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  • Miguel Twitter Black People Race Judgemental Pagan

    Miguel Settles Twitter Race Rant With Thoughtful Conversation, Freestyle Song

    If there's not already an award for Public Relations Crisis Aversion (Twitter Edition) then someone should invent one and give it to Miguel. The Kaleidoscope Dream singer-producer stirred up the pot on Monday (May 27) when he wrote a series of tweets revolving around the sentiment that black people are inherently judgmental.

  • Rihanna Herpes Lipstick RiRi Woo MAC Starkeema Greenidge

    Good Lip Gone Bad: Woman Sues Rihanna's Lipstick Brand for Giving Her Herpes

    A Harlem woman claims that Rihanna's lipstick gave her herpes. Starkeema Greenidge, 28, is so confident about the source of her good lip gone bad, in fact, that she's made it a court matter.

  • Matthew Dear 'She's Just That Way' 'Beams' Complete Edition

    Matthew Dear Electrifies the Hop on 'Beams' B-Side 'She's Just That Way'

    Matthew Dear's fifth album Beams was a masterwork for the avant-inclined singer/producer, combining computerized effects and live instrumentation in a way that brought new bubble and fizz to the man's unusual electro-pop concoctions. So while it's still a bit early to reissue the 2012 release, we're pleased nonetheless that Ghostly International will soon offer the "Complete Edition" thereof. Rounding out the original's 11 tracks are the four unique songs found on the Headcage EP, the previously shared B-side "Crimewaves," a boat-load of remixes and the never-heard song "She's Just That Way." You'll find that streaming below in all of its old-school swoon and down-at-the-hop bounce. Over pulsing keys and chopped vocals, Dear puts on his most dapper baritone and leads us through a lovely radio transmission beamed in from another era.

  • Danny Brown DJ Muggs 'Headfirst' Video Cartoon

    Cartoon Danny Brown Given Oral Tribute on Stage in DJ Muggs' 'Headfirst' Video

    Legendary Cypress Hill wax-slayer DJ Muggs quietly released a new album earlier this year, but there's nothing quiet about the music contained therein. Bass for Your Face was directly inspired by the Los Angeles beat scene's open embrace of hard and heavy low end, and the tracks incorporate large doses of the nastiest strains of dubstep heard this side of Skrillex's debut. When SPIN spoke to Muggs back in January, we heard his trunk-rattling collaboration with Roc Marciano, who he met while visiting Alchemist's weed-infused L.A. studio. Muggs made a few other friends while he was there and one of those was Danny Brown. The raunchy Detroit MC added his voice to "Headfirst," which now has its very own animated video. The Monsta-created clip finds the DJ/MC duo on a mission to rock a show, which they appear to do quite successfully.

  • Austra 'Painful Like' Olympia Album Stream

    Austra Dedicate New 'Painful Like' Single to Small-Town Gay Youth

    Austra have been keeping the sounds of their forthcoming second album very close. Olympia is due out June 18, via Domino, but until now we've only had a single song to mull over — the upbeat, operatic "Home" and its fittingly intense video. With a band as dramatic as this electroni-pop sextet, small doses go a long way, but the arrival of "Painful Like" feels overdue. The song was recorded live in the studio with all hands on deck, inspired by the full-band approach that generated some of the Chicago house scene's earliest hits.

  • Hodgy Beats 'Years' Odd Future Single Untitled 2

    Hodgy Beats Shouts Out Ron Swanson on Darkly Bubbling 'Years'

    Odd Future co-founder and MellowHype member Hodgy Beats is dropping a brand new EP on June 1. Very few details have been released about Untitled 2, but the OF camp has let loose the first song, "Years." The darkly toned production is minimal but effective, relying on ominous electronic pulses, thick washes of heavy atmosphere, and crisp trap-style drums. Verbally, Hodgy is in top form, sounding relaxed and swaggy even as he speeds up the flow for the second verse. Also, he manages to string a Parks & Recreations reference to an NWA shout-out in the span of two bars, which has got to be mean something to whatever rap gods smile down on clever weirdos. Hodgy also appears on The JellyFish Mentality, the new free album from Jet Age of Tomorrow, which (for those who aren't keeping copious notes) is the solo-ish project from Matt Martians of the Internet.

  • Fuck Buttons 'The Red Wing' Stream Slow Focus

    Hear Fuck Buttons Shred Celestial on 'The Red Wing'

    This month Fuck Buttons announced that after a four-year album drought, the English digi-drone duo will return with Slow Focus on July 23. By statement, founder Benjamin John Power promised a "very alien" aural landscape in contrast to their previous two records, due in part to the fact that the new one is self-produced. Indeed, 2008's Street Horrrsing (helmed by Mogwai guitarist John Cummings) and 2009's Tarot Sport (with techno pioneer Andrew Weatherall) bore the touch of their respective contributors, but the first taste of Slow Focus sounds like something else entirely. "The Red Wing" is a churning, menacing wall of grind that somehow still bounces atop a lithe breakbeat groove. And as the track progresses, whatever space was left is slowly filled with celestial atmosphere, bringing to mind Dead Seas-era M83.

  • TEEN 'Carolina' Video EP Megha Barnabas

    TEEN Celebrate Summer by Giving Out Roses, Dancing Crazily in 'Carolina' Video

    Brooklyn haze-pop posse TEEN released their Carolina EP on Carpark earlier this week (May 28) and they're celebrating with roses. Well, Megha Barnabas is, at least. The local performance artist directs and stars in the new video for the short set's titular song, passing out flowers to strangers as she dances with equally goofy and seductive aplomb. According to the label, the clip was shot on May Day, "the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice." Barnabas, "enacting her playful rite to TEEN’s modern heartsick refrains, is at once at odds and in harmony with the encircling city." Indeed, there is something out of time about the Spandex-wearing woman as she flits about, working her way from the Flower District in the morning to Times Square in the eve.

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra 'From the Sun' Video II

    See Unknown Mortal Orchestra Emasculate an Art Student in 'From the Sun'

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra don't mess around when it comes to music videos. In the first clip for their latest album II, McLovin waged bat-wielding war against a hippie cult. And then there was that thing with the adorable masturbating puppets. Now we have "From the Sun," which also strikes a nice balance between oddly playful and entirely disturbing. Directed by Rick Alverson (the man behind The Comedy, starring James Murphy and Tim Heidecker), the video follows the awful misadventures of a young man who allows himself to be physically humiliated by a group of art-school kids — seemingly his peers. He takes a seat in a chair and is licked, slapped, spit upon, made up, thrown down, taped, gagged, decorated with trash, and bedecked with an egg.

  • Courtney Love Solo Album Died Blonde Craigslist Ad

    Courtney Love May Call Next Hole-less Album 'Died Blonde'

    Courtney Love is plotting a new solo album under her own name and she may call it Died Blonde. In her new cover story for Bust, the 48-year-old alt-rock queen reveals that she's been working with the same lineup associated with the last Hole album, 2010's so-so Nobody's Daughter: guitarist Micko Larkin, bassist Shaun Dailey, and drummer Scott Lipps. She's also shared the names of two new songs — "Wedding Day" and "California" — which will be released via iTunes soon. Love didn't explain why she's chosen to leave the Hole moniker behind, but as she's the only founding member still in the band it's unclear whether she even has the right to use the name.

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