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Gold Panda Unspools Autumnal Beauty in ‘If U Knew’

London producer Gold Panda took three years off after releasing his promising 2010 debut Lucky Shiner, but he's already back in the saddle following hi…
By: Chris Martins / September 19, 2013

Gold Panda Explores Hometown ‘Community’ in South London Video

Berlin-based producer Gold Panda envisioned his second long-player as a "city album." The beatsmith otherwise known as Derwin Panda describes the recently released…
By: Kyle McGovern / August 29, 2013

Fort Romeau Beautifies Gold Panda’s Once-Troubled ‘Community’

Glitch-obsessed bliss-merchant Gold Panda released his second album, Half of Where You Live, back in June, but the lavish microhouse gifts keep a'coming. The…
By: Dan Reilly / August 6, 2013

The 10 Best Things We Saw at Sonar 2013

For its 20th anniversary, Barcelona's Sónar festival made one significant change, moving from its customary daytime venue, a museum complex in the center of the…
By: Philip Sherburne / June 17, 2013

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Black Sabbath, Sebadoh, Gold Panda, and Jimmy Eat World

It's Thursday — you know the drill: We've collected 10 fresh new albums, all waiting to be streamed below. Enjoy. 1) Black Sabbath, 13.
By: Kyle McGovern / June 6, 2013

Gold Panda Streams Full, Lavishly Glitchy ‘Half of Where You Live’

London's Gold Panda releases new album Half of Where You Live on June 11 via Ghostly International, and he is streaming the whole thing now over o…
By: Marc Hogan / June 3, 2013

Hear Gold Panda Swoon and Bloom on ‘We Work Nights’

London's Gold Panda has finally decided to stop teasing us. After releasing the lush and promising glitch feast that was 2010's Lucky Shiner, the…
By: Chris Martins / May 29, 2013

Hear Gold Panda Capture Sao Paolo’s Shuffle on New Album Cut ‘Brazil’

Three years after his debut Lucky Shiner, and three months after his recent Trust EP, Brit producer Derwin Panda returns with his second…
By: Daniel Kreps / April 16, 2013

Watch Sole and Gold Panda’s Tape-Warped ‘Extremophile’ Clip

Indie-rap fans lamented the news when Sole parted ways with Anticon, the label he founded, a few years back. But ever since he moved to…
By: Chris Martins / April 9, 2013

Gold Panda, ‘Lucky Shiner’ (Ghostly International)

Too upbeat for elevators but too mild-mannered for clubs, Brit producer Derwin Panda's laptop compositions recall a distinctly different era--say, seven years back, when Postal…
By: Spencer Kornhaber / October 1, 2010