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  • Bars of Gold 'Blue Lightning' Video Wheels

    Bars of Gold Exude Post-Punk Soul in 'Blue Lightning' Video

    Late last year, Detroit quintet Bars of Gold made a quiet return with their album Wheels. We use the Q-word hesitantly here though — while it's the sort of LP that's still amassing fans, it's hardly a calm, whispery sort of thing. Comprising members of Bear vs. Shark and Wildcatting, this modest supergroup trades in exuberant post-punk and experimental rock cut with strange soul and tangible earnestness. All which is to say that while the record's been out for a few months, we're plenty pleased to share the brand new video for "Blue Lightning." Not only is it a trippy introduction to the increasingly less hirsute (keep watching) men who make up this unit, it's a chance to open a few more ears to a slept-on gem.Get into it above.

  • Modern Rivals 'The Dead Leaves' Video Cemetery Dares

    Modern Rivals Dabble in Dark Arts for 'The Dead Leaves' Video

    Modern Rivals have an ear for pop but a restless hankering for something more. That comes across handily on the Brooklyn-via-St. Louis band's new album Cemetery Dares, whose songs are equal parts inviting and itchy. To sample the sound, look no further than "The Dead Leaves (Danse Macabre Before Midnight)." The track's brand new Michael Fails-directed video strikes that same balance, pitting beauty and innocence against choppy GIF-like editing and some sort of black-magic-derived psychedelia. We won't give much away, but watch and be transported from a plain old bathtub to an oddly lit graveyard, all thanks to some pretty delicious-looking green goop. Pick up Cemetery Dares now.

  • A-Trak Cam'ron 'Dipshits' Video Juelz Santana Dipset

    A-Trak, Cam'ron, and Cat Power Rep Dipset in 'Dipshits' Video

    Renowned DJ/producer A-Trak steps away from his Duck Sauce dance project let loose another gem from his forthcoming Federal Reserve EP with Harlem rhymer Cam'ron. We briefly heard their "Humphrey" team-up in February, but now we get the full video for "Dipshits," a pro-Dipset anthem that includes guest turns by Juelz Santana and Damon Dash, plus additional production by Just Blaze and Oliver. Director Ricky Saiz gives the crew the men-about-town treatment, full of fashion-forward sidewalk stalking and back-alley dance-offs featuring dudes wearing the airbrushed faces of our hosts. It's a triumphant-sounding track with the clip to match. Oh, and Cat Power's in there. Watch above, via Complex.

  • Le1f Flexes in the Forest for 'Sup' Video

    Le1f Flexes in the Forest for 'Sup' Video

    New York rapper Le1f dropped his highly anticipated Hey EP via XL Recordings in March, and though the thing's only five songs, it continues to pay out. We saw the man strut his best "Wut" across David Letterman's stage, and hijack a hamburger joint in the "Boom" video. Now he does his thing in a decidedly different setting: nature. Jesse Miller-Gordon directs the clip for "Sup," a song whose trappish drums and Auto-Tuned hooks contrast neatly with the green trees, gushing waterfalls, and amber waves of grain depicted. And despite a beat that wouldn't sound out of place on a Chief Keef song, Le1f makes it his own, elastic voice rhyming, "I waved at him once, just to put butterflies up in his gut / Lemme get at that, tap into that bubble butt / I killed it, shut the casket, I don't give a fuck." Also: "Skin color? Spicy chai latte." Here's hoping every song on the EP gets a visual.

  • Morrissey Joins Twitter Follow Tweet

    Morrissey Joins Twitter, World Braces for Big Mouth Strike

    Big Mouth is at last truly equipped to strike again. And again. And again. And ... you get the idea. Morrissey has officially joined Twitter. Those even remotely familiar with the sort of headlines the former Smiths leader makes when he's not busy playing gigs to the enrapt or recording spoken-word video versions of new songs. He does have a fresh album to promote — World Peace Is None of Your Business, out July 15 — but one imagines he'll have more to say.Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope...— Morrissey (@itsmorrissey) May 14, 2014To recap, in recent year's he's picked a fight with Paul McCartney, suggested that Chinese people are a "subspecies," compared Canada to Nazi Germany, and taken President Obama to task for "pardoning" a turkey at Thanksgiving.

  • Dave Grohl TV Show HBO Sound City Series

    Dave Grohl Is Getting His Own TV Show

    Dave Grohl is getting his own show on HBO. According to the limited information shared by Classic Rock Magazine, the as-yet untitled series looks to be part talk show, part musical showcase. Dovetailing nicely with his 2013 documentary (etc.) Sound City, it'll find the Foo Fighters boss and Nirvana drummer traveling to different studios of note, recording music therein, and interviewing some of the better-known artists who've made albums at said facility.He's apparently already spoken to a handful of impressive musicians: Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Dischord Records, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson, and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh (who seems to have something to do with the new Foo Fighters album).

  • Street Eaters 'Reverse' Stream Bones Muscles Blood

    Hear Street Eaters Sling Powerful Post-Punk on 'Reverse'

    Street Eaters' "Reverse" opens as it should: a backmasked pileup of grinding guitars and crashing drums that simmers, then explodes. "We know how this all ends," drummer Megan March sing-shouts backed by guitarist John No moments later, and we suppose the shape of that menacing waveform below should tip us off somewhat. The San Francisco Bay Area band whips up a mighty and constant din on this share from their June 17 album Blood::Muscles::Bones. And when Street Eaters say all it is they needed to say on the song, this post-punk ripper comes to a succinct close. The pair dropped their raw and clanging debut Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons in 2011, and have been honing their angles on the road ever since.Get a taste by hitting play here:

  • M.I.A. Beyonce Flawless Remix Baddygirl 2 Stream

    Hear M.I.A.'s Drastic Remix of Beyonce's 'Flawless'

    M.I.A. is suddenly back in action. Over the weekend, SPIN shot her show in Queens, and on Monday night she brought her dystopian dance party to Late Night With Seth Meyers. Now, she lets loose her previously teased remix of Beyoncé's "Flawless," dubbed "Baddygirl 2." Lest you assume the timing is an elevator-adjacent distraction tactic from the Knowles clan, Maya Arulpragasam shared the song with the following introduction:Beyonce camp has not replied for months > SO HERE >— M.I.A (@MIAuniverse) May 13, 2014The track is a thrill-ride of a feminist dance-floor anthem that drastically reinvents the stunning original while also sampling Queen Bey's 2008 hit "Diva." As if there was ever any question, M.I.A.

  • Jincallo Do You Mind Album Stream Alpha Pup

    Hear Jincallo's Beautiful, Brainy Electronica Album 'Do You Mind'

    We don't know a great deal about Los Angeles producer Jincallo, a.k.a. Gian Scott, but his SoundCloud bio handles the salient stuff: "Chill dude. Chill Tunes."To be fair, there's quite a bit more at work on the man's May 13 Alpha Pup album, Do You Mind. Opening song "Turn of the Key" brings the psychedelic nature of Forest Swords' beat-work to mind. "Reflex" is springy like Baths, pitting an old folk vocal sample against rumbling bass and shimmering texture. "The V" features the kind of gritty drum-play you'd hear on a Madlib production, and the lushness of a track like "Interviewing Hoarders" recalls Flying Lotus.The point is, Jincallo's productions place him in very fine company — kin to a diverse group of artists whose work finds purchase on brain, heart, and body alike. Stream all 13 tracks of Do You Mind below, and pre-order via Bandcamp.

  • Sage Francis Copper Gone World Tour Video Interview

    Sage Francis Trolls Dummies, Announces Tour in Spoof Press Conference

    There's a thing that happens, on Facebook in particular, when you're an artist and you announce a tour. The inane questions begin even before the excitement does: "No love for [insert passed-over state here]?" or "Are you gonna play any of the old, good stuff?" or, possibly seriously, "Why don't you play my porch?" Sage Francis preemptively answers all of those burning queries in the hilarious clip above. Therein, the Rhode Island MC announces his upcoming North American tour (plus a whole bunch of European dates) via a press conference that spoofs the aforementioned phenomenon.If you've ever been a music fan on the Internet, you'll appreciate the man's response. But the Jay Brown-directed clip also contains another gem for members of the Cult of Francis: a significant portion of "Pressure Cooker," the barn-burner of an opening track from Sage's June 3 album, Copper Gone.

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