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  • Charli XCX 'Interior' True Romance Stream

    Charli XCX Explores 'Interior' Design of the Heart on New Song

    We already know that Charli XCX is a workaholic, and that's to our benefit. Now, hot on the heels of releasing her brooding party album True Romance (also: collaborating with Marina & the Diamonds, covering the Backstreet Boys, remixing Lindstrøm, and getting remixed by Blood Diamonds), the English electro-pop star has shared a previously unreleased song called "Interior." While the video for "Take My Hand" displayed the dingy decor of a surreal club, the lyrics of this new one explore the internal decor of the human heart — a fitting metaphor coming from an artist who so handily welds genuine emotion to enticing style. As for the sound of the song, it's an upbeat bubbler powered by drums ripped from the early '90s, chopped and pitch-shifted vocals à la Kate Bush, the occasional laser blast, and jagged shards of post-punk guitar. Charli is currently on the road with Marina.

  • Stone Temple Pilots David Bowie 'All the Young Dudes' Slash Duff

    New Stone Temple Pilots Cover David Bowie's 'Young Dudes' With Slash and Duff

    Scott Weiland says Stone Temple Pilots can't exist without him as the band's singer, and yet, this happened: STP with fresh front-bro Chester Bennington, accompanied by Guns N' Roses' dynamic duo Slash and Duff McKagen, covering David Bowie's glam-rock anthem "All the Young Dudes." The alt-rock godfathers (and their hard rock forefathers, and their rap-rock offspring) performed the song as part of a May 30 set at Los Angeles' Club Nokia for the annual MusiCares Benefit concert. Bennington wore sunglasses indoors as he announced the guest musicians with a solid humblebrag, "These are some good players ...

  • David Lynch 'The Big Dream' Lykke Li 'I'm Waiting Here'

    David Lynch and Lykki Li Dream-Weave Spooky Doo-Wop on 'I'm Waiting Here'

    On July 16, surrealist director David Lynch will return with his second original album, The Big Dream. Like 2011's dark and unsettling Crazy Clown Time, the new set will mostly feature the Twin Peaks creator's own vocals over his "modern blues" with one key assist. Then it was recent SPIN cover star Karen O — this time we get (ironically) a 2011 SPIN cover star, Lykke Li.The Swedish songstress joins Lynch for "I'm Waiting Here," a dreamy and noir swooner replete with slow-dance swing and bassy atmospheric swells. The song is streamable below for Spotify users. In a press release, Lynch says that Li "brought her own style to this song, which has a doo-wop sort of thing going on, but in a way it’s far-removed from the '50s."Regarding The Big Dream, he explained, "Most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there.

  • Thom Yorke 'Amok' Atoms for Peace Rehearsal Video

    Thom Yorke Goes Sexily, Shirtlessly 'Amok' in Latest Atoms for Peace Practice Video

    With their impending tour fast on the approach, Atoms for Peace are putting in serious rehearsal work via some hidden household in a tucked away corner of Los Angeles. Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Flea, and the rest of the gang have been sharing brief snippets of their warm-ups each day this week, ranging from footage of the shirtless Chili Peppers bassist goofing around to video evidence that they're cuing up Radiohead music for the road. The latest installment is only 12 seconds long but revealing nonetheless, finding Yorke wobbling up a serious sweat singing Amok's titular track while wearing a vest and nothing else (it's a tight crop, so who knows). While earlier clips were in black and white, this new one is, as Yorke tweeted, in "glorious technicolor," allowing the brilliant stripes of Old Glory to shine at last.

  • Fat Tony Stunnaman Creepin' Tom Cruz Smart Ass Black Boy

    Fat Tony and Stunnaman Are 'Creepin' on Your Girl in New Single

    Fat Tony releases his new album Smart Ass Black Boy on June 11 via Young One Records, and the Houston-bred New Underground up-and-comer has shared a fresh taste of the thing to help you get into the mood. Actually, it's not you he's so much interested in but your girl (if you've got one).Tony has teamed up with Lil B's buddy Stunnaman (the Pack) and his main rapping-producing pal Tom Cruz (Double Dragon) to drop "Creepin'," a song that's unabashedly about trying to get at a lady who's clearly off limits. Over the low-slung beat, our host paints a pretty vivid picture: "The next week, she was planning the marriage / But that next Sunday I was in her sheets / On the creep, deep up in her cheeks." Stunna goes wavy for his verse and gives the requisite shout-out to Max B in the process. Cruz gives daps to Colgate and the clean mouthfeel it produces.

  • Rihanna Unapologetic Six Million Sales Albums Wale Bad Remix

    Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' Sells a Milli, Becomes Her Sixth Platinum Album

    Rihanna's Unapologetic has officially gone platinum in the U.S., meaning it's her sixth album to sell a million or more copies. To understand just how remarkable that is, it's worth mentioning she's released seven albums total. Which is remarkable in and of itself when you consider her first album, Music of the Sun, only came out in 2005. The only year in which the Barbadian pop princess hasn't released a full-length of original material since was 2008. Also, she's 25 years old, so WTF.As the Hollywood Reporter, erm, reports, Unapologetic sold 9,000 more copies in the sales week ending May 26, via Nielsen SoundScan, bringing the album's sales to that lusted-after milestone. That LP was released on November 19 and is her fastest climber yet. Of RiRi's seven full-lengths only her debut has failed to break seven figures, having moved 607,000 units to date.

  • Bass Drum of Death 'Crawling After You' Stream

    Bass Drum of Death Is a Wicked One-Man Punk Band on 'Crawling After You'

    Bass Drum of Death is Mississippi's John Barrett, a punk-fired garage tinkerer handy with all the tools one needs to jury-rig some tasty rock nuggets. "Crawling After You" feels like a full-band affair nonetheless, and it hails from June 25's eponymous LP for Innovative Leisure, recorded by Barrett in between last year's spate of tour dates (and also that one time when he backed up MellowHype on Fuel TV). The new song is a reverb-soaked fuzz-bomb that finds our host trying to paw his way back into the life of a former acquaintance. BDOD's 2011 debut GB City had a lot to offer, but the new album is louder, gnarlier, catchier, and crunchier. It was also heavily influenced by nasty old proto-punkers the Pagans, the Seeds, and the Sonics. Barrett and his band hit the road with Unknown Mortal Orchestra in June.

  • Run the Jewels Big Boi Killer Mike El-P 'Banana Clipper'

    Big Boi Joins Run the Jewels for Enemy-Neutering 'Banana Clipper'

    When SPIN visited Run the Jewels in the studio, producer/MC El-P explained the project's larcenous name as "probably like the hardest shit you can possibly say." He and Killer Mike maintain a commitment to that very cause in their songs as a duo, and on the freshly shared full version of "Banana Clipper," Big Boi joins them in that excellent, often eloquent endeavor. The duo's constituents trade fierce bars for most of the song, dissing all possible opponents while big-upping each other with aplomb: "Producer gave me a beat, said it's the beat of the year / I said El-P didn't do it, so get the fuck outta here." El, in turn, defines his rap style as "Chernobyl talk," before leveling the field for the entry of Daddy Fat Sax himself. Though kinda tacked onto the end, Big Boi sounds right at home over the squalling track, rapping lithely and bragging with the best of them.

  • The-Dream Jay-Z 'High Art' Video NSFW IVPlay

    The-Dream's Deluxe 'IV Play' Package Gets Felt Up in Steamy 'High Art' Video

    Another day, another softcore porn clip from The-Dream, who has been working around the clock to guarantee an "authentic love-making" experience for his devotees. The man's new IV Play album has officially hit the streets and is on target to move 20,000 or so units. But as noted in our post on his previous in flagrante video for the song "Pussy," he may be angling to stir up some clicks and controversy in order to push that number higher.His latest entry is the visual for the Jay-Z-featuring "High Art," and aside from some clutch shots of the pyramid-making deluxe CD packaging for the fresh long-player, the thing is basically an incredibly steamy lingerie ad.

  • Young Fathers 'Mr. Martyr' TAPE TWO Stream

    Young Fathers Play Out Crucifixion Fantasy on Spooky 'Mr. Martyr' Single

    Afro-Scottish art-rap posse Young Fathers are inching ever closer to the release date of their second (nearly full-length) EP, TAPE TWO, which means more ghostly soul-pop strangeness for us to pick apart. SPIN debuted the first track from the June 11 Anticon set, "I Heard," back in April, and while that song focused on the group's propensity for pained crooning and TV on the Radio-style harmonics, the latest is an urgent, jagged affair that highlights their Shabazz-like broken chants and creeping production skills. "Mr. Martyr" builds slowly in small surges of rhyme, song, and sound effects, then explodes into a whirlwind of voices and percussion, sounding not unlike a genuine Yeasayer freak-out. Our first introduction to the trio came via "Romance" from January's TAPE ONE. Rumor has it their full-length debut is just about wrapped and a U.S. date or two are on the horizon.

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