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  • Missy Elliott G-Dragon KCON Video 2013

    Watch Missy Elliott Stage a G-Dragon 'Coup d'Etat' at K-Pop Conference

    As predicted, Missy Elliott joined her fast-rapping South Korean cray(on) male counterpart G-Dragon on stage at Los Angeles' blowout K-Pop convention over the weekend. Though the supa-dupa-fly MC had been slated to perform at KCON 2013 on Sunday, August 25, her exact role was in question. But toward the end of the Seoul star's set, he hyped the crowd for one final song, and repaid their enthusiasm with a long whispered-about team-up with Miss E.The pair turned in a fevered performance of the as-yet untitled song from G-Dragon's forthcoming solo album Coup d'Etat. Elliott arrived with an appropriately hyped dance squad (one member of which grooved so hard that his sneaker popped off) and traded rapid-fire lines with the Big Bang leader. Despite the presence of the '90s rap superstar, G-Dragon still received the most fervent applause for his verses.

  • Lurve Hey Babe Album Stream Broken Circles

    Lurve Stream Hook-Heavy Punk Ripper 'Hey Babe' LP

    Brooklyn fuzz junkies Lurve look like punks and shred like punks, but they bless all of that noise with crunchy grooves and powerful melodies — who cares if you can't quite make out the words of the hook, you'll slur-sing along anyhow because the chorus compels you. Below you'll find Hey Babe, the debut album from Justin Magnus, Mikey Watkins, Dan Straughn, and Mike Spyros, which rips through 11 candy-coated shred-bombs in less than 30 minutes.The boys themselves hail from a handful of Northeastern hardcore units, but their stylistic forefathers are folks like Dinosaur Jr. and Jawbreaker, with a close cousin being Wavves, of course. Toss in a little power-pop and you've got an undeniable gem in album opener "Wires." Hey Babe is out Tuesday, August 27 on Broken Circles.

  • This Frontier Needs Heroes 'Hooky' Album Stream

    This Frontier Needs Heroes Share 'Hooky' Album of Lushly Psyched Americana

    Brad and Jessica Lauretti are This Frontier Needs Heroes, a New York-based brother-sister duo who spangle heartfelt Americana with psychedelic brightness and lyrical levity. Their forthcoming album, streaming below, is aptly titled Hooky — these eight songs are ear-worms in their own right, even though they're the stuff of deep ruminations and loving assembly.The wistful bliss of the titular opener recalls Grandaddy and vintage Flaming Lips in parts (and let's not overlook that slight touch of Pixies in Jessica's backing vocals) while Brad's lines tell their own inspiring story: "Let's go to Disneyland, throw ourselves in the sand / Maybe we should start a band / It only takes five strings ... to jam!" While "Down on the Farm" dwells in mortality and melancholy, a certain romance prevails.Hooky is out Tuesday, August 27 courtesy of the band's own damn selves.

  • Surf City We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This Stream

    Surf City Fuzz Up the Beach on 'We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This' Album

    Let it be known: New Zealand's Surf City shall not be accused of false advertising. The Aukland trio specialize in grindy guitar fuzz and ooh-enriched vocals, plus a certain aural je ne sais quoi that hearkens back to the nearly tangible depth of Phil Spector's old productions. But singer/guitarist Davin Stoddard, bassist Jamie Kennedy, and drummer Logan Collins are no one's Beach Boys. To wit, take the first line of their new album, We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This, streaming below.On "It's a Common Life," our host's voice creaks as he declares, "Have you heard the devil's back in town? / Fuck the kids, they don't know what's around." Surf City owe just as much inspiration to the misanthropic mutterings and noisy explorations of the Jesus and Mary Chain, coloring their mostly bright productions with whorling distortion and bending melodies as they please.

  • Robin Thicke 2 Chainz Kendrick Lamar Give It 2 U Video Remix

    Robin Thicke Plays Freaky Football With 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar in 'Give It 2 U' Video

    Robin Thicke stirred up just enough controversy with his "Blurred Lines" video. Many a conversation took place over the clip's casual misogyny, but a combination of the song's innate irresistibility (it's been No. 1 on the Hot 100 for 11 weeks now) and the blue-eyed wonder's general aw-shucks-y-ness ensured that the clicks kept coming, in turn ensuring that untold millions would read the words "Robin Thicke has a big dick" spelled out in metallic balloon letters. "Give It 2 U" was the follow-up single and it featured not only another boast about the man's junk, but a nasty little rap from Compton prince Kendrick Lamar. Now the 2 Chainz-assisted remix gets an official video from none other than Diane Martel, the very same director who brought us those three nude ladies so many, er, moons ago.For "Give It 2 U," however, Thicke is the one without a shirt on.

  • Andy Stott Adult Swim 'Anytime Soon' Singles Series

    Andy Stott Unspools Darkly Dangerous Techno With 'Anytime Soon'

    England's Andy Stott is a master of weaving tense beauty through a bleak techno-addled landscape. As Justin F. Farrar put it in his review of the man's recent Luxury Problems, his approach is "murky, dense, menacing, feral, exotic, and humid ... a genre-dissolving iteration of infinitely layered bass decay." Stott is the latest in an impressive string of artists to contribute to the current Adult Swim Singles series, adding "Anytime Soon" to the growing oeuvre.The eight-minute track builds slowly, establishing a paranoiac mood of ever-shifting beat-work and disembodied voice as he builds to a more perfect danceable noise. "The danger is in the thrill," sings a woman over the blackened groove, and indeed, some sort of ominous evil seems to lurk.

  • Pharrell Ravens Ray Lewis Mixtape Natural Born Hitters

    Hear the Ravens' Ray Lewis Shout Over Pharrell's Goopy Trap Jams

    And the WTF of the Week goes to Pharrell Williams and former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis for their so-called mixtape, Natural Born Hitters. This unlikely collaboration arrives via a marketing tie-in with Under Armour athletic wear and only comprises three tracks coming in at a minute-and-a-half each. They are titled "Training," "Practice," and "Pregame," and feature intensely delivered motivational shouting by Lewis set to half-baked beats by the hitmaker du jour (see Robin Thicke, Daft Punk, Nicki Minaj, Earl Sweatshirt, Azealia Banks, 2 Chainz ...) who folds trap, electro, and drifting psych into the mix.

  • Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz 'Hands up'

    Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross Pack Heat on 'Hands Up'

    There's no shortage of material out there from the artists assembled on Swizz Beatz's freshly leaked track, "Hands Up," but hearing all of them in top form together in the same place is, well, priceless. Lil Wayne is first up with a damned clever bit of aerodynamic wordplay ("Your girl is my biggest fan — windmill, nigga") before rapping about cunnilingus for the umpteenth time in uncomfortable proximity to an Alicia Keys joke.Then in comes Nicki Minaj, reportedly throwing shade on Iggy Azalea with, "I got little bunny rabbits in my backyard / Fuck a funny style fraud, tryna act hard / Uhn — you my son, no daddy, you a bastard / Plus you got mad miles on ya vag card." Oof. Rick Ross puts his back into the next verse, which involves some expert-level hollering ("I can tell by your shoes that your ponytail's new") via hair extensions.

  • Kanye West Kris Jenner Show Interview Full Video Watch

    Watch Kanye West's Entire 'Kris Jenner Show' Interview

    Kanye West's entire hour-long interview with his baby's mother's mother Kris Jenner is now streaming in full. The above rip came from Mr. World Premiere, and finds the Yeezus star sitting down with Kim Kardashian's mom for a lengthy chat about the media, marriage, parenthood (see the first photo of über-cute baby girl North West) and, at some point, music. The exceedingly polite and occasionally emotional pow-wow went down on FOX's Kris Jenner Show today. As previously noted, this is West's first television interview since his 2010 sit-down with Matt Lauer for the Today Show, which didn't go so well.

  • Pearl Jam 'Mind Your Manners' Video Lightning Bolt

    Watch Pearl Jam's Electrifying 'Mind Your Manners' Video

    Pearl Jam are careening toward their 10th studio album on the strength of their frantic, fiery "Mind Your Manners," a song which openly flouts its own advice. If the Seattle grunge beacons are gonna call their new one Lightning Bolt (particularly while drummer Matt Cameron moonlights in Drumgasm with skins-psycho Zach Hill), well, they might as well get punk with it. Revered photographer Danny Clinch directs the song's new video, which fittingly laces the noisy track with quickly shifting footage of explosions, cartoon bursts of electricity, and dramatic agit-prop imagery. The 12-track Lightning Bolt is expected October 15 via Universal Republic and is available for pre-order now. No other song titles have yet been revealed.

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