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  • Jay-Z Magna Carta Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Billboard Charts

    Who Charted? Jay-Z Outsells Everyone Except JT, Ciara Makes a Worthy Return

    First! He's got 99 problems, but going No. 1 ... eh, you get the idea. Jay-Z, no surprise, has the biggest album of the week with Magna Carta Holy Grail. What's unexpected, however, is the massive margin that he holds over just about every other release this year. The new record may not have been our favorite — quote: "It's rap music as a transaction, with a host of stars and hip names wrangled together to convince you it's not." — but it succeeded in getting people talking (and purchasing) despite the fact that Samsung more or less gave away a million copies of the thing. MCHG sold 527,000 according to Billboard. That's far more than projected, and far more than Kanye West's far superior Yeezus, which now sinks down to No. 6 (29K). With this, Hova notches his 13th No.

  • CocoRosie 'Child Bride' Video Grass Widow

    CocoRosie's 'Child Bride' Video Is a Harrowing Portrait of Abuse

    CocoRosie's latest video is both beautifully shot and deeply disturbing. Director Emma Freeman goes for a very literal take on the song's title, "Child Bride," following a culty cast of rural folk as they perform a morally reprehensible ritual. The titular girl, hauntingly played by Imogen Verrocchi, is dressed and made up for the day's main event, in which she'll be handed off to a creepy elder, forever to be his chattel. Meanwhile, Bianca Casady coos, "Whose little girl am I? / The man with the dark hat will take me home tonight / I washed my body..." The music is a mournful mix of keyboards, floral synth-work, and tabla-style percussion, making for a sound that's as exotic as it is irrepressible. As the clip plays out, our young heroine gazes out of her disgusting husband's window, imagining a carefree life for herself.

  • Riff Raff James Franco Spring Breakers Lawsuit

    Riff Raff Wants to Sue James Franco (or Maybe 'Spring Breakers') for $10M

    Mightily corn-rowed Houston-bred rap personality Riff Raff claims that he's suing the creators of Spring Breakers to the tune of "8 to 10 million" dollars. His complaint: He has yet to be compensated for James Franco's portrayal of Alien, a character that pretty much everyone understands to be at least slightly inspired by the larger-than-life MC born Jody Christian and his famous penchant for bright colors, complicated braids, Southern hospitality, and gold fronts.Riff Raff and his devotees have been crowing about the issue since before the film came out — initially with glee, of late with a hint of menace — but he recently re-shared a photo that seems to leave no question as to his influence over the character's creation.

  • Grooms 'I Think We're Alone Now' Stream

    Grooms Offer Slackerly Swoon With 'I Think We're Alone Now'

    Grooms founder Travis Johnson suffers from a very specific form of OCD called scrupulosity, in which guilt and anxiety foment as a result of concern over one's religious morals. In an earlier life, the 30-year-old Dallas-bred, Brooklyn-based musician took prescription drugs and self-medicated on the side in order to suppress his compulsions, but of late he's ditched the influences in favor of confronting his demons. Musically the approach seems to be generating some fantastic results.Grooms are prepping their third album, Infinity Caller, due out September 3 on their new home, Western Vinyl. Below you'll find "I Think We're Alone Now," a beautiful slack-pop nugget that sinks its hooks in deeply, despite coming in under three minutes. Of course, the vocal assist from bassist Emily Ambruso doesn't hurt.

  • TRAAMS 'Flowers' Stream Fatcat Records Grin

    TRAAMS Hide Thorny Hooks in Post-Punk Bouquet 'Flowers'

    Bursting out of the gate on the back of rattling bass and motorik drums, TRAAMS' "Flowers" initially feels like a transmission from another era. But for all of the English band's moody Wire-like brooding, there's a striking electric and surprisingly upbeat quality to the chorus, which hits with all the demented intensity of a great Modest Mouse hook (albeit far punkier). "I don't even know your number," barks singer-guitarist Stu Hopkins, "and you don't even know my name." But listening to the track's Krautrock-inspired propulsion, it's hard to imagine that such minor details made much of a difference in whatever ultimately unfolded."Flowers" will appear on the band's upcoming LP, Grin, which drops September 24 on FatCat, but you can stream it here right now:

  • Pussy Riot 'Like a Red Prison' Video Putin Oil Homophobia

    Pussy Riot Throw Muck at the Russian Oil Industry in 'Like a Red Prison' Video

    Pussy Riot, or some faction thereof, have released a brand new song and music video, "Like a Red Prison." According to various translations of the Russian punk shredder — via Los Angeles Times and Reuters, and the Pussy Riot website with an assist from Google — the song takes aim at President Vladimir Putin for alleged cronyism when it comes to the national oil industry. At one point, the women throw oil on enlarged photos of one of the leader's longtime allies Igor Sechin, the former deputy prime minister and current executive chairman of the petroleum giant Rosneft.A note on the group's website identifies the song as "for group performance during the seizure of oil facilities," which is exactly what takes place in the clip. The aforementioned politicians make their unplanned cameos whilst affixed to the pumping pistons that pull dino slop from the earth.

  • Beyonce Camera Phone Fan Atlanta Damn Down

    Beyonce Fiercely Orders Fan to Put His 'Damn Camera Down' and Sing

    Good old Sasha Fierce was in full effect in Atlanta over the weekend. While performing her 2006 B'Day single "Irreplaceable," Beyoncé strode out amongst her admirers to solicit a little crowd response during the "to the left" refrain. After a few fans participated, including an adorable little girl, the star offered her mike to a man who, possibly quite nervous, sputtered the words while simultaneously attempting to capture the moment on his phone."You can't even sing because you're too busy taping! I'm right in your face, baby," said Queen Bey, playful yet forceful. "You gotta seize this moment. Put that damn camera down!" She then pushed the man's hand to the side and shoved the microphone back into his general facial vicinity, at which point he bleated with pretty much the same degree of rhythmic and melodic accuracy. "Yeah.

  • Jay-Z Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail App Privacy FTC

    Jay-Z vs. the FTC? Privacy Group Complains About 'Magna Carta' App

    The arrival of Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail was a major event — not just because the man is one of the most respected rappers in the game, but because the marketing campaign built around the thing was about as extensive as the fella's mixed-media empire. And the delivery system — a team-up with Samsung that had one side (Hova's) shouting "#newrules!" and the other (everyone else) shouting "sellout!" — came with its own universe of concern.Not only did the MCHG app polarize fans and media, it: a) split the music industry insiders who tally sales figures; b) didn't actually work very well; and c) pissed off Killer Mike, who gave up on downloading the thing when it started asking him for what appeared to be an excessive amount of permissions and a troubling degree of access.

  • Vampire Weekend Rookie Ask a Grown Man Interview

    Vampire Weekend Giggle Discussing Porn, Murder, and Dating With Teens

    The ever-awesome teen blog Rookie has wrangled Vampire Weekend for the latest installment of their "Ask a Grown Man" and the results are, as always, a perfect mix of hilariously awkward and impressively insightful. For a past episode, we saw Morrissey advise young girls on nail polish selection and, naturally, the crushing truths of this mortal coil. And then Atoms for Peace pals Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich stopped by to encourage healthy body image and warn against accumulating regret.At the start of the latest clip, Baio, reporting from England, asks Koenig if he feels like a grown man. "Not today, not particularly ... but we've gotta start thinking like grown men, I guess." Which he does.

  • Johnny Marr 'The It-Switch' Stream Tour Dates

    Johnny Marr Flips 'The It-Switch,' Announces U.S. Tour

    When he's not busy playing Smiths classic "How Soon Is Now" (on Fallon, at Coachella, with Ronnie Wood), Johnny Marr is steadily building support for his most recent solo album The Messenger. He's currently plotting a limited-edition 7-inch single release for the jangly U2-glossed "New Town Velocity," and he's let slip an unreleased B-side in honor of the occasion. "The It-Switch" is streaming right now at Pitchfork — perhaps to the delight of some of the full-length's critics, the new song is raw and lean, even though it's a highly snackable slab of catchy rock'n'roll. "So what's the best way I can get to know you?" Marr riffs amidst the associative lyrical pile-up.

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