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  • Demon Queen 'Exorcise Tape' Album Stream Tobacco Zackey

    Stream Demon Queen's Warped Electro-Funk Opus 'Exorcise Tape'

    Demon Queen is a match made in some gloriously fucked dimension where roving gangs of centaurs rule the streets, Wild Style is treated as gospel, and the roller disco is the primary delivery system for entertainment. On the one hand you've got Black Moth Super Rainbow main brain Tobacco, a vocoder-loving Pennsylvania hippie whose work has been getting more and more beatwise of late. And then there's Zackey Force Funk, a Tucson-based ex-con who's got a wicked way with the spraycan and an appreciation for Zapp that runs deeper than his rap sheet.

  • Doley Bernays 'Tommy & Keish' James ASHLI Stream

    Doley Bernays Pays Tribute to 'Belly'-Style Love in 'Tommy & Keish'

    Bronx rhymer and ReeLife associate Doley Bernays has shared a brand new single from his forthcoming Just in Case EP and it's, well, romantic. "Tommy & Keish" takes its name from the iconic couple at the center of Hype Williams' 1998 film Belly, who happened to be played by DMX and Teddy Riley-affiliated singer Taral Hicks. While the lyrics aren't exactly the mushy stuff of Valentine's specials, they certainly pay tribute to an enduring sort of love: "I said damn I love that crazy shit, just me and my crazy bitch / Same girl I got broke with, be the same girl I get famous with / We fighting every day but we fucking every night / She say how much she hate me but she love me in her life."Bernays' go-to beatsmith MP Williams returns (via "Blessed" and "Till We Fall"), here providing a goopy synth-heavy production assisted by soulful ahhs by James ASHLI.

  • American Idol Racism Lawsuit Willy Wonka Contestants

    'American Idol' Accused of Racism, Using 'Willy Wonka' Contracts in Lawsuit

    A lawsuit filed against various entities connected to American Idol alleges that the show applied racist policy in disqualifying would-be singers, and that the requisite contestant contracts are Willy Wonka-like in nature — "mindbending labyrinth[s] of non-sensical provisions." The document filed on Thursday (July 25) is a whopping 429 pages in length, calls for $250 million on behalf of 10 clients, and names not only the Fox show's creators, but its corporate sponsors as well.Billboard has done the difficult work of parsing out the highlights from the colorfully constructed filing. They also point out that attorney James H. Freeman is the very same who sued Lionsgate for $500 million in a mere (ha) 219 pages on behalf of a client who felt their Twilight parody Twiharder was unfairly muscled out of the market.

  • Diplo Flo Rida Pitbull Video Beef Can't Believe It Seapunk

    Diplo Offers to Fight Flo Rida Over 'Can't Believe It' Video Ripoff

    Major Lazer main brain Diplo has licked a couple of Twitter shots at pop-rapper Flo Rida for blatantly jacking his video aesthetic. Seen above, the visual for the Pitbull-featuring ass anthem "Can't Believe It" borrows thematic elements and production styles from both the "Bubble Butt" and "Butter's Theme" clips, incorporating absurdist twerking scenarios, obvious #seapunk parody, and GIF-tastic internet imagery. So this is what Zombelle was trying to warn us about when she and the rest of the dolphin gang picked up their tridents to protest Rihanna and Azealia Banks. Go deep or go home. Here's Diplo:yo @official_flo ur a fuck ass fuckboi for ripping off my video— D1Pl,000 000 (@diplo) July 29, 2013im goin to go toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion if you want u can ride or die with me. also bring eggs .

  • Icona Pop 'Girlfriend' 2Pac Shakur Me My Video

    Icona Pop Have a Need for Speed in 2pac-Inspired 'Girlfriend' Video

    If you've been paying attention to Sweden's latest pop export Icona Pop, then you already know that the twosome transformed 2pac's "Girlfriend" into a lady-power anthem of the bubbliest degree. This delectable digression came along as a stopgap between the inescapably fizzy "I Love It" and just-out single "All Night," but now there's a video to go with it. As Stereogum points out, the Tim Nackashi-directed clip fittingly finds Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo Thelma-&-Louise-ing it up, driving through the desert like they just don't care, hopping on moving trains to feel the wind in their hair, and, well, looking cool amidst lasers (which, really — not that difficult). But these ladies "wanna feel the sun, the waves ... the speed, the chase," and surely they will, commercial rail transit laws be damned.

  • Deap Vally Bad for My Body Sistrionix stream

    Deap Vally Are Looking for Trouble on 'Bad for My Body'

    When SPIN sat down with Deap Vally back in January, we learned a startling fact: howler/shredder Lindsey Troy and the kit-smashing Julie Edwards met at a Los Angeles crochet class, taught by the latter no less. Such a setting seems out of place for pair of musicians who worship at the throne of Led Zeppelin and sound like the White Stripes at their loudest and blooziest, albeit without all of the cutesiness. But Deap Vally are all about repping their own badass brand of femininity, and they're fairly certain their elders wouldn't approve even with the knitting thrown in for good measure. "If our mothers only knew / The trouble we get into," Troy belts out over grinding guitar and pounding drums on "Bad for My Body" from the duo's debut album Sistrionix. That LP isn't out stateside until October, but this new single is out tomorrow, Tuesday, July 30.Deap Vally, Sistrionix U.K.

  • Medicine 'To the Happy Few' Band Shoegaze Album Stream

    Stream Medicine's Blissful Psych-Gaze Reunion LP 'To the Happy Few'

    With all due respect, shoegaze's history wasn't written by English bands alone. Out in Los Angeles, a group called Medicine were adding to the '90s art form in their own way, tempering all that guitar wash and rhythmic drone with bright, psychedelic notions and unexpected shifts in arrangement. Though prolific founder Brad Laner released an album under the Medicine name (The Mechanical Forces of Love, featuring accompaniment from Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee) the band's original lineup has been inactive for the past 18 years.

  • Outside Lands 2013 Schedule Set Times Conflicts

    Outside Lands 2013's 5 Most Wrenching Set-Time Conflicts

    The San Francisco Bay Area is a famously mellow zone that happens to be quite amenable to festival culture. But that doesn't mean it's all granola bowls and, um, other bowls when it comes to navigating a talent-packed event like Outside Lands. The S.F. fest's sixth edition goes down Friday, August 9 through Sunday, August 11 at Golden Gate Park, a thousand-plus acres of gorgeous greenery that butts up against the Pacific Ocean on its west side. Sounds idyllic, yes, but when you've got a belly full of Anchor Steam and sourdough and mere minutes to bridge the geographic gap between Jessie Ware and Band of Horses, well, things can get ugly. That's why we're here to help settle some conflicts before they totally harsh your mellow.5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Grizzly Bear, Saturday, 6:30 to 7:50 p.m.Classic.

  • William Onyeabor 'Good Name' Who Is Luaka Bop

    William Onyeabor's 'Good Name' Will Finally Get Its Due on New Compilation

    William Onyeabor is a mysterious man with a beloved back catalog. Despite growing a deeply loyal cult following over the decades, the Nigerian electro-funk/Afro-beat innovator has only a mere paragraph's worth of a Wikipedia entry to his name. But as the story goes, after releasing a winning string of incredible dance records from 1978 to 1985, Onyeabor became a Born Again and disavowed all secular music. There are also rumors about a stint studying cinematography in the Soviet Union, a law degree obtained in England, and contract work for the Nigerian government so who knows what actually happened. The point is, no one has been successful at legally licensing the man's music ... until now, of course.David Byrne's Luaka Bop label is celebrating 25 years by rebooting its excellent World Psychedelic Classics series.

  • Sirah

    Sirah Moves 'On to the Next' With Big Hooks and Tight Rhymes

    Los Angeles rapper-singer Sirah walks a rare line. Though she'd been spitting prior, she rose to fame as the voice of Skrillex's "Bangarang," cites Cincinnati psych-rap collective WHY? as an influence, and has shared bills with Action Bronson. Her chameleonic approach is her strength, in fact — it's exactly what makes a track like "On to the Next" so dangerous.With an able cadence and a strong sense for hooks, Sirah holds forth over a snappy mix of EDM bigness and summer-pop groove, making her a shoo-in for Queen of Whatever-She-Needs-To-Be, Dammit. The track below hails from her forthcoming EP Inhale, due out August 13. In order to celebrate, Sirah will be hitting the road with K.Flay — a fellow White Girl Rap list alum, due respect — in support of Icona Pop (known 2pac fans, for the record).

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