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  • Atoms for Peace 'Amok' Live Thom Yorke DJ Le Poisson Rouge New York

    Watch Atoms for Peace Go 'Amok' in Da Club

    The Atoms for Peace camp are still milking Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich's stripped-down March 14 set at New York's Le Poisson Rouge, but we can't really blame them. Tarik Barri's frenetic visuals are beautiful, and the quality of these recordings is top notch. And while Atoms' debut album Amok left us wanting for something a little more visceral, these videos give those staid songs fresh life. They initially blessed us with eight glorious minutes of "Default," then 18 raucous minutes more comprising "Black Swan" and "Stuck Together Pieces." Now we've got an extended version of the LP's titular and closing track featuring a steady groove pounded out by Godrich and live vocals from Yorke. Fuzz and melody move in and out of the mix, and the guys ride out on a stuttering club beat.

  • The Great Gatsby Third Man Records Vinyl Deluxe

    'Gatsby' Soundtrack Getting Fancy-Schmancy Vinyl Release, Courtesy of Jack White

    Jack White's Third Man Records will handle the deluxe vinyl release of the star-studded soundtrack to The Great Gatsby. Differing from the standard 14-song release, this version will include 17 tracks and will come in sure-to-be appropriately lavish gatefold packaging. Considering that the 21-track iTunes Deluxe edition includes four dialogue interludes, it fairly safe to assume the LP iteration will share the same track list.In addition to the full-length release, Third Man has announced that some corresponding 7-inches are on the way. So far they've only confirmed White's U2 cover, "Love Is Blindness," for the series, and without a release date.

  • Azealia Banks Illuminati Yung Rapunxel Conspiracy Theory

    Azealia Banks Accused of Being Illuminati, Probably Just Likes the Attention

    If you're of normal, generally optimistic (or perhaps unquestioning) human stock, the most disturbing thing about Azealia Banks' "Yung Rapunxel" video is the fact that she has mouths for eyes. If you're a conspiracy nut (or, to be fair, a "Vigilant Citizen"), you're more worried about the eye that stares at the camera from behind her head affixed, as it is, to a floating hand.Yes, Banks' latest clip is packed to the gills with could-be references to the so-called Illuminati, a shadowy supposed organization who some believe manipulate musicians in order to spread their ideas and imagery.

  • Daft Punk Get Lucky Postmen Cover Dutch Reggae Band

    See Pregnant Dutch Reggae Band Crush Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' Live

    If you haven't put your own spin on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" then you clearly don't have a band or consider yourself a DJ. It's practically a full-time job sifting through the Internet's various offerings to the alter of Parisian electro-house, but it's a worthy endeavor. Earlier this week, we brought you 9 great remixes of the track, ranging from Michael Jackson mutations to Justin Timberlake mashups. Then we brought it up to an even 10 with an 8-bit hack courtesy of chiptune dude Floating Point (not to be confused with the plural version thereof). Even Animal Collective auteur Panda Bear is gushing over the Punk these days, so we shouldn't be surprised if the next great version of "Get Lucky" comes from a reggae-rap collective from the Netherlands. Okay, we're surprised.

  • Spectrals 'A Heartbeat Behind' Sob Story

    Hear Spectrals' Power-Pop Triumph 'A Heartbeat Behind'

    When the Spectrals began, the project was simply Louis Jones, an English fella with a knack for wry lyrics and stripped-down power-pop. But Spectrals have grown since. Not so much in membership (Jones' brother Will plays drums), but in other more important ways. On 2011's Bad Penny, the vocals were in the background and the jams were fuzzed up. But for Sob Story, due June 18 on Slumberland Records, the Jonses caught up with former Girls guy Chet "JR" White, who recorded and produced the 12-song set with a little help from his San Francisco friends. Below you'll hear "A Heartbeat Behind," a cooly spit-shined single that features rollicking guitar riffs and snapping drums.

  • patton oswalt

    Hear 59 Songs About Patton Oswalt, All Written by One Dude

    Look, Patton Oswalt's a busy dude. Of late, he's been defending the good name of humanity against real-life scumbags in between acting stints on FX's Justified, NBC's Parks & Recreation and HBO's The Newsroom. He's a onetime SPIN columnist, occasional Spiderman villain/full-time awesome dad, and he's probably writing another book or something. So even if you were crazy enough to write 59 songs about the guy, there's a fairly good chance he won't be able to perform at your super-cool fundraiser. Which is exactly what happened.As the A.V. Club reports, their writer Sam Zelitch (lovingly identified as "some guy" in the headline) did indeed pen 59 different musical compositions featuring lyrics about Mr. Oswalt.

  • the Pastels 'Check My Heart' Video Slow Summits new album

    Watch the Pastels Preview First Album in 16 Years With 'Check My Heart' Video

    It's been 16 years since the Pastels have released an album, but the Glaswegian indie-poppers will doff their caps back into the ring on May 28 with Slow Summits, their fifth full-length and first for Domino. Anglophiles and twee-lovers the world over will be happy to hear the core lineup is intact: Stephen McRobbie, Katrina Mitchell, Tom Crossley, Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub), Alison Mitchell, and John Hogarty (Telstar Ponies, National Park). Members of Ro Rococo Rot and Tenniscoats are on board to contribute, and founding member Annabel "Aggi" Wright will drop by as well. Whew.Onto the music, the first taste of which is called "Check My Heart." True to form, the Pastels deliver an even mix of wist and whimsy set to a bright and jangly score.

  • Harry Potter Gibson Amphitheatre Wizarding World Los Angeles

    Harry Potter Spells the End for Los Angeles' Beloved Gibson Amphitheatre

    Los Angeles' Gibson Amphitheatre is a well-loved and well-used venue with over four decades of rich history. The relatively intimate space has hosted everyone from Bob Marley to Madonna to Barack Obama to Pope John Paul II. It's given a stage to awards shows and seasonal festivals. Just five days ago (April 20), KDAY's annual Krush Groove rap showcase filled those 6,100 seat. But come September, the Gibson will be demolished.In its place: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a west coast version of the popular Floridian theme park that features a "Forbidden Journey" through Hogwarts castle, recurring performances from a choir of frogs, and plenty of opportunities to get twisted on non-alcoholic butterbeer. The Amphitheatre was founded in 1972 as part of the greater Universal Studios Hollywood park.

  • Four Tet Atoms for Peace 'Pyramid' Remix

    Hear Atoms for Peace Pensively Rework Four Tet's 'Pyramid'

    Left-field dance busybody Four Tet is known for churning out high-quality remixes — he recently did some excellent damage to Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie," and went on a SoundCloud spree yesterday providing fans with an entire CD-R's worth of his reworkings. With that in mind, it may be time for the man to let someone else take the reigns. Today, he's shared Atoms for Peace's revision of his own "Pyramid." The original song appears on the excellent 2012 offering Pink as a shining example of the sort of brainy but hedonistic house music that Tet is capable of making these days. The new version chops the beat to tiny bits, introduces waves of pensive melody, and ditches the four-four. Is that Thom Yorke's lovely bleat we're hearing around the five-minute mark? Go ahead, run Amok:

  • Bosnian Rainbows 'Turtle Neck' Video Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

    Bosnian Rainbows Go Around the World in Six Minutes With 'Turtle Neck' Video

    The Mars Volta is dead but Bosnian Rainbows beam on. That latest band to emerge from the beloved prog posse — featuring Omar Rodríguez-López along with Volta drummer Deantoni Parks, Les Butcherettes singer Teri Gender-Bender, and keyboardist Nicci Kasper — has a self-titled album due June 25 via Sargent House. They've also been putting in road work since forming in mid-2012, testing the mettle of new songs like new-wavy alt-popper "Torn Maps" or the sprawling post-hardcore piece "Turtle Neck." That latter track has now been set to video shot while the Rainbows were in motion — a frenetic blur of travel footage that leaps across continents, finds the band sucking up the world's wi-fi, follows them from stage to studio, and, perhaps best of all, features a brief light-saber battle in a convenience store.

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