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  • Nakim Fat Trel 'Pinky Ring' Miloh Smith YNWA

    Nakim, Fat Trel, and Miloh Smith Polish Up the 'Pinky Ring' on Woozy Track

    Harlem-raised rapper Nakim Williams has a delivery that befits his heritage: hard and no nonsense but imbued with crisp style. He reps "American scheming" over American dreaming, and cites Diddy and Johnny Cash as two of his biggest influences. That said, his new track "Pinky Ring" owes to a different influence: the age-old business of pimping as outlined by O.G.s Iceberg Slim and his 1973 on-screen interpretation, Goldie from The Mack. Some oft-quoted words of wisdom from that film kick off the track before we're blessed with a hook that leaves no question as to this song's subject matter: "Ballin', pimpin', mackin' / Ballin', pimpin', mackin'."In from D.C., SPIN friend Fat Trel delivers the first verse in a mealymouthed barrage of dirty scenarios. Next up is Atlanta's Miloh Smith — a young woman whose mack hand is not to be questioned.

  • Unknown 'I Cry' Gemma Dunleavy Champion Sound

    Tour Unknown's Geometrically-Enhanced Forest in 'I Cry' Video

    Northern Irish producer Unknown is well named, but only because his true identity has been successfully protected thus far. The man's work is turning heads while churning the rumor mill. Everyone from La Roux to Skrillex has been proposed as the true source of these post-dubstep soundscapes, but if Sonny Moore were the culprit, we're pretty sure Ellie Goulding wouldn't be publicly asking after this particular mystery (via Twitter). The enigmatic beatsmith leaked out a series of numbered tracks last year, "#001" to "#010," but is making things official in 2013 with the I Cry EP, coming soon via Champion Sound.Above you'll find the titular track — featuring Dublin's Gemma Dunleavy — and its accompanying video. The clip was shot in a Belfast forest, and features all the lush scenery you'd expect ... and then some.

  • Timbaland Interview Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Yeezus

    Timbaland Reveals the Secrets of Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' in Intimate Interview

    Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail arrives tomorrow, July 4, and though we've learned much about the man's 12th studio album — the cover art, the lyrics, the collaborators — we've still yet to get into the nitty gritty. Enter Timbaland. The multi-faceted producer had a major hand in the making of MCHG and he goes in-depth about that experience in the lengthy new interview above dubbed "Timbaland Unlocks the Holy Grail." In speaking to Revolt TV, he discusses the process behind many of the album's songs, and even plays some snippets along the way. He also addresses his former fallout with Jigga and his return to the Roc Nation fold; his experience in helping to craft Justin Timberlake's sound; what it was like to mentor J. Cole (currently No. 2 on the charts); and his personal struggles with drug use and creativity.

  • Justin Timberlake Macklemore Ryan Lewis Biggest Sales

    Halfway Through 2013, Justin Timberlake and Macklemore Are Outselling Everybody

    As we round off the first six-months of 2013, Billboard is taking a moment to look back at the year's biggest successes to date, and the good-to-bad news breakdown is a 50-50 split. Thus far, Justin Timberlake has the best selling album with just over two million units moved of The 20/20 Experience. On the other hand, no one has sold more copies of a single song than Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. "Thrift Shop" has done a massive 5.6 million.And now the black lining of JT's silver cloud: His is the only full-length to break one million so far this year. In 22 years of SoundScan history, this has only happened once before, and that was last year. By June 30 of 2012, only Adele's 21 had put up platinum numbers, and that one actually came out in 2011.

  • Wale Gifted Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Wale's Ugly Bust Pushes 'Yeezus' Off of Its Pedestal

    First! Some weeks, the charts move in mysterious ways. This is very much one of those weeks. Today, Wale sits atop the Billboard 200 with The Gifted, an album that is "special" at best. The unlikely Maybach Music affiliate sold a whopping 158,000 copies of his third album according to Nielsen SoundScan, meaning people are actually totally into "the schizophrenic identity shifts, awkward slang usage, shameless pandering to female fans, and Cosmo corniness that lets him describe something as 'the smell of beauty.'" Okay, enough about Wale. What's positively cray is the fall of Yeezus. Kanye West's controversial latest has dipped a full 80 percent in sales, moving only 65K. If it wasn't a slow release week, the record wouldn't have landed far past No. 3.2 to 10: Timbaland protégé J. Cole holds onto No. 2 with Born Sinner, which is just bad meaning bad (84K).

  • Scott & Charlene's Wedding 'Lesbian Wife' Any Port Storm

    Scott & Charlene's Wedding Welcome 'Lesbian Wife' to the Slack-Pop Party

    Scott & Charlene's Wedding is the beauteous slack-pop project of one Craig Dermody, an Australian expat whose relocation to New York City has provided him enough inspiration for an album's worth of odes to his new home. We've previously heard "Two Weeks," "Gammy Leg," from the band's previous album Two Weeks, and "Fakin' NYC" from the July 22 Fire Records release Any Port in a Storm. Now we have "Lesbian Wife," a song written by our hero during Hurricane Sandy. "I was down on the street, I was watching the cars lining up for their gasoline / After the biggest storm we've ever seen," Dermody sings before seeking solace in the memory of a friendly stray dog and the theoretical comfort of the song's titular mate. His slightly tone-warped delivery matches perfectly the gorgeously gnarled guitar-play and breezy drum work. Listen below and set the date.

  • Ghost B.C. Video Interview Nameless Ghoul

    Watch Ghost B.C.'s Nameless Ghoul Give an Incredibly Polite Interview

    So it turns out nameless ghouls are completely reasonable people if you just talk to them. Swedish doom-metal destroyers Ghost B.C. are known for their unknown personnel. Though fronted by the one and only Papa Emeritus II, the rest of the band is made up entirely of "nameless ghouls" — guitar goblins, drum demons, and bass beasts. Anonymous though they may be, these damaged souls are apparently allowed to give interviews, as England's Mike James Rock Show has corned one for the clip above. Speaking to the interviewer at the U.K.'s Download Festival, the ghoul is exceedingly polite and endearingly awkward. He comments on the "fine weather," refers to the group's tour as "very rewarding," and praises the "many different flavors" of the European continent. He also cops to wishing he was Spiderman.Ghost B.C.'s custom dildo and butt-plug set is still available, in case you were wondering.

  • Ringo Starr Birthday Peace Love Video Message

    Ringo Starr Wants You to Share 'Peace and Love' With an Unshareable Video

    Dear "everyone everywhere," former Beatle and full-time octopus-under-the-sea Ringo Starr would like to share his birthday with you. On July 7, the rock legend will turn 73 and as he is wont to do each year, he's requesting that we all take "a moment of peace and love" in order to mark the occasion. Via the Official Ringo Starr Site, the drummer would like this moment to happen at exactly noon in whichever time zone you're already in.Mr. Starr also invites us to "post and share" his own good tidings in video form, except he's given the world a clip that cannot be embedded. A riddle, perhaps? Nay — just a general misunderstanding of how the internet works. It's cool. We'll describe it for you. The thing opens with a red title card and a very catchy name: "RINGO 07.07.13 BIRTHDAY MESSAGE." Then we find the goofball in his garden surrounded by lawn ornaments.

  • Randy Blythe Lamb of God Book Deal Memoir De Capo

    Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Is Writing a Memoir About His Manslaughter Trial

    Lamb of God's Randy Blythe has got a story to tell. Following the tragic death of a Czech fan at a show abroad in 2010, the Virginia-born metal singer was arrested, detained, and tried for manslaughter. Fortunately he was acquitted of all charges and even even shared a tender moment with the deceased's family, who wished him well. But as reported last month, his Prague trial left the man and his band flat broke. Enter publisher De Capo Press. Antiquiet reports that Blythe will pen a memoir for release in the spring of 2014. They quoted a press release in which the already known-to-be eloquent man approached the subject with confidence and sensitivity.

  • Dan Deacon 'USA' Suite Video Adult Swim Short Film

    Dan Deacon and Adult Swim Deliver Bong-Bait in 'USA' Short Film

    Mere days ago, we got to hear Dan Deacon's "Why Am I on This Cloud?," a bite-sized remapping of the lengthy "USA" suite found on his 2012 album America. That newish song arrived as part of the jam-packed Adult Swim Singles Series (see other entries by METZ, Run the Jewels, and Kitty), and now the Cartoon Network offshoot is repaying the favor by sharing a nearly 23-minute short film that includes every last second of the "USA" series. The four tracks include "USA I: Is a Monster," "USA II: The Great American Desert," "USA III: Rail," and "USA IV: Manifest."The video follows those themes to some extent, compiling footage of nature, industry, urban development, space exploration, and a dance troupe wearing anatomically correct nude fat suits.

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