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  • Prince new song That Girl Thang

    Prince Held Hostage by Ecstasy on 'That Girl Thang'

    Prince has been sharing new songs left and right since September of last year, and each track seems to channel a different side of the Purple One's inner mojo. "Rock and Roll Love Affair" offered bluesy soul-pop, "Same Page Different Book" featuring sizzling funk, "Screwdriver" was a power-pop fuzz-bomb, and "Breakfast Can Wait" took the smooth-and-sultry tack. The latest leak is "That Girl Thang," which goes completely acoustic as Prince sings intimately of love-as-addiction. His voice high and fragile, he coos his frustration over the object of his affection's need to leave in order to run errands.

  • Morrissey Staples Center McDonald's Vegetarian PETA Paul McCartney

    Morrissey Out-PETAs McCartney With Meatless Staples Center Show

    The Mighty Moz has been through quite a bit lately, so it's perhaps time to throw the man a bone — erm, a tempeh stick. After canceling an unfortunate glut of gigs due to a bleeding ulcer, he has won a major victory for one of his few remaining shows: Los Angeles' Staples Center arena is going completely vegetarian for Morrissey's sold-out March 1 concert.In addition to purging all "flesh as food" from its normal consessions outposts, the stadium will be shuttering its in-house McDonald's for the night, as specifically requested by the former Smiths singer.

  • Disclosure Hudson Mohawke White Noise HudMo Mix

    Hear Hudson Mohawke Launch Disclosure's 'White Noise' Into Space

    When SPIN spoke to U.K. house upstarts and Jessie Ware homeboys Disclosure, co-producer Guy Lawrence revealed that they get asked to do "at least three or four" remixes a week. That was an apt testament to the duo's rising cache back in September, but it's time for a new sort of bar to be set and we're pretty sure this'll do. Below, Kanye West "Mercy" collaborator and unmerciful glass-smashing TNGHT founder Hudson Mohawke puts his own spin on Disclosure's sparkly and satisfying recent single "White Noise," which features vocals from AlunaGeorge's titular Aluna. The very '90s strains of R&B and EDM in the original here meet their match in HudMo's wild futurisms and trappy inclinations. The end result is a darkened but amped up revision that's easily as good as its stellar source material. More of this, please.

  • Skrillex Diplo A-Trak Potato TV YouTube Channel Music Television

    Skrillex, Diplo, A-Trak Launch MTV-Like Video Channel POTATO

    It's not enough for Skrillex to be the crown prince of EDM and run his own label OWSLA. Or for Diplo to be a mega-producing tastemaker and run his own label Mad Decent. Or for A-Trak to be one of the most talented turntablists on the planet plus, you guessed it, run a little thing called Fool's Gold which, uh-huh, is a record label too. The three have now got their own MTV-style YouTube channel called POTATO.Why a spud? Who knows? While the guys haven't gone as far as to explain the name behind their new venture, they have announced their intention to "bring back the spirit of early music television for the digital and mobile era." They also shared the above video which offers a rapid-fire preview of the network's programming.

  • Lady Gaga Tour Cancellation Monetary Loss Reason Speculation

    Lady Gaga's 'Ball' Drop Causes Crude Speculation and Major Lost Dollars

    Last week, Lady Gaga canceled the remaining dates of the North American wing of her Born This Way Ball tour, which has been crisscrossing the globe since April. Her announcement came with the news that she will require surgery for a hip injury that's resulted in a condition known as synovitis, which she first revealed upon postponing dates in Chicago, Detroit, and Hamilton, Ontario. Naturally the decision to nix the massive production has led to a great deal of discussion.Most recently, has claimed that it was concert promoter Live Nation that actually called for the tour's demise because the dates were underselling.

  • Implodes 'Scattered in the Wind' Recurring Dream Download

    Hear Implodes' Vast and Fuzzy 'Scattered in the Wind'

    As the name might suggest, Chicago quartet Implodes keep to themselves. Like their similarly named Kranky labelmates Disappears, these four keep their heads down and the focus on their tools. Anchoring the band are the fuzz-generators better known Matt Jencik and Ken Camden, a pair of guitarists who revel in the untapped air between layers of crunchy texture. Still, what saves them from post-rock noodle or doom metal dirge comes from their partners: drummer Justin Rathell and bassist/vocalist Emily Elhaj, who help turn songs like "Scattered in the Wind" into entire environments in and of themselves. Below you'll find the first taste of the band's second album, Recurring Dream, and it's the sort of sound you can wander in and out of for hours on end — elemental but human, atmospheric but driven, organic but tweaked just enough to raise an eyebrow.

  • Antwon 'In Dark Denim' Mixtape Greedhead

    Download Antwon's Bleak and Tantalizing 'In Dark Denim' Mixtape

    There's a reason why San Jose rapper Antwon is among SPIN's Best New Artists for February and that reason has arrived. The "big-voiced, heavy-hearted" MC has released his new In Dark Denim mixtape on Greedhead (run by Das Racist's Heems) and it's everything we'd hoped for: occasionally noisy via dude's punk rock background; harking back to the '90s through the goopy filter of abstract cloud-rap; obsessed with sex in a way that's equally tantalizing and totally bleak; and powered by Antwon's propulsive delivery which can't help but draw favorable Notorious B.I.G. comparisons. Beats come from Cities Aviv, DJ Bad Slorp, and Teams among others, while labelmate Big Baby Ghandi lends a verse.

  • White Fence 'Pink Gorilla' Cyclops Reap Stream Song

    Hear White Fence's Scuzzy Bluster Bomb 'Pink Gorilla'

    The Los Angeles-based one-man garage band known as White Fence has picked up some swell shine thanks to a recent album-length collaboration with our "fuckin' psyched" pal Ty Segall. Their 2012 Hair LP laid down some serious psychedelic scuzz (see the gnarly nugget "I Am Not a Game") and the man otherwise known as Tim Presley crushed out his own frizzled and fried long-player Family Perfume Vol. 1.But on April 9, White Fence returns (already!) with the non-sequential Cyclops Reap via John Dwyer's Castle Face Records (track list below). Regarding his new album, Presely has released the following totally super weird statement:"I have cyclops vision now. But I'm not a giant. I changed my name and body only, and stabbed my social nous in the right ear. I still read fear but there are no police this year. I can repeat the same dream.

  • mosh pits academic paper cornell university

    'Mosh Pits, How Do They Work?' Asks Cornell Study

    Cornell University has published an academic paper on mosh pits that compares the phenomenon to the "kinetics of gaseous particles," which certainly can be a concern in large crowds. The four-page document titled Collective Motion of Moshers at Heavy Metal Concerts can be read in full via the college's online library and in chock full of mathematical formulae, esoteric charts and physics citations. It's a fun, weird read, as implied by the thesis:"Using videos publicly available online, we study the highly energized collective motion of attendees at heavy metal concerts. We find these extreme social gatherings generate similarly extreme behaviors: a disordered gas-like state called a mosh pit and an ordered vortex-like state called a circle pit.

  • The Pirate Bay Logo Lawsuit Copyright Infringement Pirate Ship

    Pirate Bay Awesomely Aims to Sue Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement

    Torrent-sharing sites like Sweden's the Pirate Bay provide users a forum in which they can freely upload and quickly download illegal rips of movies, music, and software, among other data. Naturally, this makes them a bit of a punching bag for the industries that make money off of such things, and they frequently find themselves on the wrong side of the aisle in legal matters regarding intellectual property.But the Pirate Bay, perhaps emboldened by the recent release of the documentary TPB AFK, plans to flip the court transcript on a Finnish anti-piracy organization and has announced its intention to sue the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre for — wait for it — copyright infringement.

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