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  • Damon Albarn Brian Eno Idris Elba Africa Express

    Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, and 'Wire' Star Idris Elba Are Jamming in Africa

    Blur and Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn is currently holed up in Mali making music with revered producer Brian Eno, The Wire star Idris Elba, bedroom R&B act Holy Other, and a whole host of African musicians. This according to The Guardian, who visited the crew at Maison de Jeunes, a "community space cum youth hostel" that the newspaper now characterizes as a pop-up club. The live sessions are likely being recorded for a potential album, all as an extension of Albarn's Africa Express project.Last year, Albarn helmed a six-day train tour through the U.K. that combined the talents of 80-plus musicians hailing from Africa, the U.S., and Europe. Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner all came aboard at various points.

  • Bill Callahan 360 Studio Live Spring Sing Dream River Video

    Hear Bill Callahan Cover Walt Whitman, Play 'Dream River' at Studio 360

    As far as we're concerned, there's no such thing as too much Bill Callahan. SPIN recently went down to Austin to catch up with the famously press-shy Americana auteur on the occasion of his Essential new album Dream River, and we found him to be unseasonably warm. The artist formerly known as Smog continues his sharing streak now via Studio 360, dropping in to perform "The Sing" and "Spring" (see the latter above), plus discuss his latest masterwork. And speaking of, he also delivers a musical interpretation of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass which, while brief, is priceless to the Callahan aficionados among us.

  • Liquor Store 'In The Garden' Album Stream

    Hear Liquor Store's Album-Length American Anthem 'In the Garden'

    There's something economical about naming your band Liquor Store, and it has nothing to do with bargain-hunting for booze. The handle says more than any genre ever could — it speaks to a sound and a state of mind with incredible ease. You will not be surprised when we tell you that these five fellas love beer, hail from New Jersey, and dubbed their first album Yeah Buddy. But we are not here to discuss the past. Liquor Store are only interested in a version of the future where their classic rock — as heard on second LP In the Garden — fills not only the interiors of every sweet 'Stang from there to the Pacific, but each arena of this fine nation as well. The eight songs streaming below are tough, hook-forward, and jam-packed celebrations of a life well-lived under the flapping grace of Old Glory. In the Garden is out October 15 on Almost Ready Records.

  • Screaming Females 'Ancient Civilization' Stream

    Hear Screaming Females' Primal Shredder 'Ancient Civilization'

    Screaming Females had a helluva 2012 so we shouldn't be surprised that the New Jersey punks want to rack up a few more wins for 2013 before this year is over. Two Aprils ago, they unleashed Ugly, a ferocious wonder that helped inspired an entire SPIN feature about the return of the guitar solo. There then followed: a mini zombie flick as music video, a studio team-up with Garbage leader Shirley Manson, and a fresh EP dubbed Chalk Tape. Now Marissa Paternoster and co. have re-emerged for a fresh tour (see the dates below) and a split 7-inch with Wisconsin punks Tenement. Out on Recess Records, the single features new Screamales jam "Ancient Civilization," a gnarly slab of brooding rock with bleakly metallic tendencies and a fiery shred-storm in its mid-section.

  • Drake Rick Ross Hold On We're Going Home Remix MMG

    Hear Rick Ross Rap Gently Over Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home'

    Drake's Nothing Was the Same ballad "Hold On, We're Going Home" is, sure, "a delectable shred of new-wave cotton candy." But while there's plenty there to sink one's teeth into, the song could use a little bite of its own. Enter Rick Ross. The Maybach Music Group boss has delivered an unexpected "MMG Remix" in which he even more unexpectedly shows off his sensitive side — you know, the one that says sweet, totally not misogynistic things like, "Bad bitch, but she special." He also hollers at his incarcerated spirit animal Big Meech, though eschews a Larry Hoover shout-out. (Word to Tony Montana, though.) Aside from Rozay's rhymes, the song remains untouched, allowing Drake and guest Majid Jordan to do their thing. The song premiered at Miss Info.

  • Kanye West Paparazzi Lamborghini Conversation Daughter

    Here's Kanye West Being Far Too Nice to Paparazzi Next to His Lamborghini

    A handful of invasive paparazzi caught Kanye West in a generous mood as he was refueling his matte black Lamborghini at a gas station in Calabasas, California, on Friday (October 11). Even though they were clearly trying to antagonize the Yeezus MC (as caught by their own cameras), West stopped to have a levelheaded conversation with them about respect and helping one another out. In the TMZ clip, one photographer opens by clumsily referencing Ye's statement via Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Never think I'm not from Chicago.""My mama told me to respect doctors," says the shutterbug. "Don't respect people from where they're from." West ignores that but on a second trip from the gas station cash register to his car, a different paparazzi asks him if he feels like he's getting the kind of respect that a superstar deserves.

  • Glenn Danzig Cell Phone Attack Punch Video Blood Tears

    Glenn Danzig Orders Obnoxious Cell Phone Guy's Destruction

    Glenn Danzig ordered audience members to punch a fellow fan after he was seen capturing video of the metal legend during a concert. The show took place on Wednesday night (October 9) at The Cuban Club in Ybor City, Florida. According to commenters who watched the YouTube clip above, there were apparently Yeah Yeah Yeahs-like signs posted cautioning against or prohibiting cell phone use during the performance. User filicid maintains he never saw such signs. He was filming "Blood and Tears" when Danzig spotted him, wagged a finger, and then laid down the gauntlet:"Somebody punch that fuckin' asshole right there," said the man who was once punched-out by a dude who later wrote a book about the experience (entitled Don't Ever Punch a Rock Star). At that moment we hear the crowd cheer and see an angry security guard shout, "Hey! before advancing on the camera.

  • Pearl Jam World Series Fox Sports Licensing Catalog

    Pearl Jam Is Going to the World Series

    Pearl Jam will be the soundtrack to this year's World Series. As Billboard reports, Seattle's living grunge legends have licensed 48 songs — including all 12 from their newly streaming Lightning Bolt — to Fox Sports for the network's coverage of Major League Baseball's championship battle, running October 23 to 31. The selections hail from across the band's catalog, touching on every one of their studio albums except 2002's Riot Act, which took aim at President George W. Bush and "hollow patriotism." Weird that Fox wasn't on board with that.Eddie Vedder and the gang have been known not only for a left-leaning worldview over the years, but also for eschewing corporate team-ups.

  • IKEA or Death Metal Band Website Quiz

    Sofa King Swedish: Is It IKEA Furniture or a Death Metal Band?

    Swedish metal bands do not frequently offer simple solutions for modern living. Swedish furniture hawker IKEA does not cover itself in beef blood and screech about satan. (Like, say Watain, shot for SPIN by Krista Schlueter at Irving Plaza, might.) The two are philosophically opposed in just about every way imaginable. But as it turns out, to the layman's eye, the oft Nordic-sourced names of death (or black) metal bands and IKEA's ready-to-assemble delights are pretty much indistinguishable.The marketing geniuses at Gatesman+Dave have launched a hilarious site called IKEA or Death, in which visitors are invited to guess whether the names in randomly generated a series apply to — you guessed it — a product from the Swedish company, or a guitar-wielding gang of guyliner-ed curs. It's good clean fun at the playful expense of two pretty awesome institutions.

  • Prince 'Breakfast Can Wait' Video Album

    Prince Played by Lady-Prince in Sexy 'Breakfast Can Wait' Video

    Hey, baby. Where you goin'? Please don't rush off so soon. Prince has a video message for you about the most important meal of the day. The Purple One wants — nay, needs — you to know that "Breakfast Can Wait." We've heard the super-sultry song, of course, and we've seen the Dave Chappelle-starring cover art. But now there's the Danielle Curiel-directed clip above to consider, and it's far more impressive than the low-budget "Screwdriver" clip that you had to pay to see.The visuals are as high-sheen and highly sexualized as the song itself, opening with a steamy tête-à-tête between a woman in a Minnie Mouse dress and a regular-ass dude who turns out to have some pretty next-level Boy Band dance moves. Cut to the dominatrix dance squad and the woman with the wig and painted-on mustache dressed like Prince.

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