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  • R. Kelly 'Ignition (Remix)' National Anthem Petition White House

    Petition to Make R. Kelly's 'Ignition' the National Anthem Has Obscene Amount of Support

    In January, there was the Kickstarter guy who wanted a million dollars to make a Spin Doctors biopic starring Daniel Stern. In February, frustrated shoegaze aficionados petitioned the White House to fix My Bloody Valentine's website so they could get a copy of m b v. Now a third campaign has emerged, which we kinda-sorta-really wish had a shot at success.One ambitious citizen has formally petitioned the Obama Administration to make R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" the new national anthem. The request has already nabbed more than 10,000 signatures, which is disheartening news for fans of "The Star-Spangled Banner," who collectively refer to themselves as Francis Scott Keyliebers. See here:We, the undersigned, would like the Obama administration to recognize the need for a new national anthem, one that even a decade after its creation, is still hot and fresh out the kitchen.

  • Luke Bryan Spring Break Baauer Harlem Shake Billboard chart

    Who Charted? The South Goes on 'Spring Break,' the Rest Just 'Harlem Shake'

    First! Well how's this for an up-to-the-minute sampling of the nation's mindset? No. 1 goes to country's preeminent overgrown frat boy Luke Bryan, whose Spring Break...Here to Party sold 150,000 copies (according to Nielsen SoundScan) despite the fact that it's merely a comp of songs hailing from his annually updated spring break-themed EP series. Yes, that is a thing that exists. And also, yes, it is quite popular even though Bryan is 36 and married with two kids. Here's a sampling of song titles, which tell a sordid little narrative without us ever having to hear them: "Shore Thing," "Sorority Girl," "Just a Sip" and "Take My Drunk Ass Home" (all that's missing here is "Hava-Law-Suit"). We're sure his sons will grow up to be great people.2 to 10: No. 2 goes to Jimi Hendrix's long-awaited follow-up to 1968's Electric Ladyland.

  • mia custoday battle son twitter

    M.I.A. Claims Her Wealthy Ex Wants to Take Her Baby Away

    M.I.A. has shared a series of messages on Twitter that imply that her former fiancé Ben Bronfman and his very wealthy family are attempting to gain full custody of the onetime couple's four-year-old son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. The pair's breakup was made public a year ago in an article by the Daily News, who claimed to learn that the Sri Lankan singer "sometimes goes six weeks without seeing" her child. It was then reported that Ben's mother, philanthropist Sherry Brewer, was helping her son care for Ikhyd.Ben Bronfman is the former frontman of the Exit, the founder of the environmentally conscious Green Owl label, and the son of Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr., who was also CEO of Warner Music Group until 2011. M.I.A. has since taken down the three Tweets shown in the screen grab above.

  • Prince a Tribe Called Quest SXSW Samsung Galaxy

    To See Prince Get SXSW Funky, Buy Samsung's $700 Phone

    Prince has officially been confirmed to perform at this year's South By Southwest music conference on Saturday, March 16. He and A Tribe Called Quest, oddly enough, will be headlining a concert thrown by Samsung Galaxy. Though the announcement includes no further specifics about the show itself, yesterday we learned that, according to HitFix, the Artist will be bringing a 22-piece band to La Zona Rosa, whose stage is being remodeled for the occasion.As for entry, that'll be a bit tricky. The show will be open to those holding SXSW Platinum and Music badges, which have a walk-up price of $1,595 and $795 respectively. So you can empty the bank on a chance at squeezing through the gates.

  • Christopher Owens Girls Here We Go Again Video Lysandre

    See Christopher Owens Maintain His Mellow in 'Here We Go Again' Video

    Former Girls frontman Christopher Owens may not have hit all of the marks with his considerably softened solo debut Lysandre, but the effort does come with a few considerable rewards. One of those is the song, "Here We Go Again," an upbeat bit of modified Belle and Sebastian-style strum (same twee vibes, less lyrical brawn), which is fairly well summed up by its own chorus: "Don't try to get me down / Don't try to harsh my mellow."Indeed, if the Ryan Owen Eddleston-directed video is any indication, Owens and his non-band band are simply out to have some good clean fun. While on tour in the U.K., they participate in activities like air-drumming, swan appreciation, and walking in an Egyptian manner. In other words, it's a bunch of footage from the road that aims to charm.

  • Cloud Nothings New Song SXSW Live Video

    See Cloud Nothings Shred Out a New Song at SXSW

    Only a year ago we were talking to Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi in hopes of unpacking the emotionally brutal majesty of his band's SPIN Essential album Attack on Memory. With that Best Albums of 2012 ranking in the very near rear view, the Cleveland quartet are already well on their way to releasing LP number four — tentatively titled Body Music — which Baldi has predicted will be "less melodic ... noisier and less straightforward."We may now have the first taste of that fall release as a YouTube user caught Cloud Nothings performing a new song at South By Southwest yesterday. As Consequence of Sound points out, the composition seems to owe a little bit to Sonic Youth — in the lazy loll of the open and the shredded freakout that follows — plus My Bloody Valentine, as things do indeed get rather noisy by the end.

  • Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne Virgin Mobile Ad Retrain Your Brain

    Watch Wayne Coyne Sell Cell Phones Using Seafood (and Hypnotism and Colonel Meow)

    Wayne Coyne has long had a pretty involved relationship with wacky, a pairing that occasionally veers into the obnoxious (to wit: the guy's 2012 timeline). But just as often, the Flaming Lips frontman uses weird as a vehicle for brilliance or, at the very least, some good acid-enhanced fun. Falling firmly into that latter category is Virgin Mobile's new "Retrain Your Brain" ad, which features Coyne using all manner of unusual tactics to hypnotize the viewer into changing his or her cell phone plan. There's a purring shark, a creepy set of triplets, a TV within a TV, and a whole lot of lobster involved. Oh, and as it turns out, Coyne isn't the only celeb involved. YouTube users have pointed out that the cat posing as a videographer (you read that right) is in none other than evil feline Internet sensation Colonel Meow.

  • AarabMuzik 'The Prince Is Coming' Video

    Watch AraabMuzik's Medieval Fantasy Realized in 'The Prince Is Coming' Video

    A month ago, Dipset producer and Providence sampler virtuoso AraabMuzik delivered the one-two punch of his bleak-banging "Never Have to Worry" and the fierce mixtape that birthed it: For Professional Use Only. Now he's got a video for that set's second song "The Prince Is Coming," and like clips by Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, and AlunaGeorge before it, this one appears to take place in an ancient fantasy realm — "The Age of Legends," as the intro text explains. Director Tilla delivers a somewhat shaky but visually bold narrative in which a trio of powerful queen types are on the hunt for a man with an exquisite gift for rhythm — why, a man like AraabMuzik, of course. As over the top as things do get (seven minutes is a lot of space to fill), it's not hard to imagine this sort of a scene being the unspoken yet intended plot of this elementally hulking instrumental. 

  • Dillinger Escape Plan 'Prancer' 'One of Us Is the Killer' new album song

    Hear Dillinger Escape Plan's Brutal Art-Metal Explosion 'Prancer'

    New Jersey's mathcore stalwarts the Dillinger Escape Plan are set to release their fifth album One of Us Is the Killer on May 14 via their very own Party Smasher label. As noted in SPIN's review of their last shredzpedition, Option Paralysis, the fearless quintet often vacillates between "anthemic crush-and-croon" and "aggro-prog headfucks." The first taste of the new long-player most definitely belongs to that latter category. "Prancer" bursts out of the gate with stuttering Fantômas-style explosions of drums and guitar, before dragging the listener (willingly — the kicking and screaming is a sign that they like it) through an ever-shifting landscape of brutalizing art-metal. Sure, there's one calm moment that sounds like something beamed in from Mr.

  • Twin Shadow 'End of the World' New Song Live Video

    See Twin Shadow Debut New U2-ish Song 'End of the World'

    When SPIN spoke to Twin Shadow main brain George Lewis last year, he recalled the importance of YouTube in allowing him to fan out over performances from his musical idols. Well, now a fan just like him has captured and shared footage of Lewis performing a brand new song at Festival Nrmal in Monterrey, Mexico over the weekend. The song is called "End of the World," and after 40 seconds of very excited titter, you can watch Twin Shadow performing it in full-band form above. Though the footage isn't perfect, the track sounds like a logical extension of 2012's Confess, though with the ever-present new wave element evolving from Smiths yearning to U2 stadium-baiting. And right on time, it seems: At one point, a young woman sneaks her way onto the stage and gives Lewis a big kiss on the cheek.The singer is still aiming to keep things intimate.

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