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  • Justin Bieber Sucks Poll Democrats Republicans Agree

    Democrats and Republicans Agree: Justin Bieber Sucks

    It's the rare cause or event that unites Republicans and Democrats these days, but according to a music survey by Public Policy Polling, members of both parties can agree: Justin Bieber totally sucks. The Raleigh, North Carolina polling firm reached out to 571 voters about such topics as Snoop Dogg's ever-shifting recording name, whether Chris Brown and Rihanna should be together, and which musician they'd prefer to see made president.While Brown did receive a lower general favorability rating when all of the votes were tallied (13 percent said they had a favorable opinion, 57 percent unfavorable), Bieber was the only artist who drew an "unfavorable" majority amongst Dems, 'Pubs, and Independents. The 19-year-old pop disaster scored an overall 20-54. It should be noted that respondents were all of voting age, and the 60 percent were over the age of 45.

  • Child of Lov Damon Albarn DOOM Owl One Day Stream

    Hear Damon Albarn and DOOM Go in on Child of Lov's Strange Slinky Soul

    The Child of Lov is the creation of psych-addled soul strange-oid Cole Williams, a 25-year-old from the Netherlands who just released his eponymous debut album on Domino's Double Six imprint. Under the heady influence of Dilla and D'Angelo, the Dutch producer-singer creates a highly idiosyncratic take on the art form that blends dusty samples with fuzzy instrumentation and pained falsettos with baritone chanting. As unusual a blend it is, his music still feels strikingly organic — the L-O-V in his moniker in fact references light-oxygen-voltage domains, photoreceptors responsible for making plant life reach for the sun. But that doesn't mean Williams' subject matter is all rainbows and daisies. Below you'll hear two of The Child of Lov's strongest entries. The slinky "One Day" features Damon Albarn and directly confronts mortality in its chorus as a plea for l-o-v-e.

  • Wilco Glenn Kotche Delta Faucet Commercial Video

    Watch Wilco Drummer Glenn Kotche Actually Play the Kitchen Sink in Faucet Commercial

    Both within Wilco and as a solo composer, drummer Glenn Kotche is known for using everything but the kitchen sink (scrap metal, hubcaps, homemade thingamajigs) to create his percussive works. Now, he can be seen actually using the kitchen sink to that same end thanks to innovative faucet designer Delta. In the clip above, Kotche demonstrates their new "Touch20 Technology," which allows users to start and stop the flow of water with a simple tap.

  • Four Tet Beats in Space Mix Prince Joy Orbison Stanley Clarke

    Four Tet Blends Prince, Joy Orbison, and Stanley Clarke in Time-Traveling Mix

    Unlike rock bands, producers like Four Tet are freed from the tyranny of their past glories when they perform for a crowd. Even as we lovingly look back at Kieran Hebden's decade-old masterpiece Rounds, the man admits that he doesn't work any of those old songs into his sets. "The only reason to play them now would be nostalgia, and nostalgia could very easily get in the way of new ideas," Hebden tells SPIN. But in DJ mode, Four Tet and his ilk get to geek out like the rest of us over the great works of artists past and present. Take his brand new mix for Tim Sweeney's ever-reliable Beats in Space radio show and podcast.

  • Radiohead 'Idioteque' Wood Record LP DIY Laser

    Have You Ever Heard Radiohead's 'Idioteque' ... on Wood?

    Above you will find what is likely the world's first wooden record — Radiohead's "Idioteque" etched into plywood by San Francisco's Amanda Ghassaei, who earned some attention last year for pioneering 3-D printing of vinyl-style LPs. For this project, the coding genius used a 120-watt Epilog Legend EXT laser cutter to burn audio into acrylic, paper, and wood — wait till you hear the Velvet Underground on maple.Okay, so it's not a great listen, but neither is Jay-Z's soundtrack for The Great Gatsby (for different reasons) and that's not going to stop us from marveling at those playable platinum and gold records.

  • Luke Rathborne Last Forgiven Soft Stream

    Hear Rathborne's Driving New Wave Jangler 'Last Forgiven'

    Luke Rathborne's tale reads like a classic rock origin story. His childhood was peopled in part by "freewheelin' types" who'd pass through his home in Northern Maine. At 12, the kid inherited an abandoned guitar from one such drifter. By 16, he'd self-recorded his first album. At 18 he uprooted and went to New York to ply his trade. He's been there since, honing his style. A pair of 2011 EPs channeled Jeff Buckley's ghost with gentle mastery (check out the stunning "I Can Be One"), and his forthcoming SOFT, released under his surname and recorded with bassist Darren Will (the Strokes's Albert Hammond Jr. co-produces), takes its inspiration from smart New Wave songwriters like Nick Lowe and Jonathan Richman. The album is due out July 2 on Dillettante but you can sample the first taste of it below.

  • Grant Hart Husker Du The Argument New Songs Stream Is the Sky the Limit? Letting Me Out

    Preview Husker Dude Grant Hart's 'The Argument,' an Album About the Fall of Man

    Hüsker Dü co-founder Grant Hart will release a new solo album, The Argument, on July 22 via Domino Records. The double album will feature 20 songs inspired by John Milton's 17th Century epic Paradise Lost. As the label explains, actual words from the poem, which regards the Fall of Man, are "rarely quoted directly [but] all of the menace, pain and devotion of Milton's best loved work are here found."Hart was evidently inspired by reading an unpublished William S. Burroughs manuscript called Lost Paradise, which recast the Bible's fallen angels as alien life-forms and God as 33rd President Harry S. Truman. As the album consists of two distinct halves, Domino has seen fit to share a song from each. First up is the melancholy "Is the Sky the Limit?" which could feel perfectly at home on Blur's lovely 2003 LP Think Tank (had Graham Coxon been around to man the guitar).

  • RP Boo Legacy Album Stream Chicago Footwork Planet Mu

    Stream RP Boo's 'Legacy,' a Frenetic Footwork Feast

    RP Boo helped sow the seeds of Chicago's frenetic footwork music and dance movement all the way back in 1997. The man born Kavain Space has maintained the respect of his peers since, lying relatively low while word of his work and its significance steadily grows. He's cultivated quite a legacy, so it's only right that his new album bear that very name. As is Boo's M.O., Legacy combines micro-chopped bits of old house, snippets of rap, and samples of film dialogue, plus all sorts of drum machine bursts and sound effects, in order to make one wonderfully jittery and syncopated whole.England's Planet Mu label will release the 14-song set on May 13, but the entire thing is available to stream now, right here. RP Boo makes his New York DJ debut on Saturday night (May 11) at Lit City. Tighten up those laces:RP Boo, Legacy track list:1. "Steamidity"2. "Invisibu Boogie!"3. "Red Hot"4.

  • Queens of the Stone Age 'If I Had a Tail' 'I Sat By the Ocean' Live

    Hear Queens of the Stone Age Debut 'If I Had a Tail' and 'I Sat by the Ocean' Live

    It's a big week for Queens of the Stone Age reveals. First, that creepy robocall scheme and Adult Swim commercial resulted in the grisly "I Appear Missing" video. And now, without all of the usual build-up, we suddenly have two new songs to consider from the desert rock OGs' forthcoming sixth album and Matador Records debut ...Like Clockwork. Josh Homme and the gang played Belgian venue Club 69 on Wednesday night (May 8) and performed the previously unheard pair "If I Had a Tail" and "I Sat by the Ocean." The former is a dark but mellow, featuring wobbly keys, grinding guitars, and disco drums. The latter is more forward, with Homme flirting with falsetto and an ear-worming melody.

  • Ryan Hemsworth R Kelly Backstreet Boys Danny Brown Mix

    Ryan Hemsworth Blends R. Kelly, Backstreet Boys, Danny Brown on Summer-Ready Mix

    Ryan Hemsworth has returned with another beastly banger of a mix. Composed in honor of New York City's Downtown Music Festival, taking place May 10 and 11 at various Lower East Side venues, the 40-minute set is as musically diverse, relentlessly heavy and atmospherically gooped as any of the Canadian producer's other equally essential entries into the art of DJing. (See the one that left Girl Talk gasping, and last month's Diplo & Friends broadcast.)R.

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