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It’s 2014 and KISS is Unexpectedly, Inexplicably Everywhere

Somehow 2014 has turned into the year of KISS. Perhaps sparked by their joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and turning The Tonight…
By: Colin Stutz / July 17, 2014

Criminal Hygiene Deliver Pizza to the Orwells, White Lung in ‘Sold in the City’ Video

Criminal Hygiene shouldn't quit their day jobs for two reasons: One, they play fantastically boisterous garage-punk; two, they make for awful pizza delivery…
By: Killian Young / June 18, 2014

White Lung Push Their Searing Rawk Beyond the Red on ‘Deep Fantasy’

Led by the stern and fearsome Mish Way, who seems to proclaim the end of the world every time she sings, Vancouver's furious White…
By: Jon Young / June 16, 2014

10 Albums to Stream: The Antlers, White Lung, Sam Smith, and More

Once again, we've collected the finest album streams available online. Scroll down to find the latest releases from the Antlers, Sam Smith, ex-Walkma…
By: Erica Moore / June 12, 2014

White Lung Embrace Change on the Focused ‘Deep Fantasy’

The road to White Lung's upcoming third album began with some major changes for the Canadian noise-punks. A little over a year after their tremulou…
By: Colin Joyce / June 6, 2014

SPIN Singles Mix: 15 Art-Punks, Epic Collagists, and Mystery Artists

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! Every Friday SPIN's staff writers will pick their favorite, must-hear tracks from the week for your weekend playlists. From ra…
By: SPIN Staff / May 23, 2014

Watch White Lung Sacrifice Scarecrows for ‘Face Down’ Video

Judging by their ferocious songs and even more visceral shows, we just assumed that a day off for White Lung isn't like a…
By: Dan Reilly / May 15, 2014

White Lung Tear Body Image a New One on ‘Snake Jaw’

White Lung's fearsome racket carries with it a potent personal perspective. That stays true on "Snake Jaw," from the Vancouver punks' upcoming album Deep Fantasy. The…
By: John Surico / April 22, 2014

White Lung Unleash Their Ferocious ‘Drown With the Monster’ Video

Passing years and more success can soften the hardest of bands, but that's not the case for White Lung judging by their new single.
By: Dan Reilly / March 4, 2014

Fucked Up and DIIV Give Williamsburg DIY Spot 285 Kent an Epic Sendoff

We come tonight not to mourn 285 Kent, but to celebrate it... and to absorb the wisdom of Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham, and to…
By: Michael Tedder / January 20, 2014

Hear White Lung ‘Blow It South’ on Darkly Clanging Single

White Lung blessed 2012 with one of the most unapologetically ripping albums of 2012 — Sorry, whose title we can only assume was meant with…
By: Chris Martins / October 2, 2013

30 Must-See Acts at Bonnaroo 2013

Once again, Bonnaroo has returned to bring good vibes, loud tunes, and environmentally responsible fun to the dusty and/or muddy expanses of Manchester, Tennessee. Here…
By: SPIN Staff / June 6, 2013

Listen to White Lung’s Hot-to-the-Touch ‘Take the Mirror’

Good morning! Below, please find White Lung's "Take the Mirror," a hunk of hot-to-the-touch, hardcore-informed noise that packs 20 years of punk moves into two…
By: David Bevan / April 11, 2012