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Young Galaxy Stretch Sam Roberts Band’s ‘Shapeshifters’ Into a Smooth Banger

Back in February, Sam Roberts Band's funky "Shapeshifters" inspired New Yorkers to loosen up and dance their way through subway stations. Now, the Canadian quintet'…
Cynthia Orgel / April 8, 2014

Young Galaxy Shoot Their Own Disaster Flick for ‘New Summer’

Canada's Young Galaxy excel at crafting the sort of beautiful synth-kissed dream-pop that would so perfectly accompany a beautiful day spent poolside of picnicking, so…
Chris Martins / June 11, 2013

See Young Galaxy’s GIF-tastic, ’90s-Inspired ‘Fall for You’ Video

Someone alert the #seapunks — Young Galaxy has incorporated ’90s Internet-inspired imagery into their latest music video. “Fall for You” hails from the Montreal synth-po…
Chris Martins / May 13, 2013