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  • James Franco Daddy 'Love in the Old Days' Remix Video

    Watch James Franco's NSFW Satanic Wedding in 'Love in the Old Days' Remix Video

    It's not enough that James Franco is currently starring in the biggest mainstream movie currently at the box office (Oz the Great and Powerful) and also the most buzzed-about indie film headed there soon (Spring Breakers). The ever-ambitious actor has still got time to advance his unusual music career via a remix of his Daddy track "Love in the Old Days" plus a freaky NSFW six-minute video that he directed himself.The Ted James 1999 Remix recasts the original Beat-inspired beach-bum soul jam as a claustrophobic beat-addled noise trip, while the accompanying clip finds a deranged priest lording over an occult wedding held at a strip club. The guests wear animal masks, hold candles, and generally eschew shirts.

  • Kurt Vile 'Never Run Away' Video Daughter Download New Song Album Commercial

    Watch Kurt Vile's Adorable Daughter Introduce His New Single 'Never Run Away'

    When SPIN visited Kurt Vile in the studio in December, he revealed that he and his wife welcomed their second daughter into the world just hours into mixing his forthcoming fifth album Wakin On a Pretty Daze. That Fleetwood Mac-inspired opus ("all rock," hold the cheese) is due out April 9 via Matador, and so far everything associated with the thing has been pretty great. Vile debuted the record's cover via a mural in his hometown of Philadelphia (see the making of), and subsequently shared the nine-minute prog-pop jam "Wakin on a Pretty Day." Now he's back with a charming "commercial" for the LP that features the single version of "Never Run Away" and also, not to be outdone, his eldest daughter wearing a zebra mask.

  • Fall Out Boy Courtney Love Save Rock and Roll Bitch

    Fall Out Boy Will 'Save Rock and Roll' With Help From 'Courtney, Bitch'

    It's Fall Out Boy and Courtney, bitch. Yes, as the video above all but confirms, Courtney Love will be a guest performer on the reunited alt-pop band's fifth album, Save Rock and Roll. And also, the former (?) Hole frontwoman has no problem swagger-jacking Britney Spears. The six-second clip features Love sassily declaring, "It's Courtney, bitch," over a hail of clacking drumsticks before the band shouts, "Rat-a-tat-tat!"It's too soon to tell whether Fall Out Boy will accomplish their titular goal with this April 15 release, but first taste "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'Em Up)" certainly feels promising.

  • Ty Segall Fuzz Sleigh Ride 7-Inch Album

    Ty Segall's Proto-Metal Project Fuzz Confirms 'Sleigh Ride' Single, Debut Album

    UPDATE: In the Red Records owner Larry Hardy says that "Sleigh Ride" 7-inch will feature a new song called "You Won't See Me" as it's B-side. He also confirms that Fuzz are heading into the studio in May with engineer Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall Band, Thee Oh Sees, Wild Flag) to record their debut album, which will also be released on In the Red.Ty Segall's Fuzz band has sprouted some sludge-kicking legs of its own.

  • Skrillex Cancelled Full Flex Express Train Tour Canada

    No Trains Go: Skrillex Cancels Full Flex Express Tour

    Skrillex has canceled what would have been his second annual festival-by-train, the Full Flex Express, which was meant to ride the Canadian rails in July. Inspired by the similar 1970 jaunt taken by Janis Joplin and Co., the EDM godhead launched the tour last year with support from Diplo, Grimes, Pretty Lights, and Tokimonsta. The 2013 lineup had yet to be announced but tickets went on sale in October.It appears the five-stop tour ran into a series of obstacles. The train they'd picked out was suddenly unavailable, the next one they found was too expensive, and the talent that they'd hoped to have on board wasn't available.

  • Stones Throw Philip Morris Marlboro Lawsuit Jonwayne Cassette

    Marlboro Threatens to Sue Stones Throw, Jonwayne Hits Back With Awesome Sarcasm

    On Tuesday (March 18), Los Angeles hip-hop bastion Stones Throw revealed that Philip Morris had hit the label with a cease-and-desist for parodying Marlboro's packaging in a recent release. The offending product? A cassette-only, 24-minute rap tape (actually called Cassette) by unsung MC/producer genius Jonwayne — the kind of dude who names songs "Bukowski" and brags about his virginity."We had no grand plans," wrote Stones Throw in a post that also included a scan of the letter sent by Morris' legal team. "It was just a low-profile release, maybe a nod to two things going out of style – tapes and lung cancer." The label is accused of "infringing use of [Marlboro's] 'distinctive font' and two registered U.S. trademarks: their insignia, and the pyramid shape.

  • Tyler, the Creator Boulder Colorado Key to the City Lester Bangs

    Tyler, the Creator Awards Himself the Key to the City of Boulder

    Odd Future mastermind Tyler, the Creator took a break from tweeting about his farts today to share a video in which he is awarded the key to the city of Boulder, Colorado. Sort of. The ridiculous clip is obviously a guerrilla effort, but it's impressive (and hilarious) nonetheless.In the short film, producer and cameraman Lance Bangs asks, "Why Boulder?," to which the rapper-turned-commercial-director simply responds, "Ah, I'm from here." Tyler, of course, was raised in Los Angeles, but he still gets the kind of hero's welcome a returning son deserves. In the back seat of a Suburban affixed with a Golf Wang-styled city seal, he arrives downtown to find his color guard in place — young folks in OF-issue yellow hoodies. When his procession stops, Tyler proceeds on foot, turns a corner, and finds a ramshackle marching band waiting for him.

  • Bon Jovi What About Now Baauer Harlem Shake Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Bon Jovi, But We Only Really Care About Dave Grohl and Bowie

    First! Apropos of nothing, Bon Jovi have released a widely panned new album that you didn't buy. But 101,000 other people did buy it, according to Nielsen SoundScan, so What About Now is currently the No. 1 album in the country. The Billboard chart-topping champion finds the aging rawk band "splic[ing] elements of U2, contemporary country, Coldplay, finger-plucked folk, and, yes, Bruce Springsteen into a monochromatic dirge," according to Allmusic. Come on. Like SPIN was gonna review that one:2 to 10: David Bowie is in at No. 2 with a long-player we actually did weigh in on. Although our scribe Alfred Soto called The Next Day "an album that didn't need to be made," we're glad that 85,000 humans disagreed enough to purchase the thing and give the Duke a late-career bump.

  • Death Grips 'Lock Your Doors' No Hands Video SXSW

    See Death Grips' Disorienting Head-Cam and Skype-Shot 'Lock Your Doors'

    Death Grips' mysterious "No Hands" YouTube series has culminated in a powerfully disorienting music video for NO LOVE DEEP WEB track "Lock Your Doors." As SPIN's own Charles Aaron reported, the Sacramento rap usurpers were stashing some tricks up their sleeves for their Saturday South By Southwest (DXDG, if you prefer) set. Zach Hill beamed in his furious drumming live via Skype, and the fellas onstage were sporting some high-tech goggles. As it turns out, the headgear (employed by Hill as well) contained cameras — hence, "no hands" — whose frenzied footage was later edited together to create the clip you see above.Early on you can hear Hill saying, "I hope it's loud enough," but with Death Grips that's never really a problem.

  • PSY 'Assarabia' Change Lyrics Offend Arab World

    PSY Avoids International Outcry By Not Calling His New Song 'Assarabia'

    With PSY's "Gangnam Style" having fallen out of favor and its replacement (Baauer's "Harlem Shake") already on the decline, the horse-dancing star would be smart to make as many friends as possible. As it turns out, he's prepping a new song whose title is a South Korean slang expression of excitement (I.E. "Oh yeah!"). That sounds like a great idea — a pint-sized culture bridge, perhaps — until you take in the term's English pronunciation: "Assarabia."Obviously the word looks a bit different in its native form. The actual meaning "suggests no ethnicity or body part," AP helpfully explains, while NBC News says that some of the trouble could stem from the fact that there's no "V" equivalent in the Korean alphabet.

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