request with a wave of the hand.

  • TPB AFK Pirate Bay Documentary Download Stream Away From Keyboard

    Watch the Long-Awaited Pirate Bay Documentary 'TPB AFK'

    In 2009, the founders of popular Swedish torrent site the Pirate Bay (TPB) were put on trial in their native country as a result of international pressure to put a stop to users' violations of major copyrights (music, film, software, etc.). While some of the initial charges against them were dropped, Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde were eventually found guilty of violating Swedish copyright law, and sentenced to serve a year in prison each, plus pay a fine of 30 million krona, or about $3.5 million. The site, as many of our readers no doubt know, continues to be active.Over two years, ago, director Simon Klose did more than double his Kickstarter goal of $25,000 to produce an already mostly filmed documentary about the founders' unfortunate brush with the law.

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