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  • Charli XCX Lindstrom Faar-I-kaal Twin Idol

    Hear Charli XCX Turn Lindstrom's 'Faar-i-kaal' Into Sexily Swaggering Pop

    Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm had a strong 2012, sharing two distinct LPs in nine months and hence landing high on SPIN's 20 Best Dance Albums of the Year ranking. Unsurprisingly, his material has gotten reworked by a handful of diverse admirers since. Tracks from the disco-jazz odyssey Six Cups of Rebel have been remixed by both Ariel Pink and Oneohtrix Point Never, and we've heard Unknown Mortal Orchestra record their very own cover version of "Rà-àkõ-st" from the leaner, Kraut-inspired Smallhans. Now, Charli XCX and her production pal TWIN iDoL take on "Fāār-i-kāāl," transforming the upbeat, astrally powered original into snapping, swaggering pop with a shadowy edge. Her yearning vocals sing of drowning in devotion, giving the song a new darkly romantic tack.

  • The Thermals 'The Sunset' Video Desperate Ground

    The Thermals Get Ready to Rumble in 'The Sunset' Video

    Portland trio the Thermals make a fiery return to their punky roots on their sixth album Desperate Ground, so perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're in fighting form. Bassist Kathy Foster stars as a boxer training for the big fight in the above video for "The Sunset," doing all of the usual things: chasing chickens, running track, jumping rope, and cranking out sit-ups. She also recreates Rosie Perez's hip-thrusting, chest-pumping dance from the opening credits of Do the Right Thing with impressive accuracy and chutzpah. The band co-directs the clip with Jeffrey Rowles, and recent SPIN interview subject Hutch Harris plays the announcer, channeling early Green Day in his command over the popped-up punk track. "Dookie is a record we always go back to as an example for how to make a record where every single song is so good," Hutch told us.

  • Thurston Moore Marriage Mom NY1 Interview Profile

    Thurston Moore Talks About Not Talking About His Marriage Woes on TV

    Thurston Moore has been freshly profiled for New York news channel NY1's One on 1 with Budd Mishkin. While you can't watch the thing without a Time Warner Cable account, they've put up a written-through version of the piece that includes a few revealing quotes from the former Sonic Youth frontman and current Chelsea Light Moving mastermind. He spoke on his frustration in regard to his public marital woes, which Kim Gordon aired in April."I don't dignify it with a response even though I feel like writing a screed about it: This is what you need to know. You don't need to know that. [But] to talk about my personal life with family? No, that is so private." He went on, seemingly referring to Gordon's decision to share their sordid story as a bid for personal attention. "A lot has to do with narcissism. I'm as narcissistic as the next person. I'm a Leo, and I understand what that is.

  • BLKKATHY 'Shake You Off' Video

    Watch BLKKATHY Party the Pain Away in 'Shake You Off'

    When relationships end, sometimes you just know, "I'm the one who's going to lose my shit." At least, that's how BLKKATHY's feeling in the new video for their song "Shake You Off." The Brooklyn duo are only a few songs deep into their career but they've been steadily bewitching from the start, combining minimal yet noisy beatwork with intimate and raw vocal performance. Or, as the pair put it on their SoundCloud profile, these are "ladies who like to sing sad songs over very heavy bass beats ... It's okay to get sexy and cry."The aforementioned song indeed combines a little bit of both, perhaps never quite so directly as in the line, "You left me damp in your perfume of sex and beer / I'll lay right here." But singer Kate Faust makes it clear she's got plans to get up and dust herself off.

  • AM & Shawn Lee 'All the Love' La Musique Numerique

    Hear AM & Shawn Lee's Disco-Kissed Come-On 'All the Love'

    Los Angeles pop-soul singer AM and England psych-funk producer Shawn Lee forged a near-perfect union when they began their long-distance collaboration a couple of years ago. Their 2011 entry Celestial Electric was a sun-dappled set of comfy grooves, and their just-out La Musique Numerique finds the pair not only deepening their connection, but their references as well.While Daft Punk's return indeed makes this album timely, AM & Shawn Lee here focus primarily on bringing '70s French library music and '80s Italo-disco into the present, gussying it up with modern production techniques even as they tap some of the vintage machines that gave the records they love their character.

  • Grimes Oblivion Cover Waxahatchee Swearin' Crutchfield

    Hear Waxahatchee and Her Twin Sis Give Grimes' 'Oblivion' a Surf-Punk Reboot

    The brilliant youngsters at Rookie have given us a handful of gifts lately, though mostly in the form of rock statesmen Thom Yorke and Morrissey imparting life advice to teenage girls. Now we've got a song to consider. For the publication's monthly "Theme Song" series, they've tapped Katie and Allison Crutchfield, twin sisters from Philly who respectively front the bands Waxahatchee and Swearin'. In order to avoid the pressure of collaborating (there's a reason they don't usually share the microphone) the pair chose a song to cover that's dear to both of their hearts: "Oblivion" by Grimes."I read that the lyrics are about assault and feeling unsafe on the street alone," Katie told Rookie. "I thought that was a really great topic that I felt politically aligned with. I’ve written about this before, too, and so has Allison.

  • Daughn Gibson

    Hear Daughn Gibson's 'You Don't Fade,' Trip-Hop Americana Style

    Honky-tonk crooner and sample-happy strangeoid Daughn Gibson will release his first album for Sub Pop on July 9, and Me Moan is shaping up to be a powerful follow-up to his 2012 SPIN Essential All Hell. Last month we heard the first taste of it in a dynamic and drawling track with the chug and oomph of a steam engine, "Sound of Law." But the latest song from the Pennsylvania-based Breaking Out star ditches the raucous rollick in favor of unabashedly electronic production that wouldn't sound unusual on a record by Portishead or even Burial. The song surges and seethes while Gibson unravels his deeply detailed poetry with that trademark space-cowboy aplomb — some unforeseen combination of Magnetic Fields and Bill Callahan. That this man once drove trucks for a living makes sense.

  • Palm Violets 'Best of Friends' Video 180 Album

    See Palma Violets Pick Fights and Blow Things Up in 'Best of Friends' Video

    London punks Palma Violets do that whole functional-degenerate thing pretty damned well. They were best in class at Coachella's weekend two, and when SPIN's own David Marchese profiled them for our Breaking Out series, Alexander "Chilli" Jesson explained the quartet's unsurprising M.O. thusly: "If there's one thing we're trying to do musically, it's sound like we fucking mean it." So one hopes that they really do want to be BFFs when they sing, at every show, the chorus of their most earworming hit, "Best of Friends." Of course, the track is really glibly directed at a woman who wants to get serious — "I wanna be your best friend / I don't want you to be my girl" — but it's hard not to crack a smile when these 21-year-old drinking buddies do their thing.

  • Cat Power Leaving America Rant Instagram Chan Marshall

    Cat Power Expatriates to Begin New Nation Built on Three-Party System (or Something)

    Well, Cat Power's Chan Marshall is leaving us, it seems. In a spirited new Instagram post — her preferred dispensation method for general batshitttery — the talented singer-songwriter announced that she's leaving America until ... well, someone's fixed the damned thing. In addition, it seems she's interested in starting a "new independent" run on a tri-party system, where Native Americans are allowed to vote (finally!) and everyone travels by underground railroad.In truth, it's rather difficult to parse out the exact meaning of Marshall's all-caps rant. The writing was accompanied by a photo of Lady Liberty, and begins with the words, "Thank you for the hope in your symbolism. But I have to leave, America." She then attempts to illustrate the conditions under which she'd consider an invitation to return, but they're incredibly muddled and mostly vague.

  • Stone Temple Pilots Chester Bennington 'Out of Time'

    Stone Temple Pilots Induct Linkin Park's Singer, Share New Fiery Single 'Out of Time'

    After giving Scott Weiland the boot, Stone Temple Pilots have officially relaunched with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington as their lead singer. The alternative rock OGs debuted the new lineup at the annual Weenie Roast festival thrown by Los Angeles-area rock station KROQ over the weekend. The Hybrid Theory crooner's unveiling was a surprise within a surprise — STP hadn't been announced in the first place.Bennington reportedly held his own on old songs like "Sex Type Thing" and "Vaseline," and also performed a newly recorded song called "Out of Time," which is streaming below. The rest of the band is still rounded out by the founding trio of guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo, and drummer Eric Kretz.

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