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  • Carnivores 'Second Impulse' Album Stream Black Lips Cole

    Stream Carnivores' Neopsych Skuzz-Pop Opus 'Second Impulse'

    Atlanta has a way of breeding its punks to be grade-A weirdos. The same town that's given us Black Lips, Deerhunter, and other wonderful cross-pollinations now offers up Carnivores. In truth, this five-piece band of psychedelic skuzz-pop bandits has been kicking around long enough to drop two albums and a handful of EPs, but something happened on the way up to their brand new LP, Second Impulse. The group discovered a deeper strangeness and wound up with a mix of surf-pop, post-punk, new wave, and garage rock. All of that is streaming below, from "Spell," which somehow sounds like the Zombies covering the Specials, to "Prom Night," a noirish ride through coiffed clang, to "Sinking in Your Automobile," which in fact features lead vocals from Black Lips rabble-rouser Cole Alexander. Second Impulse is out now on ATL's own Army of Bad Luck Records. Stream it here:

  • KOAN Sound & Asa 'Sanctuary' Video EP OWSLA

    KOAN Sound & Asa Score Their Own Anime Fairytale in 'Sanctuary'

    KOAN Sound were one of SPIN's favorite surprises at this year's Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. The Bristol duo cut their wubs with old-school breakbeat funk, rap-addled glitch, and Warp-style weirdness — it's no wonder Skrillex snatched them up for his OWSLA imprint. Now Will Weeks and Jim Bastow expand their sound further by linking with their neighbor, the ethereally minded producer Asa, for an EP whose titular track can be experienced above.On "Sanctuary," live strings and drums help set an expansive aural scene — a light-dappled sound that merges the organically orchestral with the electronically epic.

  • Dirty Projectors David Longstreth Calder Bela Bartok Met

    David Longstreth to Play Bartok, Dirty Projectors With Calder Quartet

    The constituent parts of Dirty Projectors have been staying busy on their own of late. Amber Coffman, of course, is the bewitching voice on Major Lazer's still-excellent "Get Free." We saw Olga Bell play dress-up and take the lead in the video for Nothankyou's "Oyster." And Nat Baldwin also recently shared shared some solo material of his own — the collection Dome Branches which included "Look She Said" featuring DPs mastermind David Longstreth. Now, Pitchfork reports that Longstreth will be appearing at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art on November 1.While he won't be accompanied by his band, the man will hardly be alone. The Calder Quartet, who've accompanied everyone from the National to Airborne Toxic Event to Vampire Weekend, will join Longstreth as part of the Bartók Quartet Cycle series.

  • Ad-Rock Minivan NYU Trucks Beastie Boys New York

    Ad-Rock Owns a Minivan, Wants Kids to Get Off His Lawn

    Sitting down for a "21 Questions" session with New York Magazine, Beastie Boys OG and NYC living legend Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz shared some inspired quips. (To wit: "What's hanging above your sofa?" they asked. "A sprinkler," he replied.) But the factoids he delivered might be a little more chuckle-worthy than the actual funnies. Among them: When asked when the last time was that he drove a car, the MC and bassist revealed that he owns a minivan. Perhaps that's why his crew has such an aversion to car thieves?Still, not the sweet ride we imagined for the 46-year-old rhymer (and stealer). He was also asked what he hates the most about living in the city, and his answer echoed a familiar idiom. "Drunk mthrfkrs that think my neighborhood is a movie set and that people don't actually live here, so it's okay to scream at 3 a.m.

  • Albert Hammond Jr. 'St. Justice' Video NSFW AHJ EP

    Watch Albert Hammond Jr. Fall Out of Love in NSFW 'St. Justice' Video

    Albert Hammond, Jr. has shared a new video from his still-fresh solo EP AHJ. The clip above gives the Strokes guitarist's warmly jangling single "St. Justice" a vivid narrative whose felt drama plays out in stark relief to Laurent Briet's black-and-white treatment. Therein, Hammond meets a love interest played by model Nina de Raadt. Together, they paint a charming portrait of domesticity — eating, bathing, and listening to music together (cutely, she doesn't seem to recognize the Strokes' catalog when Hammond offers to throw a record on the turntable). But the man's lyrics should clue us in as to the direction of the plot: "I got locked in myself and I don't know what to do / There are dreams in my eyes that now don't shine through." After a pretty steamy scene in which we see a whole lot of Hammond, the two have a bitter falling out, and the entire mood shifts.

  • Shaquille O'Neal Shaq-Fu Rap Future Karate Chop ShaqIsDope

    Shaq-Faux Comes Out of Rap Retirement for Hilarious 'Karate Chop' Remix

    Shaq Diesel is back! Um, sort of. There's no reason at this point — we're crossing our fingers though — to assume the voice you hear on this remix of Future's "Karate Chop" actually belongs to Shaquille O'Neal, but it's still a hilariously worthy listen. And little-known Toronto rapper ShaqIsDope deserves some credit for his ingenuity, assuming it's a fake. Considering the basketball star's other '90s side-hustle as Shaq-Fu, the idea that he'd return from retirement to take a few swings over this particular song is an attractive one. And who wouldn't want to hear the sports titan refer to himself as "big, black-ass David Beckham," or predict his decade-late 2020 induction into the NBA Hall of Fame?But fake Shaq seems surprisingly schooled on contemporary rap when he rhymes, "What's the word, man?

  • Coolio Cooking Show Snoop Dogg Hot Pockets Rappers Food

    Marginal Rappers Pull Food-Related Stunts for Fun and Profit

    We're guessing that at some point in the last couple of years, Coolio took a look at his life, and realized ... well, that his legacy roughly amounted to one and a half memorable songs. Because ever since, he's been laughing and cooking so much, even college bros are starting to wonder if his mind is gone. Above, you'll find the freshly 50 rapper performing an impromptu acoustic version of "Gangsta's Paradise" with some coeds at their flat outside of an English university. Let's all pour a little jungle juice out from our Solo cups.As it turns out, the man born Artis Leon Ivey Jr.

  • Greetings From Tuskan 'The Love From Afar' Album Stream

    Stream Greetings From Tuskan's Glimmering Electronic Beauty 'The Love From Afar'

    Greetings From Tuskan is Belgium's Joëlle Lê, a gifted producer with a cinematic eye and a gentle ear who earned her first shine in 2006 with a gorgeous downtempo set dubbed Lullabies for the Warriors. She put her solo career on hold after that however, and didn't pop up again until 2009 as one half of Bike for Three! with Canadian indie-rap original Buck 65. After an inspired album, More Heart Than Brains, that project too seemed to fade into the annals of left-field electronica, but both are now finding new life.Below you'll find The Love From Afar, a free 12-song set from Tuskan (via the Circle Into Square label) that finds our host unspooling upbeat beauty on songs like "Vestal Adoration," and exploring calmer vistas via tracks like "I Wish I Was Stronger." Throughout, her piano-work and choice in found sounds reign supreme.

  • Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Haim Lorde Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Justin Timberlake and Haim Trade Shots Over the Atlantic

    First! Justin Timberlake is back a mere 28 weeks after his return album The 20/20 Experience scored the year's biggest No. 1 to date. While that platter did nearly a million (968,000, if we're picking nits), its surprise sequel The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) starts at 350K, according to Nielsen SoundScan via Billboard. The drop-off was to be expected, of course, and the stats are plenty impressive. JT is only the 20th artist in chart history to nab two No. 1s in a 12-month span, and the first to do it with two different studio albums since, um, System of a Down in 2005. Those were far more frenetic days. Thanks in no small part to Timberlake, 2013 shall be remembered as exceptionally smooth and positively "grown-ass."2 to 10: Okay, but let's skip ahead for a second because SPIN's current cover stars Haim debuted at No. 6!

  • Claire 'Broken Promise Land' Giorgio Moroder Remix Stream

    Giorgio Moroder Sings on Remix of Claire's Disco Throbber 'Broken Promise Land'

    Of all of the developments to accompany Daft Punk's disco-revitalizing return, the second coming of Giorgio Moroder has got to be the greatest. The legendary producer has delivered Donna Summer-rich DJ sets, shared openly from his incredible archive via SoundCloud, charmingly discussed his mustache with RBMA, and — best of all — sat down with SPIN for an in-depth look at his career. Now the man turns his expert hand to the business of remixing, and rather than safely take on a Top 40 artist, he's chosen up-and-coming Munich quintet Claire.It only takes one listen to the band's "Broken Promise Land," which hails from the currently streaming EP of the same name, to understand what Moroder saw in the song. The track's core owes to Italo-disco, while the soaring heights and the power of Josie Claire Bürkle's voice speak for themselves.

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