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  • Queens of the Stone Age Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Cover

    Watch Josh Homme Rap Some Bars in Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Cover

    Having effectively conquered American late night television thanks to a two-night stint on Letterman that resulted in over an hour's worth of music, Queens of the Stone Age have turned their attention to the United Kingdom. And since everyone agrees that their just-out sixth album ...Like Clockwork represents some of the finest hard rock songsmithery we've heard in years, well, the SoCal desert kings may as well try on someone else's music to see if they can dominate that, too.Indeed they do in the clip above, covering Robin Thicke's massive single "Blurred Lines" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge with Sara Cox. The clip finds Josh Homme keeping time by shaking a pill bottle and reading the lyrics from a sheet of paper while Dean Fertita and Troy Van Leeuwen accompany.

  • Jay-Z Sports Agent Kevin Durant Roc Nation

    Jay-Z Becomes Sports' Next Power Agent as Roc Nation Signs Kevin Durant

    NBA star Kevin Durant is reportedly signing with Roc Nation Sports, effectively putting Jay-Z's burgeoning player agency on the map. Yahoo! cites multiple sources in their story and the Oklahoma City forward's former agent Rob Pelinka of Landmark Sports has confirmed via statement that the 25-year-old is moving on, saying, "We are honored and blessed to have worked on behalf of Kevin, for a brief period of time." Then, he didn't add, "Can't knock that hustle, Jigga."Shawn Corey Carter-Knowles' latest venture has been making moves since early April when Roc, partnered with the powerful CAA, signed New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. As The Atlantic Wire reports, the young organization has also added New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, the WNBA's Skylar Diggins (Tulsa Shock), and starting New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

  • Rolling Stones Win Butler Arcade Fire 'The Last Time' Live Montreal

    Arcade Fire's Win Butler Was More Rock'n'Roll Than the Rolling Stones Live in Montreal

    Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler joined the Rolling Stones on stage in Montreal Sunday night (June 9) to perform the legendary band's 1965 single, "The Last Time." The team-up was a success, with the Canadian indie king providing the malt-shop warble to Mick Jagger's dive-bar shout. The two did the requisite face-off — as seen in "50 and Counting" tour cameos by Tom Waits, Dave Grohl, and Taylor Swift — and Butler also hung out with Keith Richards for a few licks (another staple). But the towering guest made a couple of unexpected moves as well. After strutting out with a guitar in hand, he drops the thing on the floor, leaving Jagger to clean up after him, before grabbing the mike, which he eventually throws into the audience. It's hard to tell if Butler's actions are inspired by apathy or just indicative of the new dad being a badass. Either way, it sounds great.

  • Venom P. Stinger Rick James Superfreak Cover Dirty Three

    Hear Venom P. Stinger Brutalize Rick James' Sex Anthem 'Super Freak'

    If you come from the land down under then you already know Australian music in the '80s was much more than New Wave goofs in patterned shirts. There were also real men doing real work with guitars and drums and bass and shouts — crude punks operating in the underground, churning out rough and wild music that wouldn't get its proper due until long after the bands that made it dissolved.One such group was Venom P. Stinger, whose axman and skin-slapper were Mick Turner and Jim White, respectively — two of the eventual Dirty Three (the other being Nick Cave's right hand Warren Ellis).

  • Alex Burkat 'Tarot' Video 100 Silk EP

    Alex Burkat's 'Tarot' Video Looks Into the Past With A$AP Rocky, Le1f, Flying Lotus

    Alex Burkat trades in rich techno and heady house that's doesn't skimp on atmosphere or beat. His work is as club-ready as it is headphone-friendly, which makes it a perfect fit for Los Angeles' 100% Silk, a DIY dance label that functions like an old-school punk imprint. The Brooklyn-via-Philly producer will release his Tarot EP with them on June 11, and in honor of that, he's now sharing the music video for the titular track. Burkat edited the clip himself using entirely iPhone 5-shot photos, some edited in Instagram. Though static individually, the constantly shuffling images imply movement, celebration, collaboration, and performance, stringing together a series of moments in the life of a man whose world revolves around music.

  • Deerhunter ATP Festival Mixtape Bradford Cox

    Deerhunter's ATP Mixtape Is a Feast of Strange Pop and Avant-Garde Excellence

    Deerhunter are bringing out the avant-garde big guns for their installment of the artist-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival, which runs June 21 to 23 in Camber Sands, England. Fans of the band would be forgiven for not knowing the names and legacies of some of the experimental icons amassed for the thing — folks such as Steve Reich, Ikue Mori, and Bill Nace come to mind — but singer Bradford Cox has put together a primer to help bridge the gap.Below you'll find a nearly two-hour mixtape featuring select songs from artists across the bill, ranging from the maximal odd-pop excellence of Dan Deacon's "Thrush" to "You Are Dumb," a blues-punk burner from former ATP outlaws Black Lips. Smartly, SPIN cover stars the Breeders appear early in the mix — that the alt-rock crew are reuniting to play 1993's Last Splash in its entirety is one of the event's biggest draws.

  • Four Tet Omar Souleyman Song Album Ribbon

    Four Tet Leaks First Omar Souleyman Song While Festival-Goers Lose Their Minds

    Larger-than-life Syrian singer Omar Souleyman spoke to SPIN recently about his forthcoming Four Tet-produced album. Despite the swirling mythology around the thing, the dabke folk-pop artist seemed relatively unimpressed with their collaboration: "I was not familiar with his work before, but I was told he is very good. Right now, I can't say. After the cassette comes out, I can listen to it and then judge." The rest of us are a bit too eager to wait for their efforts to hit the tape racks however, so we're pleased for the video above, which finds Four Tet spinning one of their new songs to a rapturous crowd at Amsterdam's Lente Kabinet festival on June 1. The producer born Kieran Hebden was a little more enthusiastic than his partner:I love this video... they should make it the official video.

  • Doley Bernays 'Blessed' Stream Just in Case EP

    Doley Bernays Is Feeling 'Blessed' on Clanging New Single

    We've already met ReeLife posse power-forward Euro League. Now his crewmate and Bronx neighbor Doley Bernays is positioning himself to catch some shine as well. On "Blessed," streaming below, the young rhymer displays a Pusha T-like mastery of his art, combining hard workmanlike raps with a swaggering sense of style. The MP Williams-produced beat underscores his propulsive stop-and-go pacing, which leaves just enough room for a clutch sneer or collar-pop in between bars. But Bernays is gracious, too: "What's the odds that a nigga like me would appear upon MTV?" he asks at one point. "Gotta thank God for the MPC."Revisit Euro League's "Grandma's Plastic Covered Couch" and "Social Network" to get a feel for the ReeLife squad's consistently powerful and personal steez. "Blessed" is set to appear on Doley's forthcoming Just in Case EP.

  • David Bowie Freddy Mercury 'Under Pressure' a Cappella

    David Bowie and Freddie Mercury Sound Even More Incredible Without Music

    Queen and David Bowie's 1981 collaborative single "Under Pressure" is a helluva listen — a perennial classic so fantastic that its good name remains intact long after Vanilla Ice sampled the thing for his lamentable breakout, "Ice Ice Baby." Yes, that bouncy little bass line and those chiming keys had much to do with the song's success, but at its heart are two incredible voices intertwined: Bowie and Freddie Mercury, locked in an acrobatic pirouette of glorious opposites for all of eternity. So as powerful as the actual song is, there's something extra magical about pulling back all of the instrumentation to reveal its glowing core.Below, you'll find the isolated vocals from "Under Pressure," uploaded to YouTube in 2011 but recently rediscovered by Open Culture.

  • Thom Yorke at Coachella 2013

    Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich Are DJing the Internet

    Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have been doing their "two turntables and a microphone" act intermittently since Atoms for Peace wrapped up their debut album Amok. Performing a beefed-up version of the traditional DJ set, they've gone the way of the modern bedroom beatsmith, recreating their songs live using laptops, modulators, the occasional instrument and, of course, the Radiohead main brain's golden vocals. They also play a lot of great songs by other people, because they have heard every excellent song on Earth and know exactly what your ears need on this week-capping day of days. Although a series of full-band live dates are on the way — the boys have been rehearsing, after all — Yorke and Godrich have stepped out of practice to gift iconic Southern California public radio station KCRW with a full set of broken beats, select selections, and wonderful howling.

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