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  • Jens Lekman 'Regarding a Package' Esopus Dead Bird

    Hear Jens Lekman Inquire After a Dead Bird in 'Regarding a Package'

    Swedish songster Jens Lekman has a knack for peppering his songs with intimate, quirky detail, so it should come as no big surprise that his fans like to return the favor by mailing him quirky, intimate things like food, artwork, fluids, bottled air, and, um, dead animals. His new song "Regarding a Package" is inspired by one such experience.On his website, Lekman explains that during a stint living in Melbourne, some fans managed to track down his address and send him oddities. While he never actually saw the bird-in-a-baggie that they mailed him, he confirmed its existence with Australian customs, who'd quarantined the thing for reasons that should seem pretty sensible to most.

  • Tegan and Sara 'I Was a Fool' Video

    See Tegan and Sara Work Through Heartbreak in 'I Was a Fool' Video

    SPIN cover stars Tegan and Sara crammed a lot of emotion into their excellent new album Heartthrob. As our scribe Jon Young put it, the record "insightfully studies the messy aftermath of relationships, showing the wistful longing or bitter disappointment unleashed when everything implodes." Indeed, single "I Was a Fool" focuses on one of those "estranged, unreliable lovers" who takes without giving back." In the song's video, a woman deals with the realization that she's alone once again and is sent into a tailspin of grief.

  • Wild Nothing 'A Dancing Shell' Empty Estate EP

    Wild Nothing Share Arty '80s-Animated 'A Dancing Shell' Ahead of 'Empty Estate' EP

    Wild Nothing's cooling vibes provided us some sweet relief on the scorching final day of Coachella, but Jack Tatum's got more to give. On May 15, the Virginia dream-pop drifter will release Empty Estate, an EP-sized follow-up to last year's Nocturne, via Captured Tracks. Above is the first taste of the seven-song set, "A Dancing Shell," which dwells firmly in the flanged guitar and mellow dance grooves of the '80s. Owing equally to the Talking Heads and the C86 sound, the track finds Tatum embodying a robotic creature that requires outside validation in order to subsist. "I have no feeling, I have no thoughts," he sing-speaks, "I have to make you happy / Watch me now, watch me." Empty Estate was recorded in Brooklyn by Al Carlson (Yeasayer, Clinic) in January.

  • Animal Collective 'Monkey Riches' Remix EP Gang Gang Dance

    Animal Collective Preview Remix EP With Worldly Gang Gang Dance Assist

    On May 28, Animal Collective will release the Monkey Been to Burn Town EP featuring revisions of a pair of Centipede Hz tracks. "Monkey Riches" gets flipped three ways: by worldly psych-pop producer Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance, Chicago footwork king Traxman, and New York synth-lovers Teengirl Fantasy. Most excitingly, Shabazz Palaces will rework the swirling, beat-damaged "New Town Burnout." Domino will release the set in 12-inch vinyl (pre-order here) as well as digital, and Degraw's version is streaming below. The Gang Gang guru gives the original some room to breathe, yielding the foreground to the vocals and playing with a handful of minimal propulsions while keeping the noise at bay.As previously announced, the band has rescheduled their nixed tour with Dan Deacon. They've now added a date in Portland, Maine.

  • Titus Andronicus Diarrhea Planet 'Born to Run' Patrick Stickles Bruce Springsteen

    See Titus Andronicus' Singer Belt Out 'Born to Run' with Diarrhea Planet

    Diarrhea Planet was first put on our radar by those Coachella-crushing dudes in JEFF the Brotherhood. The Nashville-based collective with the worst name in music have put out tunes on the Orrall bros.' Infinity Cat label, toured with Titus Andronicus, and most recently blew our minds at South By Southwest where a two of their four guitarists shredded from atop the bar. In the clip above, Titus singer Patrick Stickles joins the exceptionally fervent band at New York DIY spot Shea Stadium for a blazing cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." If you can get past the scatological synchronicity between the band's name and the song's title, it might just be the best thing you watch today. Stickles gives the rendition his throat-flaying all from within the fist-pumping crowd.

  • Isaiah Toothtaker

    Hear Gunplay and Isaiah Toothtaker Get Mean on 'Frownin,' Remixed by Blue Sky Black Death

    On his recent Lil Wayne collab "Beat the Shit," Gunplay identifies himself as a "knuckle-throwing knucklehead," the type to "bring that ruckus up in here, throwing bottles, throwing chairs." It was only a matter of time, then, before he came across Arizona's Isaiah Toothtaker, a terrifyingly tattooed dude who purportedly earned his surname by filling a mason jar with the gnashers he knocked out during bar brawls. We're only glad they didn't meet on opposite ends of a broken pool cue.The former stands out within Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group as exceptionally talented and just the right amount of strange. The latter lords over the left-field hardcore rap posse Machina Muerte and has notched recent collaborations with in-demand producer Harry Fraud and in-prison rhymer Max B.

  • The 20 Best Things We Saw At Coachella 2013's Weekend Two

    The 20 Best Things We Saw At Coachella 2013's Weekend Two

    The stories that dominated Coachella 2013's first weekend included a blinding sandstorm, a bizarre R. Kelly cameo, and Blur out-Brit-ing the Stone Roses. For Weekend Two, the fest's infamous scorching heat returned, 2 Chainz actually hit the stage on time, and the bass drops turned fest-goers' faces to jelly. Here's the full rundown on 20 acts you won't find in our roundup of Weekend One highlights, from Grimes' unique dancing duo to the dude who got an ill-advised haircut onstage from a rapper. Do not miss our most impressive photos from Weekend Two, plus the 50 Best Things We Saw at Coachella (Weekend One).

  • Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky / Photo by Arnold Turner

    Best Buds: Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky Talk Upcoming Tour

    In 2013 rap's dividing lines have disintegrated. Bitter battles over regionalism are a thing of the past, fans no longer have to opt for either "gangsta" or "conscious," and the differences between underground and mainstream are ethereal at best. This is good news for Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky, whose 20-date Under the Influence of Music tour kicks off July 17. Today's rapper doesn't have to fit somebody else's stereotype of who he should be. The former hails from Pittsburgh, is tattooed head to toe, wears skinny jeans and hangs with Snoop. The latter reps Harlem and gold teeth, has his own clothing line, and collabs with Skrillex.

  • Tobacco Lipstick Destroyer Daft Punk Volcom Vinyl Series

    Hear Tobacco's 'Lipstick Destroyer,' a Junkyard Take-Down of Daft Punk Electro

    We haven't heard from Tobacco since 2010's Beck-featuring Maniac Meat, but that's only because the man born Tom Fec also happens to write all the music for Black Moth Super Rainbow. His better-known band dropped their deliciously cracked take on roller-rink pop last year — stream Cobra Juicy right here — and now this Pittburgh pied piper of weird can get back to churning out the dark stuff. Tobacco began as a beat-oriented project and the song below, "Lipstick Destroyer," wields four-on-the-floor crunch and an arsenal of pitch-bent synthesizers, not to mention Tobacco's trademark rusted robo-vocals. In short, it sounds like a junkyard take-down of Daft Punk's beloved, pristine electro-house.

  • KISS Paul Stanley Stage Banter 45 Minutes

    Paul Stanley Stage Banter Supercut Documents Deep Existential Crisis

    KISS singer Paul Stanley lives in a world where we're always "just getting started," where everyone is "hiiiiiiiiiigggggghhh" and one's biggest concern is catching a case of "rock'n'roll pneumonia" if the clouds dared to come out in the face of so much heavy metal might. Now, thanks to a SoundCloud user named Christopher Armes, you, too, can live in Stanley's world.The San Diego-based songwriter has cobbled together 45 minutes' worth of the glam-howler's ridiculous stage banter for your enjoyment. And while it is enjoyable at first, the kitchsy hilarity of it all (StSanders' "Shreds" series comes to mind) eventually devolves into existential dread as you realize that Stanley's never-ending arena is actually an ever-constricting prison, that the man with the painted face has no sense of who he really is.

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