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  • Mikal Cronin MCII New Album Stream

    Mikal Cronin Streams 'MCII,' Grungy Garage-Pop Perfected

    Mikal Cronin trades in a near-perfect combination of garage rock and power-pop. If new songs "Weight" and "Shout It Out" didn't make that abundantly clear, the San Francisco player's new album MCII should do the job. The entire thing is streaming right now over at NPR, and it's everything we'd hoped for from this Ty Segall collaborator and recent SPIN Breaking Out star.Back in January, Cronin spoke to our own David Bevan about the new album's instrumental duality: "I definitely see what the distortion pedal is capable of now. That comes out [on this record] here and there, but I've been listening to a lot of music lately almost purely to listen to arrangements. I wrote some string parts for this record, which was new for me."Similarly, in our write-up of Cronin's clutch SXSW performance, David Marchese wrote, "You can't get too comfortable during a Mikal Cronin song ...

  • Boards of Canada 'Tomorrow's Harvest' New Album Code

    Boards of Canada Code Crackers Unlock 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

    After much speculation resulting, code-cracking and an epic game of multimedia cat-and-mouse, the truth has at last been revealed: Boards of Canada are releasing a brand new album called Tomorrow's Harvest on June 11 via Warp Records (pre-order here). This will be the Scottish electronic duo's first LP since 2005's The Campfire Headphase. The album's cover and track list are below.The mystery began on April 20, Record Store Day, when a fan discovered a new, unannounced Boards of Canada 12-inch at a New York record store. The artwork contained a mysterious sequence of symbols ("------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------") and the vinyl itself played static, a bit of music, and a robotic voice reading six digits.

  • Iggy Stooges Fortune Telling Ready to Die

    Two Out of Three Psychics Agree: Iggy Pop's 'Ready to Die' Headed for Success

    The brand new Iggy and the Stooges record is called Ready to Die, but fear not: Mr. Pop's fortune has been told and he'll be living unto the ripe old age of 92. Of course, we're not surprised. The 66-year-old's shirtless bod made our list of the 50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2013 — to the layman's eyes, he looks downright indestructible (maybe it has something to do with that "hot pepper sauce" in his infamous tour rider). But that doesn't mean that this protopunk icon doesn't have other concerns.In the clip above he consults a fortune-teller, a voodoo practitioner, and a tarot reader in order to get the skinny on his new album's success.

  • Daft Punk 'Get Lucky' Daughter Cover Folk English

    Hear Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' Turned Into Bleak Folk Music

    You may have thought you didn't need to hear yet another version of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," but that was before you realized what English trio Daughter could do with the song. Last week's shares included nine great Internet remixes of the track, a chiptune reinvention for you Nintendo nostalgists out there, and a bubbly, soulful rendition by Dutch reggae posse Postmen. But London's Elena Tonra and her bandmates change the entire mood of the disco-powered single in their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover. Daughter imbue the original with a little bit of the xx's dark magic and their own taut minimalism. Pharrell's words about staying up all night transform from celebratory to disconcerting — the stuff of the Weeknd's bleak binging music.

  • Survival Liturgy 'Tragedy of the Mind' Video Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

    Survival Burn All of Their Instruments in 'Tragedy of the Mind' Video

    Hunter Hunt-Hendrix has made his name screeching and shredding in black metal outfit Liturgy, but he's got a softer side, too, evidenced by his a cappella cover of Shellac's incredibly bitter "Prayer to God" for the A.V. Club. Okay, so it's a slightly softer side, but we'll take it. Especially when "it" comes in the form of Survival, the more prog-inclined band that Hunt-Hendrix now fronts.Rounded out by guitarist Jeff Bobula and drummer Greg Smith, the trio will release their self-titled debut on Thrill Jockey May 14. According to the label, we should avoid that pesky desire to compare projects.

  • Yellowbirds 'Young Men of Promise' Video

    Watch Yellowbirds' Hand-Cut Animated 'Young Men of Promise' Video

    On May 28, former Apollo Sunshine singer Sam Cohen will release the second album from his Yellowbirds, a band which parlays the man's knack for far-out rock into a tighter sort of psych-pop bliss. Songs From the Vanished Frontier will arrive via Brooklyn's Royal Potato Family label and is preceded by the video for "Young Men of Promise," seen above. The song itself is equal parts fuzzy and fizzy — a jangly number that evokes a mussed-up Shins or a tidier Of Montreal. "Meeting you was like a car crash," Cohen sings at the start, "I'm a river, you're a raging sea." The bright songcraft makes that sound like a positive proposition, while the clip extends that aural playfulness into the visual realm. Cohen directed and animated the thing himself using the artwork of Kara Smith."I love her ideas and colors," said Cohen via statement.

  • Feist Hologram Three Cities Samsung Canada 'How Come You Never Go There' Live

    Watch Hologram Feist Play 'How Come You Never Go There' in Three Cities at Once

    Goodbye Holo-Pac, hello Holo-Feist. Broken Social Scene matriarch, occasional black metal dabbler, and oak-sturdy solo artist Leslie Feist played in three Canadian cities at the exact same time last night thanks to the latest in holographic technology. Fans in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal were treated to simultaneous sets from the singer-songwriter, who materialized out of thin air at the behest of Samsung, as Exclaim reports.The smartphone giants collaborated with projection company Musion to bring Feist to all three of their regional Galaxy S4 launch parties. Above, you can watch her strum and shred her way through "How Come You Never Go There." While this footage showcases a fairly simple setup, other clips (with terrible sound) display the performer accompanied by a prismatic array of, well, herselves.

  • Ghost B.C. Dildo Butt Plug Box Set Phallos Mortuss Ritual

    Ghost B.C. Now Going Inside Butts Trying to Shock People

    Not to be outdone by their shock-rock forefather Marilyn Manson (wink, wink), Swedish metal band Ghost B.C. have come up with a new way to goose the mainstream's collective hiney. Fresh off of blowing the Coachella crowd's minds from behind black cloaks, Papa Emeritus II and his Nameless Ghouls are offering up an unusual bit of merch for their fans.The so-called Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set includes one of the band's colorful T-shirts, a brushed-metal charm, a cool scroll thingy ... oh, and a black silicon dildo molded to look like Emeritus along with a bronze butt plug stamped with the band's sacrilegious logo. Yup. And all of that comes packaged in a velvet-lined Bible box, of course. For $199.99.As the A.V. Club points out, Ghost B.C.

  • Twin Peaks 'Stand in the Sand' Sunken Album

    Hear Twin Peaks' Weed-Fueled Shredder 'Stand in the Sand'

    It's pretty difficult to draw any direct lines between David Lynch's cult-adored television series Twin Peaks and the band of Chicagoans who go by the same name — hell, none of them were even born before the show was retired — but that's not all that important. These four 19-year-olds pop and shred like they've never seen the other side of the garage door. The gang first came together in high school but cooled their heels when it came time for college — for a semester. After a few months in Olympia, Washington, three of the four who'd moved away came back to crash with their folks and wrapped up work on their debut album. We'll be able to hear the results of their parents' dreams deferred on July 9, when Autumn Tone Records releases Sunken.

  • Arcade Fire Parents Baby Win Butler Regine Chassagne

    Arcade Fire Deliver Indie Rock Scion Unto the World

    Arcade Fire founders and front-people Win Butler and Régine Chassagne are the proud parents of a seven-pound baby boy. French-language paper Le Journal de Montréal reports that the singers' son entered the world on Sunday, April 21. Their source was Barry Mack, friend of the family and pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Saint-Lambert, Quebec.Butler met Chassagne shortly after moving from New England in 2000 to attend Montreal's McGill University. The pair began playing together under the Arcade Fire banner in 2001, and were wed in 2003. The band's debut album, Funeral, was released in 2004.

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