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  • Kanye West Zane Lowe Interview Video BBC Radio Part One Watch

    Watch Kanye West Explain His Contribution to Humanity in BBC Interview

    Though Kanye West's interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe is still, at press time, being broadcast for the first time, the station has shared the first 14 minutes of the chat in video form, embedded above. Good thing too, since in the clip, the Yeezus auteur says, "[People] will play this interview in five years, they will play this interview in 10 years, and say, 'He called that, he called that, he called that.'" Though, to be fair, mostly West spends most of the time putting his own career in context. This one definitely helps: "I've made 10 years of product that has added to humanity." He also discusses Rick Rubin and Pusha T. Watch and learn above.

  • Future Shit Video Stream Honest Mike Will Made It

    Future Talks Serious 'Sh!t,' Doesn't Sing in Menacing Video

    Future's Honest made SPIN's early list of 50 Fall Albums That You Gotta Hear, and the Atlanta rapper-singer hasn't disappointed us yet. The mournful but triumphant album track "Honest" arrived earlier this month, quickly followed by the DJ Esco mixtape essential "Substitute Everything" ans the Grand Theft Auto V feature "How It Was." Now the man born Nayvadius Cash is back with a hard-swinging second single called "Sh!t," which takes aim at tough guys who don't put their money (or guns) where their mouths are, so to speak. A bleakly menacing Mike WiLL Made It production is matched by a fairly terrifying video, in which Future and his dudes look, well, bleakly menacing as a dark narrative plays out. Watch the clip above, and look forward to giving some thanks when Honest arrives on November 26.

  • Black Milk 'Black Sabbath' Stream No Poison Paradise

    Black Milk Celebrates 'Dismal' With Gritty Funk-Rap

    Black Milk's résumé speaks volumes. The Detroit producer/MC has worked with J Dilla and Dilla's Slum Village, made beats for hard-hustling rhymers like Canibus and Danny Brown, and even teamed up with Jack White for a 7-inch single. Like Jay Dee before him, the man born Curtis Cross is a soul-steeped, grit-loving composer that leans towards the margins— a music geek from a no-nonsense town, open to the sort of in-the-pocket experiments that you'll hear below.On October 15, Fat Beats will drop Black Milk's fifth solo album, No Poison No Paradise, a relatively stripped-down, back-to-sampling affair that serves as a re-introduction to the double-threat's raw skills. Check "Dismal" below, an excellent example of Milk's mastery over mood and groove. 

  • 3:33 BB-2 BB2-8 Bicameral Brain Stream Parallel Thought

    Stream 3:33's Wordless Dirge-Raps 'BB-2' and 'BB2-8'

    New Jersey's Parallel Thought is more than just a couple of fellas composing funk-fueled horror-score bangers for atypical MCs like Del the Funky Homosapien and Gene the Southern Child. It's a label too, home to 3:33 — an anonymous group who create brutal drone-rap instrumentals as inspired by the avant-garde work of John Cage and the tradition set forth by D-Styles on his Phantazmagorea classic.On October 29, the crew drops their most ambitious set yet: Bicameral Brain, a double album that comes with a concept of sorts.

  • Kanye West Zane Lowe Interview Video BBC Radio

    Kanye West Is the 'Biggest Rock Star on the Planet' in Zane Lowe Interview

    "I'm the number one rock star on the planet," Kanye West yells into the microphone in the clip above, a mere snippet from his soon-to-be-released interview with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe.As previously noted, Dave Chappelle may tell the best Yeezy story of all time, but there's nothing like watching the man who gifted us Yeezus talk about himself. Though the preview is only 49 seconds — a chunk of which goes to still shots of handshakes and grins being exchanged — there are wall-to-wall gems, from West's completely out-of-context suggestion that black men "wear some hot ass Jordans on the beach," to his perhaps definitive statement on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: "[It] could be considered perfect.

  • Dustin Wong 'Speeding Feathers Staring' Video Mediation Ecstatic

    Dustin Wong's Guitar Genius Inspires Loopy 'Speeding Feathers Staring' Video

    Tokyo guitar god Dustin Wong makes his entrancing magic by way of rapid guitar-play and copious pedal use. By looping his pirouetting note figures, he creates entire worlds of sound that stil fit within single songs. Above you'll find the video for "Speeding Feathers Staring," which premiered over at Stereogum.The sounds within are an excellent representation of the former Ponytail player's new Thrill Jockey album, Mediation of Ecstatic Energy — an ever-shifting tapestry of beautiful strangeness that seems to fit its at first blush nonsensical name. The accompanying imagery is also a solid match: film footage turned into prismatic shards, overlain with hand-drawn squiggles of color and fuzz.Eventually, we focus on on the confident visage of our host: Wong, the man at the center of a constantly expanding universe.

  • The Internet 'Feel Good' Full Album Stream Odd Future

    Mac Miller Sings on the Internet's Streaming 'Feel Good' Album

    Odd Future's e ver-evolving neo-soul division the Internet has returned in full force with Feel Good. The group founded by Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians, who delivered the slinky Purple Naked Ladies in 2011, now have an entire band at their disposal. Also: the production prowess of the Neptunes (Chad Hugo's touch can be heard on "Dontcha") and Incubus guitarist Mike Eizinger who, it turns out, has got a lot more going on than his pedigree would imply.Our first taste of the group's sophomore effort came with "Partners in Crime Part Two," but now we can turn our ears to the mellifluous business of exploring all 13 tracks, from the gushy "Sunset" featuring Malaysia's Yuna to "Wanders of the Mind," starring a sorta-singing, likely stoned Mac Miller. Stream the entire gorgeously woozy affair below.

  • Drake Tour Postponed New Dates Nothing Was the Same

    Would You Like a Drake Tour? Better Get Comfy: Dates Postponed

    Earlier today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drake let the world know that he's "single and ready to mingle" before the host reminded him that he's about to embark on a tour. Indeed, the "Would You Like a Tour?" tour was set to kick off September 25 in Portland, Oregon, but perhaps the Nothing Was the Same singer-rapper received a call from the lady of his purple-tinted dreams, because the road trip has been postponed.In truth, a press release cites “an intense rehearsal schedule and technical production requirements that will be part of the show.” Which is all fine and good, because we're used to Drake leading us on. Thankfully, Nothing is indeed out September 24 as evidenced by the SPIN editors' Impulsive Reviews (following its leak), and of course Jordan Sargent's in-depth exploration of the Young Money affiliate's latest.

  • Vic Mensa Eliza Doolittle 'YNSP' Stream Save Money

    Vic Mensa and Eliza Doolittle Duet on Fist-Throwing 'YNSP'

    SAVEMONEY associate Vic Mensa is back with another share from his forthcoming INNANETAPE (that's "Internet tape" slurred, FYI). Chance the Rapper's Chicago neighbor swings hard on "YNSP" (which is an acronym for his Twi-dentity Yung Net Save Peso), at one point boxing with God and moments later painting himself as "Basquiat with a beer." He gets a clutch assist from British singer-songwriter/Disclosure collaborator Eliza Doolittle, whose sophomore LP is coming in October via Parlophone. Producer DJ Dahi lends a modern touch owing a little to Timbaland's bounce and perhaps a little more to the goopy productions of folk like Ryan Hemsworth. Check "Orange Soda," "Hollywood LA," and the Rockie Fresh-featuring "Time Is Money" for more from Mensa's September 30 mixtape. That's the wild Matrix-busting GIF cover below. 

  • Anderson Cooper 360 Man Man Wolf Blitzer End Boss Video

    Anderson Cooper Shouts Out Man Man, Calls Wolf Blitzer a Baby-Eater

    And sometimes, the stars align. Gruff-throated Philadelphia rock oddballs Man Man found themselves featured on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° last night. The reason for the season? Their latest album, On Oni Pond, includes a song called "End Boss," which sounds like a Nintendo tale but turns out to be a wolf story, except the wolf involved is not a feral dog, but The Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer. Did we say "oddball"? We meant "curveball."Still, Anderson Cooper caught the plot."Tonight I want to introduce you to the song stylings of a band called Man Man," he said with a lilting grin. "You might think this is just typical lupine indie rock imagery, but it is, like so much of the art that surrounds us, inspired by Wolf Blitzer." Wait was that a "wolf bands" joke? Or a TV on the Radio jab?

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