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Connect Sessions — The Work

After a month in the hothouse, last week's live event at the Brooklyn club Verboten, finally saw the premieres of the Connect Sessio…
By: SPIN Staff / December 23, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 10 — Com Truise, How to Dress Well, and Ian Williams Take the Stage

Interviewed a few hours before taking the stage of the live Connect Sessions powered by Microsoft event at the Brooklyn venue Verboten last…
By: SPIN Staff / December 22, 2014

Connect Sessions — Boldfaced Names

The December New York winds let up long enough on Wednesday night that attendees of the live Connect Session powered by Microsoft were…
By: SPIN Staff / December 19, 2014

Connect Sessions — Live/Wired

Among the qualities differentiating North Williamsburg dance-club Verboten from its chic-nightlife neighbors is a one-of-a-kind Martin Audio sound system that’s among NYC's best-kept secrets. O…
By: SPIN Staff / December 19, 2014

Connect Sessions — Connectivity at a Glance

The well-worn anecdote that much of cultural history is built on the myth of the Great Artist has a punchline that's also a poorly kept…
By: SPIN Staff / December 2, 2014

Connect Sessions Come Alive

Great collaborations may be hatched behind close doors, but they can only be baptized before a live audience.And so it shall be with the Connect…
By: SPIN Staff / December 2, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 3 — The Nature of Collaboration

Not all creative partnerships are built the same — it's what makes every collaborative venture unique, surprising, and, often, enterprising in theretofore unpredictable ways. That'…
By: SPIN Staff / December 1, 2014

Connect Sessions — Breakdancing With Light

Ron Amstutz's work has always lived on the border of photography, video and performance art; he builds elaborate physical worlds, documents them with his still-camera,…
By: SPIN Staff / November 26, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 2 — Found Sounds

When musician Ian Williams first accepted the challenge of scoring photo/video artist Ron Amstutz's film study on how to document and choreograph a…
By: SPIN Staff / November 25, 2014

Connect Sessions Ep. 1 — Window Studies

How does one make a film out of photographs of painted light? How do you choreograph a dance to it? And then, how do you…
By: SPIN Staff / November 24, 2014

Connect Sessions — Sounds of Vision

Ian Williams is a busy man. When SPIN finally gets a hold of him via Skype in mid-November, he has the happily worn-out look of…
By: SPIN Staff / November 21, 2014

Welcome to The Connect Sessions

If cave paintings of drummers are anything to go by, the relationship between visual artists and musicians is older than civilization. In the digital age,…
By: SPIN Staff / November 19, 2014

Connect Sessions — In The Studio With Ian Williams (Battles) and Ron Amstutz

What does the moment of collaboration between a musician and a visual artist look like? On Thursday, November 13, SPIN tagged along to document one…
By: SPIN Staff / November 19, 2014

Hear the Gnashing First Taste of Tomahawk’s First LP in Six Years

Alterna-metal insitution Tomahawk is returning early next year with Oddfellows, their long-awaited fourth album and first in six years. The supergroup (that's Faith No More…
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / October 4, 2012

Battles, ‘Dross Glop’ (Warp)

Remixed, the band's colorful antics yield disco-pop, futuristic carnival jams and, oddly, grey-scale techno.
By: Philip Sherburne / April 19, 2012

James Mercer Torments His Crappy Kids in Shins’ ‘Simple Song’ Clip

If we can make any sweeping assumptions about Shins frontman James Mercer's personal life, he has concerns about his kids growing up to torment him.
By: Devon Maloney / February 21, 2012

Battles Hit the Mall With Gary Numan in Clever Video

Brooklyn rock futurists Battles play their instruments like machines. British synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan became famous for playing machines like instruments. "My Machines," from…
By: Marc Hogan / September 8, 2011

Battles: The Aesthetes

Frontman Tyondai Braxton abruptly left New York math-funk mutants Battles during the recording of their follow-up to 2007's Mirrored. Yet despite the drama, the band…
By: Michael Tedder / June 14, 2011
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