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  • Justin Bieber Instagram Rant Lindsay Lohan Dis Press Attack

    Justin Bieber Doesn't Need Rehab, Because He's Successful

    In an effort to at last put to rest all of the hubbub about his #worstweekever, Justin Bieber bared his soul on Instagram today. He then deleted that post, and subsequently shared a slightly edited version of said soul-baring which, this time, didn't make fun of Lindsay Lohan for being a broke rich person in comparison to his status as an über-rich rich person.Mountain Goats main man John Darnielle wrote a song earlier this week imploring the paparazzi to give the Biebz a little breathing room — actually, he said, "Don't be an asshole" — and he was right, but that doesn't mean anyone actually took heed. The kid's tardiness, love for gas masks, onstage collapse and F-bomb outburst inspired faux concern and nasty speculation.In fact, it seems one tabloid claimed Justin's grandparents were worried about him and that he is, or should be, headed to rehab.

  • Joanna Newsom 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens' Video Cover

    Joanna Newsom Communes with an Owl in 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens'

    Harp-equipped fairy queen Joanna Newsom may have delivered three albums' worth of material for 2010's "self-contained world of warmth" Have One on Me, but she's a bit overdue for a new full-length. In light of that knowledge, this cover version of 1971's "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens," by late great English folky Sandy Denny, may only further frustrate fans eager for something to really sink their teeth into. Here, Andy Samberg's fiancé takes care to preserve the original's fragility, combining gently resonant strums with vocals that float in and out of the mix to beautifully ethereal results. Maximilla Lukacs directs on behalf of Los Angeles clothing designer Wren, who provide Newsom with the sweet sylvan duds she's sporting throughout. Also, check out that sweet owl. (Via Stereogum)

  • Chance the Rapper 'Good Ass intro' John Legend BJ the Chicago Kid

    See Chance the Rapper as a Dancing Cartoon in 'Good Ass Intro' with John Legend

    We know a good ass thing when we see it, and Chance the Rapper's new song and video, "Good Ass Intro," is accurately named indeed. First of all, consider the star of the show: This Chicago youngster was a shoo-in for SPINs' Hottest MCs in the Game list what with his fluidly off-kilter sing-song delivery and ungated gush of topical inspiration. Next consider the guests. John Legend actually contributes, and that's good for the headlines, but so does BJ the Chicago Kid — the fresh Motown signee recently seen in our Best R&B of 2013 preview. And then consider the clip itself: a tie-dye merging of animation and film footage that recasts Chance's oft-dancing silhouette (see his super endearing "Juice" video) as one of Keith Haring's eternally bopping 2-D Colorforms.

  • The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through by Thurston Moore and Loren Connors

    Thurston Moore and Blues Experimentalist Loren Connors to Drop Live Record Store Day LP

    No Wave guitar legend, Sonic Youth founder, and Chelsea Light Moving frontman Thurston Moore has got a highly experimental Record Store Day gift in mind for serious collectors of avant-garde artifacts. On April 20, New York's Northern Spy Records will release The Only Way to Go Is Straight Through, featuring two live collaborations between Moore and 63-year-old blues-warping guitar guru Loren Connors.The release comprises only two tracks but each tops 20 minutes. One hails from a July 2012 gig at John Zorn's hallowed Manhattan space The Stone, and the second took place at Williamsburg's Public Assembly in October. According to the label, "Thurston and Loren fearlessly dive into a hot, dark pool and enter a world of surging sound and faint lights. They can’t see each other.

  • AlunaGeorge 'I Wanna Be Like You' Jungle Book Cover Louis Prima BBC Radio 1

    Hear AlunaGeorge Lovingly Cover 'Jungle Book' Classic 'I Wanna Be Like You'

    AlunaGeorge was our No. 3 pick for Best R&B Up-and-Comers of 2013 and the London duo has stayed strikingly busy living up to that designation since. Just two days ago we shared their fantasy-steeped video for "Attracting Flies," a sleekly bumping dis track leveled at a former lover, and now we've got a playful new cover to take in. At the top of the year, we heard the pair flex their chops on a brightened-up version of Frank Ocean's "Thinking Bout You," but singer Aluna Francis and producer George Reid go all the way back to 1967 for this one. In a new BBC Radio 1 session, they take on Louis Prima's "I Wan'na Be Like You," a.k.a "The Monkey Song" from Disney classic The Jungle Book. It's both a charming bit of nostalgia for anyone who saw the film growing up, and a reminder of this group's close stylistic ties to café-style jazz. Swing with AlunaGeorge:

  • AraabMuzik 'Motion Picture' Stream Tour Dates For Professional Use Only

    Hear AraabMuzik's Moodily Stomping 'Motion Picture'

    Hot on the chain mail heels of his medieval-themed new music video for "The Prince Is Coming," AraabMuzik has shared another song off of his For Professional Use Only mixtape. The Rhode Island-hailing sampler king shows off his more pensive, melodic side with "Motion Picture," a track that manages to be both unapologetically heavy (that bass, those drums) and wonderfully moody (those synths, that texture).At 2:22, the song is cut a little short, but it's a masterful example of the intriguing instrumental work that this guy is capable of. Still, nothing actually compares to watching Araab do his thing in person — rather than rely on loops, he pounds out every drum hit and sample on his MPC in real time. Thankfully, he's covering a good amount of ground next month.

  • R. Kelly 'Ignition (Remix)' National Anthem Petition White House

    Petition to Make R. Kelly's 'Ignition' the National Anthem Has Obscene Amount of Support

    In January, there was the Kickstarter guy who wanted a million dollars to make a Spin Doctors biopic starring Daniel Stern. In February, frustrated shoegaze aficionados petitioned the White House to fix My Bloody Valentine's website so they could get a copy of m b v. Now a third campaign has emerged, which we kinda-sorta-really wish had a shot at success.One ambitious citizen has formally petitioned the Obama Administration to make R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" the new national anthem. The request has already nabbed more than 10,000 signatures, which is disheartening news for fans of "The Star-Spangled Banner," who collectively refer to themselves as Francis Scott Keyliebers. See here:We, the undersigned, would like the Obama administration to recognize the need for a new national anthem, one that even a decade after its creation, is still hot and fresh out the kitchen.

  • Luke Bryan Spring Break Baauer Harlem Shake Billboard chart

    Who Charted? The South Goes on 'Spring Break,' the Rest Just 'Harlem Shake'

    First! Well how's this for an up-to-the-minute sampling of the nation's mindset? No. 1 goes to country's preeminent overgrown frat boy Luke Bryan, whose Spring Break...Here to Party sold 150,000 copies (according to Nielsen SoundScan) despite the fact that it's merely a comp of songs hailing from his annually updated spring break-themed EP series. Yes, that is a thing that exists. And also, yes, it is quite popular even though Bryan is 36 and married with two kids. Here's a sampling of song titles, which tell a sordid little narrative without us ever having to hear them: "Shore Thing," "Sorority Girl," "Just a Sip" and "Take My Drunk Ass Home" (all that's missing here is "Hava-Law-Suit"). We're sure his sons will grow up to be great people.2 to 10: No. 2 goes to Jimi Hendrix's long-awaited follow-up to 1968's Electric Ladyland.

  • mia custoday battle son twitter

    M.I.A. Claims Her Wealthy Ex Wants to Take Her Baby Away

    M.I.A. has shared a series of messages on Twitter that imply that her former fiancé Ben Bronfman and his very wealthy family are attempting to gain full custody of the onetime couple's four-year-old son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. The pair's breakup was made public a year ago in an article by the Daily News, who claimed to learn that the Sri Lankan singer "sometimes goes six weeks without seeing" her child. It was then reported that Ben's mother, philanthropist Sherry Brewer, was helping her son care for Ikhyd.Ben Bronfman is the former frontman of the Exit, the founder of the environmentally conscious Green Owl label, and the son of Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr., who was also CEO of Warner Music Group until 2011. M.I.A. has since taken down the three Tweets shown in the screen grab above.

  • Prince a Tribe Called Quest SXSW Samsung Galaxy

    To See Prince Get SXSW Funky, Buy Samsung's $700 Phone

    Prince has officially been confirmed to perform at this year's South By Southwest music conference on Saturday, March 16. He and A Tribe Called Quest, oddly enough, will be headlining a concert thrown by Samsung Galaxy. Though the announcement includes no further specifics about the show itself, yesterday we learned that, according to HitFix, the Artist will be bringing a 22-piece band to La Zona Rosa, whose stage is being remodeled for the occasion.As for entry, that'll be a bit tricky. The show will be open to those holding SXSW Platinum and Music badges, which have a walk-up price of $1,595 and $795 respectively. So you can empty the bank on a chance at squeezing through the gates.

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