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  • Stone Temple Pilots Chester Bennington 'Out of Time'

    Stone Temple Pilots Induct Linkin Park's Singer, Share New Fiery Single 'Out of Time'

    After giving Scott Weiland the boot, Stone Temple Pilots have officially relaunched with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington as their lead singer. The alternative rock OGs debuted the new lineup at the annual Weenie Roast festival thrown by Los Angeles-area rock station KROQ over the weekend. The Hybrid Theory crooner's unveiling was a surprise within a surprise — STP hadn't been announced in the first place.Bennington reportedly held his own on old songs like "Sex Type Thing" and "Vaseline," and also performed a newly recorded song called "Out of Time," which is streaming below. The rest of the band is still rounded out by the founding trio of guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo, and drummer Eric Kretz.

  • Pharmakon Ache Stream Abandon Sacred Bones

    Hear Pharmakon's Horrifyingly Pained 'Ache'

    Pharmakon makes blood-curdling music which, like a good horror film, demands your terrified attention. Margaret Chardiet handily made SPIN's Best New Artists list for February, in which we described her sound as being "as cuddly as a trepanning drill, but .. just as precise." Heretofore, the New York artist's recordings have been tough to track down — limited to lost tapes and scratched CD-Rs — but the good folks at Sacred Bones released a proper Pharmakon album, Abandon, last week. We heard the industrial death-rattler "Crawling on Bruised Knees" back in March, and now we've got "Ache," an aptly named piece that throbs with nasty noise and pierces with horrific screams. Stream that below at your leisure, and catch Pharmakon on the road via the dates below.

  • Ol Dirty Bastard Hologram Cease and Desist ODB Widow Rock the Bells Guerilla Union

    Ol Dirty Bastard's Widow Moves to Stop Late Wu Rapper's Virtual Debut

    If Coachella 2012 proved one thing, it's that you can't keep a good rapper down — even in death. But while HoloPac made his onstage debut without any known hiccups, the widow of Russell Jones has made moves to stop the forthcoming "digital performance" of the rapper best known as Ol' Dirty Bastard. Icelene Jones has filed a cease-and-desist against the festival that announced the news only days before.As previously reported, ODB is booked to appear alongside the Wu-Tang Clan for their headlining performance at this year's Rock the Bells, scheduled to run September 7 and 8 in San Bernardino, California.

  • Google Play Music All Access How To Use

    How to Use Google's Music Streaming Service (But You Might Not Want to Bother)

    Last week Google unveiled its terribly named music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access, brandishing access to 18 million or so songs plus cloud integration so that your preexisting music library can mingle with their hulking collection. So how does it work? For better and for worse, it's simple enough. The upside is that anyone familiar with Spotify will see a lot of familiar features. The downside is that there's nothing new or exciting to suss out.Sign up and you're given the option to upload your own music into the Google Play cloud (up to 20,000 songs) for full integration. This is pretty much the only feature that distinguishes GPMAA. It's handy for later listening when you're not on your computer ... so long as you own Android devices.

  • Case Studies / Photo by Angel Ceballos

    Hear Case Studies' Beautiful Bastard Blues 'Everything'

    Case Studies is Seattle's loner poet Jesse Lortz, a specialist in the sort of excellent sad bastard blues that Magnolia Electric Co. did so well. He originally hails from the Dutchess and the Duke but went solo for 2011's The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night, an unsettling opus about death, sex, and love that smashed Leonard Cohen's stately rock into Bill Callahan's odd-duck country. Lortz's new album is titled This Is Another Life (due June 11 on Sacred Bones), and it finds the man letting the tiniest bit of sunlight into his beautifully bleak world. The organ on "Everything" shimmers just so, the guitar glistens toward the end, and our host's voice rings with the truth of having been there and done that — the wisdom of standing on the other side of some untold heaviness. Lortz sings about that event cutting "to the bone," but that also happens to be what he's best at.

  • Laurel Halo 'Sex Mission' Beyond the Green Door EP

    Hear Laurel Halo Tease Release on Throbbing 'Sex Mission'

    Best New Artist alumna and recent SPIN interview subject Laurel Halo is prepping the release of Behind the Green Door, the EP follow-up to her spine-tingling 2012 long-player, Quarantine. As SPIN's own Philip Sherburne put it, the May 21 Hyperdub release dives "headfirst into churning, tumbling rhythms informed by Detroit and U.K. techno," and the latest taste from the thing is no exception. NPR premiered the nearly eight-minute "Sex Mission," which you can stream below, and it indeed owes both classic house music and current production notions. The song's steady mechanical thud is backed by a quiet jazz kit, a voice echoes "be still" in an endless loop, and the atmosphere builds until it seems like the entire track will crack open.

  • Christopher Paul Stelling

    Hear Christopher Paul Stelling's Fiery Folk-Gospel LP 'False Cities'

    When we first met Christopher Paul Stelling in April, we heard the impassioned New York folkie "tear this shit down" brick by brick. Now we get to hear what the man's built atop the rubble of so much fierce bluegrass and boot-stompin' Americana. The entirety of the Daytona-bred musician's second album, False Cities, is streaming below and it finds Stelling owning his particular pulpit with the strength of a dozen Southern Baptist preachers. The finger-picking force sings his own quavering brand of hellfire ("The Waiting Swamp") and hope ("You Can Make It") across these 10 songs, which whip the listener back and forth like a steam-powered hayride. CPS's delivery is so electric, in fact, that it's easy to forget that False Cities is an acoustic affair — just guitar, fiddle, voice and the occasional rattle of chain.

  • Saturday Night Live Ian Rubbish Kim Gordon Bill Hader Stefon

    See Bill Hader's 'SNL' Send-off With Ian Rubbish, Kim Gordon, Steve Jones, J Mascis, and More

    In addition to hosting the First Coming of Yeezus, May 19's Saturday Night Live was the season closer and the final episode to feature Bill Hader, and — what's this? — maybe Fred Armisen. The Portlandia moonlighter hasn't officially announced his departure (nor has the show), but he and Hader seemed to share a grand, star-studded send-off, with the former wrapping up the recent run of his Sex Pistols-inspired punk rocker Ian Rubbish and the latter reprising his beloved Stefon role.Above, witness Rubbish and his Bizarros as they perform a new song about always looking on the bright side of life. Accompanied by Hader on bass, Jason Sudeikis (also rumored to be leaving) on drums, and Taran Killam on guitar, Armisen kicks things off before inviting a few friends up to lend a hand.

  • Kanye West Saturday Night Live Black Skinheads New Slaves

    Watch Kanye West Usurp 'SNL' for 'Black Skinheads' and 'New Slaves'

    Kanye West hit Saturday Night Live last night (May 18) with the force of a bomb, performing two songs from his forthcoming album Yeezus with the sort of aplomb and production value that the show hasn't felt since ... well, probably the last time West visited. This is the same man who debuted "New Slaves" by projecting his own rapping face on 66 buildings around the world Friday evening, so it's not that we're surprised, but still ... Yeezus, that was good.Above you'll find "Black Skinhead," an SNL premiere that handily documents Ye's dynamic transition from rap champ to rock star.

  • Nine Inch Nails Robin Fink Tour Lineup Replacement

    Nine Inch Nails' New Member Is Old Member Robin Finck

    On Wednesday (May 15), we broke the news that Eric Avery, founding bassist of Jane's Addiction, had backed out of the Nine Inch Nails touring lineup in order to focus on his "own musical life" in Los Angeles. It was an amicable split, and Trent Reznor has already announced his replacement: Robin Finck, who has not only played guitar with Guns N' Roses, but has been a touring member of NIN many times over the band's 25 years.Reznor made the announcement via Tumblr: "I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition of Robin to the mix of players I've assembled makes this band incredibly powerful and versatile. We are deep in the rehearsal process and it feels exciting and great to be back at this. Lots of information, surprises and sweat headed your way.

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