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AC/DC Relents, Will Stream Catalog on Spotify, Apple Music, Others

Another one bites the dust: AC/DC has left the ranks of streaming services holdouts like the Beatles and Tool and joined those who have crossed…
Harley Brown / June 30, 2015

Spotify Will Reportedly Expand Into Video

Spotify, according to the Wall Street Journal, is looking to expand into the wide, wide world of video. In today’s report, WSJ writes that they spoke to…
Rachel Brodsky / May 7, 2015

2014: The Year In Beef

Beef in the 2014 music world certainly wasn't rare. There were fights about talent, fights about snubs, fights about money, and fights about brunch. There…
James Grebey / December 29, 2014

Uber Will Reportedly Partner With Spotify for In-Car Music Service

Spotify users are already able to listen to music on the go, but according to The New York Times, the service may be about…
Colin Joyce / November 15, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Label Says She Only Earned $500K From Spotify

Update: Spotify has responded.
James Grebey / November 13, 2014

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Fan Engagement in the Streaming Era

We all listen to music for different reasons. Yet there remains a distinct separation within music fandom: some people live it, they listen intently and…
SPIN Staff / November 12, 2014

Spotify Claims Taylor Swift Was on Track to Make $6 Million This Year

Taylor Swift might’ve left a good chunk of money on the table when she pulled all her music from Spotify last week, according to the…
James Grebey / November 11, 2014

Musicians Earn More From Spotify Than From iTunes in Some Markets

Taylor Swift may've recently decided that she doesn't need Spotify, but artists in some markets are reportedly earning more from Spotify's streaming royalties than they…
James Grebey / November 5, 2014

Silent Spotify Silent Album Earns $20,000 and Michelle Shocked Wants a Piece

Remember Sleepify, the silent album funk band Vulfpeck created for the sole purpose of gaming the Spotify payout system to earn them some cash (and fund a…
Dan Reilly / July 25, 2014

Spotify Map App Spotlights ‘Music of the World’

Have you ever wondered what the pop charts of Papua New Guinea look like? Or a list of Latvia’s local listens? Well, now Spotify user…
Olivia Forman / July 22, 2014
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