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  • Atoms for Peace Live Black Swan Stuck Together Thom Yorke

    See Thom Yorke Bop for Eighteen Raucous Minutes More

    Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have been doing their "two turntables and a microphone" thing of late in order to get the word out about Atoms for Peace's new album Amok. Their band has announced a solid run of live dates as well, but the footage emerging from the duo's March DJ/production set at New York's Le Poisson Rouge handily proves that the stripped-down set is nothing to scoff at. Last week, we shared eight glorious video minutes of the pair performing "Default," but we can now do that one better.Above, you'll find nearly 18 minutes of Yorke and Godrich grooving through Amok's "Black Swan" (honestly, we like it better than the original) and segueing into Yorke's Rag & Bone runway composition, "Stuck Together Pieces." The audio quality is excellent and the visuals leave little to be desired. Plus, the boys do much more than push buttons. Get into it above.

  • Michelle Shocked Gay Marriage Piers Morgan

    Newly Lucid Michelle Shocked Supports Gay Marriage on CNN

    It is now very possible, if not likely, that the greater public will be soon be allowed to once again forget Michelle Shocked. In an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan Monday night (April 1) the embattled folk singer stated unequivocally that she is not homophobic and, what's more, that she supports gay marriage. This after a confusing, seemingly anti-gay rant at a show in San Francisco, a muddled apology, and an chat with SPIN that only confounded matters.Transcripts and recordings of Shocked's initial diatribe did very little to clear up the artist's actual feelings on California's controversial Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage after the practice had already been made legal.

  • Justin Bieber Prank TMZ April Fools Phone Calls Hotline

    U Smile? Justin Bieber Gets Sweet Revenge on TMZ in April Fools' Prank

    All signs of late have pointed to the distinct possibility that pop star Justin Bieber has gone off the rails — of course, most of those signs were issued by celebrity news site TMZ. They've got their legitimate journalistic sources, but it'd be a bit optimistic to call their approach even-handed. (Hey, SPIN liked Believe.) "Bullying" would be more accurate, so it's only fair that the Biebz fired back with a little April Fools' Day prank yesterday."As promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!" Justin tweeted on Monday (April 1) to his nearly 37 million followers. That's TMZ's tip line, naturally. He deleted the post after a little while, but as El-P will tell ya, that doesn't mean the message didn't make it out.

  • Courtney Love Electronic Cigarettes NJOY Relax

    Watch Courtney Love Shill (and Swear) for Electronic Cigarettes

    If there's one thing the world can count on Courtney Love for in 2013, it's brilliantly timed curse-word drops. On occasion, the habit gets her in trouble, but one savvy electronic cigarette company has figured out how to use that power for good. In the promo clip for NJOY Kings which "look, taste, and feel like traditional [cancer sticks]," an uptight aristocratic woman sees Miss Love enjoying a puff in her parlor and prepares to tell her what for. But when she arrives, well, Courtney is ready with an intellectual riposte that'd shut the nagging mouths of a dozen stronger wits: "Relax. It's a fuckin' NJOY." Cue "Celebrity Skin," watch the old lady sneak a hit, fade-to-black. Okay, so it's no Felicia the Goat, but it's a better look than her Britney Spears swagger-jacking on the new Fall Out Boy album.

  • Mudhoney 'I Like it Small' Video Vanishing Point Carlos Lopez

    See Mudhoney's Special Effects-Laden 'I Like it Small' Video

    Mudhoney's new single "I Like it Small" pays tribute to living within one's means with reckless aplomb. In its lyrics, frontman Mark Arm happily praises, "minimum production," "intimate settings," and "dingy basements," and its Carlos López -directed video clearly takes its cues from those lines. What seems like an ordinary performance clip quickly evolves as various props and people are used to illustrate Arm's points along the way, with an especially gross shout-out to GG Allin followed by a handful of wardrobe changes, one bona fide pants-ing, and a very tiny piano solo. Mudhoney's new one, Vanishing Point, arrives today (April 2) on Sub Pop, who just celebrated their 25th year as a label.

  • Christopher Paul Stelling / Photo by Christopher McLallen

    Hear Christopher Paul Stelling's Furious Country Strummer 'Brick x Brick'

    Christopher Paul Stelling combines the organic approach of the Low Anthem with the impassioned histrionics of a pumped-up Jack White — if you're on the look for some high-energy Americana (that's actually from America), let this songwriting guide you to greener pastures than those recently visited by the Grammys. The Daytona-via-Brooklyn musician is self-releasing his second album, False Cities, on May 21 (preorder comes with an immediate download of the entire thing), an effort that opens with a furious country strummer called "Brick x Brick." The way this man delivers his songs, it's not hard to imagine him actually "tap-dancing down the edge of this here knife," as he sings at one point from within a small tornado of acoustic guitar and fiddle.

  • Tyler, the Creator Justin Bieber Frank Ocean Songwriting Interview

    Tyler, the Creator Wants to Lock Justin Bieber in a Cage

    Tyler, the Creator's Wolf has been sitting pretty at the top of the iTunes albums chart since the Odd Future leader sneak-released it Sunday night (March 31). With any luck, the LP's success will help the Los Angeles rapper/producer fulfill his dream of scoring some high-profile production gigs. In a new interview with Billboard, Tyler explained that, more than anything, he'd like to make songs for major music players such as Justin Bieber."I've got so many beats and songs, but no one's giving me a chance yet," he said. "I want to take Justin Bieber for a month and just lock him up in a cage where we sit and make music. He's one of the most successful people in the world, but his music could be so much tighter." Tyler revealed that he and Frank Ocean wrote a song for the Biebz's 2012 album Believe that had been rejected.

  • The Weeknd Trilogy Autographed Printed Fake Vinyl

    The Weeknd Didn't Sign $200 'Trilogy' Vinyl Set As Promised, a Machine Did

    The Weeknd's next album is set to be dubbed Kiss Land, but that lovely locale might bear a "population: one" sign if the man born Abel Tesfaye doesn't get out ahead of this. Northern California music blog City Sound Inertia is reporting that the limited edition autographed vinyl versions of Trilogy don't feature the artist's actual signature — only a machine-printed of his John Hancock incorporated into the album art.Priced at an exorbitant $199, limited to 500 copies, and featuring the Weeknd's three formerly free mixtapes, this release of Trilogy promises (via the official Weeknd shop) a "signed and individually hand-numbered six-vinyl record set." But CSI's article includes high-quality photos of the delivered product and it's quite clear that the "signed" part was not done by hand.

  • Rilo Kiley 'RKives' Full Stream Too Short Dejalo

    Rilo Kiley Open Up Too $hort-Featuring 'RKives' For Your Streaming Pleasure

    At last, the wait to hear Too $hort rapping over Rilo Kiley's divisive (to put it kindly) track "Dejalo" is over. Alright, even if Jenny Lewis' unexpected foray into white-girl rhyming on Under the Blacklight represents a shark-jumping moment for some, the defunct band's now streaming B-sides collection RKives has something for everyone. There's that soulful new ode to Los Angeles, "Let Me Back In," spit-shined indie-pop jams like "Runnin' Around," kinda country-punk jamborees like "All the Drugs," and confusingly prog experiments like "A Town Called Luckey." As charming as it was to revisit Miss Lewis' hairstyles evolve over the years in the "Back In" video clip, RKives' album art offers many additional minutes of reminiscence, making good on Rilo Kiley's promise of "a rich mix of personal photos, collages, and hand written lyrics ...

  • Greetings From Tim Buckley Apple Trailer

    'Greetings From Tim Buckley' Trailer Twists Truth, Badgley's 'Once I Was' Cover Is Great

    Though the thing has racked up a few handsome-looking quotables, the jury's still out as to whether Greetings From Tim Buckley is going to "one of the finest origin stories in recent pop culture history," as Screencrush kinda-sorta said. That phrase pops up in the newly released official trailer for the film — watch above, via Apple — but the critic was actually speaking of the real-life story of Jeff Buckley's phoenix-like rise from the ashes of his father's legacy. As for the movie? It got a 4/10 — they thought it stunk.You can draw your own conclusions from the clip above, which focuses on the younger Buck's struggle to outrun his deadbeat pop's long, well-loved shadow.

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