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  • Drake Nothing Was the Same Lorde Royals Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Drake and Lorde Are 'Royals' for a Week

    First! Drake! Though it's hardly a surprise, the No. 1 debut of Nothing Was the Same is certainly something to celebrate — though the album isn't perfect, it's another solid entry in Drake's keeping-it-real canon. As SPIN's Jordan Sargent writes, "He changed the definition of 'real' entirely. For him, the concept of realness didn't refer to childhood realities or street bona fides...

  • White Lung 'Blow It South' Stream Single Deranged

    Hear White Lung 'Blow It South' on Darkly Clanging Single

    White Lung blessed 2012 with one of the most unapologetically ripping albums of 2012 — Sorry, whose title we can only assume was meant with a sarcastic sneer. The Vancouver punks are now gearing up to release a fresh 7-inch single via Deranged Records, and one of the two songs is streaming now, below, via Stereogum. "Blow It South" is adark and clanging, a moody shit-kicker about power struggles and, if the SoundCloud tags mean anything, Florida.

  • Fuck Buttons Brainfreeze Video Slow Focus

    Watch Fuck Buttons Experience Face-Bending 'Brainfreeze'

    Those who've experienced the phenomenon known as "Brainfreeze" know that it feels exactly how the distorted humans in the Fuck Buttons clip above look. Your head feels out of proportion to the rest of your body, your faculties are overwhelmed by a dull yet piercing pain, and you're gripped with the fear that things might not ever be the same again. That awful ache happens to be the title of the first song from the third album by the U.K. death-tronic drone duo — Slow Focus, an Essential slab of fuzz and fritz that the band members themselves broke down for us at one point.Of "Brainfreeze," Benjamin John Power explained: "I don’t really see it as your stereotypical electronic percussion sounds. It actually comes from more of a live sound… It’s not like we’re going for a rock sound, but the whole track needed to be massive." Indeed, it is.

  • Deniro Farrar 'Death Or Forever' Child Actor Video

    Deniro Farrar Seeks 'Death or Forever' With Child Actor in Trippy Video

    Deniro Farrar is blessed with a deep voice and the wisdom to match. The Charlotte, North Carolina, rhymer is also nothing if not driven, having released six mixtapes since he emerged in late 2011. His most recent share is The Patriarch II, which finds him working with Ryan Hemsworth and JMSN to create a set of songs that glisten while maintaining grit — a combination of southern rap traditionalism and modern R&B-addled production.On "Death or Forever" Farrar gets a clutch assist from northeastern synth-pop pair Child Actor, who lend a crisp hook to the otherwise hazy groove. Meanwhile, Farrar rhymes about vicious cycles and hard-won victories. The video, directed by J Williams and Anthony Supreme, is appropriately trippy, comprising computer-generated tunnels, satellite views of the planet, and superimposed shots of our host and his friends.

  • Dream Shake Self-Titled Album Stream Buffy TV Shows

    Hear Dream Shake's Gauzy Album-Length Tribute to TV Babes of Yore

    Dream Shake's self-titled debut album comes with an unusual twist. While the nine-song track list may ostensibly look like a rogue's gallery of main man James Nee's sexual conquests, that's not true — not entirely. The conspicuous presence of the name "Buffy" may serve to tip listeners off to the fact that our host's inspiration comes from the ladies he's known through his television over the years, taking inspiration from a certain vampire slayer to be sure, but also Degrassi Junior High, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and others."It's a concept record, but no one will get my references," said Nee, a Virginia native, via statement. "They'll just think it's a love album. I did it because TV, anime, and video games are all I know now. I'm too nerdy for real girls." Still, the project is neither hokey nor jokey.

  • Da Mafia 6ix Yelawolf 'Go Hard' Stream Three 6 DJ Paul

    Da Mafia 6ix 'Go Hard' With Yelawolf (and Not Juicy J)

    Juicy J is out conquering the world via Katy Perry features, SPIN profiles (heh), and a career-revitalizing album called Stay Trippy, so perhaps it's time for the rest of Three 6 Mafia go out and get theirs. Techinically, "the rest of" the unpredictable Memphis crew is just DJ Paul at this point, but he's managed to wrangle the four other previously affiliated MCs for a new project dubbed Da Mafia 6ix (though we're tempted to write "6-ish," since there are only five of them).Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous, and Gangsta Boo appear again as one on a forthcoming mixtape, the first taste of which can be heard below. Alabama rap star Yelawolf appears on "Go Hard," a song with begins with some wavy sampled soul music and quickly becomes an eerie banger stuffed wall-to-wall with aggressive chant-rhymes. It's nasty and heavy and a promising sing of what's to come. 

  • Starwalker 'Bad Weather' AIR Bang Gang EP Dunckel

    Starwalker Unites Air and Bang Gang Buds Under 'Bad Weather'

    Starwalker is a new project aligning Air co-founder Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Bang Gang mastermind Bardi Johansson. Each is proficient at crafting haunting scores and here the French producer's glistening pop flare merges with the Icelandic artist's downtempo touch. The end result is a song like "Bad Weather" — panoramic in scope, mellow in mood, and overall memorable. Handclaps and synth hits set the pace while Dunkcel sings of lost love and salvation sought, angels and devils and even vampires.A proper music video is set to drop on Thursday, October 4, and an as-yet unnamed EP will follow. For now, listen to the full song below, and visit the Starwalker site for a 20-second preview of the creepy, otherworldly clip to come. Air's last move was the post-script score for Georges Méliès' 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans La Lune.

  • Widowspeak 'Calico' The Swamps EP Stream

    Hear Widowspeak's Dark, Prairie-Crawling 'Calico'

    It was only January when SPIN interviewed Widowspeak on the occasion of the release of their debut album Almanac. But the bicoastal Amer-psych-ana strummers have a new EP due out October 29 via Captured Tracks. Stereogum has shared an advance taste of The Swamps via the song "Calico," a brooding prairie-crawler featuring the sweet vocals of Molly Hamilton and the shimmering guitar of Robert Earl Thomas. The six-song set will also include "True Believer," which finds the duo at the height of their hazy, loping game.Widowspeak, True Believer track list:1. "Theme From the Swamps"2. "Smoke and Mirrors"3. "Calico"4. "Brass Bed"5. "True Believer"6. "The Swamps"

  • Pearl Jam Carrie Brownstein Lightning Bolt Video Interview IFC

    Watch Carrie Brownstein's Full Pearl Jam Interview

    Last week we dove into Pearl Jam's forthcoming album Lightning Bolt with a little help from a star-studded cast. Danny Clinch's surprise mini-documentary found Eddie Vedder and co. in the hot seat while Carrie Brownstein, Judd Apatow, surfer Mark "MR" Richards, and NFL hero Steve Gleason asked the questions. Now, IFC has released the entirety of their Portlandia star's interview with the Seattle grunge gods — in 10 parts. The first of the series can be found above, wherein Brownstein talks to the band about the new record's dark themes and Vedder's unexpected moves as a songwriter. They also discuss playing their old songs live, and how the meaning of them has changed over the years. The rest can be viewed via Facebook, after a key click or two.

  • Queens of the Stone Age Star Wars Audition R2D2 Josh Homme

    Watch Josh Homme Audition for 'Star Wars' ... as R2D2

    Not all comedy sketches are made equal, but some are worth watching for the cameos, even if the premise is a little thin. Above, British YouTube comedy team Stinky Mike wrangle Queens of the Stone Age's hulking bossman Josh Homme for "Star Wars Episode 7 - The Auditions." After one of the comics wraps up an interview with the desert-rock god, Homme lets slip that he has an interest in expanding his repertoire of awesome into the land of film. Just so happens casting is taking place next door.While his size and general ginger-ness paints Homme as a wookie shoo-in, he'd prefer to be "R2D2, king of the droids" and "an articulate, multilingual doer." And a gleep-glorp to you too, sir.Meanwhile, if you're looking for an artistic work of undeniable, across-the-board, brain-crushing quality, get into QOTSA's latest, Like Clockwork..., out now on Matador.

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