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    Gerard Way Meets Iggy Pop

    With his wild onstage antics and upcoming "sleazy Detroit rock" album, My Chemical Romance's frontman is a true disciple of The Stooges. "I didn't want the girls to want to f--k me, I wanted the straight guys to want to f--k me," Way says. "I got that from Iggy." SPIN: Gerard, when did you first hear Iggy's music? GERARD WAY: This is kind of a crazy story. There was a cartoon I saw as a child called Rock & Rule. IGGY POP: Oh my God! Somebody saw it! WAY: Yeah! It had a huge impact on me. It was set in the future and starred [the music of] Iggy, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, and Earth, Wind & Fire. POP: I remember my song was called "Pain & Suffering." [Sings] "Red wine turns to blood / A cow floats upside down in a river of mud!" WAY: It scared me, but I was drawn to it.

  • Vampire Weekend: The Graduates

    Vampire Weekend: The Graduates

    When Ezra Koenig was a sophomore at Columbia University, his main extracurricular activity was his (white) rap duo, L'Homme Run. They composed and performed verbally dexterous songs with titles like "Pizza Party" and "Interracial Dating" (which reflected on finding long black hairs in the shower), and co-opted the Lacoste alligator as their official mascot. The group was meant to be funny, but they weren't a joke -- a subtle but key distinction that ultimately doomed the project. "It was hard for me to take seriously because no one else would take it seriously," Koenig says. Some of that same eyebrow-raising cultural smash-and-grab is on display in Vampire Weekend, the baby-faced Koenig's suddenly successful indie band, which appropriates African and Caribbean rhythms for its gleefully polyglot pop.

  • My Chemical Romance, 'The Black Parade' (Reprise)

    It's both fascinating and kind of terrifying to imagine the bedroom of a teenage Gerard Way, the pasty, fiendish frontman of My Chemical Romance. The heaps of racy comic books, posters of Bowie and Queen fighting for wall space with Slayer and Danzig. The De Palma and Rocky Horror DVDs piled up next to original cast recordings of Carousel and Sweeney Todd. The nail polish. The action figures. The lack of action. All the cultural trappings of a sensitive, undersize kid aching to escape the grim New Jersey suburbs. And if the million-selling success of 2004's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was a first shot heard round the underworld, The Black Parade is Way turning those bedroom walls spectacularly inside out. With an ear for the epic, an eye for the dramatic, and an eyelash for the mascara, Way and his not-so-merry band have already rewritten the rule book for emo success.

  • Dave Grohl SPIN Cover August 2005

    The Chosen Foo

    The road to Studio 606, the new, multimillion-dollar Foo Fighters headquarters, isn't paved with gold. Rather, it's paved with common asphalt, marred by rush-hour traffic, and dotted with all the symbols of suburban sprawl: take-out chicken joints, chain drugstores, a drive-thru Starbucks. On the heels of the band's 2002 back-from-the-brink-of-breakup album, One by One (like all Foo releases, certified platinum), singer/guitarist Dave Grohl could've set down roots anywhere. After all, Foo Fighters are that rarest of breeds—a remarkably consistent, longlasting rock band—and their global success, not to mention Grohl's net worth from his tenure in a certain grunge trio, afforded the band the opportunity to build their playground wherever they fancied.

  • FRANZ FERDINAND: Scotland's Finest Conquer America!

    THEY'RE ARTY SCOTTISH HIPSTERS WHO REFER TO THEMSELVES AS A "WEE GANG"AND WRITE SONGS ABOUT HORNY BOYS CAVORITING IN DANCE CLUBS. YOU'D THINKTHEY'D BE ABOUT AS POPULAR IN THE AMERICAN-ROCK LOCKER ROOM AS THE CASTOF QUEER EYE . BUT WITH THEIR SURPRISE RADIO HIT "TAKE ME OUT," FRANZ FERDINAND DARE TO CHARM THE BACKWARD-BASEBALL-CAP MASSES. Philadelphia-in all of its busted, blue-collar glory-has been calledmany things in its two-century-plus history, but "cool" has never beenone of them. Making Time, a semi-monthly party held at Shampoo, a(barely) converted warehouse, wants to change all of that. Located justpast a highway in the gentrifying Northern Liberties neighborhood, it'sa sprawling structure with five DJ booths, several bars, and anopen-air hot tub.

  • Bands to Watch - My Chemical Romance

    My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way--with his ghostly pallor, longunwashed hair, and goth boots--would probably always look out of placesipping iced coffee at a café in a yuppified section of Brooklyn. Buthe looks downright alien in his trademark ripped and stitched blackleather jacket on an 80-degree spring day. "Oh, I'm perfectlycomfortable," he says. "I got used to leather early on. Wearing it mademe feel like the person I was supposed to be onstage." That person is a shrieking, charismatic screamo star who leads his bandthrough relentless, cinematic stormers with titles like "You Know WhatThey Do to Guys Like Us in Prison." "People stopped telling storieswith their music," says Way, 27.

  • Bands to Watch - Rilo Kiley

    JennyLewis and Blake Sennett are two of the most successful child actorsever. Consider the following: Neither one is an irredeemabledrug-addled lout. And Tina Yothers never made an album as good as More Adventurous,the third from Lewis and Sennett's Los Angeles--based quartet, RiloKiley. "I should be in rehab," Lewis jokes. "Or at least wandering thestreets, barefoot, looking for Corey Feldman!" On MoreAdventurous (recorded, like 2002's The Execution of All Things, withBright Eyes producer Mike Mogis), the 28-year-old Lewis (Troop Beverly Hills)cements her status as the indie-rock Loretta Lynn, singing gorgeous,countrified pop songs about love, war, and love as war. MeanwhileSennett (Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts), bassist Pierre"Duke" de Reeder, and drummer Jason Boesel act as able stagehands,shifting from radio-ready bombast to intimate folk and electro.

  • Taking Back Sunday, 'Where You Want to Be' (Victory)

    If hip-hop is the CNN of the streets, then emo is the Instant Messenger of the suburbs. Taking Back Sunday won a passionate fanbase by understanding this better than most of their overwrought peers. The band's debut, 2002's Tell All Your Friends, was like a teenage walkie-talkie passed between screamers/songwriters Adam Lazzara and John Nolan, burbling with tons of he said/she said chitchat. But after some totally emo intramural hanky-panky, Nolan and original bassist Shaun Cooper bailed on both the band and the friendship. TBS quickly incorporated another shouty Long Island dude with glasses (Fred Mascherino) and took on a whole album's worth of angst and betrayal.

  • Emo Heroes Taking Back Sunday's Long-Awaited Return

    Taking Back SundayWhere You Want to Be(Victory) If hip-hop is the CNN of the streets, then emo is the InstantMessenger of the suburbs. Taking Back Sunday won a passionate fan baseby understanding this better than most of their overwrought peers. Theband's debut, 2002's Tell All Your Friends, was like a teenagewalkie-talkie passed between screamers/songwriters Adam Lazzara andJohn Nolan, burbling with tons of he said/she said chitchat. But aftersome totally emo intramural hanky-panky, Nolan and original bassistShaun Cooper bailed on both the band and the friendship.

  • Bands to Watch - The Thermals

    Nothinglike the constant gloom of Portland, Oregon, and the prospect of lifeas a manicured folk act to transform a couple of mild-mannered indierockers into slobbering, punk-thrashing freaks. At least that's whathappened to the Thermals' Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster. After a yearof tweaking their precious acoustic debut (2002's Hutch and Kathy),they went back to the basement, plugged in, and trimmed the songs downto two minutes. The result: instant audio therapy. Last year's More Parts Per Million "probably cost between $10 and $15," says Harris. "And people were bragging about the White Stripes record only costing $4,000!" The Thermals' second album, the exuberant Fuckin A(produced by Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla), sounds almost asgritty as its predecessor, but the fizzy new tunes have more snap andpop.

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