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Bishop Nehru Raps With a Mouth Full of Bacon in ‘Appalled’ Video

We've previously wondered about the preternatural abilities of 16-year-old New York rapper Bishop Nehru, but now we know his secret. The spinach to his precociou…
By: Chris Martins / August 13, 2013

Bishop Nehru Looks for Trouble in First-Person ‘Muffled/M.I.C.’ Video

Though he's only 16, New York rapper Bishop Nehru imbues his videos with as much care as his songs have skill. Much like the recent…
By: Jordan Sargent / June 27, 2013

Bishop Nehru, 16, Out-Raps His Peers in Bloody ‘Fickle Mind$’ Video

Let's get this out of the way: Despite resembling Earl Sweatshirt thanks to the bucket hat and baby face, the rapper that Bishop Nehru most…
By: Jordan Sargent / June 11, 2013