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Rich Idiot Donald Trump Still Taking Credit for Mac Miller’s Success

Above you'll find the video for Mac Miller's 2011 single "Donald Trump" — it currently has 81 million YouTube views. Earlier this year, roughly 18…
By: Jordan Sargent / May 31, 2013

How Tyler, the Creator and Taco Punked Donald Trump Backstage of ‘Fallon’

Odd Future are unrepentant teen pranksters — which landed them a television show, but also helped make them one of the most divisive acts i…
By: Jordan Sargent / February 27, 2013

Twitter Hackers Turn Donald Trump Into Lil Wayne Fan

The Internet is but a playground for bored hackers that listen to rap music, apparently. Just a few days after the LEGENDARY HACK of @BurgerKing…
By: Jordan Sargent / February 21, 2013