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  • Phoenix Bourgeois Drakkar Noir Chloroform Live Video Bankrupt! Vancouver

    See Phoenix Perform New Songs 'Bourgeois,' 'Drakkar Noir,' and 'Chloroform'

    Phoenix's Bankrupt! is due out April 23 and as Thomas Mars told SPIN, the ramp-up to the release is "the most exciting time" for the band. It's also a good time to be a fan — especially if you can catch the Parisian indie-poppers on the road. The band did their first show in more than two years at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver on Thursday and, as Consequence of Sound points out, they fleshed out their set list with all 10 of the forthcoming album's songs. One enterprising YouTuber was there and caught four of the fresh tracks on her camera, including "Entertainment," which we've already seen as an epic Asian mashup, plus heard remixed by Blood Orange and covered by Dinosaur Jr.

  • Rick Ross Rape Ecstasy She Ain't Even Know It Lyric Response

    Rick Ross Explains He Didn't Rap About Rape Because, Well, He Didn't Say 'Rape'

    Rick Ross has raised considerable ire for a thoughtlessly offensive lyric he spit as a guest on Rocko's Future-featuring "U.O.E.N.O." As noted by SPIN's Brandon Soderberg, the "horribly rape-y line" goes, "Put molly in her champagne, she ain't even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it." Molly is the popular slang term for ecstasy, as outlined in SPIN's recent Rolling in the Deep timeline.Though the track was released more than a month ago, it has returned to the spotlight thanks to a petition asking the rapper to publicly apologize for the offending couplet. "If what he is saying is true," reads the rather hyperbolic post, "he has just publicly admitted to drugging and raping a woman. This should be investigated further and he should be prosecuted.

  • El-P Twitter Phone Number Accidental Texts Missed Calls

    El-P Accidentally Tweets His Phone Number, Gets Texted By 'Weird Bastards'

    Some people get hacked. Others get trolled by their friends. El-P just hit the wrong button. The Brooklyn rapper-producer meant to send a direct message to a friend on Thursday and wound up Tweeting his phone number out to the world. After a couple of minutes, he deleted the original post (paraphrased: "Hey man. Been wanting to catch up with you. 347 703 1444.") and immediately set out to change his digits."I was trying to find a contact number for a director I'd met through Pitchfork TV," El told SPIN. "I didn't have his contact, so I saw Ryan [Schreiber] from Pitchfork pop up and I thought, 'Fuck it, why don't I go right to the source?' and wound up putting my number on the Internet. I'm nothing if not savvy. I did that with an email address last year.

  • R. Kelly 'Trapped in the Closet' Soundboard Chapter

    R. Kelly Amazingly Gives Us a 'Trapped in the Closet' Soundboard to Play With

    R. Kelly fans and Trapped in the Closet aficianados will be pleased to know that R&B's reigning freak king has launched "Trapped in the Soundboard," a web toy that allows users to trigger all of their favorite lines from the gonzo, soul-powered soap-opera. For instance, "You crazier than a fish with titties if you think I'm 'a let you smoke that shit up in my car." Or, "Well, well, well." Watch out for Pimp Lucius.While the service is technically free, it does come with a hefty social media tax. In order to unlock each sound on the board, you'll need to "like" and share the thing in just about every way possible short of sending up smoke signals from your roof. But those familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter know the work-arounds. Like, share, unlike, and delete, and your access to all 20 snippets remains.In other excellently goofy R.

  • Kurt Vile 'Never Run Away' 'Wakin on a Pretty Day' Acoustic Video

    Watch Kurt Vile Strum New Songs 'Never Run Away' and 'Wakin on a Pretty Day'

    Kurt Vile is a master of mood, lyrics and strum, so while his electric albums are invariably beautiful things, he might be at his best boiled down to those bare elements. The Philadelphia singer-songwriter will release his fourth album, Wakin on a Pretty Daze, via Matador on April 9. We've seen the radical mural, watched the adorable TV ad, previewed the freaking parade, and talked about the tour — hell, we even visited Vile In the Studio when he was working on the thing. But it's quite possible that none of that will communicate as much as these two videos culled from an acoustic session for Radio K, run by students of the University of Minnesota. Above, Vile performs a sweetly executed version of "Never Run Away." Below, you'll find the 9-minute prog-pop jam "Wakin on a Pretty Day." If you wanna hear him sing, press play:

  • Depeche Mode 'Soothe My Soul' Video NSFW

    See Depeche Mode Tempt Eve in NSFW 'Soothe My Soul' Video

    Jackie from Boston will be pleased — Depeche Mode's days of providing great "boning" music are hardly over. "Soothe My Soul" is imbued with the sort of lustful creepiness that the gothy New Wavers practically invented in the '80s, and it's hardly alone on the band's new album, Delta Machine, out now on Mute. The clip for first single "Heaven" involved those familiar old Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy masks plus a few Biblical allusions, and the brand new video for "Soothe" is risqué in its own way — timely too considering the "Adam and Steve" chatter currently going 'round as the Supreme Court debates the Defense of Marriage Act. Between shots of a slick-looking Dave Gahan singing into an old-timey microphone, we see a nude woman lounging in some sort of garden while a snake attempts to corrupt her.

  • Foals 'Late Night' Library Video Blogotheque

    Watch Foals Play 'Late Night' Late at Night in Paris' Historic Hotel de Ville

    Foals' "Late Night" is among the staggering highlights on the Oxford band's Holy Fire that put all of the album's otherwise excellent songs to shame. The track's pensive beauty and subtle sadness make for a palpably emotive experience. The group must've known that when they shared their incredibly intense video for the song earlier this month, where this dark little song about fear and loneliness soundtracked simultaneous acts of birth, sex, and death.If all that imagery's a bit too much to take in however, the fine session-shooting folks at La Blogothèque have recorded a lovely version of "Late Night" shot late at night inside of the library at Paris' iconic administration building Hôtel de Ville. The low lighting and ancient woodgrain enrich the song's inherent moodiness, and the sonics in the normally noise-free zone are surprisingly wonderful.

  • Charles Bradley 'Strictly Reserved for You' Video 'Victim of Love'

    See Charles Bradley Sing Inside of a Bush for 'Strictly Reserved for You'

    Never you mind that Charles Bradley is 64 years old — the late-blooming soul man and onetime James Brown impersonator "re-creates the sound of his youth, with a gorgeously weathered voice," as Josh Modell noted in his review of the Brooklyn singer's 2011 debut No Time for Dreaming. And indeed, the so-called Screaming Eagle of Soul isn't sitting back on his newfound laurels. His second album, Victim of Love, is due out April 2 on Daptone subsidiary Dunham, and the video for first single "Strictly Reserved for You" finds Bradley grooving gloriously in both his hometown and Melbourne, Australia. He's "got the love," and if you're not convinced, he'll tell you so while emerging from foliage. (Alternately, wearing a wild orange jumpsuit in an empty room.) Also, the wicked guitar solo from Dunham co-founder Thomas Brenneck helps drive home the point.

  • Trinidad James 'Females Welcomed' Video Don't Be S.A.F.E.

    See Trinidad James Get Devilish in Trinidad for 'Females Welcomed' Video

    Everyone's traveling for their videos these days. A$AP Rocky and Skrillex hit the Dominican Republic for "Wild for the Night." Thunderbird Gerard took a trip to Morocco for "Live/Victory Part II." And now we've got Trinidad James, returning to his native namesake for the colorful accompanying clip to "Females Welcomed" from his Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape (one of SPIN's Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012)."Fuck love, it's overrated," are the words that kick off James' first verse on the song, and no wonder — he's been abandoned by his "side chick," his "main chick" and his "main girl." What's a fella to do except head down the Caribbean to regroup?

  • Gucci Mane Denied Bond Assault Charge Atlanta Court Date

    Gucci Mane Denied Bond in Case of Assault Against Atlanta Soldier

    Gucci Mane was denied bond today after being arrested for allegedly hitting a soldier in the head with a champagne bottle at an Atlanta club. The man born Radric Davis was charged with aggravated assault, and his rich history of run-ins with the law (re: murder, cocaine, battery, reckless driving, and a litany of other assault charges) had bearing on the decision to deny him bail. "Mr. Davis has a history, we're not going to skirt that issue, and that history made it difficult for him to get bond today," said defense attorney Drew Findling according to WSBTV. Reuters reports that Gucci's lawyer plans to appeal the denial of bond to a higher court, and that he's secured testimony from six witnesses who claim the rapper didn't have anything to do with the incident.Mane's next court date is April 10. He apparently continues to be his own worst enemy.

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