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    Coldplay Quietly Add 'Mylo Xyloto' to Spotify, Rhapsody

    After selling over a million copies of last year's Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay have relented and handed their latest release over to Spotify. As SPIN noted last fall, the band allowed iTunes to stream tracks from their fifth record to promote its October LP, but there was no sign of the album on any streaming sites — until this week. The band released their latest Mylo video for "Charlie Brown" earlier today. Mylo Xyloto, which sold 447,000 copies its debut week, is also up on Rdio and as of this week, Rhapsody. Coldplay didn't explain their decision to avoid streaming sites, but a rep from their label issued a statement to CNET in October reading, "We always work with our artists and management on a case by case basis to deliver the best outcome for each release." The Black Keys were more clear about their decision to keep their upcoming disc El Camino off streaming services.

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    First Spin: Get Beach Fossils' 'Shallow' and the Scoop on Their Next LP

    Beach Fossils frontman Dustin Payseur promises fans he's holed up in his Brooklyn home, toiling away on his band's second LP. But as it turns out, inspiration is a fickle beast that's easily spooked by impromptu afternoon hangouts, the lingering bliss of a mid-winter Mexican vacation and flexible, self-imposed deadlines. In short, Payseur's life currently resembles the dreamy slacker manifestos (see "Lazy Day," "Vacation," "Daydream" from their self-titled debut) on which the band has built its reputation. But that's all about to change. "Indie rock has been so safe for so long," Payseur says, between sips of tea at a coffee shop in his Greenpoint neighborhood.

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    Video Premiere: Zambri's Eerie 'ICBYS'

    What would hand-held-horror Blair Witch Project look like after a healthy dose of psychedelic drugs? Probably a lot like the video for Zambri's "ICBYS," the first single from the electro-pop sisters' forthcoming debut LP, House of Baasa. Blurred, multiplied images are doused in swirling lights — and become almost as hard to decipher as the lyrics — creating an eerie scene in which the pair fight off a masked assailant then try in vain to escape from an empty room. Spoiler alert: one-half of the duo ends up with her head in a microwave.

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    Watch Death Cab Play 'Tourist' in the 'Artists Den'

    Chances are you probably weren't one of the chosen few who crammed under the skylight-lit courtyard in one of the country's oldest museums to watch Death Cab for Cuties' intimate Live from the Artists Den set. As consolation, SPINhas an exclusive peek into the invite-only Brooklyn Museum show ahead of its public television premiere February 17.A plaid-clad Ben Gifford and Co. saunter through "You Are a Tourist" from last year's Codes and Keys as the audience bobs along. "Every physical space we play music in is naturally going to bring out something unique," Gifford says in the clip, as bandmate Chris Walla nods next to him.

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    Hear the Trailer Trash Tracys' LP That'll Move Your Bowels: Full 'Ester' Stream

    London's Trailer Trash Tracys seem to move at the same languid pace as their hazy, ethereal pop songs. Back in 2009, the band posted a few lo-fi singles to their MySpace and instantly attracted attention from fans and labels. But instead of scrambling to perpetuate the buzz, they spent two and a half years crafting their debut album. Ester, the product of trial-and-error self-recording and a dose of newbie jitters, is finally set for a February 7 release in North America via Domino offshoot Double Six. Guitarist James Lee spoke to SPIN while touring the U.K. about the long wait, their not-so-popular name, and music that moves your, um, bowels. Why wait so long between releasing your first singles and putting together a full album? We'd never recorded before. We'd never written songs. We had immediate interests from the labels, but we barely had a band together.

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    Awesome Tapes: Cassette Doc Forthcoming Via Kickstarter... Hopefully!

    A pair of aspiring filmmakers are currently scrambling to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter to fund Cassette: A Documentary, a chronicle of the "quiet comeback" of the boombox staple. Sure, the term "cassette tape" was recently wiped from the Oxford English Dictionary and those fickle little things are pretty clunky when compared to the Zune or whatever (hey, maybe the resurgence will also bring back the pencil!); but, the pair argue in a short video on their site, that the mix of nostalgia, portability, and accessibility has endeared tapes to a new generation.

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    Portishead's Barrow Drops 2012 Invada Label Sampler

    Today, Portishead's Geoff Barrow's kindly tweet-dropped a new streaming sampler featuring recent and upcoming releases from his eclectic Invada Records roster, including two new tracks from Barrow's own woozy side-project, Beak>. Touted as a taste of the label's 2012 offerings, the mix features no shortage of Barrow side-hustles including the sludgy "Yatton" from Beak>'s anticipated sophomore album to a disco-infused cover of Chromatics' "In the City" by the Beak>-backed journalist-turned-musician, Anika. The comp begins with a slow-burning atmospheric track from DROKK, a new mystery project by Barrow and composer Ben Salisbury, the first song from a forthcoming album inspired by Mega City One, the fictional metropolis from the Judge Dredd comic book series.

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    Watch Jeff Tweedy Awkwardly Report the Weather on Chicago Morning Show

    This morning, on Chicago's WGN morning show, Jeff Tweedy made his debut as an awkward, self-deprecating weatherman. In the span of a minute, the Wilco frontman managed to ruin breakfast with a doomsday joke, riff on viewers' literacy, and throw his palms skyward no fewer than ten times —all while the band's "Shot in the Arm" played in the background. Dressed in a button-up jean shirt with one hand jammed into his front pocket, Tweedy was precisely the opposite of the bald, straight-laced forecaster who tasked him with reporting the week's weather. "Seven days seems kind of optimistic to me," he said. "It looks pretty good. I don't know. Things could be worse?" Acknowledging that his improvised script might raise a few eyebrows he offered, "I'm sure you're just getting up, you're wondering what to wear today.

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    Matt and Kim Get Their Own Special Edition Converse

    Fans of Brooklyn pop duo Matt and Kim will soon be able to pick up a pair of Converse sneakers with the band's name emblazoned on the side. The company sent a tweet today announcing the blue-and-black limited-edition shoes will be up for grabs at stores in New York City and Boston starting December 9. However, each location will only stock 50 pairs. Prepare to brawl, Matt and Kim fans! No word on a price tag or whether the indie poppers had a hand in the design, but more information is expected on Thursday. A month ago Converse announced plans to team with Gorillaz to release a line of shoes in February 2012. Jamie Hewlett, the animated hip-hop group's co-founder, helped create the four different styles of Chuck Taylor All Stars. That collaboration will also feature a song as part of Converse's "Three Artists.

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    LCD Soundsystem Doc Announced, James Murphy Scores Acting Gig

    James Murphy's perpetually stubbly face will grace the big screen in two different Sundance Film Festival productions next year. Shut Up and Play the Hits follows the LCD Soundsystem frontman during the day of band's final show at Madison Square Garden to the morning after. The film, directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, will be screened as part of the festival's out-of-competition category. As the Twitter account @ArcadeFireTube pointed out, the documentary's title comes from Win Butler, who shouted the line during a surprise Arcade Fire cameo at the gig. Read SPIN editor-in-chief Steve Kandell's review of the final LCD Soundsystem show. After revisiting Murphy's swan song, festivalgoers can judge whether his acting chops compare to his musical offerings at the screening for The Comedy.

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