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  • Prince Extraloveable Reloaded Stream 3rdEyeGirl

    Prince Would Like to Take a Shower With You in 'Extraloveable Reloaded'

    Prince's 3rdEyeGirl is just an endless font of nu jamz. Last week, the Purple One let slip "Ain't Gonna Miss U When U'r Gone," a funked kiss-off in which the Artist offers to rub some "ta-tas" for good measure. He's got a little bit more in mind on "Extraloveable Reloaded," a reboot of his unreleased 1982 single for Vanity 6. Frankly, he wants to take a shower with you. Or a bath. (But no hot tubs. That's how folliculitis happens.) Like the others before it — see "That Girl Thing" and "Boyfriend" — the new old song is available for the highly specific price of $0.88. This actually isn't even the first time Prince has resurrected this one. As Consequence of Sound points out, two years ago he released "Extraloveable 2011," which featured a rap verse from someone called Andy Allo. That's been scrubbed, but otherwise the record seems to be the same: lotsa horns, lotsa horndogging.

  • Duck Sauce 'It's You' A-Trak Armand Van Helden

    Duck Sauce Share Another Exquisitely Silly Single, 'It's You'

    The duo that brought Barbara Streisand's name into the homes and rave tents of teenage club-heads everywhere have returned with a new track dubbed "It's You." The repetitive Duck Sauce pulser is as fun as you'd expect: upbeat, soulful, full of playful effects, and powered by cut-up vocals. Singles aside, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have only released an EP thus far — 2010's Greatest Hits via Trak's own Fool's Gold label — so perhaps something more extensive is in the works. The rip of "It's You" streaming below came from Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show. The song will receive an official release via Republic Records on June 25.

  • Tree 'Busters' Video Sunday School II Mixtape

    Tree Puts the Freeze on Haters in Snowy 'Busters' Video

    Chicago MC Tree has shared a new video in honor of his super-solid May mixtape Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out. As one might expect from the title, "Busters" is your standard fuck-the-haters track, with many middle fingers given to those who'd slow this unsung rhymer's quickening roll. His vocal styles are firmly Tone Loc meets Mykki Blanco, while the track features lurching beatwork that manages to be both dark and soulful. The clip above is similarly no-frills, finding Tree out in his city on a snowy night, in the shadow of many landmarks that should be familiar even to those who've never visited. And if you haven't yet, you might consider a trip. Between Tree, Chief Keef, and Chance the Rapper, there's a lot going on there these days.

  • Kitty Pryde Lakutis 'Ay Shawty 3.0' Video

    Kitty Pryde Lusts After Lakutis in Dreamy 'Ay Shawty 3.0' Video

    The premise for the new Kitty (née Pryde) song is fairly similar to that of Die Antwoord's latest — minus the deeply uncomfortable ending. In "Ay Shawty 3.0," our hostess is an innocent outsider who takes an interest in a tough-guy type. "You're flexing in the trap," she dreamily rhymes at one point, "Every time I hear your voice I have relapse: 'Ay shawty, let me holler at you.'" Cue the cloud-rap synth wash and skittering drum hits. The song hails from Kitty's recent D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP, and Das Racist affiliate Lakutis plays the role of the bad boy. The video is simple and cast in the same sort of hazy sunlight that saturates her sound. Last we heard from Kitty was, well, yesterday, when she dropped her "Barbie Jeep" bumper for the Adult Swim Singles Series.

  • Captain Beefheart Gial Zappa Trademark

    Famously Litigious Frank Zappa Widow Acquires Captain Beefheart Trademark

    Frank Zappa's widow Gail Zappa has trademarked the name "Captain Beefheart," which was the alias of her late husband's collaborator-competitor Don Van Vliet. To those who've followed the latter-day activities of the Zappa estate executrix, this latest move may seem a bit worrisome. In 2008, Gail led the charge against a small German festival with a deep love of Frank's work, suing them to change the name of their Zappanale gala, to remove the Zappa-esque mustache from their promotional materials, and to knock down the statue of Frank that stood in the city's center.Thankfully, the court then found in the Germans' favor, but the acquisition of the Beefheart name could mean more litigiousness is on the way. According to Yahoo!, Frank actually sued Vliet, his high-school buddy, for the moniker many years ago.

  • Nine Inch Nails David Lynch 'Came Back Haunted' Video

    Nine Inch Nails Ask David Lynch to Direct 'Came Back Haunted' Video

    The video for Nine Inch Nails' new single "Came Back Haunted" will be directed by David Lynch, Pitchfork reports. Earlier today, Trent Reznor shared a picture via Twitter of himself seemingly wearing makeup while the iconic Twin Peaks creator lurks in the background. Though a source for the news wasn't named, the official Nine Inch Nails account has retweeted the story. The band's new album Hesitation Marks will arrive September 3 via Columbia Records.The two have a brief but significant history of collaboration. Reznor produced the soundtrack to Lynch's 1997 film Lost Highway, which included the NIN leader's first music composed explicitly for cinema (fast-forward to his Grammy-winning The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo score). Lynch is releasing his second artist album, The Big Dream, July 16 via Sacred Bones.

  • Wavves 'That's on Me' Video 'Afraid of Heights'

    Wavves' Graphic 'That's on Me' Video Might Turn You Vegan

    Wavves have shared a brand new music video for "That's on Me" — a sour-toned slow-growler about grabbing life by the horns. While there are no bulls featured above, there is one very unfortunate pig who's fed to a ravenous gang of cheerleaders after being sliced and diced by sword demo king Lynn Thompson. When the clip opens, we see that rotund YouTube hero emerging from his yellow hot rod. Things get deliciously weird as he begins chopping soda bottles while the girls flash their pompoms and a Latin death-metal dude pretends he's Wavves. Then comes the meat. The resulting cuts are captured with a high-speed camera, so it's nearly as disturbing as it is fascinating to watch. All the ambient irreverence keeps the mood light enough, but one might think differently about bacon after watching a porcine skull smashed with the blunt end of a medieval axe. Then again, maybe not.

  • Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' Video

    Please, Miley Cyrus, Show Us How to Get 'Turnt Up' in Your 'We Can't Stop' Video

    Miley Cyrus has released the video for her polarizing (?) new pop breakthrough, "We Can't Stop" — you know, the song that's totally not about molly. We already know all about the track's ridiculous #YOLO leanings and Cartman-esque bully-stance, but the video takes her version of (signifying that she's) getting "turnt up" to new levels of branded wilding. Perhaps it's best to experience the thing in the stream-of-consciousness manner in which the clip was assembled. We see: Beats by Dre product, sparkly gold nails, Miley fitting herself with a grill, a french-fry skull, Miley writhing in tight white on a bed, a dude with two tongues, cosmetic products, crotch rockets, many mutual spankings, a chanting 3-D computer head (look out #Seapunks!), Miley getting spicy with her ladyfriends, thumb-sucking, twerking, pools, and more (lots more) Miley-on-molly writhing.

  • Black Sabbath 13 Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Black Sabbath Possess No. 1, the Lonely Island #YOLO-Yodel Into Top 10

    First! All hail the dark lord Ozzy and his grotesque generals Tony and Geezer — the original Black Sabbath hath risen after 35 years of absence from the charts and proven, definitively, that this demonic whole is greater than the sum of its possessed parts. Okay, so 13 isn't a very good album despite the golden touch of Rick Rubin. But this is still a significant day for metalheads. The new LP's arrival marks the band's first trip to the top of the Billboard 200, moving a mighty 155,000 units according to Nielsen SoundScan. Sabbath's highest ranking heretofore came with 1971'a Master of Reality, which peaked at No. 8. Furthermore, Osbourne has come close but never snagged himself a No. 1 as a solo artist. Would we rather see Queens of the Stone Age hold onto to last week's No. 1? Of course. (Sadly ...Like Clockwork has plummeted to No.

  • Mikky Ekko 'Kids' Benny Blanco John Hill Stream

    Mikky Ekko's Uplifting 'Kids' Stays Humble Despite Benny Blanco's Hit-Making Touch

    After teasing us with seven months of videos and remixes for his excellent Clams Casino-produced single "Pull Me Down," Mikky Ekko has at last let slip a brand new official cut. Of course, the Nashville-based singer hasn't been idle exactly. He co-wrote and -performed Rihanna's chart-climbing ballad "Stay," and also shared a lovely little demo called "Disappear," but "Kids" is the first sign that, in Ekko's own words, he's "starting the next chapter." The new track premiered over at Gorilla vs. Bear and features production from Benny Blanco (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha) and John Hill (Wavves, Santigold, Portugal. the Man). Unsurprisingly, the music walks a line between soul-powered pop and indie-flavored rock while Ekko shows off his voice — a flexible thing that can handle crisp notes as well and raw emotion.

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