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  • Jincallo Do You Mind Album Stream Alpha Pup

    Hear Jincallo's Beautiful, Brainy Electronica Album 'Do You Mind'

    We don't know a great deal about Los Angeles producer Jincallo, a.k.a. Gian Scott, but his SoundCloud bio handles the salient stuff: "Chill dude. Chill Tunes."To be fair, there's quite a bit more at work on the man's May 13 Alpha Pup album, Do You Mind. Opening song "Turn of the Key" brings the psychedelic nature of Forest Swords' beat-work to mind. "Reflex" is springy like Baths, pitting an old folk vocal sample against rumbling bass and shimmering texture. "The V" features the kind of gritty drum-play you'd hear on a Madlib production, and the lushness of a track like "Interviewing Hoarders" recalls Flying Lotus.The point is, Jincallo's productions place him in very fine company — kin to a diverse group of artists whose work finds purchase on brain, heart, and body alike. Stream all 13 tracks of Do You Mind below, and pre-order via Bandcamp.

  • Sage Francis Copper Gone World Tour Video Interview

    Sage Francis Trolls Dummies, Announces Tour in Spoof Press Conference

    There's a thing that happens, on Facebook in particular, when you're an artist and you announce a tour. The inane questions begin even before the excitement does: "No love for [insert passed-over state here]?" or "Are you gonna play any of the old, good stuff?" or, possibly seriously, "Why don't you play my porch?" Sage Francis preemptively answers all of those burning queries in the hilarious clip above. Therein, the Rhode Island MC announces his upcoming North American tour (plus a whole bunch of European dates) via a press conference that spoofs the aforementioned phenomenon.If you've ever been a music fan on the Internet, you'll appreciate the man's response. But the Jay Brown-directed clip also contains another gem for members of the Cult of Francis: a significant portion of "Pressure Cooker," the barn-burner of an opening track from Sage's June 3 album, Copper Gone.

  • Black Keys Justin Bieber Patrick Carney Beef Twitter

    Black Keys' Patrick Carney Calls Justin Bieber Bad Words

    The Black Keys are back with a new album to promote, so it's a pretty good time to reignite some high-profile beef. Also, Seth Rogen can take a break from being the current go-to pundit on all hate Justin Bieber-related. Yes, Patrick Carney has said more unkind things about everyone's favorite car-crash-walking — this time in an interview with Rolling Stone. Specifically, the drummer has called the Biebz a "fucking irresponsible asshole" and a "fucking moron."If you'll travel back to the part of you brain where you file shit you presume you'll never have to access ever again, you'll recall that over a year ago, Carney pissed off Bieber by making a sorta snide, mostly innocuous comment about the kid to a TMZ reporter regarding the Believe-maker's then-recent awards show snub: "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money.

  • Morrissey vs. Paws Cancel Show Observatory OC Facebook

    Morrissey Allegedly Demands Cancellation of PAWS Concert

    Scottish band PAWS have accused Morrissey of refusing to perform unless the smaller act's concurrent Thursday night concert is cancelled. Let us explain. On May 8, the former Smiths boss (and possible cheese sandwich fan) performs at The Observatory in Orange County, California. But a second bill was booked for the venue's indoor Constellation Room, featuring We Are Scientists and recent SPIN interview subjects PAWS. This was allegedly not kosher with the Mozzer.In a since deleted Facebook update, PAWS claimed the English icon "is currently trying to have our slot at tonights show ...

  • Beats Music Apple Acquisition Buy Billion Dr. Dre

    Apple May Buy Dr. Dre's Beats for $3.2 Billion

    Apple is close to closing a $3.2 billion acquisition of Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics, says The Financial Times. Citing "people familiar with the negotiations," the British paper says the deal between the tech behemoth and the company co-founded by legendary music exec Jimmy Iovine could be announced as early as next week, though it may fall through. This would be Apple's largest purchase ever, and would them in charge of Beats' audio equipment and streaming service.Dre's company's greatest success to date has been in the former department — manufacturing headphones and other listening accessories that manage to maintain an impressive degree of popularity amongst young people, sports stars, and music celebrities alike.

  • Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Secret Show Acoustic Nashville

    Dave Grohl Sang Foo Fighters Songs to 100 People and Filmed It

    In April, it was quite clear that Foo Fighters were hard at work on their eighth album. Butch Vig let slip they were about halfway done on the next one, and toward the end of the month we saw some photos of the gang in action out in Joshua Tree, California. But then came May. And instead of wrapping up this much anticipated new long-player, Dave Grohl and co. are back to screwing around, surprising fans with lengthy and/or intimate secret shows in random-ish cities. The nerve.On Monday night, the Foos did a surprise two-hour set at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club (where that thing happened with the Jäger shot on the bar). And on Wednesday night, it turns out, Grohl popped up in Nashville, Tennessee, to regale an unsuspecting audience with an hour-long solo set that found him playing his band's hits on an acoustic guitar to fewer than 100 people.

  • Spin Doctors 'Two Princes' Best Part Mix Video

    Just Go Ahead Now and Play This Spin Doctors 'Two Princes' Remix

    For reasons both narcissistic and nostalgic, we here at SPIN do delight in sharing ridiculous Spin Doctors news, but it's been awhile. Last year was rich with highlights: there was that one guy who attempted to Kickstart a biopic about singer Chris Barron starring Home Alone actor Daniel Stern simply because the two men look alike (that failed, despite our best efforts to help it along). And then there was that other guy, Marc McGrath, who failed at booking a cruise festival starring the band.But sadly, Spin Doctors were left out of the CBC's recent wonderful supercut of '90s hits' vocal hooks, so one YouTube user is doing his best to make amends. As Death and Taxes points out, MrMkerstetter has created an edit of the group's "Two Princes" featuring only "the best part." If you already hit play on the clip above, then you know exactly which part he prefers.

  • Black Keys Charlize Theron Saturday Night Live Promo Video

    Charlize Theron Introduces Black Keys in 'Saturday Night Live' Promos

    Another hour, another newsworthy Black Keys development. Earlier today, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney announced their forthcoming world tour in a fun, if slightly awkward, video. Now they participate Charlize Theron announces their forthcoming Saturday Night Live appearance in a fun, if slightly awkward, video. Seen above, the A Million Ways to Die in the West star introduces the Nashville-via-Akron duo ahead of their May 10 performance on the show. Cecily Strong is on hand as well to assist on a timely Mother's Day cougar joke, for one. The Black Keys' Turn Blue comes out May 13, but you can stream the whole thing now.

  • Tori Amos Unrepentant Gerladines Album Stream

    Stream Tori Amos' Return Album 'Unrepentant Geraldines'

    After teasing us with the pitch-perfect "Trouble's Lament" and her electronically art-popped "16 Shades of Blue," Tori Amos is now streaming her entire new album via Amazon. Head over there to hear Unrepentant Geraldines, the iconic singer-songwriter's first non-classical album since 2009's Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Also, check out our photos from Amos' recent Rough Trade NYC gig, where she debuted many of the songs we're hearing now. Below you'll find a video of our heroine speaking on her 14th long-player. And, if you must, head over to BuzzFeed to answer the burning question: "Which Tori Amos Song Are You?" (via Stereogum).

  • Earl Sweatshirt New Song Live Video

    See Earl Sweatshirt Debut a New Song in Atlanta

    Last we heard from Earl Sweatshirt ... well, it wasn't that long ago. Last week we shared two previously unreleased tracks from the Odd Future rhymer, one featuring his non-Tyler BFF, Mac Miller. We know he's been working on his follow-up to 2013's excellent Doris LP, and as Pitchfork points out, he unleashed what appears to be a brand new song in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Above, you can watch Sweatshirt deliver that clanging, forceful chant-along to a very enthusiastic crowd. Of course, that could be because they knew they were in the presence of one whole half of the famous tandem, DJ Billy Jole. Read our recent interview with Earl and Lionel, and look for the OF MC's mug in our SXSW portraits gallery.

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