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  • Marbeya Sound 'Semantic Drift' Video Colonies

    Marbeya Sound Lead Synth-Scored Tour of Mexico City in 'Semantic Drift' Video

    Marbeya Sound cite Pink Floyd, Neu!, and Jean Michel Jarre as influences — very different artists in terms of sound, but psychedelic travelers all three. And when you hear the far-out yet still in-the-pocket songs of this Mexico City duo, the musical mind-meld makes sense. Their just-out album, Colonies, is populated by earthen grooves enriched by celestially spangled effects (stream it right now via Marbeya Sound's Facebook page).Take "Semantic Drift," for instance. The song above opens with a motorik beat, expands with glistening synth, then becomes a subtly shifting source of mood — cool now, anxious later, cool again. In the accompanying ITO-directed video, we see the Mexican capital from a car at night, in between shots of Marbeya's live five-piece tending to their well-preened collection of vintage synthesizers.

  • Allah-Las

    Allah-Las Adventure All Over in 'Had It All' Video

    Los Angeles garage-rock gurus Allah-Las tap into an alternate reality where the world is but a California dream. Their crunchy, loose-groovin' tunes evoke desert trips, motorcycle rides, surf safaris, and casual come-ons dished out by coiffed strangers. They shambled through sun-baked songs about movement and magic on their Nick Waterhouse-produced self-titled debut, released by Innovative Leisure last year, and they keep up the mysterious momentum on brand new song "Had It All."The label is sharing the new track along with another, "Every Girl," via a limited edition 7-inch single meant to tide us over as the quartet prepare to head back into the studio for album number two. Above, you'll find Allah-Las in top form, Miles Michaud urging us to let our minds "be relaxed and free" while the gang jangles along.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never Still Life Betamale Video Fetish Site NSFW

    Oneohtrix Point Never Decodes Fetish in NSFW 'Still Life (Betamale)' Video

    The Internet has some terribly seedy corners and Oneohtrix Point Never isn't afraid to visit them in the name of good art. The Brooklyn sonic sculptor also known as Daniel Lopatin releases his Replica followup R Plus Seven (streaming now) via Warp Records on October 1, and in honor of that occasion, we now have the video for "Still Life (Betamale)." The man's videos are never traditional, and typically draw heavily from Internet imagery.

  • Islands Michael Cera Alia Shawkat Bill Hader Ski Mask Video

    Islands Mockumentary Casts Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Bill Hader

    Islands released their fifth album Ski Mask on September 17, and it's a record that finds the band looking inward. To wit, early share "Wave Forms" featured main brain Nicholas Thorburn openly musing about quitting the ever-shifting group he founded after the Unicorns dissolved. "This record is really about being angry," he said in a statement. "For better or worse, this record kind of sums up my experience thus far with being in a band."Well, a brand new mockumentary seen above sums up that band's experience, albeit in a manner that plays hilariously fast and loose with the truth. The clip comes courtesy of the JASH YouTube network and stars Michael Cera as a former bandmate, Bill Hader as Islands' manager, Alia Shawkat as a serial killer's daughter, and The State alum Joe Lo Truglio as a music critic, among others.

  • Justin Timberlake Target Bonus 'Blindness' 'Electric Lady'

    Justin Timberlake's '20/20' B-Sides Arrive: 'Blindness' and 'Electric Lady'

    Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) is out on September 30, but the entire thing is currently streaming already thanks to iTunes. Well, almost the entire thing. As with The 20/20 Experience (1 of 2), Target is offering an exclusive deluxe CD version of the release featuring a pair of bonus songs. Last time, we got "Body Count" and "Dress On," B-sides that seemed to suggest a dancier future was in the offing for that album's sequel.Indeed, that prediction has played out via singles like "TKO" and "Take Back the Night," while these new latest leaks take a mellower tack. "Blindness" is a slinky lament dedicated to a lover our host hasn't seen in a minute — who he can only see when he closes his eyes — and perhaps a play on that old urban myth about the consequences of indulging one's, ahem, solo flights of fancy.

  • Purity Ring Jon Hopkins Breathe This Air NSFW Video

    Jon Hopkins and Purity Ring Score Cruel Fate in NSFW 'Breathe This Air' Video

    Two sad fates collide with horrifying results in the beautifully filmed video for "Breathe This Air," the Jon Hopkins song featuring vocals from Purity Ring's Megan James. The poignant musical piece from our recent interview subject, with it's plinking piano and pulsating beat, is now leant even more gorgeous heaviness thanks to director Anthony Dickenson, who gives the Immunity an engrossing silent narrative.As the clip opens, we slowly orient ourselves to the plight of two characters in a wooded environment. One, a young women, is weeping as she sheds her fancified accessories — press-on nails, eyelash extensions, jewels, and clothes — clearly having just suffered some great personal loss. The other, an older man, is a hunter who's just woken up from an accident in which he hit and gravely injured a deer with his truck.

  • HAIM Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Video Cover Days Are Gone Stream

    See HAIM Give Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Some Guitar Shimmer

    HAIM are SPIN's next cover stars, and the evidence of their excellence is all around. Look no further than NPR's stream of the Los Angeles sister-band's debut album, Days Are Gone. Actually, do look further, because there's more. First of all, you could do worse than to rewatch the videos for "Forever," "Falling," and "Don't Save Me," or to just stream "The Wire" on repeat. (Maybe not while streaming The Wire, the show, though.)We've also already been introduced to HAIM's dexterity where covers are concerned (remember that Sheryl Crow homage?), and now we've got a pretty wild one to witness. Above, the ladies visit the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, where they deliver a faithful rendition of Miley Cyrus' Billboard chart-topping "Wrecking Ball" ballad. Enhanced by shimmering guitar and gushing keys, the version sounds perfectly at home (and a little Twin Peaks-y) in HAIM's hands.

  • HARD Summer Death Festival Ecstasy Natural Causes EDM Rave

    HARD Summer Death Was Not Drug Related, Calm Down

    In early August, SPIN attended Los Angeles' HARD Summer festival, and witnessed a horrifying scene firsthand: on-site paramedics attempting, to no avail, to resuscitate a young man who'd collapsed at the foot of a small hillside. Flying Lotus began his scheduled set shortly after the incident, and commented on it from the stage. He also tweeted, "Damn. I saw a guy die before my set. Heavy." As is the wont of those who treat EDM like a four-letter word, many assumed that the death was caused by ecstasy use. But according to LA Weekly, toxicology reports on the deceased Jonathan Reyes, 21, have been completed and authorities have determined that he died of natural causes. There were no drugs in his body. Repeat: he was clean. On behalf of the coroner's office, Lt.

  • Jack Johnson From Here Now You Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Jack Johnson, Because the World Is a Cold Dark Place

    First! Jack. Johnson. Are Curious George kiddies experiencing the first tinges of nostalgia as they head into their tired tweens? For the rest of us, this is the day the monkey didn't bother getting out of bed. Instead, he curled up with Punxsutawney Phil and said, "Fuck it, bb. There's nothing out there. Let's sleep until the spring." The surf-folk yippie's shadow looms large over this set as From Here to Now to You becomes Johnson's fourth No. 1 album in a row (counting the CG soundtrack), even if its opening sales tally of 117,000 is his lowest since his 2001 debut, Brushfire Fairytales, which moved fewer than 1,000 units upon arrival (via Nielsen SoundScan, via Billboard).2 to 10: If that wasn't a harbinger of things to come, we're gonna issue a spoiler alert for your own protection right here, right now. It's bleak out there, people.

  • Dr. Stokely 'State of Emergency' Madlib Video Dudley Perkins

    See Dr. Stokely and Madlib's Smoky Mortality Trip, 'State of Emergency'

    Dr. Stokely has an important message to share with the world. Mainly, what the man more commonly known as Dudley Perkins wants to tell us is this: "Our time is growing small." Indeed, our individual lifespans are only getting shorter, so he's got a point on the Madlib-produced "State of Emergency." Perhaps it is time to "stop taking life light." (Or maybe, like, YOLO, man.) Our host for the moment has certainly stayed busy over the years, first emerging as a Stones Throw-approved rapper dubbed Declaime, then relaunching as Perkins, a slightly off-kilter soul man whose unusual musings were scored by Madlib.Now the fellow Oxnard, California-native returns with a PhD — a designation which may not change his approach much, but which, at the very least, comes with the aforementioned newfound knowledge of our limited time here on earth.

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