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  • Bassnectar 'Now' Rye Rye Stream Download

    Hear Bassnectar's Rye Rye-Powered Rave-Blaster 'Now'

    When SPIN spoke to Lorin Ashton a couple of years ago, the producer best known as Bassnectar cited among his biggest influences: earthquakes, dreams, and California's mid-'90s rave scene. Is it strange to say we can hear all of that, and more, in "Now"? Below, you can sample the first taste of the Bay Area electronic artist's June 24 album, tentatively titled #NVSB. Baltimore MC Rye Rye guests, contributing intensely rhythmic verses and a lilting, sing-song hook. Meanwhile, the track offers a furious array of laser-strong synth blasts, booming bass rumbles, and barrages of trap-friendly 808 percussion.

  • Spotify Skip Song Statistics Users Skipping Music Graph

    A Quarter of Spotify Songs Are Skipped in First Five Seconds

    Nearly half of all songs played via Spotify are skipped before they finish, according to data provided by the company's internal analytics system. Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest — the company behind those fascinating music maps — compiled the information and prepared his own report on the phenomenon for his personal Music Machinery blog. Spotify acquired The Echo Nest in March for an undisclosed amount, and Lamere, Director of Developer Platform, came with."This is my first deep dive into Spotify data," he writes, later summing up his study thusly: "When we are more engaged with our music, we skip more, and when music is in the background such as when we are working or relaxing, we skip less. When we have more free time, such as when we are young, or on the weekends, or home after a day of work, we skip more ...

  • Alt-Rock 90s Vocal Hooks Supercut Video Nirvana Whoa Yeah

    The '90s Alternative Rock Vocal Hook Supercut Is Here

    The '90s was famously a time for angsty, throaty vocals often laconically growled out ironically candied to sound something like pop. It was also a period with a whole lot of "doot-doot-doos, whoa-ohs, na-na-nas, and ooh-oohs" as CBC Music words it in the description for the clip above. The Canadian broadcaster's "'90s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut" compiles the repetitive, often wordless choral yelpings of nearly 40 of the biggest acts of the era (along with snippets of their respective music videos), and it's amazing. You'll find our 10 personal favorites below.

  • White Hinterland 'No Devotion' Video

    Watch White Hinterland's Transfixing 'No Devotion' Video

    White Hinterland's beautiful and ambitious album, Baby, was released on April 1, but Casey Dienel's third and most confident album under the name continues to deliver gifts. The latest is the Derrick Belcham-directed video for "No Devotion." The black-and-white clip finds our Portland-based heroine singing directly into the camera, but she isn't alone. Dancer and yoga practitioner Chloe Kernaghan seemingly plays her shadow, sometimes separate from and sometimes connected to the artist. As for the song, it's a powerful example of the sort of soulful, electronic-tinged art-pop that's all over the Dead Oceans LP.For more, revisit "Baby" and "Ring the Bell."

  • Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Preview Cher

    Wu-Tang Clan Preview One-of-a-Kind Album, Which May Feature Cher

    There's a new development in the Wu-Tang Clan's potentially $5 million album, and who better to bring us the latest than the wealth-obsessed Forbes. As it turns out, the "hand-carved, silver-and-nickel box" set to contain the only copy of The Wu — Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is being kept in a vault in Morocco. Reporter Zack O'Malley visited the Royal Mansour hotel for billionaires in order to preview both the package and the music, which you can experience in brief above."Flying more than 3,500 miles from New York to Casablanca for less than a minute of music may seem a bit extravagant," O'Malley writes for Forbes. "Renting a car and braving Moroccan traffic for 150 additional miles (with a malfunctioning GPS unit, no less) may have been unwise.

  • MCA Day Breakdancing Monks Adam Yauch Beastie Boys Video

    Watch Monks Breakdance to the Beastie Boys in Honor of MCA

    If the lineup for the third annual MCA Day seemed a little lackluster, that's because they failed to advertise the breakdancing monks. Seen above, four men dressed in Tibetan garb pay physical tribute to the late, great Adam "MCA" Yauch, executing acrobatic moves in Union Square while the Beastie Boys' "Ch-Check It Out" plays on an unseen boom-box. Their performance actually took place ahead of the official event, which happened in Brooklyn on May 3.Yauch was a practicing Buddhist married to Tibetan-American activist, Dechen Wangdu. He founded the Milarepa Fund devoted to raising money for and promoting awareness of the Tibetan independence movement, and also launched the Tibetan Freedom Concert series back in 1996. Yauch passed away on May 4, 2012 after a three-year battle with cancer of the salivary gland. Revisit our gallery, Beastie Boys: 25 Years of Mad Genius.

  • Jack White Lazaretto ULTRA LP Hologram Vinyl Details

    Jack White's 'Lazaretto' Vinyl Will Create a Hologram When It Spins

    Jack White has done the expected by loading up the vinyl version of his forthcoming Lazaretto album with a ton of unexpected features. Naturally, everyone knew that the man who cut the world's fastest record would give his June 10 set the Third Man Records treatment, but who could have predicted a holographic angel floating above the grooves while the ULTRA edition spins? Or "dual-groove" technology that allows for alternate electric and acoustic intros to the same song?Yes, as the press release words it, "No single innovation would suffice." There are so many bells and whistles, in fact, that it takes White and TMR's Ben Blackwell nearly 10 minutes to demonstrate all of them in the video above (hologram at 6:25, FYI). We've listed all of the features below, and you can review them while listening to "High Ball Stepper" or "Lazaretto" itself.

  • Courtney Love 'You Know My Name' Video

    Watch Courtney Love's Decadent, Destructive 'You Know My Name' Video

    Courtney Love has debuted the video for her surprise single "You Know My Name." We'd seen previews of the glitter-filled clip via the erstwhile Hole singer's Instagram account, though due to the nuptial theme, assumed it would accompany her other surprise single, "Wedding Day." In a preview, Love explained her role in the Maximilla Lukacs-directed clip: "I'm supposed to look like an old Victorian doll crossed with a Dickensian character called Miss Havisham, who got abandoned on her wedding day at the altar and lived to be a hundred." Indeed, she appears all dressed up with no one to wed, seemingly confined to a fancy boudoir bedecked with disco balls, red roses, and fluffy fabrics. The song itself is a solid mix of punk angst, metal shred, and melodic might — a bona fide ripper.Both of the aforementioned songs are out now digitally and will arrive on pink vinyl May 26.

  • Classically Cannabis Colorado Symphony Orchestra Concert

    Colorado Symphony Launches 'Classically Cannabis' Concert Series

    The State of Colorado made retail sales of marijuana legal in January, and ever since they've been having all of the fun. Now, the Colorado Symphony is set to roll out a run of concerts dubbed "Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series." In order to combat flagging audience numbers and general budgetary lack, the region's premier orchestra is tapping into the region's premiere burgeoning business, controversy be damned."The cannabis industry obviously opens the door even further to a younger, more diverse audience," symphony CEO Jerome Kern told Associated Press. He said he's heard objections from at least one member of his orchestra and from preexisting fans as well.

  • Krist Novoselic Super-Earth Peter Buck Corin Tucker REM

    Krist Novoselic Joins Super-Earth Supergroup With Peter Buck, Corin Tucker

    Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has seemingly been added to the star-studded membership of new Portland band Super-Earth. Though the name of the group is subject to change, the core is set: Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck debuted their project live last week. As reported by The Oregonian, their lineup was rounded out by guitarist Scott McCaughey (Minus 5), drummer Bill Rieflin (Swans, Ministry), and guitarist Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks)."The new material, speedy and loud, was full of power chords, enthusiasm and the occasional signature Buck arpeggio — less punk rock than power-pop but always knife-sharp," wrote David Greenwald, adding that the band played "12 songs so fresh, Tucker had lyric sheets."Now it seems Super-Earth's outing may have been a test run for a full album recording.

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