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  • Cannibal Ox New Album Single Kickstarter Iron Galaxy Gotham Ox City 2014

    Cannibal Ox Entice Fans to Fund New Album, Label With 'Gotham (Ox City)' Single

    Revered indie rap duo Cannibal Ox resurfaced late last year after members Vast Aire and Vordul Mega essentially spent a decade doing their own thing. Their 2001 El-P-produced debut The Cold Vein is pure canon for fans of left-field rap, and the group's egress from the game has left many wanting. But in November they not only announced their intention to tour, but confirmed they're working on a new album. Now they've got a Kickstarter — the deal is sealed.Can Ox are looking to raise $30,000 over the next 27 days in order to launch their own label, Iron Galaxy Clik Records, plus fund the making of their forthcoming sophomore album — officially due in 2014 — and all of the other bells and whistles that come with (touring, marketing, promotion, features fees, etc.).

  • Moneyball Kool A.D. Heems Desi Shoegaze Taiko Video 63 Nehru Jackets Das Racist

    Das Racist Dudes Drop Dueling Videos for 'Moneyball' and 'Desi Shoegaze Taiko'

    Former SPIN cover stars Das Racist may have called it quits in December, but Heems and Kool A.D. have been plenty busy since. The former made one of our Best Albums of 2012 with Nehru Jackets, an off-the-cuff confident Queens rap throwback that delivered some excellent grit and grime. Meanwhile, the man born Victor Vasquez released two free full-length mixtapes at the top of February, each named after Bay Area bus lines: 63 and 19.And it just so happens that each has dropped a new music video today. Above, you'll find Heems' "Desi Shoegaze Taiko," a Yuck-sampling clanger now set to the blood-splattering opening scene of 1998 urban vampire thriller Blade. "I used to do the powder in pounds," raps Himanshu, "now I'm all grown up and showering now." This is probably not the shower he had in mind.

  • Macklemore NBA All-Star Wings Selling Out

    Macklemore Neuters 'Wing$' Message for NBA, Defends Self Against 'Sell-Out' Squawk

    Up there is the original version of, and accompanying video for, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Wing$." The song fairly adeptly paints a picture of a kid desperate to fit in with his peers, so he begs his mom to buy him the basketball shoes that everyone wants. In his young mind, it's the kicks that make the man, and he deludes himself into thinking he's better at the game. But all of that comes crashing down when a friend's brother is murdered for a pair of Air Jordans.What follows is an emotive, and rather Atmosphere-ic, teardown of the societal commercialism that created such a scenario. Okay, cool. But then comes the next video (watch it below) which finds that original song repurposed by the NBA as a promo for its just-passed All-Star Weekend 2013.

  • In Their Right Place: Ranking 10 Radiohead 'Creep' Covers (Plus One Bonus Clip!)

    In Their Right Place: Ranking 10 Radiohead 'Creep' Covers (Plus One Bonus Clip!)

    Twenty years ago today (February 22), Radiohead released Pablo Honey, their mostly unremarkable debut album that nonetheless features the song that put the band on the map in a big, big way. Oddly enough, it was an incredibly sullen (yet tersely gorgeous) single about having a gnarled body and a broken soul in a shiny happy society that couldn't ever in a million years find such features attractive. And yet, here we are, in 2013, and "Creep" is still Radiohead's most recognizable song, even though the band roundly refuses to play it at their shows. That's fine, turns out, because everybody and their mom have recorded their own versions. Here, we line up the 10 most famous ones (and one extra, for good measure) to knock them down or pump them up accordingly.

  • Ducktails 'Letter of Intent' Video The Flower Lane

    See Ducktails Freeze in Central Park for 'Letter of Intent' Video

    Back when Ducktails dropped III: Arcade Dynamics, the goopy pop project was solely the domain of Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile. But for the chillwave graduate's just-out fourth album, The Flower Lane, he's press-ganged himself a band of rogue players also on loan from other acts. Both (Joel) Ford & (Daniel) Lopatin drop by. New Jersey band Big Troubles assists. Jessa Farkas of Future Shuttle and Sam Mehran of Outer Limitz sing. The expansion in personnel has likewise led to growth in the Ducktails sound, which now employs the sort of soft rock explored by Destroyer of late, plus a little bit of the smooth groove that our man Toro Y Moi has become so adept at creating. "Letter of Intent" is the album's first single — all drifty and synthy with unexpected cameos from wind instruments — and the just-out video for it matches the mood quite well.

  • Harlem Shake Flash Mob Arrest High School Queens Student

    'Harlem Shake' High Schooler Arrested for Starting Flash Mob

    The "Harlem Shake" viral video phenomenon almost had its first martyr in a 17-year-old high school senior from Queens. Forest Hills student Arnis Mehmetaj was arrested for disorderly conduct and suspended for five days after attempting to organize an on-campus flash-mob video shoot of his peers participating in the now majorly charting dance craze.Mehmetaj has since been cleared of all charges and punishments, but not before he was yanked from school and dragged to the local station house last Friday. The Post points out that other New York high schoolers have successfully filmed and uploaded their own version of Baauer's ode to trap-rave gentrification, seemingly without help from administrators. Stuyvesant kinda nailed it:But the Forest Hills kids' undoing may have had to do with poor planning.

  • Beck Song Reader Interview Performance Sonos Los Angeles

    Beck Fields Ridiculous and Probing Questions at L.A. 'Song Reader' Event

    Someone in the crowd has just asked Beck how he lost his virginity. Note to humans: this is probably not the best way to endear yourself to a notably private, unusually thoughtful and patently strange maker of art. Various members of the press and public are here at Sonos Studios, a gallery/venue in the heart of Los Angeles, in order to experience Mr. Hansen's album-of-sheet-music Song Reader in ways that don't involve simply staring at staff paper and pretty pictures. He is currently onstage running a Q&A with an editor from McSweeney's, the indie publishing house that released the thing.When's the last time you dropped acid?My but they don't let up. As is often the case with intimate spaces in this city, there's a great deal of entitlement in the room. Still, the ever-unflappable Beck has got jokes: "I don't know.

  • Lindsay Lohan Pitbull Lawsuit Lyrics

    Court Rules Pitbull Can Insult Lindsay Lohan in Song

    In case you missed it (ha), crap-actress Lindsay Lohan sued crap-rapper Pitbull for using her crappy name in his crappy song, "Give Me Everything." The reason you should care: Virtually ever rap song ever has referenced the name of a public figure, and this case could've meant serious trouble for simile-slanging veterans like the Beastie Boys, who always go out dapper like Harry S. Truman despite being madder than Alfred E. Neuman.Pitbull's 2011 single contains the line, "So I'm tiptoein' to keep flowin' / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan," the latter being a reference to the troubled starlet's intermittent time spent drying up in the clink.

  • Ja Rule Jail Prison Free Gun Case Tax Evasion

    Ja Rule Not Sneaking Out of Prison in a Gun Bag, Despite Confusing Reports

    A quick current Google news search for the name of legally troubled and talent-challenged rapper Ja Rule reveals a lot of headlines that look like this: "Ja Rule Set to Leave Prison in Gun Case" or "Rapper Set to Leave New York Prison in Gun Case." SPIN is happy to report that the man born Jeffrey Atkins will not be stuffing his body inside of a rifle bag or a pistol holster in order to free himself from jail. In fact, he's not even leaving for another four months.Rule's experience with prison has thus far been one of brief highs followed by long lows. For instance, about a year ago, about halfway through his two-year sentence for gun possession, Ja did a phone interview with the Daily News, where he explained that he's been bettering himself and having an "amazing" time behind bars.

  • Lil Wayne Miami Heat Apology Chris Bosh Wife NBA

    Lil Wayne Won't Apologize for Sleeping With Chris Bosh's Wife

    In our recent NBA Jam, where we matched basketball players to their corresponding pop music alter-egos, we matched the Boston Celtic's Rajon Rondo to Lil Wayne, noting that both are occasionally prone to "surreal bouts of rage or flights of fancy." While the latest news on the point guard is just tame trade speculation, Weezy at least has made good on that bit of comparison.Over the weekend, at his Houston All-Star Weekend party, the Young Money rapper went on a strange rant against the Miami Heat, claiming not only that the team had somehow banned him from all NBA events, but that he had slept with the wife of power forward Chris Bosh and that he is the new Tupac Shakur thank-you-very-much.

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