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  • Charli XCX 'What I Like' Video

    See Charli XCX Party at Home in 'What I Like' Video

    On Monday we shared Charli XCX's excellent "What I Like" — an intimate yet glammed-up jam celebrating coupling that came as a breath of fresh air following a couple of artistic missteps involving guns and Chris Brown. Lyrically speaking, this latest True Romance track honors the creature comforts of a committed relationship, which includes both "sittin' on [his] bedroom floor smoking" and "undressin' in [her] house." While we don't get to meet the English artist's beau in the video for "What I Like," we do get an equally fitting scene: Charli and her girls having a slumber party with all of the perks — pizza, bubble baths, tiny dogs, dorky dancing. True Romance is due out April 16 on Los Angeles' IAMSOUND label. The Gold Panda-sampling "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and Brooke Candy-featuring "Cloud Aura" will also be included.

  • Liars 'The Exact Color of Doubt' Video WIXIW

    Watch Liars Enter the Matrix in 'The Exact Color of Doubt' Video

    Liars thrilled and stunned on their more electronic-leaning last album WIXIW (pronounced "wish you") and one of the 2012 set's many highlights is the gossamer drifter "The Exact Color of Doubt." SPIN's Andy Beta described the songs as "a lucid dream evoking Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II at its most disembodied: gravity-free synth washes, a lullaby-like melody, muffled thumps of percussion, and the foreboding [Angus] Andrew deploying his most gorgeous and reassuring Thom Yorke falsetto."Continuing a tradition of artfully executed videos that chill in the middle zone on the creepy-to-beautiful scale (see also: "No.

  • Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Macklemore Thrift Billboard Chart The Strokes Lil Wayne

    Who Charted? Timberlake, Lil Wayne, the Strokes and Other People We Actually Like

    First! After opening at just shy of a million, Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience handily surpasses the platinum mark by notching an additional 318,000 sales according to Nielsen SoundScan. Sales fell off 67 percent from the debut week, but that's not uncommon. One Direction's Take Me Home suffered the exact same ratio in its second week. Taylor Swift's massively triumphant Red dipped 72 percent. What's important is that the Tennessee kid is still No. 1, but if you really wanna dig into the numbers, check out our charts charts (not a typo) on the album's commercial performance: "The 968,000 Experience"2 to 10: And Lil Wayne is in at No. 2 for I Am Not a Human Being II (217K), which is somewhat unfortunate. See, the headline above has a second part which reads, "...

  • Daft Punk Giorgio Moroder Random Access Memories Video

    Daft Punk's 'Collaborators' Video Features Giorgio Moroder, 'Random Access Memories' Bits

    Daft Punk hace shared the first in a series of videos fittingly called The Collaborators, which focuses on the artists that the Parisian electro-house duo worked with in order to create their long-awaited new album Random Access Memories. The first guest is Italo-disco king and synthesizer wizard Giorgio Moroder, a legend revered in the underground whose biggest brush with the mainstream was producing Donna Summer's biggest hits.As previously reported, Moroder has contributed to Daft Punk's first album in eight years — apparently he recorded a monologue about his life utilizing a series of vintage microphones chosen to represent each decade in his long and illustrious career.

  • Thurston Moore Gleo Talk Normal 7-inch Series

    Thurston Moore Shreds Mightily on 'Gleo'; Talk Normal Destroy B-Side

    UPDATE: Stereogum is streaming the softly folksy Lou Barlow contribution "Crack and Emerge" along with Dumb Numbers' psych-slacker delight "Last Night I had a Dream." Both also hail from Cause & Effect Vol.

  • Amish Sex Pistols Bill Grundy Today Interview Spoof

    Watch the Sex Pistols' Most Notorious Interview (Reenacted By the Amish)

    On December 1, 1976, one television host's career was ruined just as a band's was being launched. When Queen were suddenly unavailable to visit London's Today show with Bill Grundy, the Sex Pistols were subbed in. But as band guru Malcolm McLaren later explained, "We all gathered in the green room and drank ourselves stupid [before the appearance]." Seconds into the live, unedited broadcast, Steve Jones dropped the f-bomb. Then Johnny Rotten said "shit." Grundy wasn't impressed, so he began to antagonize the band, and at one point hit on Siouxsie Sioux, who was there as a member of their entourage. The host never recovered from the backlash, and the Pistols became a household name — the anti-heroes of the new punk movement.But they weren't much for suspenders, beards and wide-brim hats. Confusing as it might be, the clip above is not actually the original footage.

  • Still Corners 'Berlin Lovers' Video 'Strange Pleasures' Album

    See Still Corners Run a Roller Rink in 'Berlin Lovers' Video

    Still Corners are Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, a London duo who seem to draw as much inspiration from the fundamentally rockist dream-pop movement as from the shadowy dance floors of Italian disco. Their 2011 Sub Pop debut Creatures of an Hour was a lovely excursion into cinematic soundcraft, but the forthcoming Strange Pleasures, due May 7, feels both more intimate and more boldly constructed.

  • Beak> Pink Floyd Cover 'Welcome to the Machine' '0898'

    Beak> Transform Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine' into a Motorik Dream

    When Geoff Barrow isn't busy inspiring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, producing rap albums for Stones Throw, picking fights with Amy Winehouse, or teasing upcoming activity from that little side-project of his Portishead, the man churns out totally Essential krautrock with his Beak> trio. Like every other awesome act you read about here, they're prepping a Record Store Day release for April 20 — a limited-edition 10-inch single that features the two tracks you'll find below. The first, "0898," is more of the motorik excellence you've come to expect from Beak>, but the second is a surprise indeed. For the B-side, Barrow and the boys take on Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here standout "Welcome to the Machine," a music-industry dis track that was originally colored by heavy synths and tape effects.

  • At the Drive-In 'One Armed Scissor' the Field Remix

    Hear At the Drive-In's 'One Armed Scissor' Chopped and Looped by the Field

    The men who founded At the Drive-In may not see eye to eye anymore — Omar Rodríguez-López called last year's reunion a nostalgia-driven cash-grab, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala tweeted Mars Volta's demise in January — but their legions of fans have still a few things to look forward to. ATDI's own label Twenty-First Chapter Records only just reissued the band's 1996 debut album Acrobatic Tenement, and will be dropping 2000's final LP Relationship of Command on April 20 (there will be a limited-edition color-pressed vinyl version for Record Store Day enthusiasts). What's more, Relationship single "One Armed Scissor" will get a 12-inch release on May 13 featuring a nine-minute remix by Swedish minimal techno star the Field. The two artists' sounds couldn't be farther apart, so you'd be correct in guessing that little of the original is retained.

  • CocoRosie 'After the Afterlife' Stream GrassWidow

    CocoRosie Channel Dr. Dre Through the Looking Glass in 'After the Afterlife'

    Bianca and Sierra Cassady will open up a massive music box of creep for their forthcoming fifth album as CocoRosie, titled Tales of a GrassWidow. In February we heard the beautifully bleak and beatbox-driven "Gravedigress," which verged on operatic at times. Now we have a second song to consider: "After the Afterlife," which finds the sisters cooing enigmatic poems about piles of ash and snails crawling toward perfume. The duo's hip-hop influence once again shines through via the production — a thrusting, synth and piano-powered beat that at times bears a striking resemblance to Dr.

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