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  • Daft Punk Random Access Memories Wee Waa Australia

    Watch Wee Waa Townies Go Wild for Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Launch

    Last month we reported that Daft Punk had plans to debut their SPIN Essential Random Access Memories at a random ass town in Australia — Wee Waa to be exact, via the rural burg's annual agricultural festival. Well, although the album hit the Internet early, the event still happened and was a smashing success. As Pitchfork reports, while the town only has a population of roughly 2,000, the Wee Waa Show sold 4,000 tickets.Also, as seen in the video clips below, these Aussies got into it. Although there's no evidence to suggest the members of Daft Punk were anywhere near the place, the crowd went wild atop the LED-powered dance floor. In addition, there are reports (and video evidence) of Daft Pork Honey Sausages, Techno Treats, Random Access Rissoles, and Punk Pies being sold.

  • Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire 'Illist Niggaz Breathin'' the Passion MFN Goldie Glo

    Hear Mr. MFN eXquire Meet 'Mortal Kombat' on 'Illest Niggaz Breathin''

    Some days are better than others. You get up, look in the mirror, and realize you're at the top of your game — standing at your own personal apex. Or, as Mr. MFN eXquire and his cousin Goldie Glo might prefer to put it, "I woke up this morn' / Feelin' like that nigga." Together, with a beat assist by J5atron, these two are the "Illest Niggaz Breathin'" on the new track posted below. Punctuated by Mortal Kombat samples, the gritty head-knocker offers a sturdy home for eXquire's confident and gritty rhymes. Glo's raw, higher-pitched vocals make an apt complement. Apparently the song was originally intended for MFN's Passion & Power EP, but was held up due to sample clearance issues. Hit SoundCloud to hear remixes by Obey City, DJ Sicksents, and theMFK. For the freshest sounds from the New York MC, check out his two-part video, "Nightfall at the Thames."

  • Laura Marling 'Dancing in the Dark' Bruce Springsteen Cover Eddie Berman

    Watch Laura Marling Slay 'Dancing in the Dark' Without Lifting a Finger

    The magnificent Laura Marling doesn't even try on this cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark." She doesn't need to. Los Angeles singer-songwriter Eddie Berman kicks off his sleepy-eyed Sunday morning rendition of the 1984 heartland hit, and when he sings the line, "Hey there baby, I could use a little help," the inordinately talented young woman to his right cracks her mouth just enough to let a perfect harmony slip out. She barely raises her voice, barely moves at all, and yet absolutely sons everyone in the room. At one point, as she takes lead, she even poises her index finger against her lip as if she's thinking about something else entirely.What Marling supplies is so absolutely other that we can only assume she's beaming her presence in from some pure white cloud in the heavens. Or that she's horribly, terribly depressed.

  • Sam Amidon 'As I Roved Out' Video Bright Sunny South

    See Sam Amidon Wield a Possessed Banjo in 'As I Roved Out'

    Sam Amidon puts his unique touch on the old Irish folk song "As I Roved Out" on his brand new album Bright Sunny South, but he reinvents it even further for the video above. Directed by John Hardwick (Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Dido), the clip begins with our host standing in the woods, reading from a piece of paper: "This song is about how you might be out on a cold winter's night ... maybe you'd bring a bottle of wine, head out into the woods, into the mountains 'cause maybe you're trying to find some sort of inspiration. You look around, but at a certain point as you get out there, the sun goes down and the shapes of the trees start to emerge." When the song begins, his banjo almost leaps into his hands, and the surreality kicks in.

  • Jeremih Karate Chop Remix Future Lil Wayne Emmett Till

    Jeremih Remixes 'Karate Chop,' Forgets Lil Wayne's Emmett Till Gaffe

    Chicago singer/producer Jeremih knows an impactful song when he hears one, but he may not know the entire reason for its impact. The R&B youngster has remixed the remix of Future's Lil Wayne-featuring "Karate Chop," but as Fader points out he didn't bother to edit out that part where Weezy turned a 14-year-old lynching victim into a punchline for a boast about his own sexual prowess and hence set off a string of events that resulted in the song being disavowed by Epic Records and Mounatin Dew dropping Wayne as a spokesperson. We're guessing that Jeremih somehow missed all of that — and that the Shlohmo collaborator isn't tacitly endorsing the controversial lyric — since his new verse on the track stays with the general theme of being super rich, super high, and super sexed.

  • The-Dream IV Play Video Album

    See The-Dream Pimp Beyond the Thunderdome in 'IV Play' Video

    The-Dream isn't worried about radio play or foreplay. He's here to deliver an authentic love-making experience sans filler, frills, or other parties' preconceived notions of what such an experience should entail. The titular track of his forthcoming long-delayed album IV Play makes that more than clear — as did those collaborations with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Fabolous — and that might have something to do with his future status as Supreme Alpha Male, as seen in the new video above. The clip for "IV Play" finds Terius Nash wearing a variety of noteworthy hats and strange coats in a dusty, dystopian environment while a bevy of wasteland women court his attention.

  • Destruction Unit 'Sonic Pearl' Suicide Squeeze Singles Series Stream

    Hear Destruction Unit's Sand-Melting Psych Bomb 'Sonic Pearl'

    Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Destruction Unit deal in their own sort of desert rock: ripping riffage, pounding drums, ominous atmosphere, damaged vocals. Just look at the waveform below for a preview of what's in store. This is thick, powerful rock'n'roll and it's the latest entry in the Suicide Squeeze Singles Series. The Seattle label has this far delivered a handful of heavy hitters — Numerators' "Dead," Audacity's "Finders Keepers" and the Coathangers' "Derek's Song" — in a limited vinyl run that's also set to include entries from Cloud Nothings and Antwon.D-Unit's "Sonic Pearl" doesn't break the mold in that it very well may break your speakers. The track will see a physical release on July 16 along with B-side "Nightfall," packaged as Two Strong Hits and pressed on glow-in-the-dark wax.

  • Liars 'I Saw You From the Lifeboat' Video 'Perfume Tear'

    Watch Liars Do Awesome Arty Things in 'I Saw You From the Lifeboat' Video

    Liars' excellent WIXIW found the Los Angeles noise-makers crafting an electronic album on their own beguiling terms, dwelling in the art form's more purgatorial nature, as critic Andy Beta noted. SPIN actually visited the hidden bunker where the trio recorded those songs and witnessed some of the odd experiments that gave the LP some of its unique sounds (we're still not sure about those osmotic books) and the video for the freshly released "I Saw You From the Lifeboat" acts as a window into that world.A series of images frenetically flies by as the band creates WIXIW, makes music videos, consorts with cats, shares cryptic diagrams, hangs with No Age, and ... well, you get the idea. It's pretty much everything that's happened since the album's opening moments were conceived, up to the clip for "The Exact Color of Doubt" that came out last month.

  • Drenge 'Backwaters' Stream Loveless Brothers

    Hear Drenge Deliver Masterful Punk-Blues Misery on 'Backwaters'

    As Drenge, English brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless have found excellence in a perfect combination of simplicity, brutality and soul. The former sings and shreds while the latter hits the skins, and together they make punk-blues rippers packed with sour poetry and antisocial activity. Song titles like "People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck" and "I Wanna Break You in Half" speak volumes, but go ahead and visit those after you've heard the latest."Backwaters" steps out of the dingy bar and into the oppressive sunlight as Eoin, 22, squints and sings gorgeous misery in the face of it all.

  • Thom Yorke Massive Attack Score The UK Gold Tax Film

    Thom Yorke to Make Audit Music (for a Film)

    Thom Yorke and Massive Attack founder Robert "3D" Del Naja will be scoring a forthcoming feature-length documentary about tax evasion. The Wire star Dominic West is set to narrate The UK Gold, directed by journalist and filmmaker Mark Donne. The film will premiere at London's Troxy Theatre on June 25, and will be followed by a musical performance from a "secret" artist.The movie's website sets the scene: "As Olympic gold medals pumped the UK with pride in 2012, vast financial hauls were being secretly processed within a few miles of the Olympic stadium." The story follows a vicar from the London Borough of Hackney as he attempts to take on the British financial institution and the tax havens that it implicitly props up."This is a political documentary, but more than anything else it is an extraordinary story," Donne told the Telegraph.

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