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  • Chance the Rapper James Blake 'Life Round Here' Remix

    Chance the Rapper Lends (More) Genius to James Blake's 'Life Round Here'

    In our review of James Blake's latest album, Overgrown, Andy Beta made specific note of "Life Round Here," writing, "Blake the drum programmer appears to accentuate the boom-tick with crisp hi-hat figures and undulating synth-bass vamps, revealing an appreciation for Timbaland." While it's not a stretch to imagine a lithe MC finding purchase atop that rich score, it is a genuine delight to now hear Chance the Rapper doing his thing over the track.While most after-the-fact rap additions wind up feeling pasted on, the Chicago wünderkind has no problem making himself at home alongside Blake's production and voice. Chance sings, rhymes, squawks, and hums, transcending the usually allotted few bars to infuse himself with the entire thing.

  • Mister Cee Hot 97 AIDS PSA Video Coming Out

    Mister Cee Rides for Sexual Freedom in Hot 97-Backed AIDS PSA

    It's been a monumental week of ups and downs and, now, leveling out for legendary New York DJ Mister Cee. On September 11, his home of more than 20 years, Hot 97, announced his resignation following a third run-in with the law over prostitution solicitation. The very next day, Cee opened up a little bit about his troubles on the station's morning show, though broke down when the subject of his interest in transgender women arose. But he was also asked to return to his post as Hot 97's mainline to old, obscure, and excellent rap music.Mister Cee's return was first marked by the arrival of an incredible hour-long mix dubbed "Back on the Box," by which the disc jockey spoke through his hands and his song choices.

  • Insane Clown Posse Sued Sexual Harassment Dildos Guns

    Insane Clown Posse Sued Over Office Harassment Involving Sex Toys, Guns

    Insane Clown Posse's Psychopathic Records has been sued by a former employee for wrongful termination. But as TMZ points out, the devil is in the details. In a lawsuit filed in Michigan, onetime label publicist and attorney Andrea Pellegrini alleges she was given the proverbial hatchet when she reported in-office sexual harassment to her superiors. The accounts include mention of dildos, "vagina tighteners," threats of violence, and the procurement of Tommy guns.Pellegrini claims she witnessed and experienced the offenses starting in 2009, though TMZ's so-called "highlights" mostly hail from 2012 and seem to revolve around the activities of a fellow employee named — what else — Dirty Dan. Apparently the man in question openly propositioned her while bragging about his manhood.

  • Britney Spears Piece of Me Las Vegas Residency Album Release

    Gimme More: Britney Spears Confirms Vegas Residency, New Album

    Britney Spears hasn't been on the most tasteful streak of her career of late, what with the collabs, the Smurfing Smurfs 2 movie, and the fake British (Brit-ish?) accent. But, hey, at least she's got a whole helluva lot going on, right? Following the early arrival of her fairly awful "Work Bitch" single, she's announced the release date for her eighth studio album: December 3 via RCA. She's also finally confirmed her long-whispered-about Las Vegas residency.As Huffington Post reports, Spears appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning (September 17) to put the speculation to rest. She will, indeed, be moving into the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for a two-year, 100-show run dubbed "Piece of Me." Early reports estimated her salary to be $15 million.

  • Beyonce Emmy Award Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Beyonce Wins Early Emmy for Super Bowl Halftime Show

    The 2013 Emmy Awards ceremony hasn't even happened yet, but Beyoncé is already a winner. Her somewhat controversial, mostly just-plain-awesome Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance earned her three nods in the technical categories, which are typically announced the weekend before the main event. Queen Bey and her crew wound up taking home the statue for "Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special."Of course, it's worth noting that her show's lighting on the day of may have seemed all the more dazzling since New Orleans' Mercedes-Benz Superdome had a little problem with its own electricity following the performance. The categories that the pop star missed out on? "Outstanding Special Class — Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program," and "Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Miniseries, Movie or a Special."While Mrs.

  • Dr. Dog 'Love' Video 'B-Room' Album Vintage Toys

    Dr. Dog Dig Up Vintage Toy Ads for 'Love' Video

    In our recent interview with Dr. Dog, bassist-singer Toby Leaman explained the Philadelphia band's new live approach to recording together. "Every other day for the past 10 years we've played a show, pretty much. There's no reason to not take advantage of that in the studio," he said. "We're great live." Indeed, they are, and that quality imbues their eight album B-Room with a new, rawer soulful quality that is a perfect accompaniment to deep-felt musings about romance."Love" finds Dr. Dog confronting mixed feelings at the start of a fresh affair. On the one hand there's the thrill of believing you may have found the love of your life. On the other, there's the fear that those emotions could fade and leave you worse off than where you started.

  • Madonna secretprojectrevolution Short Film Artforfreedom Trailer

    Madonna's 'secretprojectrevolution' Will Be a Stylish Agit-Pop Short Film

    Shortly after teasing an enigmatic project in a Reddit AMA, Madonna has announced the specifics of a new team-up with VICE and BitTorrent. The name secretprojectrevolution applies to a 17-minute short film that Madge has co-directed with frequent collaborator Steven Klein Confessions on a Dance Floor, Hard Candy).

  • MGMT Michael K. Williams 'Cool Song No. 2' Video Omar

    MGMT Casts Michael K. Williams as Dystopian Omar in 'Cool Song No. 2' Video

    MGMT's self-titled third LP may be "a confused, confusing album," but it's not without its charms. "Cool Song No. 2" is a brooding psychedelic rumbler that merges Brian Eno exploration with Animal Collective experimentation to pretty excellent results. And that track now has a fantastic video to go with starring none other than Michael K. Williams, famous for such gruff but grounded characters as Omar Little (The Wire) and Chalky White (Boardwalk Empire). In director Isaiah Seret's work above, the man plays "the Plant Hunter," who appears to be tasked with gathering unusual flora with the goal of converting the material into illegal drugs. But the very well-dressed and very violent Williams has his own agenda, and it's quickly clear that he's gone rogue — either for revenge or a good cause.If the Vevo clip above isn't working, watch it over on YouTube.

  • Hubble The Kinks A Long Way From Home Cover Stream Men

    Hear Hubble Wonderfully Deconstruct the Kinks' 'A Long Way From Home'

    With Hubble, guitarist Ben Greenberg explores the outer limits of what can be done with a guitar and a set of hands. While he shreds mightily in the meantime with Brooklyn garage-punks the Men, here he uses a three-finger tapping technique to turn string-struck notes into a flurry of beautiful rhythms that, whether made via acoustic or electric axe, wind up sounding like electronic music. There's something very Steve Reich about what Hubble does, though in the song below, he chooses to deconstruct the work of rock icons the Kinks instead of more classically experimental fare.Greenberg revisits "A Long Way From Home," hailing from 1970's conceptual masterpiece Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One. In our host's hands, the thing becomes even more lonely than it originally sounded, with the chords scattering and their notes sent bouncing like disturbed mercury.

  • Cuushe 'I Miss You' Stream 'Butterfly Case' Album

    Cuushe's 'I Miss You' Is a Shoegazing R&B Dream

    With her forthcoming album Butterfly Case, Berlin-via-Tokyo singer Cuushe offers an entrancing blend of vintage dream pop, Morr Music-like post-rock and glitch, and the sort of R&B that pours out of stay-at-home sensualists like How to Dress Well. Earlier shares like "Sort of Light" have gotten the attention of unlikely culture curators Nerdist, and it's easy to see why.While Cuushe's 2009 debut Red Rocket Telepathy set her vocals to musique concrète, the new 10-song set is instantly accessible, without a whit of pandering. Below you'll hear "I Miss You," which soaks her vocals in gauzy reverb and sets 'em soaring to jangly guitar, canned drums, and sweeping strings. The production throughout Butterfly Case comes courtesy of beatsmith aus, head of Japan's Flau label, who will also be releasing the record on September 23.Cuushe, Butterfly Case track list:1.

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