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  • Freddie Gibbs 'Lay it Down' Video ESGN

    Freddie Gibbs Goes Back to Gary in Gangsta 'Lay It Down' Video

    Gangsta Gibbs is in full effect on "Lay It Down," a track from his recently released ESGN album that dwells wholly, unapologetically in the trap. That fact is amplified by the television news clip that opens the song's video, in which a news anchor refers to a "reason to go to Gary, Indiana" (Freddie Gibbs' hometown) when a second talking head responds: "Ever been to Gary, Indiana?" No. "That's the reason you'd wanna go then. Really. I [went] one time and [thought] I needed to take an AK-47 with me." Cue Gibbs surrounded by a whole lot of locals packing a whole lot of heat. The place looks like an industrial wasteland where the only sources of entertainment are shooting craps and guns.

  • Julian Lynch 'North Line' Video Dogs Lines

    Julian Lynch's Dog Friends Find Transcendent Bliss in 'North Line' Video

    Having a bad day? Let man's best friend lend a paw. The new video for Julian Lynch's "North Line" features a cast of canines enjoying the afternoon air from the open window of a moving vehicle. Director Richard Law fades in and out of dog after dog, but each is gripped with what we humans could only identify as true and absolute transcendental bliss. The song itself is a pint-sized folk reverie that feels a bit like the aural equivalent of a sunrise. Those blinding bits of light shine through as well, in the post-rock adjacent moments where all that reverbing strum picks up bitter resonance. Like the hushed-but-pretty "Gloves" before it, "North Line" hails from Lynch's Lines album, out earlier this year on Underwater Peoples. We spoke with the one-man band about making the record back in December.

  • Jay-Z RIAA Rules Samsung Sales Platinum Million

    Thanks RIAA! Jay-Z Has 99 Problems But Going Platinum Ain't One

    In the process of selling us the very concept of selling out, Jay-Z and his temporary album distributor Samsung have already "sold" one million copies of the New York heavyweight's forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail. Really, Jigga has only sold those digital LPs to the cell phone company, who'll give 'em out for free to their customers on July 4. Our magnanimous holy host has made a big deal about the "#newrules" he's invented in the process.Billboard has made it clear that as no actual sales are taking place at the consumer level, that cool million won't be worth a lick when it comes to the album's placement on their Nielsen-powered numbers chart.

  • Mount Kimbie King Krule 'You Took Your Time' Video

    Mount Kimbie and King Krule Explore Suburban Angst in 'You Took Your Time' Video

    Mount Kimbie's excellent team-up with King Krule now has a gorgeous video treatment. Swedish director Marcus Söderlund (the xx's "VHS") traveled to the 'burbs outside of London to capture the entrancing imagery for "You Took Your Time." The clip indeed does exactly that, following a series of characters as they make moves to exit their particular trap (not to be confused with the trap, of course) both literally and figuratively. "I was born to be exposed in the storm and held warm," sing-raps Krule as the soulful beat rattles forward. In speaking to Nowness, Söderlund explained his motivation: "Where should we escape when we have no place to go? In a more equal society, the suburbs wouldn’t be places you have to leave." The black-and-white treatment allows us time to linger over the details of the ambient ennui.

  • Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Cover BBC Nas Rick Rubin Samsung

    Jay-Z Isn't Keeping Anything About 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Secret, Especially Your Data

    UPDATE: Speaking of not keeping things secret, Billboard points out that some Jay-Z fans have taken issue with extensive permissions and privacy requests made by the iconic MC's Samsung app. (The very same app has been dolling out the lyrics sheets referred to and displayed below.) While invasive apps are nothing new, the complainant in this case is newsworthy. SPIN pal Killer Mike tweeted a screen cap from his own phone on Tuesday (July 2), along with the words, "I read this and........'Naw I'm cool'." The Run the Jewels rhymer has taken his place on the #nonewrules side of the aisle.Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail arrives July 4 for Samsung customers and July 7 for the rest of us. And while his pal Kanye West employed a fairly minimal marketing strategy, Hova has been going all out every step of the way.

  • Kanye West Depeche Mode Personal Yeezus Black Skinhead Single

    Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' Is Cleaned Up for Radio, Mashed Up for 'Personal Yeezus'

    Kanye West and Depeche Mode have more in common than one might think. The former has of late been toying with the idea that he may be a god (though not the God), while the latter's most enduring song is about one mortal playing the role of savior to another. Enter "Personal Yeezus," a mashup of West's Yeezus highlight "Black Skinhead" and D-Mode's "Personal Jesus." It doesn't hurt that there's that native shuffle beat girding both tracks.In related news, "Black Skinhead" will get the official single treatment, Billboard confirms. Despite West's early assertions that he'd eschew traditional means of promotion — "I have got a new strategy; it's called no strategy," he said at a Yeezus listening party — the aggressive track has received a radio edit and a video is in the works, possibly in time for the Fourth of July. Yeezus debuted at No.

  • Sic Alps 'Carrie Jean' Video She's on Top

    Watch Sic Alps Tell the Story of Prison Queen 'Carrie Jean'

    Sic Alps are hardly your standard San Fran garage-rock gang. Sure, they enjoy the fuzz and the clang like anyone else, but they pull heavily from classic psychedelia. Last year's fantastic self-titled album featured a nod or two to Sgt. Pepper's, and new song "Carrie Jean" owes a bit to Pink Floyd in parts. The darkly menacing track hails from their recently released She's on Top EP, via Drag City, and finds main man Mike Donovan singing about a woman who's behind bars. The accompanying video is ominous in its simplicity, interspersing close shots of a typewriter in action with ethereal images of people and patterns. The band holds it together nearly the entire length of the song, but things devolve gloriously in the end as the guitar makes angular outward jabs from the center of the dirge and wild whooping fills the air.

  • Cass McCombs 'Morning Star' Video

    Cass McCombs Asks What It's Like to Crap in the Cosmos on 'Morning Star'

    Mysterious folky Cass McCombs has made a point of maintaining privacy throughout his career, rarely granting interviews and never settling in one city for very long. It seems he's now got his eyes set on the most exotic of locales: outer space. And what he wants to do when he gets there is indeed a very private matter. On the new song "Morning Star," over lovely strumming and humble hand percussion, he queries ever so tenderly, "What's it like to shit in space?" McCombs being McCombs, he manages to infuse even that line with a certain wide-eyed philosophical curiosity. Meanwhile, the almost beachy song, though spare, is still a bit of a departure from Wit's End or Humor Risk, both from 2011 and tending toward the hushed and sluggish. Directed by Patrick O'Dell, the accompanying video includes vintage skateboarding footage that helps lend to the tracks breezy bygone vibes.

  • Joey Badass 95 Til Infinity Video Summer Knights

    Joey Bada$$ Menacingly Rides a Bike in '95 Til Infinity' Video

    On July 1, Joey Bada$$ will release his hotly anticipated Summer Knights mixtape, which so far looks to be a gruff and gritty set of throwback boom-bap assisted by DOOM, Alchemist, Statik Selektah, and Lee Bannon among others. One early, particularly nostalgic highlight from that set is "95 Til Infinity," whose title subs in Joey's year of birth for that of the classic Souls of Mischief hit "93 'Til Infinity." That song now gets a music video befitting its inspiration — which is a bit more Black Moon than Hieroglyphics — finding Bada$$ and pals stalking the streets of New York City rocking bucket hats (so many bucket hats), bicycles and, yes, one of those Beats by Dre pill speakers that's in every music video right now. Also, heads up for the Hiero third-eye T-shirt. oG $wank directs, and shares an endearing blooper at the end of the clip.

  • Jay-Z David Letterman Marquee New York Live

    Jigga Where? Jay-Z to Perform Atop David Letterman's Big Sign

    UPDATE: New York City has reportedly canceled the performance.Jay-Z will celebrate the impending release of his 12th studio album Magna Carta Holy Grail by performing on top of the marquee of Manhattan's iconic Ed Sullivan Theater. The free July 8 performance will coincide with an appearance from Hova on the Late Show With David Letterman, reports the New York Post. He apparently received permission from the city, who will have to shut down Broadway between West 53rd and 54th during rush hour as a result.As XXL explains, Jigga's plans for an awning takeover date back to 2010 when he'd hoped to perform with Eminem in the same location. At the time, he wasn't able to get the go-ahead from Mayor Bloomberg's office.

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