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  • Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' Video

    Please, Miley Cyrus, Show Us How to Get 'Turnt Up' in Your 'We Can't Stop' Video

    Miley Cyrus has released the video for her polarizing (?) new pop breakthrough, "We Can't Stop" — you know, the song that's totally not about molly. We already know all about the track's ridiculous #YOLO leanings and Cartman-esque bully-stance, but the video takes her version of (signifying that she's) getting "turnt up" to new levels of branded wilding. Perhaps it's best to experience the thing in the stream-of-consciousness manner in which the clip was assembled. We see: Beats by Dre product, sparkly gold nails, Miley fitting herself with a grill, a french-fry skull, Miley writhing in tight white on a bed, a dude with two tongues, cosmetic products, crotch rockets, many mutual spankings, a chanting 3-D computer head (look out #Seapunks!), Miley getting spicy with her ladyfriends, thumb-sucking, twerking, pools, and more (lots more) Miley-on-molly writhing.

  • Black Sabbath 13 Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Black Sabbath Possess No. 1, the Lonely Island #YOLO-Yodel Into Top 10

    First! All hail the dark lord Ozzy and his grotesque generals Tony and Geezer — the original Black Sabbath hath risen after 35 years of absence from the charts and proven, definitively, that this demonic whole is greater than the sum of its possessed parts. Okay, so 13 isn't a very good album despite the golden touch of Rick Rubin. But this is still a significant day for metalheads. The new LP's arrival marks the band's first trip to the top of the Billboard 200, moving a mighty 155,000 units according to Nielsen SoundScan. Sabbath's highest ranking heretofore came with 1971'a Master of Reality, which peaked at No. 8. Furthermore, Osbourne has come close but never snagged himself a No. 1 as a solo artist. Would we rather see Queens of the Stone Age hold onto to last week's No. 1? Of course. (Sadly ...Like Clockwork has plummeted to No.

  • Mikky Ekko 'Kids' Benny Blanco John Hill Stream

    Mikky Ekko's Uplifting 'Kids' Stays Humble Despite Benny Blanco's Hit-Making Touch

    After teasing us with seven months of videos and remixes for his excellent Clams Casino-produced single "Pull Me Down," Mikky Ekko has at last let slip a brand new official cut. Of course, the Nashville-based singer hasn't been idle exactly. He co-wrote and -performed Rihanna's chart-climbing ballad "Stay," and also shared a lovely little demo called "Disappear," but "Kids" is the first sign that, in Ekko's own words, he's "starting the next chapter." The new track premiered over at Gorilla vs. Bear and features production from Benny Blanco (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha) and John Hill (Wavves, Santigold, Portugal. the Man). Unsurprisingly, the music walks a line between soul-powered pop and indie-flavored rock while Ekko shows off his voice — a flexible thing that can handle crisp notes as well and raw emotion.

  • Die Antwoord 'Cookie Thumper' Video Donker Mag album

    Die Antwoord's Icky 'Cookie Thumper' Video Packs a Painful Surprise Ending

    Cautionary tales rarely come as irreverently horrifying as this. The South African rave-rap posse Die Antwoord are gearing up for a new album — Donker Mag, expected February 2014 — and they've just shared the first song and video from the thing. "Cookie Thumper" is a song about a girl who takes an interest in an older local boy who's recently been released from prison. She's attracted to his gangster ways and fancies herself pretty tough, too, but hasn't fully thought through her obsession with him and the ways in which his time behind bars may have changed him or, well, his habits. The track and its Ninja-directed clip share a surprise, ick, finish, as Yo-Landi Vi$$er plays the female lead, rapping in high-pitched barrage of Zef slang and English. For full lyrics, including translations, visit the YouTube page. Otherwise ... enjoy?

  • Justin Bieber Ferrari Photographer Hit Paparazzi

    Justin Bieber Cleared After Knocking a Paparazzo Over With His Ferrari

    We're no expert on Egyptology, but we're fairly certain Justin Bieber must have stolen some mummy's treasure in the waning days of 2012. This may have been an incredibly bad year for the kid, most of which has been his own doing, but one mustn't discount the death of Christopher James Guerra, the 29-year-old paparazzo hit and killed by an SUV when he ran into the street to snap a picture of the young star.Now another photographer has been allegedly injured in hot pursuit of the Biebz, but this time it was the 19-year-old singer behind the wheel. Monday night (June 17), Justin was leaving a Hollywood comedy club when he climbed into the Ferrari that's always getting him in trouble accompanied by the Lil' Flip that's also always getting him in trouble.

  • Kanye West Kim Kardashian Kaidence Donda

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Name Their Immaculate Scion...

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter has been named Kaidence Donda West, according to MediaTakeOut who claim to have learned the news from a nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The infant's middle name, of course, is a tribute to Kanye's own mother, Dr. Donda West, an English professor and high-ranking academic who served as her son's manager before her untimely death in 2007.Earlier today, HollywoodLife reported the newborn's name as Kaidence Georgia Donda West, with the addition possibly referencing Kanye's native state and the middle name of Kim's deceased father, Robert George Kardashian. The baby was born on Saturday, June 15. Today marks another arrival: the official release of West's sixth album, Yeezus, which got SPIN's entire staff talking after it leaked last week.The songs' early exposure inspired plenty of others as well.

  • Pond 'Xanman' Video Hobo Rocket Tame Impala

    Pond Need a Xanax in Super Trippy 'Xanman' Video

    Tame Impala offshoot Pond specialize in a gnarly sort of freewheeling psych-rock that seems ill-fit for proper studios and other hi-def niceties. The song "Xanman," for instance, is a wild and wooly barell-ride down a memory lane occupied by Marc Bolan, Roky Erickson, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant — it's freaky and raw and catchy nonetheless. Without the title it'd be hard to guess Nick "Paisley Adams" Allbrook isn't singing "sandman" for the hook, but the meaning would be about the same either way assuming he's referring to Xanax, the anti-anxiety drug often used to temper the effects of LSD.And speaking of hallucinations, the video above is similarly wigged-out and fittingly lo-fi (the highest YouTube resolution offered is 240p). Among the heavily distorted images we see: a praying demon, a painted face, a full-band freak-out, and a lot of unidentifiable shapes.

  • Chief Keef Arrested Served Charged Courthouse

    Chief Keef Served, Charged, and Arrested for Three Different Things in One Terrible Day

    It's not easy being Keef.Chicago's embattled Chief MC had a pretty terrible day on Monday, June 17. Keith Cozart, 17, was outside of a Skokie, Illinois courthouse when he was served with his second paternity suit in less then a year. Then he went inside where a judge berated him and dolled out punishment for a May incident in which he was pulled over and cuffed after doing 110 m.p.h. in a 55 zone. Lastly, on his way out, he was picked up by police on a month-old trespassing complaint.So, a recap of the news Cozart received yesterday: (1) It's a girl! (2) he owes the court $531, 18 months probation, 60 hours of community service, eight hours of traffic school, and his urine in a cup whenever they ask for it; and (3) a security guard from the Parkway Gardens housing complex is not stoked that he's been (allegedly) hanging around the vicinity.

  • El Ten Eleven Eliot Lipp Remix 'No One Died This Time!'

    Eliot Lipp Gives El Ten Eleven a Panoramic Pop Remix on 'No One Died This Time!'

    Los Angeles post-rock pair El Ten Eleven make a lot of noise for two dudes. Their fifth album, Transitions, came out last year, and it finds bassist-guitarist Kristian Dunn and drummer-electronicist Tim Fogarty beautifully broadening their drone-dipped, sunset sound — a thing as wide-armed as early Arts & Crafts explorations and as rhythmically powered as the Tortoise oeuvre. So though there's only two of these guys, it's fair to say they don't need any help. Which is part of the reason that their April 2 Transitions Remixed LP is such a joy. When veteran New York electronic producer Eliot Lipp gets ahold of a song like "No One Died This Time!," his job isn't to improve; it's to play. Below you'll find the outcome of that team-up. The track is bright and panoramic, pop-kissed, and given a propulsive new pulse.

  • Mibbs Scoop DeVille Freebass EP Pac Div Stream

    Hear Pac Div's Mibbs Go Solo With a Scoop DeVille Assist on Wavy 'Freebass' EP

    Mibbs hails from long-hustling Los Angeles trio Pac Div, but he breaks out of the backpack on his debut solo EP, Freebass. Produced by hit-maker Scoop DeVille (Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Kendrick Lamar, Das Racist), these five songs combine wavy minimal beatwork with rhymes that range from swaggy to heady to hard. And while "Rollin" coasts by with sparse drums and deep sea submarine pulse, "Supwithat" is built around a screaming/chiming melody that sounds cribbed from My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. All of which is to say, these two cover a good amount of ground while still managing to keep it simple and come in under 20 minutes. Since Mibbs is apparently the master of the EP, he's got five more short-players on deck for the next year — collaborations with Chicago star Tree, French producer JMV, house artist C Penn, and L.A. beatsmiths DertBeats and WoodysProduce.

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