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  • Bleached 'Dead in Your Head' Ride Your Heart Dead Oceans New Song

    Hear Bleached's Disturbed Earworm 'Dead in Your Head'

    Bleached sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin cut their teeth with surf-tinged noise-punk posse Mika Miko, but their new focus channels their former freneticism into powerful hook-work and production value. "This feels more pop than punk," Jennifer said to SPIN in November, taking a break from recording the duo's debut album, Ride Your Heart, and so far she's been right. "Next Stop" rocked plenty — and the video depicts them tattooing people at house parties and in hotel rooms — but it's the song's sunniness that truly shines. Although new one "Dead in Your Head" is a little more melancholy in terms of subject matter ("I never wanted to lose the boy I love the most"), the steady guitars, tough drums, and sweet vocals make for a real earworm of a track.

  • K-Pop Fans Video Blocked YouTube UMG

    K-Pop Fans Freak Out, Cry Racism, After Universal Music 'Glitch' Blocks Videos

    K-pop's ever-growing international fanbase freaked out royally when videos of popular Cube Entertainment artists 4minute, HyunA, B2ST, and G.Na were suddenly blocked for YouTube users attempting to access the clips outside of South Korea.

  • Justin Bieber Battery Threats Accusation Police Home Calabasas

    Police Investigate Justin Bieber After Neighbor Accuses Him of Battery and Threats

    Police are investigating Justin Bieber after a neighbor reported him for battery, says TMZ. Their sources, which include Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore, claim that the guy next door to the Biebz's Calabasas, California home came over to complain about a series of loud parties that took place at the pop star's pad while he was away having such a bad time that the guy from the Mountain Goats wrote him a song.While the neighbor has evidently said that their 9 a.m. argument ended with Bieber laying hands on him and making threats, "sources connected with Justin's security team" say the guy came onto the property screaming, and that the singer went inside the house while security escorted the neighbor off of the grounds.

  • Future 'No Love' New Song

    Future Professes 'No Love' on Secretly Heartbroken New Song

    As noted in our Real Hottest MCs in the Game list, Future has "shoved hip-hop into the eye of a storm of melodramatic love and longing." As unlikely as it seems, even when the Atlanta Auto-Tuner sing-raps about how he's "never made love," what's meant to be a stubbornly masochistic boast winds up sounding like a heartbroken admission of one guy's inability to truly connect with his in-bed sparring partners. New song "No Love" is certainly helped along by the left-field xylophone hits and New Age atmospherics that enhance all of that computerized vocal melancholy.But if Future can't fall for a woman, what is he truly connecting with these days? As he recently told SPIN, "Right now I just love the studio. I go on vacation, I have to have a studio, or make sure one is close by. I don't like going nowhere if it don't have a studio. I love it that much. That's what I do.

  • Kendrick Lamar Chris Brown 50 Cent We Up Watts Riot

    Kendrick Lamar Will Collaborate With Anyone, Including Chris Brown

    To be sure, Kendrick Lamar is not your average everyday rap savior. The Compton star rose predictably fast following the release of his instant classic, good kid, m.A.A.D. city, one of SPIN's Best Albums of 2012 and our reigning Best Hip-Hop Album to boot. Today, he's the Hottest MC in the Game, so it should come as no surprise that the guy is in demand. Still, that doesn't mean he's gotta take every gig.MTV recently visited our respect-deserving pal Chris Brown in the studio to discuss his in-progress sixth album, X. In addition to revealing that Diplo produced the forthcoming single "Fine China," and that the R&B goon also plans on expressing himself through his paintings (?), Brown shared that the LP's titular track will feature Kendrick Lamar. To be frank, that bums us out.

  • Vampire Weekend 'Modern Vampires of the City' Release Date Pushed

    Vampire Weekend Push 'Modern Vampires of the City' Back a Week

    Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City will come out a week later than expected, on May 14. No explanation has been given, but the release date has been updated on the band's website. We recently witnessed the band play a pair of new songs at South By Southwest. Earlier this month, they also shared the tracks "Diane Young" and "Step," the former about dying young (get it?) and the latter leveled at some punk who's always stepping to Ezra Koenig's girl.SPIN actually spoke to the New York prep-poppers when they were in the studio back in January. "On this album, there's a lot of organic sounds and a lot of performance," said Rostam Batmanglij.

  • Skrillex A$AP Rocky 'Wild for the Night' Video Birdy Nam Nam

    See Skrillex and A$AP Rocky Get 'Wild for the Night' in the Dominican Republic

    Harlem star A$AP Rocky and California EDM king Skrillex take a trip to the Dominican Republic in the new video for their collaborative track, "Wild for the Night." We're initially greeted with colorful images of chickens and shanties, kids doing bridge dives, and flying kites, but the scoring is ominous and soon those same children are toting guns (well, technically, they're holding blurs). As the clip plays out, we discover that the A$AP Mob has infiltrated the DR's seedy underbelly, and that A$AP is the Tony Montana of this scrappy scene. In a way, he is the anti-Thunderbird Gerard. Skrillex shows up later, but at that point the posse's primary focus is party, and they jump around a lot before totally crushing an aggro concert thrown in a cinderblock dungeon. Dig those aerial shots though, and those Tommy Bahama shirts.

  • Thunderbird Gerard 'Victory Part II' Video

    Watch Thunderbird Gerard Tour Morocco in 'Live' and 'Victory Part II' Video

    Thunderbird Gerard was raised in upstate New York but currently calls Berlin home. Perhaps that has something to do with the line that his music walks: at once familiar, owing to the hard-hitting fundamentals of golden age rap, and foreign, weaving in odd electronics, unusual cadence, or intriguing melody. He'll be sharing his T.R.O.U.B.L.E. mixtape on May 6 and the above video previews two new tracks. In the beginning we get a short sampling of "Live," which matches funk-fueled beat menace with a little bit of Kool Keith strangeness. The dude drops references to Elvis Presley, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rapture in the first few bars, but eventually moves on to "Victory Part II." The track is as triumphant as it sounds, a heavy stomper that even sports a '90s-style "Go! Go!

  • pan american, glass room at the airport

    Hear Pan American's Escapist Fantasy 'Glass Room at the Airport'

    The curatorial geniuses over at Kranky Records are coming out swinging in 2013. After announcing a long-lost album from Grouper, a fresh set from elemental fuzz-heads Implodes, some new beauty from the folk auteur Benoît Pioulard, and more mercury-dipped ambiance from Ethernet, the Chicago experimental music bastion has let slip that Pan American will at last follow up 2009's lovely White Bird Release with a long-player called Cloud Room, Glass Room, due out April 29.As the label explains, project mastermind Mark Nelson has inducted percussionist Steven Hess as a full-time member. The seven new songs (track list below) began to take shape as the pair prepared for a series of European performances in late 2011. Nelson's Labradford bandmate bassist Bobby Donne also contributes here and there, giving the album a stronger live feel.

  • junip, your life, your call, download, stream

    Junip Serve Up Synth-y Motivational Mantras on 'Your Life, Your Call'

    José González's kraut-folk trio is active again and prepping a self-titled sophomore LP for April 23 via Mute. Earlier this year we heard the lush, pumped-up jangler "Line of Fire," but now we've got a subtler highlight to take in. "Your Life, Your Call" relies on shuffling percussion and constant synth-work — it's a calming backdrop for the no-nonsense lyrics seemingly directed at a close friend or lover: "Pull yourself together, draw the line / It's your life, it's your call / Stand up, or enjoy your fall." Coming through the speakers, however, the chorus becomes a motivational mantra rather than a boot-to-the-ass of a familiar deadbeat, especially when González' voice gets all Lennon-y around the 2:40 mark. Stream or download the song over at Stereogum.

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