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  • Soko Ariel Pink Monster Love Video

    Soko and Ariel Pink Actualize Some 'Monster Love' in Charming Short Film

    Actress and singer Soko has laid down years of groundwork in her native France, but she's now looking to expand her audience stateside. With an assist from Community Music — the label founded by Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and Ima Robot — for both her recently released I Thought I Was an Alien LP and the forthcoming My Dreams Dictate My Reality, she should have more than a fighting chance. The VHS-shot short film above offers an able assist as well, setting a charming narrative to a pair of songs: the unreleased "Monster Love" featuring Ariel Pink, and Alien's "I Just Want to Make It New With You."Set to humble-yet-pretty bedroom pop, the Soko-directed clip follows a well-meaning monster's attempts to find romance in a city full of regular humans (and the occasional mermaid).

  • Franz Ferdinand 'Love Illumination' 'Right Action'

    Hear Franz Ferdinand's Well-Timed 'Love Illumination' and 'Right Action'

    Michaels of the world rejoice — Franz Ferdinand are dancing again. The Glaswegian post-punk posse are prepping their fourth full-length at last. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action will be released on August 27 via Domino Records, and the first two tastes of the thing are available to stream now. Above you'll find "Love Illumination," an angular and crunchy groover that balances high-minded thought against visceral action (the FF M.O., essentially). In light of yesterday's big news, lyrics about finding "love elevation" in a "brave new world" feel perfectly timed. And below we have "Right Action," a disco-kissed track that seems to pull equally from the Talking Heads and the DFA Records stable. The war-whoops, hyperactive guitar, and blaring horns make the semi-titular track a very, very promising sign of what's to come.

  • Mariah Carey Miguel #Beautiful ASAP Rocky

    Hear the A$AP Rocky '#Beautiful' Verse That the World Didn't Need

    First of all, we're fans of all three artists here. Mariah Carey is a melismatic legend and the very embodiment of the early '90s R&B that we hold so dear. Miguel is an artistic genius — a singing, songwriting, producing triple-threat ushering alt-R&B into the mainstream. And A$AP Rocky is a stylish if perhaps unfocused young talent deserving of our continued attention (also, a great interview). Also, we love "#Beautiful." Hashtag aside, it's an early leader for Anthem of the Summer, though it's getting some stiff competition from Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." So perhaps it's due to T.I.'s turn on that latter hit that Mariah and Miguel's collaboration now gets a few bars from Rocky. All of the aforementioned considered, this didn't need to happen and A$AP must know it, because he rhymes the name of an upscale fast food chain with a popular Chinese noodle dish.

  • Angel Haze 'Initiation' Dirty Gold Outtake

    Angel Haze Name-Drops Green Day in Dark New Track 'Initiation'

    Angel Haze has let slip an outtake from her forthcoming debut studio album Dirty Gold. Indirectly citing Drake's #YOLO doctrine, she wrote on Twitter, "I'm probably gonna get killed for what I'm about to do. But who cares? One life, right." She then added, "Gonna give you guys something I recorded in January. That didn't make the album. The vocals are raw. So fuck with me on time." The resulting leak is dubbed "Initiation," though it has little to do with the similarly named Latin-spewing Mykki Blanco track shared last month. The production is dark and brooding indeed, but Haze's flow sounds inspired by Kendrick Lamar as she rhymes about pills, faith, and love.

  • Duck Sauce 'It's You' Video A-Trak Armand Van Helden

    Duck Sauce Run a Demented Barbershop in 'It's You' Video

    Duck Sauce don't do music videos often (songs either for that matter) but when they do, it's always special. The DJ duo made up of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden made a funky, soulful return last week with their new track "It's You," an upbeat sampledelic groove featuring vocals from what seems to be a bygone barbershop quartet. But for the video, we visit a barbershop from another dimension entirely. It begins mundanely enough, with our musical hosts behind the clippers, trimming the 'dos of various customers. But as the beat picks up, the hair begins to move with the rhythm — eyeballs, too, and soon the entire salon transforms. Eventually a disco ball emerges from a sizable Afro, black-light head designs are revealed, and rising foam envelops the clientele.

  • Kanye West Yeezus Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? 'Yeezus' Walks, Mac Is Back, and Thicke Has Something Big to Show Us

    First! Yeezus walks! No surprises here, but it's good news nonetheless. Kanye West's sixth album (the one without the cover art) has debuted at No. 1, selling 327,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. While that is the third highest starting figure of the year — following Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience (968K) and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories (339K) — it falls very short of the initially projected half-million sweep, and comes in under My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (496K). Too many cooks in the kitchen? Too much ego on the pulpit? Hard to say, but we predict this one will be as stubborn as its maker — which is to say it's moving its things (oh so much baggage) into this humble little column to stay awhile.2 to 10: As predicted, we've got a hip-hop hat-trick in the top three. Behind West is J.

  • David Lynch 'Are You Sure'

    This David Lynch Song Sounds a Lot Like That Phosphorescent Song

    Well this is strange. Of course, strange is par for the course with David Lynch. The iconoclastic director has released a new song from his forthcoming album The Big Dream and it sounds strikingly familiar. Those high, slightly twanged vocals, the gushy ambient vibes, the mellow tempo, and the searching melodies — its constituent parts taken together, "Are You Sure" bears a strong resemblance to Phosphorescent's "Song for Zula," from the Alabama-via-Brooklyn artist's fantastic March platter Muchacho.Of course, it also sounds a bit like Flaming Lips circa Soft Bulletin, and also like James' song for Donna (and Maddy, amirite?) in Twin Peaks, "Just You." Lynch is a big fan of coincidence, so we hope he won't mind us pointing this out.

  • Growlers 'One Million Lovers' Video Hung At Heart

    The Growlers Pilot an RV Through Space in 'One Million Lovers' Video

    Costa Mesa beach bums the Growlers have returned with a new video for their Hung at Heart highlight, "One Million Lovers." The shambly garage-rock song is a lackadaisical but loving tribute to the kind of romance that pales the world by comparison. As Brooks Nielsen sing-slurs over the loosely lilting groove, "Found a cure for loneliness, I'm forever immune ... One million lovers to choose from, but none like her. In life, the journey to find such a partner often feels like an odyssey of galactic proportions — we can only assume that's why the clip above finds the SoCal psychonauts on a journey through space, avoiding asteroids in a special RV.After meeting a few interstellar moths, however, the gang crash-land on a strange planet where a foam monster covered in eyeballs may turn out to be a different sort of creature entirely.

  • Serengeti Workaholics Anders Holm Laser Tag Kenny Dennis Anticon

    'Workaholics' Star Anders Holm Has Magic Mojo in Serengeti's 'Laser Tag' Video

    Chicago rapper Serengeti stopped by SPIN last year to explain the hip-hop metafiction/therapy session/satirical delight that is his Kenny Dennis character. "This guy just has total confidence in himself," he said. "He doesn't live his work. He does his work, but he doesn't have any qualms about his work because there's no other big pipe dreams. He has his friends come over for cookouts … and I always dreamed of being that dude who had friends comin' over."It's fitting then that this dude gets a clutch assist from a pal on the just-out Kenny Dennis LP. Anders Holm of Workaholics provides four narrative sketches discussing his experiences with Geti's white middle-aged alter-ego.

  • Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Unrated Video Pharrell T.I.

    Is Robin Thicke's Nudity-Filled 'Blurred Lines' Video Exploitative, Awesome, or Both?

    Robin Thicke continues to have the biggest, um, song in the country with "Blurred Lines," a spry and summery soul-dappled single that's stirred up a little bit of controversy on its way to the top. Thanks to the oft-repeated line, "I know you want it," a firestorm of discussion has broken out around the exact degree of the track's "rapey-ness" — is the blue-eyed R&B-ist transgressing decades of "no means no" re-education, or is this simply a dance-floor provocation betwixt two intensely flirting individuals?The nudity-featuring "unrated" version of director Diane Martel's music video also walks a confusing line. On the one hand, it's lighthearted and not the least bit pornographic — three beautiful female models prance, frolic, and dance while Thicke and his handsome collaborators Pharrell and T.I. do their best to impress.

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